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Date Ideas Miami

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One of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone today is finding somebody to love, and the person loves you back the same.

You will find that sharing moments with this special person is all you want to do every day, and there are butterflies singing beautiful songs in your tummy any time you are with him or her.

Of course, you want to live forever in this person’s arms and don’t ever want anything to come between you and them, especially if you have found the right partner.

However, the truth about life is that things do not always go exactly as we want, except we put in the required efforts to make them work out.

This means that you need to put in the work to make your relationship with that special person last as long as you want it to.

One of the things you can do to make this possible is creatively planning and going on memorable dates with your partner.

This way, they can always have beautiful memories of you to remember and cherish even when they are away from you.

The good news about this is that you can plan and make these dates happen anywhere in the world. This article will teach you some interesting date ideas for Miami.

So, get ready, and let’s plan the best date for you and your partner together!

Top 11 Date Ideas in Miami

Miami is, without a doubt, one of the best locations for a romantic holiday with your significant other in the world today.

This is as it has many beautiful places and settings to help you make the most lovely memories ever. It does not matter whether you are going on your first date or you have been with your partner for up to 20 years.

There is a perfect date idea for you in Miami. Read on to discover them.

1. Go See a Movie in One of Miami’s Exotic Cinema

couple in a cinema watching a movieWhen planning dates with their lovers, one of the first ideas that pop up in most people’s minds is going to see a movie.

This is a beautiful thing to do because it allows the couple to relax and explore many various emotions together as the movie plays on.

You will agree that there is barely anything as calming as having your partner wrap his or her arms around yours when a horror scene is playing on the screen.

Likewise, there is barely anything as reassuring as having them gently squeeze your palm when a romantic scene is playing out.

You can enjoy this lover’s luxury with your partner at any of Miami’s art cinemas, including the Cinematheque in Miami Beach, the O Cinema in Wynwood, the Coral Gables Art Cinema, or the Bill Casford Theater at the Miami University.

2. Observe the Sunset at a Rooftop Bar in Miami

Have you ever watched a scene from a movie where two lovebirds are holding hands together and observing the sky on a rooftop as the sun sets? The sight can easily pass off as the perfect romance image.

Well, you can recreate such scenes with your partner on one of Miami’s stunning rooftops too.

If you fancy the idea of enjoying beautiful picturesque sunset scenes with your partner, alongside glasses of exotic wines and cocktails, then you should book a table in one of Miami’s many stunning rooftop bars today. Your lover will enjoy the experience.

3. Play Some Exciting Games with Your Partner

COUPLE PALYING BILLIARDSAnother thing that can contribute to making your relationship with the person you love last long is when you enjoy playing together.

Your romantic relationships should not be rigid and lack fun and thrill if you want them to survive for a long time.

Thankfully, the city of Miami offers many fantastic opportunities for you and your partner to catch all the fun and thrill in the world as you step out for dates in fun places like Fort Lauderdale’s Glitch Bar.

You can play some vintage card games and even sample various wine and cocktail varieties in these places. It is an experience to live for!

4. Go Munch on Cinnamon Rolls and Pick Strawberries at the Knaus Berry Farm

If you have some soft spot for unconventional dating ideas, you are not left out as you can also enjoy some unique date moments with your partner in Miami.

You can head over to the famous Knaus Berry Farms and enjoy special moments with your significant half while picking fresh and colorful berries.

Do not forget to grab some tasty milkshakes and delicious cinnamon rolls to share with your partner after the hard work.

5. Explore the Wynnewood Art Crawl with Your Partner

couple walking on the streetThere is no doubt that your love will blossom more amid all the beautiful colors and varieties that art is known for, especially if you and your lover are art enthusiasts.

So, it would help if you took out some time to explore the beautiful murals and other artistic elements that are creatively positioned in various parts of the Wynnewood district.

Of course, the over 70,000 square feet of street art will also offer you and your lover perfect backgrounds for those loved-up Instagram photos.

6. Explore the Beauty of Nature in Miami

How about taking a break from all the busyness in the city and going for a nature-themed date with your lover? Surely, you will reap countless benefits from this trip for your relationship.

The serenity and calmness around the environment will make you enjoy a high level of peace in your lover’s arms as you walk through nature.

As well, the thrill of discovering fantastic things in their natural settings will help to grow the bond you share among yourselves.

So, why not head out to the Pinecrest Gardens or the Miami Beach Botanical Garden today for a new type of experience with your lover?

7. Go for a Night Stroll with Your Partner

There are times when you do not need to visit any special place for a date with your lover.

This is not to say that planning dates and visiting these places are bad. However, sometimes, all you need to feel that special bond with your partner is to hold hands together and walk down the street.

Holding your partner’s hand or leaning on to their body while you walk down the streets under the nightlife makes you feel a special kind of closeness to them.

So, do not hesitate to walk the streets of Miami on romantic date nights with your partner.

8. Exercise Together

couple doing excerciseThere is barely anything that spices up a relationship and strengthens the bond between lovers than taking on challenges together.

If you are both into exercise and keeping fit, then you can register or visit one of the numerous fitness centers in Miami to your thing together.

9. Go on a Jazz Date

Imagine sitting on a chair in an open bar and enjoying some wine with your significant other while an experienced band treats your ears to the sound of melodious jazz tunes.

It would be a night to remember and cherish for a long while.

You can sign up for this experience with your lover every last Friday night of the month at the Contemporary Art Museum in North Miami or other intriguing jazz spots around the city.

10. Ride a Horse Together

If you are eager for a more adventurous and thrilling experience with your partner, then you can schedule a horse riding date in one of Miami’s rural landscapes.

Indeed, having you and your partner’s heart thump against your chest as the horses gallop through the landscapes will give you something to talk and laugh about for years to come while bonding over the memory.

11. Go on a Boat Cruise in the Biscayne Bay

couple in a cruise date enjoyingHow about experiencing something more exotic and unique during your date? If this is what you crave, you should think about paying for a boat cruise at the Biscayne Bay.

Several yacht charter companies, like the Island Queen Yacht, are available to make your dream of a romantic date on an exotic boat come true at the Bayside marketplace. Do not hesitate to seize the opportunity.

Bottom Line

It has been established that relationships require commitment and efforts from all the parties involved to work and survive for a long time.

This article has also shown you that planning and going on romantic dates is one of the things that can spice up your relationship and make the idea of “happily ever after” even more possible and achievable for the both of you.

We have listed some of the best date ideas you can come up with while in Miami. So, take the bull by the horns and bring more thrill to your dating life with these tips today.

Date Ideas For Married Couples

Date Ideas For Married Couples featured image

There is so much joy in the air now after the COVID pandemic and things are back to normal. Yes! People can now go out and enjoy a good time with friends and family. With that in mind, there are a plethora of date idea options for married couples.

So many places to go, if you know where to look. And the best part of it yet is that you do not need to break the bank to take your partner on a memorable date.

You might be thinking your partner is doing good. It might be so, but the essence of spending quality time away from the kids and family drama is essential.

After 20 years or more, couples often realize that they didn’t spend enough alone time with each other, but they were devoted to raising their kids and making ends meet, and they regret it.

This doesn’t mean that doing the necessary things to take care of the kids kills married couples’ love.

It only means you need to set out time for yourselves because you and your partner will be left in the house at the end of the day, and you sure do not want to be with a stranger that you know.

One of the most important things married couples should not do is let their friendship die off. This is essential for any date to be more memorable than the last one. Communication needs to be ensured; you have to talk about everything and anything to keep the spice alive.

Going on dates will serve as the second side to the love CD playing in your hypothetical Romantic movie background.

Married couples should be able to sacrifice at least once a week for them to do something together without the interference of their kids and other family members.

This, in itself, teaches the children that they need to prioritize their partners when they grow up. Here are nine date ideas for married couples to enjoy during this season

Date Ideas For Married Couples

A Movie Date

couple in a movie dateNow that COVID-19 restrictions are easing off, there is more luxury to go into public places and enjoy what we missed for several months.

One of these places is the Movies. Many couples have not gone on a movie date except with other people. Some married couples have not gone anywhere alone in a long time.

Experience the latest movie that both of you love if you are a movie fan. If you don’t want to go to the cinemas, you can have someone babysit the kids and snuggle with your partner while you watch some of your most iconic movies together.

You can do this twice a month; it helps bring back so many memories that made you fall in love in the first place.


This might sound a bit surprising, but a picnic is a beautiful way to rekindle and ignite love in a marriage. Get the best of wine, food, and snacks.

Talk about the most relevant and even irrelevant subjects together while basking under the sun. This is a great way to focus on each other while enjoying one another’s company.


Do you Know the rush when you were younger and traveling or getting away from all the stress with the person you love? Yes! This is what traveling with your partner should feel like.

Make proper arrangements to take care of the kids, and go for a holiday with only you and your partner. Enjoy the serenity of each other and try out new things. Relish new culture, dance, music, and food.

Do Something Adventurous

old couple in a campingHave you tried scuba diving, bungee jumping, wake surfing, or activities that you will never forget in a hurry?

It would help if you experienced an unbridled thrill from these activities with your partner, especially if you both have never tried it before.

Try doing something new to both of you; it might not be as scary as bungee jumping but an equally fun activity.

There are also parks and recreation centers where married couples can go to enjoy themselves. Go on rides, hold each other’s hands through every scream on the roller coaster.


You can set aside a couple of hours to do an indoor photoshoot with a beautiful theme representing your love. It would be amazing if you have a photographer in the house, that would reduce the cost. But get new photos to hand on the wall.

Spa Day

Social media is filled with young couples plastering face masks on each other and wearing matching robes. That experience would live for life in their minds, as it is a great way to bond with your partner. So, you can organize a spa day at home or the spa shop for you and your partner.

Cook Together

As simple as this sounds, you can imagine how many wives would love their husbands to join them in the kitchen at least once.

Spice things up by having a particular day where you both can cook a new meal together. Try something that has not been done in the house. Follow the recipe online and enjoy some time together in the kitchen.

Play Games

couple playing togetherPlaying games is not necessarily taking the Ps5 controllers and tapping as hard as you can to beat each other in FIFA.

Although that can work, having a relaxing night with wine in one hand and board games on the table can be a great date for married couples.

The essence is to spend time with each other and have fun while at it; therefore, playing different games can be a great bonding experience.

You can also test each other’s karaoke skills. Make it even better by going to the bar and thrilling audiences with your favorite songs for the night.

Go To a Concert

You both can sample each other’s favorite artists and decide to go for their concerts one after the other. You could also go to a comedy club or show together and relax. Entertainment shows are also great date ideas for couples to enjoy.

Bottom Line

Marriage is meant to be a continuation of the excitement and thrill of being friends and dating.

Not having enough time together is one of the main reasons people grow apart and eventually separate.

Whether you are new parents or have grown-up kids, you need to find time for yourself. It is imperative for the relationship.

This is because, in the end, there will still be a friendship that exists between both you and your partner.

It would help if you went on dates like you are getting to see your partner for the first, and never let the excitement drop one bit.

Dating a Rich Older Woman

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It is not weird if you come across young boys wishing they could date their beautiful teacher. Almost every guy would have had the fantasy of being with an older woman.

Why? You might ask. Well, here’s the thing, for guys, they enjoy the thrill of being with someone that is accomplished or knows her bearing. Guys often want a woman that can take care of herself and that also has impeccable character.

Since the desire is common from such a young age, dating a rich older woman is not too far from their scope. Sadly, not many guys get to date a rich older lady.

A small number of guys eventually get to achieve their dream to date a rich older woman; the thoughts stay buried in the other boys’ heads as they settle with the love of their lives within their age bracket – which is a win also.

old woman with a rose smilingMost people do not pursue their intentions of dating a rich older woman because of the social-cultural boundary that seems to limit them.

Imagine a 24-year-old fresh graduate bringing home a 42-year-old woman as his girlfriend.

There would be some eyebrows raised at the sight of both of you together.

In Europe, Africa, and even America, the thought of you being with an older woman can breed many controversies. The first thing people will think about is that you are after her money.

The pursuit for money might be the case, but it is not what obtains most times. They say age is a mere number; some people have found love in the most unlikely places; a 38-year-old woman can find love in the arms of a 24-year-old guy.

Dating a rich older woman has to be done based on context. Why are you dating this woman? Do you love her? Are you after her money? Now, answering these questions puts you in a firm position to break through any social-cultural context.

Do you believe that people’s opinions can be changed based on how passionate you speak on the subject? They might disagree with what you are doing, but they might understand and accept that it makes you happy.

Dating a rich older woman comes with knowing what the relationship is for. On the other hand, the rich older woman might be looking for comfort in her loneliness; hence, dating could be her escape. Nevertheless, it often depends on what you wish to gain from the relationship.

Dating a Rich Older Woman

How Do You Get a Rich Girl to Fall in Love With You?

Which guy would not want his girlfriend to be super-rich? Think about the thrill in the relationship when your partner is financially capable of taking care of herself and even you. 

A dream come true, as some will say.

Whether she is young or old, getting a rich woman to fall in love with you is no easy task. You have to understand that the way these women would think will be different.

