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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

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The way society is structured socially is that men approach women. In contrast, women decide if they should accept or reject those advances. Some might argue that this way of living is flawed, but until the world begins to act differently, everyone has to play the hand they are dealt.

As a man, not every woman will take a liking to you. Some of your approaches will be met with hisses, side-eyes, and aggressive and hateful remarks in extreme cases. But things could be better. If only there were a way you could tell a woman likes you before approaching her and secure that date.

If you’ve been wondering how to tell if a girl likes you, there are several ways you can tell, and that is what you will discover reading this article. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow and can crush your self-esteem.

Men are usually moved by what they see a lot more than women are. This means you will find yourself in no time approaching another girl no matter how badly your last rejection was.

Reading this article, you will discover several signs you can look out for that can help you tell if a girl likes you so you can get fewer rejections and more dates. Of course, if you can tell she likes you or does not, you will find it easier to approach her.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

10 Tell-Tale Signs

1. She Is Smiling At You

Woman FlirtingIf you are in a public place and notice a woman who catches your eye, the natural impulse is to get up and make an approach.

Now, because you do not know if your approach will be met with an expression that says she is visibly disgusted, the best thing to do is wait until she notices you noticing her and smiles. If she smiles at you, then you can take that as a sign that she likes you.

But this does not usually mean she would want to do anything with you unless you are meeting up with your date. You can take this as a cue to approach her and not expect hostility.

2. Looks At You

Atractive CoupleYou can often tell how much a woman likes you by how frequently she looks at you.

Constant eye contact when there is absolutely no reason to make it is a tell-all about her likeness for you.

Experts say people tend to look at people they like and look away from people they do not like. The important thing is context.

Suppose you are both in a place where you are taking an action that makes you a point of attraction in the room. In that case, she is probably looking at you because everybody else is doing so.

3. She Finds You Funny

Laughing With His BoyfriendIt does not matter how bad you think your jokes are (imperfect as they are lame, not sick, and insensitive). A woman who likes you will always find something funny about them or tolerate them at least. When a woman finds something humorous about her personality, that is a positive indicator that she is interested in you. Most women are not the kind you want to practice some awful ‘dominant’ or ‘tough’ trick you learned in a lousy self-help book on.

Be goofy, make her laugh, and you’ll see how drawn she is to you.

4. Mirroring

MirroringMirroring in a social context is often referred to as one person adopting another’s personality traits. If you notice her trying to speak like you or in the same register as you, throwing a few of your slangs out when she speaks with you, she likes you.

This is great to try with a first date/meetup from a recent match on Caribbean cupid. It shows she is fascinated by you.

She has stayed up thinking about your mannerism and clutched her pillow once or twice at the thoughts.

5. Regular Contact

Woman Using CellphoneThis takes two forms. When someone likes you, they would continuously try to contact you because they would find you attractive.

A moment’s break from you will feel like an eternity. That is one form. The other form is what is known as ‘fast replies.’ It is associated with the modern invention called instant messaging. When a girl replies to you as quickly as you text her, it indicates interest.

It isn’t just about fast replies, though, but detailed answers. If she doesn’t give you one-worded responses, she likes you. International cupid has some great success stories using regular contact.

6. Touch

Women hate it when people they dislike touch them with their bodies. A woman is more protective of her body than a man is. If she holds you, touches your leg, or touches your hair, it means she is comfortable with you.

7. Fidgety

A bit of nervousness and awkwardness around you is a sign she likes you. If she fidgets with an object, her hair, her nails, or other things while she talks with you, you can take that as a positive sign.

8. Body Language

Couple Having a Great TimeA woman’s body language when she is with you can help you tell if she likes you.

A woman who is intrigued by you will have open body language with you.

She would let down her defenses by uncrossing her arms, turning in your direction, etc.

9. She Tends To Be Nervous Around You

If she is nervous around you in the early stages of knowing her, you can take that as a green light. Some shy traits include face touching, blinking frequently, hair playing, etc.

10. She Asks Questions

Women will ask you many questions in a bid to know more about you if they are interested.

How Do You Know If a Girl Is Only Friendly or Likes You?

It is possible to confuse the signs a girl gives you when she wants to be friends and likes you more intimately.

