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Academic Singles Review

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Find educated singles near you

What appeals to you most? Family and friends, or career and success? If you’re someone who rides the line and cannot decide whether you want a big family and marriage more than a degree and the big, front office, this will be a tough question to answer.

But it’s the kind of question that makes absolute sense on this Academic Singles Review. These are users who take pride in their professional, academic, and personal accomplishments. They’re not just strolling through life thinking, “What’s next?” They want to meet people who have purpose and goals.

But they’re also looking for someone special who has similar goals in mind. It’s more than just passing and picking photographs. So let’s find out what you can take advantage of on Academic Singles.

Academic Singles Review

Academic Singles homepage

Website Overview

Maybe you visited this site looking for someone who meets your academic level. But this goes past the idea of who has bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and PhDs.

It’s not that academic degrees aren’t important (they are), but so is finding out how traditional, decisive, and dominant you want your partner to be. And sometimes the questions show you a happy medium between academia and humanitarianism with questions like, “What appeals to you more? Thinking or doing?”

If you’re someone who ranks as an “Achiever” in StrengthsFinder or “Acts of Service” in Love Language tests, you know that checking off your to-do list is a major accomplishment. That doesn’t mean your Academic Singles match can’t be more of an idea person, but little details like this make the difference.

Key Features

Matchmaking Academic Singles

There’s a personality evaluation early on, along with simple questions about physical traits. Before you’re logged into the account, the site does ask if you want to save time and improve your chances of success with Academic Singles’s free personal messaging service.

This new feature reportedly ensures your profile gets “maximum visibility” as your matches are kept up to date with messages sent on your behalf, about your activity on the site. If you’re not sure what to say once you’re on the site, you can also take advantage of the site’s Icebreaker questions.

But keep in mind that you may end up getting the same copy-and-paste message that the user has given to someone else. You could be better off asking your own questions instead, or just browsing through his (or her) profile to look for inspiration.

If you want to check out a few pics though, you can give a thumbs up or pass on the viewers for “Love at First Sight.” If you’re a non-premium user, it won’t do you much good though. You can’t communicate with them without paying.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

There are 300,000 educated singles in the United States who are mingling around the site, in places like Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle. According to the site, the gender balance is 51 percent to 49 percent.

Sign-Up Process

What’s your idea of roles in relationships? Are you traditional or modern? These are the kinds of questions that are asked from the sign-up process of this site. Are you full of adventure or the epitome of calm? These are great questions to ask someone on a first date, but you may not get an honest answer.

From behind the screen though, what do people have to lose? At least if they answer honestly during the sign-in process, the algorithms can help you dodge those with drastically different answers from what you need.

In other online dating sites, you may only know their eye color, hair color, height, body shape, whether they smoke or drink, and how many kids they have. But on Academic Singles, you get to learn more about their deeper feelings from the minute they sign up.

Communication Options

Communication Academic Singles

Before you communicate with anyone, you may want to check your compatibility rate with certain users. While some photos are blurred out until you pay, interestingly there are some users with photos that are clearly visible.

So what’s the catch? You will more than likely have lower compatibility rates with these users. Does that mean you shouldn’t talk to this person? Not necessarily. What you two may not have in common (especially those “more or less” questions during the sign-up process) could be “more or less” a big deal to you.

Find educated singles near you

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost Academic Singles

With a premium membership, you can see pictures, send unlimited messages, read all your messages, see visitors and add contacts to your favorites list. (Free users can only complete the personality test, set up a personal profile, and add photos.)

Basic membership is $32.95 for three months. Classic membership (a best-seller) is $24.95 for six months. Committed membership is $19.95 for 12 months. The cancellation period may vary depending on which one you choose.

Safety & Security

Academic Woman

After filling out the initial sign-up questions, your email must be verified to confirm you are a real person. As with all sites, photographs upon initial entry are recommended. Do you want to pay to utilize the site? You probably should.

As a premium member, you can contact other members via chat, mail, and mobile app. You’re also welcome to arrange for meetings.

This prevents unauthorized contact ads and business spam mails from getting into your personal inbox. By making sure that these accounts are for pay, also reduces the risk of anonymous or fake photos or marketing advertisements. Chat, send messages via email, complete video calls, and receive photos on your own time.

Pros & Cons

Academic couple

Self-identified as the “safest and most prestigious premium singles site in America,” let’s just be honest.

All online dating sites claim to be secure and with premium, quality singles.  So does this one add up to that? There are definitely some pretty big pros to prove this site was well thought-out as opposed to throwing together the usual format of an online dating site.

For one, if you have questions along the way, Customer Service representative Jennifer Wilson (unclear if it’s her real name) can help you out. (For users who are persons of color, it may be especially interesting to see the Customer Service rep is also a POC.

Is this a big deal? It gives Academic Singles a few extra brownie points for diversity, considering it is extremely rare to see the default image be a POC.)

Bottom Line

Why does Academic Singles think it’s so different than any other site? According to its Frequently Asked Questions, “Instead of showing you thousands of random contacts that you can hardly relate to, [they] actually do the searching for you.

The tailor-made list of matches you receive upon completing [this] questionnaire is a result of scientifically proven algorithms to find those that meet your personality and personal preferences.” So does this help? Yes and no. There are other sites that ask questions to pair you up, including Elite Singles, eharmony and OkCupid.

Does it make a difference? Usually, users look for answers to deal-breaking questions, and that may not be the same for everybody. For some users, it’s not the end of the world if some users are of a different religion or political affiliation.

For others, that’s grounds for being blocked. But what sites like Academic Singles, along with others with compatibility tests do, give you a head start. Imagine walking down the street and seeing a massive group of attractive people with percentages on their foreheads.

Naturally, you would pay attention to the ones with higher compatibility rates who are attractive, too, right? That’s what this site does, and adds in some professional and educational goals, too. So is this a good site to test out? Assuming you’re OK with paying for the perks, it could be one of your best options.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert platform reviews.

Find educated singles near you

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