This is because they have loads of experience with dealing with all kinds of people. Have it at the back of your mind that the mere fact that the woman has the money makes her a popular person.

Here are three ways you can get a rich lady to fall in love with you,

Your Appearance

young handsome man looking in the mirrorRich women do not have time to get to know people before getting a shot at dating them.

You do not have the luxury of going on different dates before she agrees to date you. Understand that she is busy, and something captivating needs to catch her eye.

So, it would help if you stood out in your appearance. Dress in a way that exudes confidence, intelligence, and maturity.

There is nothing more appealing than a man that knows how to dress and comfort himself.

Know-How to Hold a Conversation

At this time, you already got her to notice you. What is next? This is where you establish a foothold on the next phase.

You need to be able to hold a conversation on virtually any subject. Be intriguing and sprinkle a little bit of mystery into your stories. Let the woman know that you do not just look and smell nice, but you know how to be attentive and converse.

Be Straightforward

It is quite understandable that you might want to exaggerate some things about yourself to match up to her standard.

There is no shame in that, but you have to be subtle with it. Do not lie to the point that you cannot measure up. Women, in general, hate lies. However, work your magic through your charm, wit, and personality. Let her enjoy your company.

Furthermore, you do not need to pay much attention to her money. That might sound counterintuitive since you want to attract a rich lady.

But many other guys would want to talk to her because of her money; therefore, being a different guy gives you an added advantage.

At the back of her mind, she feels you are only talking to her because she looks rich. Show her that there are more intriguing things to her life than the money she has.

How Do You Have an Older Woman in a Relationship?

man care about his woman by covering her with his jacket Having an older woman in a relationship takes a great deal of knowledge.

Why? The woman has more experienced than you. She would have dated more, and some of the guys would be, in some ways, similar to you.

So, how do you have an older woman in a relationship?

  • Firstly, please do not make a big fuss about her age. You mustn’t bring up her age when you both are together. There is no need to bring it up. You both know what exists, enjoy the flow and make memories.
  • Secondly, take control when it is needed. Yes! You are younger, but older women enjoy a man that can take charge and stand his ground.
  • Understand that you are in the driving seat because older women love younger men. Give her the respect that she deserves, but when it is time, take charge – not only with sex but normal affairs, do not hesitate to show who the man is in the relationship.
  • Finally, do not choke her. This is why you should have something going for yourself too, so you don’t need to feel the need to be too clingy. Show that you can be independent and give her space to do what she needs to do. Plus, you have to be mature around her since children, business, and other matters can come in at any time.

Bottom Line

In getting a rich older woman, do not go after the money but to show genuine interest in the woman. Be spontaneous; she would have seen many tricks, show her there is still more to be explored in every relationship area.

Dating Rich Men

Dating Rich Men featured image

Dating a rich man is the dream of many ladies, so to stand out from the rest, you have to build yourself with the required qualities to boost your chances of success.

First, you must understand how a rich man’s mind works, and you must be willing to tweak certain things about your Lifestyle and even appearance.

To achieve your goal of dating a rich man, you must position yourself in a manner that will appeal to him. This article will discuss everything you need to know about attracting a rich man and dating him.

Even if you have never had a close relationship with any rich man and you are wondering how you can fit into his Lifestyle, this article has the right information for you.

We will show you tips on establishing a meaningful relationship with a rich man without even feeling insecure about his wealth. So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the read!

Dating Rich Men

How To Find A Rich Man Online

dating a man by socialmediaThere are several dating sites specifically for wealthy men looking for partners.

However, depending on the sites, there may be costs attached to sign up.

It is also important to note that it may require patience and a lot of work to achieve your aim. However, with persistence, your life’s relationship dreams might just be by the corner.

Considering how fast-paced the world has become, more people are going through more accessible routes to accomplish their aim. So in your search for a rich man, look for quality apps and sites where you can register.

After a brief process of verification, you can begin your communication with your potential date.

Typically, women visit places like bars, high-end hotels, or clubs to sell their beauty, thereby leaving dating sites to women who are not on the lookout for a transactional relationship; this way, the association is mutually beneficial to both parties.

There are, however, some other factors to consider. It is not enough to go to dating sites and contact random men. It is essential to take your time, streamline your options and select the most suitable for you. Here are some features you should look out for when searching for a rich man to date.

  • Safety and Security: Safety should be a priority for searching internet apps and sites. This is because you need to protect your personal information and data.
  • The Community Size: Some dating sites are well known and have several users, and some other sites are still relatively new and have lesser users. It is best to stick to more popular sites and apps because the more people on the site, the higher your chance of finding a match.
  • Entry Barriers: Most rich-men dating sites require a long process of registration and verification. Usually, women are required to verify their identities using their Instagram or LinkedIn. For men, a bank statement is often required or some other methods of verifying their wealth.

How Do You Keep A Rich Man Interested?

Your Beauty and Body Shape

woman after work outYour beauty will attract a rich man; however, you will require more than that to keep him. Using your good looks to attract a guy is just a tiny part of the experience.

If you do not possess other qualities that he finds attractive, he will merely “sample” you and move on to the next person.

Besides, various men often decide what beauty is to them individually because what one man finds cute might be the very trait that repels another.

While some men prefer their women with rounded features, others are attracted to women with athletic bodies. It is important to note, though, that for women of every shape or size, there is a man who will find you beautiful like the way you are.

However, if your body type is within the “normal societal sexy” range, you have a higher chance of attracting a rich man.

Try to maintain normal weight ranges and ensure to engage in physical activities to keep fit. If necessary, you might have to lose some weight or become more shapely by signing up in a gym, and if you can’t afford it, you can always indulge in running or walking.

Also, endeavor to keep your skin clear. If you need to see a dermatologist to help clear acne or other skin issues off your skin, then schedule an appointment. Be sure to keep your pores clean, and if a salon facial is too expensive for you, you can do it yourself.

Develop A Sweet Personality

Having a sweet personality does not require you to be gullible. It simply means that you should have a likable character. You shouldn’t be bothered by many things and should have a friendly and kind response to people.

Having a sweet personality means the same thing as having compassion for others. Also, acknowledging people’s opinions and staying pleasant with everyone is a trait you should work on to keep a rich man interested.

Be Able To Engage In Intelligent Conservations

To hold exciting and intelligent conversations, you must have brilliant ideas in your head. A great tip concerning engaging in thoughtful discussions is to be a lover of books – and not only fiction.

You should be knowledgeable about various fields of life if you want to attract a rich man. It would help if you were interested in issues about business, politics, and current events.

Of course, most ladies tilt towards gossip. It would be best if you were careful, so you don’t portray yourself as shallow-minded and petty.

Subscribe to timely magazines to get details of everything happening around you, and if you can’t afford subscriptions, you can read the publications at the library.

You need to stay up to date with national matters, current affairs, sports, and other topics that will most likely interest a rich man.

Tips For Dating A Rich Man

Try to Blend into his Lifestyle

romantic dateYou don’t have to replicate everything he does, especially if you don’t have the resources. It is nice to have similar interests and to have a good understanding of his background. The more shared interests, the better your love will become.

Look like what a rich man’s partner should look like. Dress to suit his personality, even if you have to purchase clothes at a discount. Dress rich and adorn yourself with jewelry.

If you don’t have the funds to buy original jewelry and accessory, you can purchase a look-alike and combine them with your outfit to complete your look.

Learn hobbies that rich people are interested in and engage in rich men’s sports such as polo, yachting, or tennis.

Learn new skills and make friends in the rich circle to learn more about behaving like a rich woman appropriately.

Enjoy his money but reciprocate when you can

A rich man will most likely treat you to fancy dining and trips. Still, if you are constantly making requests without offering anything in return, he will suspect you for running after his money and not his sense of humor or his intelligence.

Establish a point between expensive activities and the ones that are affordable for you.

Once in a while, pay for your expenses. Even when you don’t have so much money, it is vital to prove to him that you care.

Even if it is only buying him tickets to a concert after you have cleared the dinner bill, you can likewise make reservations during special deals at restaurants that are usually expensive.

You can as well invite him over to yours and make a delicious and inexpensive meal.

You can pair that with a moderately priced bottle of wine or organize a nice picnic that will prove that you put effort into planning your outing.

Similarly, you can invite him to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, taking walks, or just spending great moments at the beach. Other outdoor activities such as exploring a bookstore or museum are also great ways to reciprocate his gestures.

Bottom Line

Overall, dating a rich man is not so difficult. With the tips given above, you now have an idea of what it takes to search for the rich man of your dreams, attract his attention and watch him work his way to your heart.

You don’t necessarily have to go out of your way for a rich man to find you attractive; you only need to brush up on your personality and develop skills to project you to the man of your dreams.

How To Date a Celebrity

How To Date a Celebrity featured image

Do you love the glamour and paparazzi that come with dating a celebrity, then it is time to get you hooked with one and live the life of your dreams. You may think that celebrities only date fellow celebs; however, some prefer to settle down with usual people, just like you.

This article will focus on everything you need to know about dating a celebrity, from how to get them to notice you to the best dating sites and tips to help you attract and date one.

Dating a star is not such a difficult thing to achieve. It only requires adequate knowledge, which will be provided below. Keep reading!

How To Date a Celebrity

Can A Normal Person Date A Celebrity?

An average person can have a relationship with a celebrity as long as they both know the drama and public attention their union may attract. They have to understand how the celebrity’s appearance may define their relationship.

If an average person can stand all the attention that comes with dating a celebrity, they can establish a relationship.

How Do You Get A Celebrity To Notice You?

Be Original

social media interactionsWhen celebrities make posts on their social media platforms, they get tons of comments, and they usually don’t have the time to read them all.

Though some celebs don’t even go through their comment section, there is the possibility that the superstar you have a crush on reads comments.

So, when next you drop a comment on the celeb’s post, be as original as you can be to get their attention.

One sure-fire way to get noticed by a celebrity is by writing a creative comment on their post.

Send Direct Messages

Celebrities receive several messages daily, and the chances of them reading yours are pretty low. However, there is a probability.

Therefore, you must know how to send a direct message that will capture the attention of the celeb. While doing this, it is best to go straight to the point because the celebrity already has many pleasant messages sitting in their inbox.

Show How The Celebrity Has Inspired You

One effective way to get noticed by a celebrity is to show the star how inspired you are by their work. You don’t have to go overboard to create a scenario. It is something simple, like vibing along to their songs or sharing a video talking about how their works have inspired you.

You can share the content on your social media, tagging the celebrity, or you can send it directly to the star. Though so many other people could also send such messages or tag them, if you put in more effort to create creative content, you have a greater chance of getting the celeb to notice you.

Visit Places Where Your Celebrity Visits

celebrity eventRead about your celebrity to know where he or she loves to spend time. Visit these places to see if you can bump into him by chance. Some places where you will likely run into your celebrity are:

  • Charity events
  • Award shows
  • Celebrities’ parties
  • Restaurants your celeb visits
  • Bars and clubs where your celebrity hangs out
  • Stores where he/she shops

Get a Job That Will Offer Proximity With Celebrities

One great way to know how stars behave is to get a job working alongside celebs. Here are some job options you can consider if you want to be around stars:

  • Actor
  • Journalist
  • Musician
  • Make-up artist
  • Model
  • Photographer
  • Crew member in the movie or music industry
  • Celebrity doctor
  • Celebrity lawyer
  • A celebrity’s babysitter or housekeeper

What Dating Sites Do Celebrities Use?

There are several dating apps and sites that celebrities use; however, some of these apps stand out amongst the others. Apps like Tinder and Hinge have several single stars swiping to find the love of their lives, but a more trusted app that celebrities use is Raya.

Raya is a private dating app for members only. It is an elite site that allows members to make new friends, find dates, and network, following the website policy.

Raya is popularly referred to as the dating app for wealthy and famous people because getting approval for participation depends on a committee of 500 anonymous people.

To gain consideration, you must be identified as a creative, attractive, and successful person. An added advantage is to be an expert at what you do and know many people who will make referrals easier.

Tips For Dating A Celebrity

Here are some practical tips for dating a celebrity:

Communicate With Your Celebrity

Opening communication channels with your celebrity is necessary if you want to develop anything serious. You can begin by following your star on social media, responding to their posts, and tweeting them. It is essential to do this subtly, so you don’t appear like a stalker.

Do Your Research

Find out everything you can about your celebrity. To ensure that the information is accurate, you must avoid articles from gossip blogs.

You can obtain more information about your star from interviews and by reading through his or her website. Discovering all you can about your celeb will help you identify the things you have in common and create a platform for conversations to develop.

Be Yourself

couple having a fun conversationMost people think they have to change their personalities to fit into a celebrity’s life. It is necessary to understand that people will love you for who you are and not for what you pretend to be.

However, while being yourself, it is crucial to develop positive traits that will help your relationship. For example:

  • Be confident
  • Be kind and thoughtful
  • Talk normally
  • Don’t portray yourself as desperate
  • Look attractive always
  • Be a good friend and listener

Bottom Line

It might take a while to achieve, but knowing what you want and going for it is the only way to live a fulfilled life.

By following the tips shared in this article, you can discover how to attract your celebrity crush and maintain a strong connection to help you achieve your romantic dreams.