If you are unsure, the best way to know is to take the earlier mentioned signs and tips as a reason to ask if she wants you or is only trying to be friends with you.

Bottom Line

Men are bad at understanding social cues from women, and it can often put them in trouble. The context of the social signals a woman makes is critical and should be taken seriously if you are to find the perfect match.

As a boss, if one of your female staff is nervous around you, you should not assume that as a sign that she wants something romantic with you. Context matters a lot. To be on the safe side, take these positive signs as an invitation to seek consent.

Positive signs from women do not mean acceptance. It usually means they are willing to hear you out on why they should accept you.

Turn Offs for Men

Turn Offs for Men_Featured Image

Men are portrayed in society to be tough at heart and less sensitive than women. This sentiment leaves many women shocked when they are told that men also get turned off by specific actions they do not find appalling.

Some of the top turnoffs for men will be examined in this article to know how to act around your man or a potential partner. Suppose you regularly take actions that turn a man off. In that case, whatever relationship between the two of you will be at the risk of dying.

Men do not stay in environments that they find harmful for too long. They will end things and may never even tell you why.

Men’s habit of leaving relationships quietly most of the time is why you need to read every word in this article religiously because you might never be let in on what it is you are doing wrong until it is too late. There is a high probability that you will repeat the same actions with someone else.

They would also judge you within themselves and leave. This could cause you to panic about yourself and your ability to be in relationships which is an unhealthy thing to do for your love life and mental health.

Turn Offs for Men

What are guys’ biggest turnoffs?

Several things turn guys off and in different situations too. This is why this section will have different situations and the things that turn guys off listed alongside them.

In Public Spaces

This section refers to things women can do that might turn a guy off in a public place. Knowing men’s turnoffs in a public place is necessary because men have big egos. Anything that turns them off in public is usually embarrassing. Nothing spells a relationship’s end clearer than when a man keeps getting embarrassed in it.

Talking too much

DateTalking too much is exhausting to people generally but mostly for men (some men). You have to find out if your man is big on conversations first to control how much you talk. In actuality, some men can cope with women who talk a lot in public.

One thing that turns them off completely is when a woman talks about herself so much that she never even lets them get a word in.


When a woman continuously has something wrong to say about everyone in her life or has met, it is a turnoff for men. It is worse when he can’t go to a restaurant with you without having to put up with your opinions on the food and the quality of the restaurant or how bad you find the service.

One time is just you being attentive to detail, two times is alright, some guys would find no issues the third time, but more times than that and many men will go off.


Couple TeasingWhile teasing can be fun, it can be a turnoff for men if not done correctly. To tease your man in front of other people, you have to read the room.

If you are out with some of his closest friends, teasing him might not be so bad.

In general, understand how your man feels about getting teased before teasing him in public about anything.

Being on your phone all the time

This one is a turnoff for most people, not just men. Being engrossed continuously with your phone depicts you as a superficial person who has no control of herself and probably suffers from social media-related mental illnesses.

It would help if you got off your phone when you are around to show you care about the person sitting next to you.

Mimicking a baby

Few men find this annoying and a turnoff, but some people do find it off-putting. They find it annoying, most especially when they are serious about a subject. You keep replying to them in a baby tone. It shows you have no respect for them and whatever is irking them.

In Bed

Your bedroom should be a place where you both relax and have fun. It shouldn’t be a place where you both are always quarreling with each other. Below is a list of things you could do in the bedroom that would make it less desirable for you and your man.

Playing dead

SexDuring sex, sleeping like a log of wood is a total turnoff for most men.

It is a telling sign that they aren’t performing well or that you aren’t into them.

Worse still, they could assume you are getting it somewhere else, and accusations like these are the culprit for most messy breakups between partners.

You should let your partner know when you are not in the mood to be sexual with them, and this will help you avoid negative situations that could arise from having to play dead.

Overenthusiasm during sex

The opposite of playing dead is trying too hard. Moaning too hard or doing any other cringe activities during sex is a massive turnoff for men. It comes across as if you are faking it, which sends them a signal that they are terrible and you are just trying to make them not feel bad. Telling a man he is awful is better than lying to him that he isn’t.

Leaving him to initiate intimacy

Sexy womanMen find it sexy when women initiate intimacy. The narrative is that men are always in need of sex, and women could care less.