Dating And Down Syndrome

Dating And Down Syndrome featured image

Entering into the dating pool can be very difficult for anybody. It can even be more complex and tedious for people with down syndrome. This is because It is usually scary for them to meet people and engage in conversations, but it is a risk that is worth taking.

Love is a beautiful thing, and it has been proven to boost happiness. Therefore, everyone should experience love, even people living with down syndrome.

Down syndrome entails a condition of people who have an extra chromosome. Chromosomes, which are small batches of genes in the body, determine the formation of a baby’s body and the functioning throughout pregnancy and after birth.

Typically, the normal chromosome of a baby at birth is 46. However, people with down syndrome were born with one additional chromosome. This extra chromosome affects the development of the baby’s body and brain, resulting in physical and mental challenges.

People with down syndrome often find it difficult to relate with other people, and even worse, they find it difficult to fall in love.

Do you want to know everything about dating and down syndrome? Then keep reading to discover everything you need to know about finding the right partner and starting a relationship as someone living with down syndrome.

Dating Down Syndrome

Can You Date Someone With Down Syndrome

a guy bring some flowers to his girlfriendFormerly, emotional and mental abilities were not considered issues for people with down syndrome because of the inaccurate assumption that its intellectual incapacitation caused permanent childhood.

Thankfully, this perception is gradually changing. People with Down syndrome have emotional feelings and needs.

It is therefore essential to allow them to express their feelings in socially acceptable ways.

With the appropriate education and counsel, people with Down syndrome can go into relationships. They can love and be loved.

Their partners, however, need to understand that people with Down syndrome have the same rate of physical and hormonal development changes that accompany puberty as other people their age.

However, there is usually a lag in social communication, social maturity, abstract thinking, and emotional self-control.

Social factors intensify the emotional development traits of people with Down syndrome. Typically any adolescent who is living with Down syndrome and attends school or has exposure to media will inevitably develop an awareness of sexuality.

It is pretty standard for young adults with Down syndrome to be fascinated by dating, marriage, and even parenthood.

Can Someone With Down Syndrome Have Normal Intelligence?

One of the biggest misconceptions about people living with Down syndrome is that they can’t learn or understand and have a low intelligence level.

The I.Q. Scores of people with Down syndrome are relative to the individuals, with the average cognitive impairment being minimal and rarely severe. This means that normal intelligence is possible in Down syndrome people.

If a person with down syndrome has any disability such as hearing, it is usually attributed to his understanding problem. Also, speech disability can be misinterpreted for reduced levels of cognitive abilities.

Typically, people with disabilities have difficulties with speech’s physical production because of their low muscle tone level. This can cause tongue protrusion and vocabulary that is difficult to understand.

The impediment to speech clarity is not an indication of low intelligence. Instead, it is proof of difficulty in controlling muscles.

How Soon Can You Check Your Baby For Down Syndrome?

Generally, screening to check for Down syndrome is done as part of the routine checks during prenatal care.

Although these tests can only indicate your risks of carrying a baby with Down syndrome, they can help you decide about diagnostic tests that will provide more specific results. The screening tests include the combined test carried out in the first trimester, as well as the integrated screening test.

The Combined First Trimester Examination

test baby for down syndromeThe combined first-trimester examination is done in two steps, and they are:

  • Blood test: The blood test is done to measure the plasma protein levels associated with pregnancy and the pregnancy hormone. If the results reflect abnormal PAPP-A and HGC, the baby might be having a problem.
  • Nuchal translucency test: In doing this test, professionals use an ultrasound to measure a particular area behind the baby’s neck. In the case of abnormalities, there is usually more fluid in the neck tissue of the child.

Now, considering your age and the reports obtained from both the blood test and ultrasound, your doctor can give you an estimation of your chances of birthing a baby that has Down syndrome.

Mixed scanning examination

The mixed scanning examination is carried out during the 1st trimester and the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. A combination of the results will help estimate the risk of your baby having Down syndrome.

  • First-trimester test uses a blood test process for PAPP-A and ultrasound for nuchal translucency measurement.
  • Second trimester: In the second trimester, a professional uses a quad screen to measure your blood level of four substances associated with pregnancy. The substances are HGC, alpha-fetoprotein, inhibin A, and estriol.

If the tests’ results are troubling, you can run more tests to confirm your diagnosis. Some of such tests include:

Chorion villus testing. This test involves taking some placenta cells and using them to examine the genetic composition. This examination is usually done at the initial stage of the pregnancy.

Amniocentesis. A specimen of the fluid around the fetus is extracted from the mother’s uterus to do the amniocentesis test. The selection is used to draw an analysis of the fetus’s chromosomes. Doctors usually run this test in the second phase of pregnancy after passing 15 weeks.

Some Tips For Dating Down Syndrome

Set Your Own Pace

couple with down syndromeWhen you initially begin dating with Down syndrome, it might be challenging to determine how quickly you should move. You might wonder:

How well should you know someone before you ask them out?

When can you go out together?

The answers to these questions all depend on the pace at which you and your partner move.

If you are uncertain about how to go about the concept of dating, you should begin slowly. This will help you maintain a steady pace which is best for beginners.

Make Your Dates Fun

When you pick out activities to do with your date, make them engaging and fun. Your date does not have to take place in a cozy or fancy restaurant. Instead, you can focus on more relaxing activities and allow your conversation to flow freely.

It is best to choose activities that you and your partner will find interesting. For instance, dancing, hiking, or miniature golf could make your date fun.

Go on a Double Date

Double dates are great for easing the pressure of meeting someone you barely know. The other couple can also engage in conversations, making it more lively and engaging for everyone.

Keep Trying

You may be turned down initially when you ask someone out. It can be disheartening to hear a rejection, but that is common with everyone. A “no” should not stop you from dating. With a great attitude, you can convert the rejection to motivation and keep up the search for your soul mate.

Bottom Line

Dating with Down syndrome is not an easy task.

Nonetheless, with the right approach and a positive mindset, you are on the way to meeting the person of your dreams, notwithstanding your condition.

All it takes is to be confident in yourself and the ability to obtain whatever you set your mind to do.

Second Date Ideas

Second Date Ideas Featured Image

Dating is fun when it works out. However, one reason why dating can feel difficult is that people lack ideas on what to do for dates. The way traditional dating goes and continues to go today shows there is always a reacher and a settler.

The reacher and settler terms refer to a situation where one person makes a move on the other person who accepts (settles), and they go on a date. The ‘reacher’ is always the one who feels the pressure to come up with exciting ideas for a date.

The problem, sometimes, is that most dates are cliche and can feel monotonous to the settler. You may quickly be regarded as boring, and you may never get to that precious second date.

Suppose you were able to come up with an exciting date idea for the first date, and they totally loved it and even quickly hinted at a second date before you even explicitly requested you go on one. How do you keep the momentum going? That question is what you will find answers to in this article.

Here, you will find several second-date ideas that can help you keep the spark burning between you and your potential partner. Being creative about these things is difficult, but here is your cheat sheet.

Second Date Ideas

What Should I Do On a Second Date?

No matter how successful the first date is, the second date can be a deal-breaker if you cannot come up with ideas that are almost as interesting as the first one that got you to this stage. You can kiss your chances with this person goodbye.

But the first date went so well? You cannot assume that the first date going well means all is won, and you mean the world to them. Take the entire first date meeting as an interview to see if you are worth the second date.

If you do make it to the second date, here are some date ideas that will improve your chances and keep you as highly-rated in their minds as the first time you went on a date.

1. Bowling

BowlingBowling is a perfect second date idea because it takes a step away from the romantic tone of most first date ideas.

That step is good because you generally want an environment where you can relax and feel more comfortable with your date. Bowling is a slow-paced game, and as such, things will not get very competitive and heated as often or as quickly as any other game.

Bowling being a very slow game encourages you to take time between frames to munch on food and have a chat. Slow-paced games give you many moments for you to stop, have a conversation that could stretch for an hour, and when things get boring, you can go back to the game you were playing.

2. Rooftop Bar

Rooftop BarA rooftop bar is a stunning place to take your date. It is visually stunning. The height at which it sits gives you a panoramic view that people find incredibly romantic, and there is a lot of booze to go around.

Rooftop bars are expensive because of the experience’s exclusivity, so there might be a chance your date may not have been before, allowing you to impress them.

If all goes well, you could both be leaning on one of the guard-rails that is a common sight at a rooftop bar and sharing a kiss.

3. Hike

HikeIf your date loves the outdoors and dirt tracks (not necessarily), you should take them for a hike. You both get to exercise, compete over short distances during different moments of the ride, and there will be many places to have conversations about how you both feel your date is going. It must be said, though, that you should ensure you feel safe with this person before hiking with them if the track is going to be secluded.

Cooking Dinner4. Cook Dinner

For an intimate date experience, invite them over and have dinner with them but make it unique by cooking it together.

Eating out together is great, but it is nowhere as intimate as the experience of choosing a dish together and cooking it.

5. Drive-In Movie

Drive-In MovieSuppose you cannot think of something else to do other than the cliche cinema option. In that case, a drive-in movie experience should be the cinematic variation you choose. It is an olden-day movie experience that has thankfully survived because it’s just utterly cool. 

You never have to get out of the car. You do not have to worry about other people being intrusive; you both can just relax and enjoy the movie with some privacy to yourself.

6. Workout Class

If you are both gym rats, taking a class on exercise together is an excellent idea. Since it’s both your comfort zones, you will feel free with each other, and that may be what breaks the ice between you both.

7. Volunteering

VolunteerFor those passionate about different causes and doing good in the world, volunteering together is such a passionate, intimate thing to do that you both can be sure you will feel the butterflies seeing the other person do good deeds.

There are several volunteer activities both parties can engage in. You both can volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate books to a local book fair, and more.

How Soon Is Too Soon For a Second Date?

The first date went successfully. That is a joyful thing. You should dance to a catchy song because you did that; your idea for the first date was well executed, and they couldn’t hide how impressed they were.

Humans are guilty of rushing into decisions when they are excited. It would be best if you were patient before setting up the second date. It would also help if you didn’t try to set up a second date until two weeks after your first.

KissCan You Kiss On The Second Date?

It is understandable to desire some form of intimacy on the second date because it helps calm your nerves that your date is interested in you, and that the whole thing has not been a waste of your time.

There is nothing wrong with a kiss on the second date, but it depends on your date and if they are willing to share one with you.

Look out for the signs that they might be willing to all through the date and if you are still not sure, ask them if they would love to share a kiss. There is nothing wrong with expressing what you want, and it does not make things awkward; the world has gone past that.

What To Talk About On The Second Date?

On the second date, you should delve into much more serious topics when you get the chance to talk. You can ask about their passions to learn if you would be cool with them because you would have to compete with their passion.

Their hopes and dreams are topics you can touch on because that would give you a sense of what your future with this person might look like.

Bottom Line

Landing the second date is a sign that you have made progress. However, it would help if you were not over the moon yet because there is still a lot of work to solidify your relationship with your date.

The second date is not a sign that you have them yet. You should just throw that notion out the window. For your second date with them, you have to let your creative juices flow so that you can wow them once again.

The second date is still not the one where you go super romantic still; try to create an atmosphere where you both can be comfortable with each other and find it easy to have a conversation.

How To Date a Single Dad

How To Date a Single Dad featured image

Dating a single dad is not the same as dating a man who does not have kids or has never been married.

Single dads know what it is like being in relationships and even having kids from the union. The tweak about single dads is that they are back to figuring things out once again, which might not be an easy ride.

It is necessary to know what you are going into before you begin a single dad relationship. Not only will it help you prepare for the experience, but you will also learn how to handle his kids and tantrums.

Your presence in his children’s lives will change the course of events, especially when they are younger and when they are still seeking their father’s attention.

Considering that single parents cannot make decisions without putting their kids first, it might be impossible for you as a partner to understand some of his concerns and issues with his kids.

This article focuses on everything you need to know about dating a single dad. Keep reading to discover tips and tricks to make your relationship with a single dad worth it.

How Do Single Dads Start Dating?

single dad with his babyIt usually takes a lot for single dads to begin dating again, mainly because they may have had traumatic relationships in the past.

When single dads decide to step into the dating circle again, they have considered their options and think they are ready to settle down once more.

Notwithstanding the cause of separation in their previous relationship, single dads only venture into dating again when they are sure their relationship will not be detrimental to their kids.

Being a kids’ father requires that every decision and move you make will positively impact the kids, including his dating partners.

For single dads to start dating, they can easily visit dating sites that are single dad-friendly and include it in their profile.

This will help everyone who sees it know that he is a single dad and is up for something serious. Another great way single dads can get their groove back is by being themselves.

While a single dad is responsible for caring for kids, he still needs to be himself. Single dads must allow their personality to shine through and let their potential dates see them for who they are and not just as a daddy to kids.

How Can You Tell That A Single Dad Is Serious About You?

When a single dad likes you, the signs are typical of every male. They want to be around you constantly, they enjoy spending time with you, and generally everything people who are attracted to each other do. However, here are some tips to help you know if a single dad finds you attractive:

He enjoys your company

couple enjoying each otherThis is one sure-fire way to tell that a single dad is serious about you.

Even with his tight schedule of watching his kids and his professional activities, he still tries to make out time to spend with you.

When a single dad leaves all his responsibilities to be with you, it is very different from when a single man does that because he has a lot on his plate.

Single dads are usually very focused on their kids, and they will frown at any attempt to distract them.

However, if on their own they create time to be in your company, it shows that the single dad is serious about you.

He Expresses His Feelings

When a single dad tells you how he feels about you, you should not take it for granted because it must have cost him a lot to muster the courage to tell you how he feels. Considering that he has had to do this in the past, and things hit rock bottom, you can rest assured that he sincerely means anything he tells you.

Single dads rarely speak up concerning their feelings about people they are attracted to, not only because they are macho men but also because they want to make any relationship they enter into worth it.

As someone interested in a single dad, you can tell that the feeling is mutual when expressing his feelings to you.

His kids are comfortable with you

woman talking to the kidAll parents are very protective of their kids, single parents especially.

Therefore, there is always a barrier between a stranger and their children.

When a single dad allows his kids to hang out with you or spend time with you, it shows that he trusts you, and that means he is serious about you.

Not everyone has access to their partner’s kids, especially at the initial stage, but if the kids love the partner and enjoy his/her company, that proves that the kids approve of the relationship.

Why Dating A Single Dad is Good

Here are some reasons why dating a single dad is advantageous:

They love Genuinely

Having kids has an immense impact on how a parent loves. Kids open up the hearts of their parents to love genuinely and unconditionally.

The bond that parents and kids share cannot be undermined. So, when you date a single dad, he helps you understand what love is and how to express love without holding back.

They are Committed

Considering that he is saddled with taking care of his little ones, it shows how committed he can be to matters of his interest.

Single dads are capable of being committed to you because already, they understand the growth process and will not cringe at the mention of responsibility and dedication.

They are Providers

Single dads are great at providing for their kids’ needs, and when they enter into a relationship with someone they like, they will give as well. They are instinctively wired to cater to the needs of those around them, which is another good reason for dating a single dad.

Tips For Attracting And  Dating A Single Dad

To attract and date a single dad, some tips will help you establish and sustain a great relationship. Here are some of the information you need:

Support Him

If there is one thing a single dad will want from his relationship, it is support from his partner. Being considerate and understanding when plans change or when something comes up to interfere in your quality time with him.

No single dad is looking for someone impatient to add to his bulk of work because what he needs is someone patient and supportive who will understand when things don’t go as planned.

Don’t Try To Become The New Mom

woman spending time with girlsAs long as kids are in the picture, it is essential to tread with caution.

This requires a lot of patience and restraint to avoid doing or saying something insensitive.

Instead of rushing to take their mom’s position, it is better to take things slowly and just be yourself around the kids.

You can engage in activities they love and allow them to decide on the pace at which they want to move with you.

When you show how desperate you are to become their new mom, the kids will be repelled by the gesture and might become withdrawn.

Give Him Space

Single dads may prefer to be a lot more careful about dating again because they’ve been there once. Therefore, as one who finds a single dad attractive, it is imperative to give him space.

Don’t always expect him to have your full attention considering that he has kids and other responsibilities to pursue.

Bottom Line

Dating a single dad may not be the easiest thing to do. However, you will obtain the best of what the relationship offers with the correct information and tips.

It is essential to make sure you’re not putting undue pressure on the single dad because what he needs the most is your support in raising the kids and patience, which he will value more than anything.

How To Date a Single Mom

How To Date a Single Mom featured image

Have you ever fallen in love so deep with someone that you want to be with them so badly, but a social construct negates your feelings? Alright, here is the catch; imagine bringing your date to the family dinner so that your family could get to meet her.

“So, what do you do?” your dad asks the beautiful lady. She answers impeccably but chips in that she is a single mom. Right there and then, the atmosphere in the room changes.

Most likely, your mom will ask for help in the kitchen, signaling that she needs some help from you. Incoherent chatters begin to emanate from different parts of the house.

Now, a barrage of questions falls on you all through the night, and you are confused about what to do next. Well, you are not the only one who has been in such a situation before, and this article will teach you how to handle dating single mums without much controversy.

It can be one of the hardest things to explain to anyone that you are in love with a single mom, especially conservative parents or friends. This is because you will always face questions like; how will you manage and take care of her child or children? Among others.

These social barriers can make it difficult to successfully date a single mom, especially if you are younger than the lady.

There is too much external pressure to make you feel what you are doing might not last. You hear things like she is lonely and just needs some companion for a short time, or she needs someone to look after her children, etc.

Those kinds of talks can throw off balance in the relationship drastically. However, it tends to get better if you come prepared. This article will explore some sensitive issues on how to date a single mom. So, you can finally get ready to be with the woman you love, even if she already has children.

How To Date a Single Mom

Is It Okay to Date a Single Mom?

picnic dateThe world has evolved so much over the past few years so that there is a significant shift in people’s perception of things today.

Nowadays, you can easily wear what you want, talk how you want, and do what you want as long as you are comfortable and do not hurt anyone.

Here is the answer to this question, love is a relative subject. Everyone has different determinants of what constitutes love.

However, if there is genuine and unbridled love between you and the single mom, why should it be a problem?

There are a lot of single moms that have found their perfect match. We see celebrities that have been single moms for years and then finally get to date someone, only to realize that person is their true love.

Therefore, if you are willing to throw away your desired life for some social constructs, then maybe it was not love in the first place.

There is a popular notion that makes single moms look like they are not dateable simply because of the child in the picture. But how about if you can maintain a beautiful relationship with the child or children and their mom?

This does not mean that dating a single mom is an easy task. There is a lot more to put in when dating a single mom than dating other people. However, love has to be the defining factor that should make things work between you two.

Tips/Advice For Dating a Single Mother

1. Be Understanding

As we have established, it can be different with single moms than with other women. But the first thing you need to do is give her understanding. This means that for the relationship to be successful, you have to understand that the mother’s priority is her kids.

One of the issues people that date single moms often face is that they constantly want to compete for attention and love with the children. You can never win this tussle. So, the best thing to do is accept that she loves you too, but her first duty is to her children.

2. Let Her Train Her Child

try as much as possible not to discipline her children. You cannot intrude or interfere with the way she trains her child. Although you can make subtle suggestions, do not impose your feelings on how to raise her child.

So, be observant, wait for her to ask for your opinion, and be subtle with your remarks when she needs them.

3. Maintain a Safe Distance

man is patience thinking aboutLet the drama between her and her ex stay between them.

If the child’s father is still in the picture, chances are there would be some rift between you two. It is understandable; you are the one that has the girl now. You have a target in your back.

However, the father can be in a good place with your girlfriend, and you cannot stop him from having a relationship with his child.

Therefore, steer clear of any drama. Support your girlfriend but do not reach out to the ex behind her back for anything. Doing this can lead to the end of the relationship.

4. Support Her

Last but not least is to be a pillar of support to your girlfriend. It takes an immense amount of work to be a mother, provide for the child, and still be your girlfriend. Now, if you are dating a single mom, you need to shoulder responsibilities too.

Be prepared to babysit, support emotionally and financially, no matter how buoyant your girlfriend is. Many people see an attractive single mom, but the thought of being responsible for another person’s children scares them.

Therefore, for you to date a single mom, you need to be mentally prepared to be involved in her life, and you should know that her child or children are huge parts of that.

Bottom Line

Dating a single mom is not for the faint-hearted; you need to give yourself to the relationship purposefully.

No one asks you to become a stepfather, but understand that the mother’s priority is first to the child.

Support her in all that she does, especially if the child’s father is not in the picture. Finally, you need to pace yourself and maintain a safe distance away from the ex and your girlfriend regarding co-parenting.

10 Best Relationship Podcasts

Best Relationship Podcasts - PDM

Relationships require care and attention to thrive, just like every living thing. Notwithstanding the duration of your relationship, there are always new things to learn.

So, whether you are in a relationship, single, or just looking for ways to be a better partner, relationship podcasts can offer great values to help you.

Podcasts on relationships focus on different aspects of a union. For instance, Esther Perel’s podcast allows listeners access to other people’s relationship struggles and suggests tips to overcome them.

Some other podcast types just offer advice and expert opinions for partners in relationships.

This article has compiled some of the best relationship podcasts you can find around today, such that no matter your taste, you will find some of them useful to solve your heart matters and relationship issues.

Keep reading to discover the best relationship podcasts for you.

10 Best Relationship Podcasts

Esther Perel

Esther Perel is considered one of the world’s best couple therapists, and so many people have testified to her incredible skills in making podcasts.

In each episode of her podcasts, different couples are invited to discuss the challenges in their relationship.

Her podcasts are often relatable because people tell their own relationship stories themselves, bringing more credibility and authenticity.

Listeners can pick out tips from these stories, which will help guide their subsequent relationships with other people.

Dear Sugars

couple see each otherSugar, formerly an anonymous person but later revealed to be Cheryl Strayed, used to give out beautifully written relationship advice published in a popular column.

Now, it has become a podcast that centers around giving tips and advice to listeners on relationships.

However, not all the episodes focus on romantic love; the podcast’s basic idea is to charge everyone to maintain a good relationship with other people.

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage’s podcast features different expert guests each week to answer questions related to love. Savage is known for his bluntness, and that has earned him a lot more listeners.

He addresses love and sexual matters in a no-nonsense manner and clearly describes how certain situations affect people in a relationship.

I Do Podcast

Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, who have been married for over a decade, are the hosts of the “I Do” podcasts, and what they do is provide young couples with the information they require to enjoy the best of their union.

The podcast is in an interview form, and every week, they invite an expert to share tips on how to have the best marriage. With almost 300 podcasts on the ground, the team has most likely discussed an issue you’ve been battling.

Love Letters

girl listen the podcastMeredith Goldstein, a Boston Globe advice columnist, tags each season of her podcasts and discusses the theme’s issues.

Each episode features a well-told love story that will inspire listeners not to give up on love.

The podcasts discuss love stories that are capable of convincing anybody to give in to love again.

Especially for those who may have had a series of bad relationships, this podcast can give hope again through the stories featured.

Paired By the People

Paired by the people is another podcast that is majorly for those who enjoy matchmaking.

Though almost obsolete, matchmaking and setting couples up is an exciting and fun thing to do. Therefore, the podcast host, Lakshmi Rengarajan, is committed to reviving setting teams up.

The podcast involves two people who discuss and debate how to set up their friends and why they should be set up. Interestingly, you can listen to the date to know how it went.

Black Love Matters

The Black love matters is a podcast that is relatable to long-time couples especially. Niram and Niambi discuss both serious and funny topics about Black love and how they maintain theirs.

They also accept questions from listeners of the podcasts and provide answers to them.

The hosts cover an array of conversations that people can easily relate to, thereby providing solutions to their listeners’ problems.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show

couple smiling in bedThe podcast hosts, Tony and Lisa DilLorenzo, have been married for 22 years, and their podcast feature conversations on love, commitment, and sex.

They usually address real situations, and they help proffer solutions and offer personal advice to their listeners.

However, they encourage Christian standards; even those who have no ties with religion relate to their podcast content and learn from their experiences.

Relationship Alive

Neil Satin, a strategic intervention coach, addresses relationships from an angle of chemistry, energy, and actions.

Every week, his soothing voice invites the presence of seasoned people to discuss universal topics about relationships.

Frequently, the conversations are tricky, and they are capable of changing the listeners’ orientation.

Issues such as “surviving infidelity,” for instance, or ” breaking free from toxic relationships” will encourage listeners to listen and learn how to address similar issues in their relationships.

Relationship Advice

Knowing how quickly love can become a challenging and horrific experience, Chase and Sarah provide helpful tips to help couples stay in love with each other.

Through a realistic approach, the hosts offer guidance and inspiration to help couples, especially new ones, ensure that their love doesn’t turn sour.

Considering how people quickly fall out of love, relationship advice is a timely podcast for couples who want their marriage to work and are willing to put in the work required for a blissful union.

Bottom Line

Relationship podcasts run across a variety of types. What matters the most is finding the one most useful for you.

Typically, most podcast hosts have specific areas that they explore. However, some others invite guests and cover a vast expanse of topics.

It is necessary to listen to as many that appeal to you and discover tips to help build and sustain your relationship with your loved one.

These podcasts are meant to serve as a guide and protect your relationship from hitting rock bottom.

Considering that most of the hosts are experienced, it is safe to say that they have what it takes to proffer solutions and offer helpful advice to build and sustain your relationship.

Dating Guide for Christmas

Dating Guide for Christmas Featured Image

Christmas has such lovely scenery to it. All the things that make Christmas are so dreamy. They look to have come from the imagination of the world’s most excellent author.

The frosty air, the snow, the figures of people clothed in beautiful coats, the scent of fire trees, and everyone’s tendency to smile and wish you a merry Christmas; are all things to look forward to during Christmas.

Dream sceneries are reminiscent of romantic ones, which is why Christmas is an excellent time to dip your feet in the dating pool one more time. As a single person, you will find more excitement in holiday dating than you think.