When you begin intimacy, it makes men think they are so good you are doing the one thing women do not do, which is ask for sex.

Do this. You may see him increase his performance levels during coitus.

Kissing with your lips closed

If you do not like a man or are not ready for it, do not even let them kiss you. Sealing your lips for a kiss is such a turnoff for men that they may leave right after.

Manhandling him during sex

Firstly, you should speak with your partner to get a sense of how dominant they like to be during sex. If you maltreat a man during sex, it turns them off. Also, rough handling their genitals, as much as it shows enthusiasm, can turn them off.



When you get jealous of every female friend he has or love interest he had before you, it turns him off. The problem of this is that it reeks of insecurity. Showing him that you are that insecure tells him you will want to know every woman he speaks with, which shows you lack trust.


Paranoia This still borders around the topic of insecurity.

Always trying to look through his phone to catch him doing something you think he shouldn’t is a turnoff.

It implies that you do not believe he is responsible enough to keep it in his pants for your relationship’s sake.

How do you tell if you turn a man on?

  • He casually makes physical contact with you, even in public spaces. It could be a slight dab on your wrist or holding your hands.
  • He stares deeply into your eyes whenever he is around you. You can tell that the gaze is different.
  • He takes extra care of his appearance around you.
  • At any chance he gets, he becomes flirty with you.
  • His register changes profoundly whenever he is around you.
  • He stares at your body.

Bottom Line

As much as the contrary seems to be the truth, men are sensitive beings. They can get hurt by actions and words as much as women can get hurt by those things too.

Doing something that pricks their sensitivity can cause them to be turned off and withdraw away from you. You should know that there are different ways and places in which various actions can turn men off. You can do things as a woman that can hurt them in public space or the privacy of the bedroom.

As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid doing things that could hurt their ego in public areas, and you should be okay. This does not mean you should cater to adverse ego-driven decisions.

As much as men can be sensitive, they can also be insensitive to other people’s feelings because of their egos. You should also remember that each man is not a copy of the previous. There are peculiarities that you need to be aware of in your own man.

Your man may not be turned off by all the things listed out, but it should guide you in acting towards your man in the early stage of the relationship as you get to know him better.

How To Talk To a Girl You Like

How to Talk to a Girl You Like Featured Image

If you struggle to make conversation with a girl, there is no reason to be ashamed. This is a problem many guys face. If there were data for this kind of thing, about 100 percent of men would most likely affirm that there was a time when they could not talk to a girl they liked.

This problem of being unable to talk usually has a ripple effect on your life. If you do not know how to speak to a girl you like, then you might as well kiss your chances of getting a girlfriend goodbye.

In this write-up, you will learn the tips and tricks you need to talk to the girl you like. You may think all you need is just courage, but you will soon discover that there is a subtlety to talking to the girl that makes your heart race.

How To Talk To a Girl You Like

How Can I Start a Conversation with a Woman?

Man talking to a WomanOne of the biggest problems that plague men who find it hard to talk to women is not knowing how to start a conversation with her.

Starting a conversation with boys is easy. Why then do you find it hard to create one with a girl? One of the problems is that you overthink it. You have to understand that girls are similar to boys mentally. Some of the emotions that are pertinent to boys apply to them also.

This does not mean you should treat girls like boys when you talk to them. The first step to talking to a girl you like is putting one foot in front of the other to approach her. Take a look at her from afar to see what she is wearing and see if anything you think looks great; this might be a conversation piece. Make sure you do not stare at her awkwardly and for long.

Take a look fast enough that you do not get noticed because if you do, it might become even more challenging to talk to her as she may never grant you the audience. After you have approached her, tell her what you think is great about her dress or compliment her overall appearance by saying something nice about how she looks.

Happy CoupleDoing that is an ice-breaker. She’ll respond by showing appreciation, and then you can go on to the next part of the conversation.

Before you approach her, you must have things that you want to talk to her about, written down already and put to heart. You have to take the place where you meet up with her into her a factor of how much you can say to her in the first meet.

If you have a shared interest and you would like to speak to her over text, you could tell her about your shared interest and ask her for her number and if you could text her.