People tend to be in relaxed, hopeful states during this period. It is the perfect opportunity to go into the new year with a better relationship status than the current year. There are many questions surrounding holiday dating.

Where should you go? And what to do for the first date? What should your expectations be? These are essential questions that you can expect to find answers for in a dating guide for Christmas such as this. Read this guide and expect to find love this coming Christmas.

Dating Guide For Christmas

Ideas for Festive Season Dates

Asking anyone out on a date requires you to have a place to take them to or suggest to them. If you score your first date, you want to make an excellent first impression by taking them out to a place that will increase your chances of getting a second date.

With Christmas being a festive season, you have your work cut out for you. There are tons of attractive places where you both can begin what might be a long and fun journey of love.

First dates are important, and screwing it up can be disastrous to your chances and motivation to find someone, to begin with. Christmas offers you the opportunity to skip the cliché date ideas and go for something unique. Here are some ideas for a Christmas first date:

Go back in time

Opening Christmas Gifts

Do you remember the memories of Christmas you had as a child? Why not relive that as a first date idea? Holidays are important to kids, and Christmas was once important to you.

You can both revisit the past and do all the things you used to do as kids. A date idea such as this helps you connect to your roots, spur either or both of you to talk about your childhood. It is a fun idea.

It creates an enabling environment to have conversations around topics repeatedly proven to be some of the most affectionate. You have fun and get to know each other better.

A Romantic Stroll

Romantic StrollMost neighborhoods take on a new appearance during Christmas time.

As a date idea, you can both decide to take a walk around an area with catchy sights. It is like making the real world your art gallery.

You will run into people doing fascinating things, beautiful artifacts on display, and many more.

You will rarely run out of things to talk about and wish the night would stay forever young. Tired from walking, either of you could lean on the other for support, and that can provide the spark needed for the night to become even better than it already was.

Volunteer Together

VolunteerFind out what cause you are both passionate about and make that into a date idea. It could be talents you share. The idea is to find something you both can do together that would be in line with the Christmas culture of giving.

Volunteering together as a date is going to be a memorable activity that you both will always remember. You would have made a valuable contribution to the community and your love lives. You will come out of the date having more respect for each other.

Something in the Snow

Playing in the snowOne thing that adds pizzazz to the scenery of Christmas in the snow. It would be in the true spirit of Christmas to have a snow-themed date. You can go ice-skating, especially if it is both your cup of tea.

If only one of you has tried it before, it is a chance for the other person to learn and show your skills as a teachable and good teacher. Suppose neither of you has ever gone ice-skating or done anything similar.

In that case, you could hire someone to teach you both so you can learn something new together, creating new memories.

What to Get Someone You Just Started Dating for Christmas?

Couple Smiling at ChristmasDuring Christmas, you should get your boyfriend or girlfriend something. It shows good manners when you get someone you are dating as a gift during Christmas.

Never mind the manner; it shows care and affection. Whatever you decide to get as a gift should communicate thoughtfulness, care and show your ability to pay attention to the little things.

However, giving gifts is an art, so it is quite understandable if you are not vastly talented in it. Here are some gift ideas you can give to your partner during Christmas:

What to get a guy you are dating for Christmas?

BookThere are generic things you can get a guy you are dating during Christmas. The longevity of your relationship can be factored in during the decision-making process. Ensure you do not get them something they might hate from this list.

  • The latest gadget from a brand they like.
  • Books
  • Jewelry
  • A ticket to his favorite show.

What to get a girl you are dating for Christmas?

Homemade DinnerFor women, there are several things you can get as gifts during Christmas. Ensure your gift is thoughtful because men have a bad reputation for giving thoughtless gift items. Please do not get her something she might hate on this list.

  • A trip to her favorite place in the world.
  • A home-cooked dinner and a bottle of wine.
  • Electronic Gadgets she might like

Bottom Line

There is no reason why you should not try to improve your dating life during Christmas. It might be the best time for you to try dating again. Christmas has an aura around it that preaches calm and love. It is a time when you will find many people open to meeting new people and forming new bonds.

Apart from people being open during Christmas to dating, there are unique date ideas that make it so much easier and frictionless to start a new relationship. Some of the date ideas you can come up with during Christmas are splendid.

You can go on dates that can help you to relive your childhood and open up to each other on what growing up was for you both. An idea such as this allows you both quickly understand each other’s background and causes you to be more tolerant of each other.

Christmas is a time of giving gifts, and this guide gives you the information you need to pick out an excellent gift for the one you love. It guides you on the essential things to consider before going out to buy a gift for your partner.

With this guide, you should have little trouble finding a loved one this Christmas.

10 Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

10 Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend Featured Image

Gifts are the way to a woman’s heart, and there is no better time to gift them (because that is when they expect it the most) than on their birthday. Many people take their birthday seriously and are usually forgiving of friends and family that forget about it.

What could cause such a stir that may have her unresponsive to your texts or calls for days, however, is when you forget your partner’s birth date or remember and have no gift to give her.

Women feel unwanted when the men in their life do not appreciate them enough to get them something on their birthday. Therefore, you should ensure you never forget the date and remember to get her something.

Most men have problems with gifts because they do not know how to select a gift that says “Happy Birthday, I love you.” Something thoughtful yet romantic. Of course, that will require some personal knowledge of what she is like and what she likes.

Thankfully, you will find a significant number of gift items that you can choose from and make her smile in this article.

10 Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

What Is The Most Romantic Gift For a Girlfriend?

The most romantic gift for a girlfriend is subject to who your girlfriend is and what she’s like, so there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are, however, sentiments that your gift can carry that would make the heart of most women melt and be filled with the highest point of happiness.

Here are some qualities your gift should possess:

1. Thoughtful

Your girlfriend would love to know that you know the little details of her life. The details other people are not privy to but you, her partner. She would love to know that you see her completely, and you do not forget those little details that make her who she is.

One way you can show her how much about her you hold in your memory is through gift-giving. Your gift to her during her birthday should be thoughtful because it makes its romantic quality even more pronounced.

2. Expensive

Her birthday gift should be costly. This does not mean you have to go out of your way to spend an arm and a leg, but she would love to know it cost you something to get it. Sometimes, it does not even have to be fiscally expensive.

It may have cost you time, energy, effort, etc. If it costs a lot to get it for her, she will appreciate it even more.

Ten gift ideas

1. Necklace

NecklaceNecklaces are gift items women have loved from time immemorial.

A beautiful necklace might seem cliche to you as a man, but it never seems to get old with women.

Of course, you cannot get her a necklace every time it is her birthday, but it is still one of those gifts she wouldn’t mind receiving twice or more because each will be unique.

It is an excellent gift item because she can wear it around and let everyone who makes it a conversation piece know that ‘her man bought it.’ You can even make it more romantic by giving it a custom touch. You could add her initials to the necklace to make it even more special.

2. Bracelets

BraceletsBracelets are also one of those welcome gifts by women for their birthdays. It is less so popular with them as necklaces, but it is popular enough to get a pass.

However, if you want to make this gift special, you can buy her one with something unique about it. For example, you can buy her a bracelet made from the finest of leather. It could be made of gold or have diamonds on them.

After all, a girl’s best friend are diamonds. You could also give her one with a custom nameplate with her initials, or there could be a message of your love for her on it.

3. Photo Album

Photo albumAt first, this might look pretty ordinary, but it could be a hit or a miss depending on how you go about it.

A photo album might look like an ordinary gift. Still, it can be worked to hold enough sentiment to be super romantic.

You could print out pictures of her that she has digital copies of on her phone.

You could buy one of those really fancy romantic albums, stick the pictures in and hand it to her on her birthday. This usually makes for a good ‘accompanying gift,’ meaning gifts that go along with something else.

4. GoPro or Professional Camera

GoProIf she is a big fan of cameras or has made her intentions to cross into the world of photography known to you, give her a camera as a birthday gift. It falls under the category of the little details that make them the happiest. You would score massive points for this because you would have remembered her birthday, gotten her something for her birthday, and showed genuine interest in her life.

5. Super Soft Blanket

This is a gift for her that will be beneficial for you also. A super plush throw blanket is one of the best gifts you can get her. Not only will she be able to snuggle in it, but she will also do so, remembering the most important person in her life, you.

6. Haute Handbags

Haute HandbagsDo you know what is better than a super-sweet romantic card on her birthday? A piece of fashion – an Haute handbag.

She will be impressed by a gift like that, especially if she is a fashionista. It is a bag she can carry around and one that will attract attention for its quality and high-fashion class.

You will be getting a lot of super-sweet romantic compliments after that one.

7. Concert Tickets

Concert TicketsConcert tickets are undefeated as birthday gifts. Do you know if her favorite artist is coming to town or a city near you? Getting her tickets will blow her mind.

It will be a birthday to remember even years after or into the relationship. She will forever remember the one time she was able to see Adele, for example, play live, and it was all because of you.

It is even better if you get two tickets. She gets to go with you.

8. Surprise Visit

This is one is best for couples who live far apart or met on Zoosk. Try to make it seem like there is no way you can make it to her; tell her you’ve sent her a gift that would be delivered to her. When she opens the door for the delivery man, let it be you.

9. Something She Has Always Wanted

Note down one of the things she never stops talking about. Get it for her birthday and see how she showers you with affection.

10. Popular Makeup Kit

Makeup KitYou know one of those celebrity-owned makeup lines you keep seeing on your social media feed? Get her one for her birthday.

They are usually better than the generic ones.

Get one of her friends to tell you what she has and what she might go nuts for if you gave her for her birthday, then make her swear an oath of secrecy.

Bottom Line

Try your possible best not to forget your girlfriend’s birthday; many relationships have ended over it. When you do remember, also remember to give her something on her birthday because it is the same as forgetting it.

Do not compare how you would take her forgetting your birthday to how it feels for her. Many girls spend a lot of time thinking about moments like that, and she will feel even worse if you forgot her birthday and still try to argue why it is not a big deal.

Make sure your gift is thoughtful, romantic, and has some worth to it.

Fourth Date Ideas

Fourth Date Ideas Featured Image

Some people take the third date as the ultimate date – Like, it is the last date they need to go on to make the relationship official officially. They put a lot of energy into planning this third date because they regard it as the final date they’ll have to plan.

However, this is not often the reality of the dating world. The best dating experts consider the fourth date as the actual date number crucial to your journey to starting a relationship. It is seriously underrated, but it should not.

The first, second, and third dates will put you and your partner at a certain level of comfort with each other. Now that you are comfortable speaking to yourselves, the fourth date is where you tackle the serious issues you’ve noted that could affect your relationship’s future. It is the inch before the finish line.

Because the fourth date can affect your relationship’s future, you need a list of creative fourth date ideas on what to do and where to go. That is where this article comes in to help. You will find date ideas that are suitable for the fourth meeting between you and your partner here.

There are also tips on how you should act on the fourth date, which will ensure the day turns outright.

Fourth Date Ideas

What Should I Do On The Fourth Date?

Because the fourth date is widely regarded as the last step in the series of dates, normally, you want to get everything right. The first step to getting everything right is coming up with a date idea that helps you both get in the mood you feel will be best for the date.

Here are different date ideas for you to try:

1. Gaming

GamingIf you and your partner both love games, you can make a date out of it. You can ask them about their favorite video game when they were little, and you can tell them yours.

You can introduce new rules into the game to make things extra spicy. For example, suppose you have both agreed to play super-Mario or Pac man. Whoever has a gaming console can invite the other over for a game.

In terms of adding new rules to the game, some people have various ways of playing super Mario. You’ll often see people play strip-super Mario, where you both take turns playing the game, and when one person loses, they take off a piece of clothing they have on.

This game aims to build up some sexual tension. What variation of the game you want to play depends on your aim for playing the game. If you want to get deep secrets out of each other, each time someone loses, they may have to say something about themselves that no one else knows.

Both of you could even take it a step further and make it so that they have to take a shot if anyone decides not to speak. You can be as creative with it as you want to be.

2. Picnic

PicnicThe great thing about a picnic is you can have one at different stages of the dating cycle. You can have it on the first date, second date, and third date. You can also have it on the fourth date, and one could even argue that it is more effective on the fourth date. Suppose you’ve gotten to the fourth date stage with them. In that case, there has to be a level of comfort that would make a picnic the best place to have serious discussions about what you think of yourselves and the future of the relationship.

A picnic on the fourth date does not have to be elaborate or expensive either. You can get your favorite meals, eat and have conversations on different topics.

3. Stargazing

StargazingAn inexpensive date idea is going on a stargazing expedition of sorts. Stargazing is such a romantic activity. It is a dreamy thing to do, and it is a catalyst for affectionate emotion.

While stargazing, you will find it easier to talk about the deep things you will not otherwise have been able to speak about at a restaurant or even at a picnic. Stargazing affords you some privacy and something about the night inspires calm.

4. Babysit

BabysitBabysitting is an activity that many people do not consider can be a good date idea, but oddly it is. It can be an excellent date idea, especially if you both have agreed you want to go into a long-term relationship. If you are both on board with the idea, babysitting will bring out a different side of you and your date. You can measure how well you can work together by ensuring the baby is calm throughout the babysitting session successfully.

What Is The Fourth Date Rule?

There are no special rules when you go on the fourth date. You have to understand that people are individual creations, and each person thinks differently from the other. Everyone you meet will have different orientations about the world and relationships, so you should tailor your advances to match that.

However, there are some general rules that you can follow to have a successful fourth date. The date should not be less than an hour long and should not be more than 3 hours. The date idea should not be something you have done on the previous dates.

What Does a 4th Date Mean?

CoupleA 4th date says a lot about your affection for each other. If they agree on a fourth date, it should be pretty clear that they like you and you also enjoy their company.

You can start making plans to live your life with this person because you are in a relationship. At the end of the fourth date, you should know the labels now apply. You are their boyfriend or girlfriend.

You can no longer talk to any other person on the topic of romance because that would officially be cheating.

How Many Dates Before You Are Dating?

Happy CoupleAs pointed out earlier, if you both have been on four dates, then it is official that you are in a relationship. There should be no delusion about that fact. Three dates are enough to decide whether you like them or not.

If you still aren’t sure about those three dates, then you should not be setting up a fourth date because a fourth is the official first date of you both as a couple.

If the delay is on their part and by the end of the fourth date, it still feels like you are getting nowhere with them, it may be time to put the question directly to them.

What should the question be about? It should be about if they like you and want to be in a relationship with you. If they reply saying they are undecided, ask them the areas they find difficult to connect with you on. If their replies are things about yourself, you think you can fix, allay their fears and tell them there would be a change.

You should not be going on a 5th date if you still cannot say your date is completely interested in you after the fourth date.

Bottom Line

Are you finding it difficult to come up with an idea for the fourth date? Everyone struggles with this aspect. It is hard to be creative after three dates. You can do several things on the fourth date, and some of them have been listed in the article.

The fourth date should feel more serious. They should already feel like your partner by the time you go on a fourth date and when it ends too. No matter how slow you are taking things, a fourth date is not one to get to know basic things about each other.

That should have been done on the first and second dates. If you feel any hesitation on their part after the fourth date, you should not be going on a fifth date.

eharmony vs OkCupid

Homepage - eharmony
Homepage - OkCupid

If you are looking to get back into the dating pool after a while or looking to increase your chances of finding the right person, it would be best if you stopped shying away from dating apps. The sheer number of people, especially unique visitors on those platforms, is the evidence you need to make it an option in your effort to find a partner.

People often complain of not knowing which of the platforms to join. The confusion is understandable; approximately 1500 dating apps are looking to get you and others like you onto their platform. In this article, two of those dating apps are compared with one another. It is going to be a battle between eharmony vs. OkCupid.

Read on to find out which holds the most prospect for your love life.

eharmony vs OkCupid – Detailed Comparison

Comparison of History

Homepage - eharmony

If longevity is a yardstick you take seriously, eHarmony is a platform you want to check out. You know how Myspace is always spoken about as the beginning of social media existence? Well, eHarmony’s journey dates back even further than theirs.

It was founded in the year 2000, which’s 3 years before Myspace came to life. It is owned by a German company and is based out in Silicon Valley. In 2012, the company’s reported revenue was around $275 million annually.

Homepage - OkCupid

The founders of OkCupid started by building personality evaluating apps to match people with similar personalities. The three Harvard students used the knowledge they gained from matching people together from the information they supplied to begin working on OkCupid in 2001.

But, it took 3 years for them to make OkCupid available to the public. The company has since been acquired by the operators of, a previous fierce competitor of OkCupid. The company has a yearly reported revenue of $115M and has about 130 people under its employ, just to give you an idea of its size and capabilities.

Key Features of Both Websites

Communicating - eharmony

Both platforms are feature-rich, but there are differences in the services they offer. OkCupid, on the one hand, doesn’t put the task of finding a lover in the hands of the user entirely. The little searching functionality lets you find users whose username you know, but it is still more than what eharmony offers.

Eharmony only lets you do basic things such as filter users by those online and those offline. Your previous search history is saved and accessible the next time.

OkCupid has a message feature that now works differently from when the app first came out. Before, you could message any user on the platform at will, but after the feature was abused by lots of users, the folks at OkCupid changed how their messaging system works.

You can still message anyone, but they will only see that message if they’ve liked your profile. Making the messaging feature work this way curbed its abuse, but people who genuinely want to connect now find it harder to do so.

OkCupid has a feature called ‘Double Take.’ It is a swipe-gesture-based matching system where you can swipe to the right if you like a user or left if you do not. There is also a ‘See who you like’ and vice-versa tab that allows you to do precisely what the title says.

Okcupid mobile app

It makes sense that these exist because it makes it easier to find who you can message and will be able to see your messages. Another feature on OkCupid is the boost feature that lets you appear more frequently on other member’s Double Take. The feature also highlights your profile to help you stand out.

Going on eharmony means you have to be prepared to pay to get any use out of the app. The most any free tier user can do is send winks to other members. If you want to message other people, you have to pay for the premium version.

On the premium version of eharmony, you will get access to features that allow you to send a user a smile. The ‘What If?’ feature gives you access to 30 matches outside your compatibility zone. Finally, the Video Date is suitable for people who prefer meeting a person via video call before commencing physical interactions.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

eharmony quiz screen example 3

Both platforms are personality-focused in their matching efforts. Matching you correctly is why their sign-up processes are a bit tedious. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete their sign-up process. You can simply sign-up via Facebook on both, but you will be required to take their unique personality tests to improve your matching chances.

okcupid Sign Up - Basics

User Base

OkCupid has a user base of 50 million people all over the world. They have 10 million in the United States, and their users’ age range is between 25-34. OkCupid is LGBT-friendly and is very inclusive. They have various gender options beyond the ‘male’ and ‘female’ that most websites allow you to pick from.

eharmony has a vast user base, too, boasting 66 million people in 200 countries. They aren’t open to all countries; some countries are banned from using the platform. Their platform has a percentage of 47% female and 53% male and an age range of 25-34.

You will find a lot of academically successful users on this dating platform. eharmony also provides matching options for gay people.

Homepage - eharmony
Homepage - OkCupid

Ease of Using each platform

Features app - OkCupid

Both platforms are modern in their approach to their platform’s design. They are very clean and neat to use. OkCupid’s design makes it very easy to navigate through the site’s functionalities. There is a top menu where you can find a link to most things you will do.

The Double Take feature has this significant usability component that lets you take a glimpse at who is next on the queue before you swipe.

eharmony mobile app

eharmony’s design is modern, but it doesn’t go all out to have the latest design trends. It is neat and sports a minimalist approach in the way they’ve organized the site’s components.

Which Dating Site has the Highest Success Rate

eharmony wins this round. In fact, so good is their success rate that it is seen as the ‘marriage site.’ They have a high rate of success finding people long-term life partners. OkCupid is successful, too, but they are dwarfed by the amount of success eharmony enjoys.

Pricing of Each

Prices - eharmony

eharmony has a 3-tier subscription-based plan. They are listed below

  • Light Plan: 6 Months at $59.90
  • Plus Plan: 12 Months at $35.90
  • Extra Plan: 24 Months at $25.90

Prices - OkCupid

OkCupid also has a 2-tier subscription-based plan, but these plans are further re-categorized on a per-month basis. There is a credit system that you can use to activate the boost feature, and the pricing for both are listed below.

A-List Basic Subscription

  • 1-Month at $7.95
  • 3-Months at $19.05
  • 6-Months at $23.70

A-List Premium Subscription

  • 1-Month at $24.90
  • 3-Months at $68.70
  • 6-Months at $119.70

Boost Credit System

  • 1 credit at $1.99
  • 5 credits at $9.45
  • 10 credits at $16.90

Couple Drinking a Coffeeharmony Pros & Cons


  • Clean interface and a minimalist design
  • High success rate


  • Users can’t really do anything without upgrading to the premium version
  • Not enough search functionality

OkCupid Pros & Cons


  • LGTBT and multi-gender inclusive
  • Beautiful interface


  • So many subscription plans make things quickly confusing.
  • The sign-up process is a bit tedious

Bottom Line

Both platforms are great to use, but they have significant differences. If you are a left-winger, OkCupid is the place you probably want to go to find a match. It is better to choose that platform as a liberal because, from the onset, the company has reiterated their support for the LGBT community, meaning they built the platform with the community in mind.

eharmony is suitable if you are a right-winger. It is not that the website isn’t ideal for gay people, but it began as a right-wing company and is still more right-wing than left today. In fact, the company had to almost be bullied into providing support for matching gay people together.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert advice & dating tips!

Homepage - eharmony
Homepage - OkCupid

12 First Date Tips for Men That’ll Win Her Over!

First Date Tips for Men Featured Image

It has been a long way coming, but you are finally here! You’ve landed your first date with that woman you’ve not been able to get your mind off for a long time now, and you are delighted at this development. The next thing to do is plan your first date!

It is reasonable to be nervous about this stage because you want to get it right and make a good impression on them. The first date is so important because it could ruin or strengthen your bond with your date.

Blow her mind on the first date, and it could seal, sign, and deliver the second date. Ruin the first date, and that could be that for your chances of taking things further. Men find it difficult to be creative about these things.

That is why the need for this article arose. This article contains first-date tips for men. These tips will help you blow her mind on the first date. It includes every detail you need, from how well you should dress to the different things you can both do on the first date.

The location of your first date matters, and you will have some help in that direction too.

First Date Tips For Men

What Should a Guy Do On The First Date?

First Date

So you’ve had a match on a dating app and ready to meet.

The first thing a guy should not do on the first date is to be overly nervous. Being nervous on your first date will smear disappointment all over your efforts.

The other thing a guy should not do on the first date is to be too confident that he comes off as arrogant.

Confidence is great but too much, and you come off as being full of yourself; it could end your date abruptly or mar the chances of having another. Now, what should a guy do on the first date?

1. Smile a lot

You should smile very often on your first date. It helps relax your nerves, which you need not stutter when you try to talk to her. Smiling will also help her feel relaxed with you. Being able to relax on the date will generally improve the ambiance of the date.

2. Prepare

Man Getting Ready

Preparing for your date involves you picking out clothing, a venue, etc. Most people ignore what to do in preparation for the first date is to prepare what to say, not just standing in front of the mirror saying random things eloquently, but writing down talking points. Preparing what to say goes even more comfortable if you have been privileged to have several conversations with her.

You could write out talking points off of the conversations you have had.

3. Put your cell phone away

Do not let yourself in any way be distracted by your smartphone during the first date. Turn off your mobile data connection, your reminders, or alarms during the first date. It is your first date, and she wants to feel valued, and being carried away by your smartphone will not make her feel valuable during the meet.

12 tips to a successful date

Man Working Out1. Get in a Workout

Before you go on your date, you must get some exercise. It could be a walk in the park or a light jog.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which give the body a positive feeling. It would help if you had all the positivity you can get before your date.

2. Fire Up Your Playlist

If you are a music lover, there is most likely a playlist you love to listen to to get you fired up every day. Listen to your playlist before the date; it will get you in a good mood.

3. Make a List

Either on paper or in your mind, make a list of the neat things about yourself. You cannot go to your date feeling defeated and sad.

4. Appearance Matters

You are going on a date to impress her. She should see you and have no choice but to say, “you look great.” If you cannot make an effort, you should pick up the phone to cancel your plans.

5. An appearance checklist

Appearance checklist

Still, on appearance, you should make a checklist of things that should be checked. Ensure you groom your beards. Your break should smell like daisies plucked out of the garden of Eden.

Use deodorant to smell as good as a freshly baked cake, but not too much that you would appear on the morning news having killed everyone at the venue with your deodorant.

Ensure your shoes do not start to stink halfway into the date.

6. Listen More, Talk Less.

No matter, how passionate you are about the topic, do not shout her down or talk over her. Show her you are as civil as they come. Maybe someday after you’ve both sent the third kid to highschool, you could talk over her but on the first date? Not today.

7. Think Before You Talk

Do not rush into replies. Be laid back and think before you reply to her on any topic. If you will not, she could as well be having a date with rottweiler.

8. Be Yourself

Happy Man

You have heard this so many times, so here it is again – Be real. A first date is not the place or the time to fake it to make it. You may get away with it, but then you have to keep up with the lie, which would make the relationship tire you out quickly. Even if she does discover you were putting up a facade and still decides to forgive you, she will always have some doubts at the back of her mind about you afterward.

9. Blast From The Past

If you have had dates in the past, this new date is the perfect opportunity to take a walk down memory lane to relieve everything you did wrong or should have done better. Make notes, and improve on them during this new date.

9. List Out Questions

Great Conversation

A first date is a chance to get to meet the person with whom you could potentially spend the rest of your life. Make a list of questions you would love to ask her. Bear in mind that the questions you ask her will tell her what you think of her and what you want. If it is all explicit questions, you may come off as wanting to be in the sack with her by the end of the night, and if that is not what she wants from you, the date could end earlier than you planned.

10. Pick Her Up

If you try to pick her up to the date’s venue, she would love that, and you would immediately be held in high esteem.

11. Open Doors

Show her that chivalry is not dead. Please open the door for her to step in and step out. The point is to make her feel special on the day; few things scream ‘special’ than that.