If you have problems starting conversations with women, do not google cheesy one-liners to use as a conversation starter. You may end up coming off as odd and may blow your chance with her. There are situations where pickup lines are great, but not always.

What to Talk to a Woman About?

Man thinking“But, what do I even talk to her about?” This question gets asked often mostly by people who have problems talking to girls.

This issue stems from viewing women as some alien entities occupying the planet with you.

This conclusion is sensible because these sets of guys usually do not have the same problem conversing with their male friends.

Suppose you’ve been able to start the conversation by commenting on something she is wearing or holding. In that case, it is time to let the conversation flow organically. Here are things you can talk to a girl about:

1. Food/Drinks

Margarita GlassesIf this is a first date situation or you happen to be having food together, you could begin a conversation on the food right there in front of you.

You could ask her if she likes what she got or if she would like to try yours. From there, you can ask her if that’s her favorite dish, and if she replies no, you could ask her what her favorite dish is.

Another answer could have you questioning who made her fall in love with it and so on. You can see already that a conversation has begun.

2. Music

Couple Listening MusicMost people today like various types of music to listen to when they work, to get their day started, etc.

Ask her about music and who her favorite singer is. Tell her yours too, but do not be elaborate about it.

Please do not pull out your phone to show her your playlist, except she requests to see it.

3. Movies

Movies are a great conversation piece. You can ask her about a movie she recently saw and how much she liked it. You could even offer to see one of the latest movies in the cinema right now with her if she would like that.

Tips to Talking to a Girl if You Are Shy

Man looking Himself at the MirrorAs a shy person, you could find it difficult to talk to a girl, which is understandable. You have to accept that there is nothing wrong with you for being too shy to speak to a girl.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, you will find out that it only gets easier. Accepting that you are just shy and you are not the only or first shy guy in the world will help you feel less awkward about practicing how to talk.

Yes, you need to rehearse your lines. A mirror would greatly help you with that.

Bottom Line

Other men who can walk up to women and talk to them are not magical beings from the nether realm. They are human beings just like you.

When you see a man casually approach a woman, and it is all smiles from there, you cannot tell how much practice he has had and how much he has had to work on himself. You only see the result of his efforts and wonder.

That could also be you in a few months. So take the time to work on yourself, and in no time, you would also be the one a shy guy would look at and wonder how you were able to walk up to her and talk to her effortlessly.

How To Build Your Self-Esteem 

How to build your self-esteem - Perfect DM

Your ability to make decisions plays a significant role in charting a path for your life. Your ability to make decisions that affect yourself is greatly influenced by what you think of yourself. In turn, your self-esteem as a human being describes what you feel about yourself.

Having good self-esteem is often used to refer to someone who does not think they are worthless in any way. However, your self-esteem is something that can be damaged. You can learn how to build your self-esteem back, but the best thing to do is to ensure it is not damaged in the first instance.

One thing that hurts people’s self-esteem is other people’s opinions about them. They internalize these opinions, and it has adverse effects on them. You can also overthink yourself, and this is what usually devolves into pride.

Again, the opinion of people about a person can cause this. However, there are rare cases where people appear to think low about themselves naturally, and no amount of positive praise can fix that.

This article will focus on low self-esteem, how you can build it back, and the various types of self-esteem that exist.

How To Build Your Self-Esteem

What Are The Three Types of Self-Esteem?

In the introductory part of this article, the different types of self-esteem were lightly described. This is a more in-depth look at them. Self-esteem type refers to the other states any person’s self-esteem can be in at various times. The three types of self-esteem are listed below.

1. Low Self Esteem

Low Self EsteemYou will often run into several people with this disorder if you think of self-esteem as a spectrum. Low self-esteem would be on one far-end as a result of a lack of it. People who have low self-esteem deride themselves often.

They think lowly of themselves, and they do not believe they are better than the next person. This inability to place value on themselves negatively affects their lives.

They are usually agreeable people and will let their rights get trampled upon because they do not believe they are deserving of those rights in the first place.

Having low self-esteem can affect a lot of things in your life. It can even affect your love life. Most people with low self-esteem do not even bother establishing romantic relationships because they do not believe they are worth loving.

Those who can establish relationships soon send it crashing with their constant pessimism about their chances at anything, which can quickly tire out their partner.

People with low self-esteem get bothered about it so much that they, sometimes, turn to performance enhancers in a social context to live through the day. These drugs fill them with a sense of belonging and superiority that they often become addicted to them.

2. Inflated Self Esteem

Inflated Self EsteemInflated self-esteem would be another self-esteem-related disorder found on the other end of the spectrum opposite low self-esteem. People with this disorder have an inflated sense of self. They feel they are more than their actual worth. They are full of themselves, proud, and usually mistake that for being self people with an inflated sense of self always think they are better than others, even if there is evidence to the contrary.

They never listen to others because their mantra is  always “my way or the highway.”  Having a ballooned self-esteem can affect your life just as a deflated one has its impact too.

One effect is that it can render you unemployed because that inflated sense of self is hard to fuse-in with any other personality on a team. You will always feel your opinions are superior and those of your team members are in no way relevant. They are even more terrible if they are the leaders of any team.

3. High Self Esteem

Happy WomanStill going with that spectrum analogy, high self-esteem will fall somewhere in the middle. People with high self-esteem have the correct dosage of self-worth required for their everyday life. They have a strong belief in their abilities and the ability of others. You will never see them try to bring down a teammate at the workplace; instead, they help create an environment where everyone can find joy working.

In life, we often have to reinvent ourselves. People with low self-esteem lack the courage to do it. Those with an inflated sense of self often do not see the errors in their way of living and hence do not bother to reinvent themselves. However, people with high self-esteem can change without the fear of being judged by the general public.

How Do I Build My Self-Esteem and Confidence?

Here are some steps that can help improve our self-esteem:

Identify its cause and Challenge it

Nervious ManThe first step to solving any problem is knowing it exists. To combat your self-worth problems, you have to identify what about yourself makes you think you are worth less than the next person.

After listing out the beliefs that cause you to challenge your self-worth, the next thing to do is take the necessary steps to challenge those beliefs.

Tell yourself things to challenge the negative thoughts you have about yourself.

smileIdentify the Positives

You are good at these things, so you should focus on them and amplify their thoughts in your head.

If you are talented in art, look at the images you’ve drawn and praise yourself for it.

Drown any negative thoughts about yourself with positive thoughts.

Protect Yourself

CutTing off relationshipsGive yourself a fighting chance by getting rid of anything that reminds you of your deficiencies.

Cut off relationships with anyone who continually deride you in any way.

If you do not want to do that, an excellent first step is confronting them and asking them to stop.

Bottom Line

Low self-esteem usually stems from thinking or accepting negativity about you in any form. You have to come to terms with the fact there is no one alive who does not have features about themselves that they are not proud of.

Nobody is perfect, and accepting this will ease your mind about things you consider your shortcomings. People who suffer from inflated self-esteem find it hard even to accept they have a problem in the first place.

Look out for the way people react to you. If everyone is always talking about how arrogant you are, you need to check yourself.

How To Get Out of The Friend-Zone

How to get out of the friend-zone_ Featured Image

The friend-zone is where all the victims of unrequited love go. It is a place you will find yourself if you like a guy, but he does not have the same romantic feelings.

Since you are both lovely people, and he enjoys your company (not just in that way), he suggests that you both remain friends, and you sheepishly agree.

If you think you are the only one who has gone through this pain of not being able to be with the man you love and only having to stay friends with him, you’d be wrong. Many women have found themselves having to stay friends with men they would rather have something romantic with.

Now that you know what zone you are in with him, the big question comes; can you get out? The answer to that question lies in this article. The various ways you can combat this problem will be laid bare.

You will learn how to carry yourself, the pickup lines to use, and many more to break down the friend-zone wall and free yourself into a world full of romance with the one you love.

How To Get Out of The Friend Zone

What Is The Friend Zone?

friend zoneThe friend-zone is a trap. It is a symbolic place you find yourself without realizing when you got there. A fictional story might suffice to paint a clearer picture that would help you understand the friend zone. Imagine you met a guy who you liked immediately. Let’s say his name is Todd. Now, seeing Todd the first time stirred up the butterflies in you. You knew from the first moment that you liked him.

Bear in mind that this is not always the case. You may like him at first sight, and other times the feelings may grow over time.