12. Is It okay To Kiss On The First Date?

Yes, it is. It depends on how magical the night has been for both of you.

However, do not try to steal a kiss.

Ask her politely if you could. Do not let a ‘No.’ make you feel defeated. She may just be taking things slower than you are.

Bottom Line

The first date is pivotal in the creation of romantic relationships. It is a chance for you to make an excellent first impression about who you are and what you are like. Please take it as an interview as to why this person should be with you for the foreseeable future.

She will be looking to get a glimpse into your life and personality. Hence, you have to ensure she sees nothing but positives.  The things to do on the first date are listed out in this article. These are things that will help you both enjoy each other’s company.

Online Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics Perfect DM featured image

You date by the Internet, and you just may break up by the Internet. At least that appears to be the case in an Internet stat floating around via eharmony. According to the online dating site, 48 percent of online relationships end through email. Considering the lines of communication start off from behind the screen, this isn’t particularly unrealistic.

However, before you panic every time you open your online dating inbox or email, check out some other online dating statistics that may make you feel more encouraged to dive into the online dating pool.

Online Dating Statistics

1. Generation Z and Millennials are leading the pack in online dating apps.

According to Pew Research, 48 percent of 18-29-year-olds and 38 percent of 30-49-year-olds have used dating sites. The numbers for Generation X and older (ages 50 and up) lower to 16 percent.

2. LGBTQ+ people are more likely to use online dating platforms.

In the same study, lesbian, gay, and/or bisexual adults are twice as likely (55 percent versus 28 percent) to use these sites versus heterosexuals.

3. Online couples may have longer, happier marriages.

Happier MarriagesWhile that clearly doesn’t compete for older groups who were married long before online dating was the norm, a National Academy of Sciences study found that more than one-third of the U.S. marriages of 19,131 participants between 2005 and 2012 started online. Of that one-third, the “relationship quality” of partners who met online were higher (and divorce lower) than the other two-thirds who initially met in person (5.96 versus 7.67 percent).

4. Online love may lead to online security problems later.

Kaspersky LabOnline Dating found that 12 percent of people who have experienced a breakup either released, or really wanted to release, an ex-partner’s private information publicly as an act of revenge. Men were more likely than women (17 percent versus 7 percent) to do the public sharing as a form of revenge. Twelve percent of couples damaged or wanted to damage an ex’s device. Ten percent confessed to spending an ex-partner’s money online.

5. When relationships go sour, photos of significant others go missing.

In the same Kaspersky Lab study, women were more willing than men to delete all of an ex-partner’s information from their device (55 percent vs. 49 percent), and delete all couple photos or videos after a breakup (56 percent vs. 48 percent).

6. Online snooping can become an issue after break-ups.

Women are more likely to snoop on their exes, with 33 percent of women admitting to spying via social networks compared to 28 percent of men.

7. Glass half-full approach depends on who is being asked.

Romantic CouplePew Research reports that approximately 35 percent of recent users say that in the past year online dating has made them feel more pessimistic.

Meanwhile 29 percent say these platforms left them feeling more optimistic.

Thirty-two percent feel more confident, and 25 percent feel more insecure than when they started.

8. Don’t “pass” on personality, but looks count.

Twenty-eight percent of online daters found it “very easy” to pick out people that they were physically attracted to. Forty-three percent found it “somewhat easy.” However, 24 percent found it somewhat difficult while 5 percent found it very difficult.

9. People aren’t always trying to hide behind computers.

Woman Looking at TabletAlthough shows like MTV’s “Catfish” can lead online dating users to believe that people aren’t thrilled to meet in person. However, the majority of users do want to meet. Pew Research found that the majority (46 percent) somewhat easily found someone they wanted to meet in person and 18 percent found it very easy. On the downside, 29 percent found it somewhat difficult and 6 percent found it very difficult.

10. Don’t skip the profile sign-up process.

Although some online dating users want to scope out the site before they’re willing to pay for anything, a complete profile can make all the difference for both men and women.

Woman Checking Cellphone“Very important” rankings include photos of themselves (74 percent women versus 68 percent men); type of relationship you’re looking for (72 percent women versus 53 percent men); if they are parents (48 percent women versus 43 percent men); hobbies and interests (40 percent women versus 32 percent men); religious beliefs (32 percent women versus 18 percent men); racial or ethnic background (23 percent women versus 15 percent men); occupation (27 percent women versus 8 percent men); height (22 percent women versus 8 percent men); and political affiliation (18 percent women versus 10 percent men).

Bottom Line

So what should you do now? Should you run right online to fill in your profile, change your passwords, add new photos and expect to get married soon? No—and yes. As with every relationship, you never quite know how it’s going to go until you actually date the person.

Whether meeting online first or in person, the relationship will still come down to you two meshing. This is your time to get to know each other and see what kind of person you’re initially attracted to. And if you’re really curious how your potential dating match would react to some of these stats above, make them your icebreakers.

You may find a winner or recognize wasted time almost immediately. Visit the Perfect DM homepage for expert reviews of the best online dating platforms.

Interracial Dating Blog

Interracial Dating Blog Perfect DM featured image

If you’re used to being in an interracial dating relationship, then you already know that at some point, being able to get along will matter far more than each other’s race. That doesn’t mean dating outside your race for the very first time isn’t something to get used to.

Whether it’s due to cultural and political differences or something more superficial, like physical features, at some point, all couples will wonder, “Is this the person for me, regardless of us being different skin colors or aesthetics”?

If relationships were as simple as finding someone of the same race, then no one would be single. Online dating sites would make no money at all, and the divorce rate would be slim to none. Personalities are the tipping point that will make your relationship that much better or so much worse.

So what do you do when you’re thinking about entering “the swirl” for the very first time? Check out these tips below for what to do and what not to do when you’re first starting out on an interracial date or in an interracial relationship.

Interracial Dating – Everything you Need to Know!

Interracial Couple For a segment of the population, interracial dating is absolutely not an option.

They are very much set on continuing families with someone of a similar race, culture, and even skin complexion.

There’s nothing wrong with that. They have as much right to date within their own demographics as those who choose not to.

While it’s a questionable idea to date, someone, just because (s)he is of a different race without considering all the other parts of the person, there are those who do that, too. In their minds, they haven’t had much luck with [insert group here], so they’re going to try [insert group here].

Testing the waters is fine, too. But try not to fetishize the idea. If you want to consider interracial dating, do it because you want to open your dating pool, not just to gain weird bragging rights.

Topics to Discuss and Avoid on the First Date

Interracial DatingThere are golden rules for what you should and should not do on a first date with anyone.

But ask a single person about his or her “worst date,” and chances are pretty high that there will be a horribly funny story about someone breaking obvious rules and manners.

These cringe-worthy moments can definitely happen on a first interracial date, too.

However, interracial dating is more than just black and white people dating, and these seven rules could easily fit other racial makeup, too. Generally speaking, unless there is a significant reason to bring up any -ism, just stay away from any comment that could be categorized as racism (The same goes for sexism, ageism, xenophobia, homophobia, and the like).

While it’s unrealistic to think race won’t come up when it comes to interracial couples, there’s a world of difference between discussing race and being racist. If you don’t know the difference, chances are you’re going to blow it with getting a second date anyway.

Couple GoalsCommon Issues Likely to Pop Up

There’s a reason online dating sites like OkCupid, Match, and Elite Singles ask loads of personality questions. Their goal is to make sure that both parties mesh well when it comes to social habits (ex. drinking and smoking), family goals (ex. house of kids versus not dating someone with kids), and even social justice and political views.

In today’s social justice climate, the latter two topics are the kind of deal-breakers that can make or break a relationship before it starts. It wasn’t until 2020 that a topic like Black Lives Matter would come up enough on dating sites like OkCupid to the point where profiles can have black heart images on their profile.

OkCupid’s small black heart can help potential dating partners figure out who they want to talk to and who they don’t. Of course, some users would rather avoid controversial topics altogether, as is their right. It’s up to each person to decide whether dodging the topic is a perk or a flaw.

Understanding Each Other’s Culture And/Or Religion

Couple DatingDepending on how passionate each partner is when it comes to religion, culture, politics, race, and the like, this is not negotiable.  Someone who doesn’t understand xenophobia is going to have a tough time dating someone who is Asian. Someone who is indifferent about immigration policies and laws will clearly not work out too well with a partner whose family is a first-generation American surrounded by an immigrant household.

Depending on the intensity of the issue, these are topics that couldn’t hurt mentioning even on the profile page. There are many topics that people can agree to disagree on, but when it comes to one’s identity and survival, these are interracial dating topics that both parties need to be on the same side.

This is also an opportunity to teach your partner something new. If you’re a Native and your partner knows nothing about indigenous cultures, this is your time to teach him/her the ropes. If your partner is Jewish, there are countless celebrations and traditions that may be fun to share with him. And so on and so forth.

Here’s where things get iffy. What if you’re dating someone of a certain race (or location) who does not follow any of the common traditions within that demographic? Do you feel like you’re missing out because this person isn’t a “real” [insert race here]? If so, you probably want to reevaluate who you’re dating.

Happy CoupleBecause if you’re interested in the person, then it should be for more than what you’ve read in a history book or calendar box. Shaming them because you know more about their race than they do will never work out; no matter what you know in a textbook, keep in mind that that person is living through this identity every day of his or her life. Additionally, it’s never too late to learn something new.

For example, if you’re dating someone who is Hispanic but doesn’t speak Spanish, that’s not stopping you from learning the language. Your interest in other cultures may light a fire with the other party to want to do it, too. Just don’t try to pressure your partner into it. It is up to each party to decide what he wants to learn.

Tips for Meeting the Family

Meeting Couples FamilyAs mentioned in the “Dating black women” Medium post, in order for an interracial dating relationship to work, you cannot fear the racial group as a whole.

If you like your partner but are terrified of anyone who looks like her brothers, uncles, cousins, father, grandfather, and family friends, she’ll be able to recognize and detest that almost immediately—so will they.

Meeting someone’s parents is intimidating enough. But let it be about just meeting “parents,” not “[insert differing race here] parents.” If you’ve never dated nor are familiar with a certain demographic, you’ll be better off listening and learning instead of comparing and judging.

Both parties should take the time to learn more about each other, and enjoy the process, as opposed to insisting that the others do things their way. 

How to Handle Disapproval

Interracial Couple in Bed

Point to a couple who agrees on everything, and you’re looking at a couple who is lying to you. No two people agree on every topic. And sometimes you may find that someone who looks completely different than you in height, weight, skin complexion, eye color, hair color, and beyond has more in common with you than someone who looks like a spitting image of you.

Don’t assume that someone of a different race cannot understand your side any more than someone of a different race can understand your side. Should you two not immediately be on the same side of an issue, try a civil discussion to share your side with each other.

You may be able to reach a middle ground on countless issues by just educating the other about a situation (s)he has never been in. Yelling, shaming, and making fun of each other’s views will always crash and burn though.

If you see that you two cannot have a civil discussion about certain topics, you can either choose to not discuss them anymore or choose to part ways if it’s not something you two can bend on.

Bottom Line

So is an interracial relationship right for you? The only person who can make that call is you. If you follow all of the advice above, you may find that this is an intriguing and educational experience.

People of similar demographics are often attracted to each other, but opposites attract, too. And sometimes that “opposite” can be in the form of physical appearance.

That “opposite” may also be just what you need to learn new views and have memorable experiences. There are no downsides to learning about more cultures and being exposed to more races; in fact, it’s one of the highest pros for those who travel.

Now whether it results in the kind of romance that you’re interested in will come down to how you two mesh both physically and mentally—emphasis on mentally. Anyone can find another person attractive from a variety of backgrounds. But in order for this type of relationship to work, you have to have respect for a little bit of both.

Dating Tips For INTJ People

Dating tips for INTJ people Featured Image

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test contains a spectrum of personalities. Each makes it easier to understand people and how to relate with them. It is also useful for establishing and building relationships.

This is because it gives an in-depth understanding of people and what makes them tick. This personality indicator marks out 16 different personalities. Each of those personalities has qualities that are particular to them.

Learning about each can help you quickly identify who in your life might be what. What is the advantage of being able to classify people this way? If you know why a person acts a certain way, would it not be easier to deal with them?

Humans often react towards other people in a certain way without giving much thought to it. Other people who may not have liked the way someone acted towards them end up using that information to paint such an individual either a bad person or a good one.

The personality known as the INTJ is the focus of this article. They are a special type of people who are often misunderstood. You will need dating tips for INTJ people if you will have any success building a romantic relationship with one.

Dating Tips For INTJ People

Who Is An INTJ Person?

Introverted WomanWhat does this acronym even mean? INTJ is short for ‘Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.” Recognizing is pretty easy because, as quiet as introverts are, this group of people’s awkwardness makes them stand out, albeit negatively. INTJs prefer to work alone. If you’ve ever been involved in a project that requires teamwork and someone on the team is vocal about how they like working alone, they are most likely INTJ.

They are usually robot-like in the way that they relate to other people. They are highly logical and avoid making decisions based on how they feel about a subject. They are often perturbed by how other people can be so emotional about things.

An INTJ person finds it difficult to live in the moment and prefers to look at the bigger picture before making decisions. It can often be a weak point for them because they like to rely on abstract information rather than fact-in-hand to make decisions.

Introverted ManThe INTJs are the control freaks in your life. They hate leaving anything to chance and like to have all of the boxes ticked. They get dramatic when someone on the team, for example, isn’t playing their role correctly. They want their world to feel ordered, so they are always making plans in their head on how to have it that way. They are good at leadership roles even though they often suck at managing people.

They are often chosen for managerial positions because they find it easy to create systems that work. They can stand over situations like an eagle, spot what is wrong aerially, and design a fix for it.

What Are INTJs Attracted To?

How do you attract someone who prefers staying away from people? Are they even capable of being in romantic relationships? Here are things INTJs are attracted to:

1. Honesty

Honest Guy Talking With a FriendINTJs expect and appreciate you being straight-forward with them.

They want someone who can be honest with them and tell them how it really is, no matter how brutal it may sound. Remember, they are logical beings.

As much as an INTJ person focuses on abstract data to make decisions, they still understand you need the facts sometimes.

2. Intelligence

Man ReadingKnowledge is essential in the world of an INTJ person. They love to know about different things. When they are still naive at a young age, some usually foolishly think they can learn it all, and that is one of the problems they face during those formative years. You can even use that as a sort of test for maturity for them. If they still think they can know about a percent of everything present in the Milkyway galaxy, they are not yet grown.

They are attracted to intelligent people. They want someone who can challenge their knowledge and know when they are wrong. They love systems, and a system where each partner challenges the other to be better is very attractive to them.

This does not mean that they want someone similar to them; they want quite the opposite. But you can be a non-INTJ and still be intelligent. Wanting intelligence does not mean they want someone who is the smartest in every room.

They would like their partner to be intelligent in one area of life they don’t have much experience. It could be street-smarts, emotional intelligence, etc.

3. Passionate

Woman PaintingINTJs are attracted to people who are passionate about some of the hot topics in the world.

It could be wanting equal rights for men and women or something else.

They like open-minded people. They like passionate people but not people who live and breathe their passion.

Who Are INTJs Most Compatible With?

These are the other personality types they are compatible with:

  • ENTJ
  • ESTJ

Tips For INTJs

If you are an INTJ, here are some dating tips for you:

1. Talk

Unlike when a police officer arrests you, your silence as an INTJ person in a relationship will be used against you. People will make conclusions from your silence on dates. For example, they may conclude you are not interested in them when you probably like them a lot.

2. It’s The Little Things

As an INTJ, you know how much you love the bigger picture. That does not make relationships work. You have to take note of the little details. People feel valued when their partner remembers the little details because they are the easiest to forget.

3. Ditch Structure

Relationships are the wrong place to practice structure. Of course, there will be things in your relationship that your partner will be happy to have your genius touch on them. However, that cannot be what your relationship is all about. Having a plan for every single thing is not romantic, and it is boring.

Bottom Line

The only way you can survive in a relationship or even starting one as an INTJ is to understand yourself. You have to know what makes you tick so you can have a first-person view of how someone else might be affected by your actions.

You have to understand that being pragmatic could seem like your biggest strength, but it can also be your biggest weakness. Relationships are sentimental and emotional, and you must let yourself go sometimes.

The best person for you is either someone exactly like you or someone different, in that they appear to be opposite in behavior but not so much; someone who is tolerant and injects some emotion in your world.

Dating a Black Man Or Woman

Dating a Black Man Or Woman Perfect DM featured image

The worst thing someone can do when dating a person of another race (or even the same race) assumes that they’re all one cohesive group without their own political outlooks, their own social justice standpoints, their own sexual appetite, their own love languages, their own hang-ups, and their own passions.

If you’re looking for all the answers to dating a black man or dating a black woman, you’re looking in the wrong place. Walk in a room to meet 50 black women and 50 black men, and expect 100 different personalities. Some may have similar experiences or have gone through common -isms, but they’re still individuals.

Chances are high that those of similar hues already know this, so the post below will be directed at online daters who are interested in dating a black woman or black man for the first time. Whether this is your first interracial relationship altogether or your first one with someone who is African-American, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Dating a Black Man or Dating a Black Woman – Tips & Advice

Getting Past the ‘Exotic’ Attraction to Black Women

If you’ve read the wording on White Men Black Women to describe black women, please do everything except that.

Black Girl Nothing says, “I have a fetish” quite like immediately equating black women as having an “exotic appearance,” deciding they are “traditionally kind” and “are usually very sexual.”

Now is it possible to meet an African-American woman (or a woman of African descent from another country) who does have “strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual” looks?

Yes. Merriam Webster confirms the definition. The problem is that what some people feel is “exotic” is usually just another way of saying “not European.” Wide nose and hips, plump lips, thicker hair texture, and/or exterior of hands that don’t match the palms? Check, check, check, and more checks.

But that doesn’t make her “exotic.” It just means she doesn’t look like the white women some non-black men are used to. And black women come in all sizes, shapes, and complexions. Ava DuVernay and Viola Davis are both black women, just as much as Regina Hall, Robin Thede, and Michelle Obama. 

Picture all five: None of them look alike. While it’s problematic in itself to date a black woman for looking “exotic” to you, it also bypasses that there are so many different looks for a black woman anyway.

Black Young GirlThe same goes for sexuality and kindness. Some black women are sweet as peaches; others are boss ladies and straight shooters. Some black women are cheering on Megan Thee Stallion’s and Cardi B.’s “WAP” while others can be prudish.

What needs to be emphasized more often than not is each black woman’s personality is not created because she’s black.

She has her own idiosyncrasies and she’s a black woman. When trying to get to know her, don’t try to dismiss her race (or say something awkward like you “don’t see color”). But dating her requires knowing more than her race.

Fighting Off Stereotypes Before Dating Black Men

Elegant Black MenIn a report from American Psychological Association (via Vox), participants who were shown images of men that they believe were black were generally seen as larger and more threatening than a white person of the same size.

But just as black women come in all shapes and sizes, so do black men. Think of it this way: CNN host W. Kamau Bell is approximately 400 pounds and about 6’4.

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson is 5’10 and approximately 240 pounds. Now, who would you be more likely to be afraid of in a fight? It’s not that friendly-neighbor-next-door Bell couldn’t give you a run for your money, but people know the reputation of Iron Mike far more—even though he’s smaller.

Black ManSo just as black men don’t have a certain look and are definitely not all tough or intimidating—an extremely sensitive topic that too often gets them racially profiled and treated with far more aggressive behavior—they also have widely different beliefs, depending on the subject.

Be careful of believing dating a black man will automatically get you an instant bodyguard.

While women often want to feel “protected,” there’s a fine line between looking for someone who makes you feel safe and then just assuming physical attributes automatically create this person.

Tips for Dating Black Men and Women

TipsSo now that you hopefully understand that there are layers to black men and women, what do you need to know about dating them? Just as you would do with any other demographic, you need to know that particular person. If you have never had friends who were of African descent, this may be a whole new world for you. The worst thing you can possibly do in this new situation is trying to compare it to what you’ve seen on television.

Mentally erase every show you’ve watched on BET, TV One, The CW, and so on. Avoid asking awkward (and stereotypical) cultural questions when meeting this new person’s family and/or friends. You’re better off being silent, and let your date or significant other show you the ropes.

But why, you ask? Why not share what you think you know about black people before dating someone black for the first time? Because odds are that it’s too often generalized and could be off its mark. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that just 4.8 percent of TV writers are black.

So more often than not, too many people who have never been exposed to black people altogether—and definitely never dated them—have an idea of what it’s like to date black people that were not created nor narrated by black people.

This is how annoying stereotypes are so often perpetuated. The easiest way to unlearn all you think you know about this group is by patiently listening and learning in real-life examples.

Bottom Line

If you read the post above and are disappointed to find no magical answers for what it’s like to date black people, congratulations! Welcome to the dating world. Just as you wouldn’t know all about the random non-black person in an online dating profile, the same rules apply for black people, too.

Similar hobbies, living in a multicultural society, and being exposed to more of a diverse education or workplace may improve your chances of a broader dating market and have a more informed opinion. But once you date someone new, just make sure that you spend as much time enjoying each other’s similarities as you do learning each other’s differences.

Dating Tips for INTP people

Dating Tips for INTP people Featured Image

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one way people use to figure out their type of personality. It is a reflective test that aims to indicate an individual’s psychological preference in how they perceive the world and how that preference influences their decision-making.

INTP people are one of the several personalities on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Each personality trait has some peculiarity to it that makes each experience unique.

Dating an INTP is different from dating someone with a different Myers-Briggs personality like an INTJ. If you would have some success dating those kinds of people, there are tips you should know.

Dating INTP is like opening a fortune cookie – you never know what you might find in one, and that is why you need dating tips for INTP people. They are often unpredictable, spontaneous, and ever-changing in their philosophy of life.

If you have a template for how you date people, an INTP person will have you quickly throwing it into the bin. As unpredictable as they may seem, they are still humans, and humans have predictable qualities.

So, there are simple things you can do that are always guaranteed to touch the heart of an INTP person. In this article, you will find several tips and tricks that will help you navigate the unpredictable waters of dating an INTP person.

Dating Tips For INTP People

Who Is An INTP Person?

Analytic womanINTP is an acronym for ‘introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving.’ It is one of the 16 personality types marked out by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

You will often find that INTP people are quiet and will be unnoticeable in most rooms. They are also often described as analytical – preferring to break down situations into smaller units that they can then logically process.

They love spending time alone, thinking about how things work, and finding solutions to problems. INTPs are very internal in the way they live. In their minds is a world they have built over time and which they prefer to the external world.

Critical Characteristics of INTP People

  • INTPS are quiet people, they are reserved, and you would often find them to be thoughtful. They are introverts who prefer a small circle of like minds as friends.
  • Theoretical concepts fascinate INTPs. They are sometimes described as robotic because they tend to value intellect over emotion. They prefer to make decisions over facts rather than feelings.
  • They are highly logical people, and if you are a Star Trek fan, Spock would be the closest example to an INTP you can find.
  • INTP people are good at thinking outside the box and are flexible in forming their opinions.
  • Structure and Planning keep them limited. They always want a sense of freedom and the knowledge that they can go outside the norm.

Do INTP Fall In Love Easily?

Inlove CouplePeople tend to associate INTPs with robotic personalities because they tend to default to logic over emotions. It is often wondered if they are capable of being romantically involved with other human beings.

However, just because they are very logic-focused human beings does not mean they are incapable of experiencing a sentimental emotion as love.

They view love differently, but they are capable of falling in love. Do they do it easily? They have qualities that need to be understood first.


Confident ManINTPs are passionate beings. At least in the eyes of none-INTPs, the problem is that they are not loud about this passion.

They do not wear it visibly for everyone to see, making people conclude they are incapable of falling in love. They are not cold or uncaring as people try to make them out to be. They are deeply passionate about whoever they fall in love with.

Having a more introverted lifestyle, that passion is felt and basked in internally. INTPs usually feel love as distracting, especially when it is not a priority in their life. See, because they are logical people, they ironically structure their life according to their goals.

An INTP will most likely choose a career over a relationship if they feel having no job would hurt the relationship anyway. But, when they fall in love, they fall hard.


Reading Poesy For HerMost INTPs may have the mind of a scientist, but they are true romantics at heart. You will find a lot of them to be hopeless romantics. Because they live in their heads and can often be lost in dreamy thoughts, you become a part of that world, and they use what they know about you to try to make you happy there. Sometimes they translate this into the real world, culminating in some of the most thoughtful surprises you may ever receive.

What Do INTPs Find Attractive?

Couple working togetherOne should not try to make a this or that table for who any personality trait finds attractive.

Various INTP-identifying people are attracted to different things, so you cannot take this as some physics law.

INTPs are attracted to people who can challenge them to execute their ideas. People who can help them bring their ideas to life.

INTPs are passionate about their ideas and will value anyone who can make them feel alive. They also love people who can hold discussions and who will not get tired of having them too.

There is always a way people look at others when they have long talks about things that are not considered practical problems. INTPs hate that and like people who get why they are passionate about topics like that.

Impressing An INTP

Man Playing VideogameTo impress an INTP, you have to be someone who can keep things fresh and exciting. Prolonged stagnancy will make INTPs leave you. Other than giving them new things to experience, they also appreciate honesty. An INTP would love you to tell them when something is wrong. Bottling up after they’ve hurt you is uncomfortable for them. They prefer to have conversations about incidents.

Lastly, INTPs love their space. Being clingy scares a lot of INTPs, and they will respond by being distant. INTPs value their independence so much to a hurtful point sometimes. You have to let them have their bubble.

Bottom Line

Personality traits are a different and effective way to classify people in order to figure them out. INTPs are unique personality types, and they are very logical in the way they live.

There are things you have to remember when dating anyone with this personality. They are logical beings who are not probably disinterested in the relationship they have with you because they are not vocal about it. They are not extroverted beings.

They prefer to be alone and live in their head. An INTP is mostly always daydreaming, so you can relax and stop being sad because your INTP lover doesn’t hug you as often as the last person you dated.