The point is that there is a point during your acquaintance with Todd that lets you realize you like him and would love to be with him in a more-than-friend capacity. Summoning up some courage, you go ahead to meet Todd, and you finally tell him that you cannot hold it back anymore and that you like him and want him.

A typical reaction to your confession of love if the feeling is mutual is for Todd also to tell you they like you and want to be with you too. But that is not how you get into the friend zone, no.

You officially get the keys to the friend-zone when Todd says those words, ‘ I like you, but as a friend.’ It could be that or a variation. Sometimes, you do not even have to hear him say or have to ask. There will be signs that will show he is not into you.

At that point, you get put in the friend-zone because you like Todd and are unwilling to sever connections with him. You continue to go out of your way to make him happy, but all you get is the appreciation friends get when they help each other.

The friend-zone is a trap that society makes you think only happens to men, but that is untrue. However uncommon it seems, women also get trapped in the zone, and it can be even difficult for them to get out.

How Do You Tell if You’ve Been Friend-Zoned?

A Basic Pet Name

Man WhisperingMen love calling the girls they like by pet names. You’ll know you have been friend-zoned when you have a pet name for him, and he has none for you.

It is an even more telling sign if he does have a pet name for you. Still, it shows an effort at trying to quash any suggestion of a possible relationship springing up between you both.

You Never Get Some Alone Time

If the time he spends with you is always with his friends at the cinema or other group hangouts, he is probably not into you.

If you show him you are willing to go on outings with him, but he keeps making these ‘group plans’ with you and some of his other friends, he probably isn’t into you, and you should hold down your horses.

Other Women

Man Talking to His FriendYou are nothing but his buddy when he frequently asks for your opinion on other women and talks about women he finds hot with you.

This is a difficult sign to read because most people can naively read it as him trying to make you jealous.

Meanwhile, the whole time, he is just talking about his romantic prospects with ‘a friend.’

Can I Ever Get Out of The Friend-Zone?

The straightforward answer is yes! You can get out of that ugly situation and turn the table around on him. You can use the friend-zone to your advantage to win him over to your side.

How Do You Turn a Friend Into a Boyfriend?

Romantic Reconnaissance

Woman PretendingYou can play your own game against him by using the friend-zone to your advantage. You can use the time spent in the friend-zone to gather some information on him and build your self-esteem while you are at it.

Find out his likes and dislikes, more than any other woman in his life. Knowing this is important for some of the other steps available to use.

However, you have to be careful to ensure you do not dig yourself further into the friend zone.


Be a little mysterious for him. Ensure you are not continually in his private space. Be rare with your time. Reduce how much you speak by phone too. Men love mystery as much as women do. Let him get curious about you and eager to find out more.

Quit Being a Friend

This does not require you to be mean to him, but if you want him back and serious about you, you have to stop acting merely as a friend to him. Change the way you are around him. Do not be welcoming of nicknames like ‘buddy,’ ‘dude,’ etc. Hint on you wanting to be more than that.

Bottom Line

Mentally, the friend-zone is not a place you want to be. It leaves you having doubts over yourself and your attractiveness to men. Getting out of the friend-zone gives a massive psychological release that reminds you of your prowess as a woman again.

Once it is evident that you like a guy and feels like he isn’t into you, do your best to step away from him to avoid getting further sucked into the friend zone. Look out for the warning signs, which will let you know he is not into you and would rather be friends with you.

Spotting the signs early can improve your chances of getting out of the friend-zone. You can get a friend to fall in love with you and make him your boyfriend, so do not settle for less.

If your desire in him is more romantic than sexual, do not make compromises to have him by accepting ‘situation-ships,’ such as being friends with benefits with him. You will get hurt because you may find yourself naively hoping he would catch the love bug for you along the way. That may not happen.

Finally, the best way not to be friend-zoned is to watch out and avoid making errors that can cause him not to take you seriously from the start.

Long Distance Dating

Long Distance Dating Perfect DM featured image

Online dating and long-distance dating used to be considered cliche. Why would you date someone digitally when you can just walk up to someone in person? But starting a long-distance relationship doesn’t have the same hang-ups as it did in prior decades. With the advancement of the Internet, the dating scene has opened up in droves.

Successful long-distance relationships no longer consist of a collection of pens, stationery, a book of stamps, and envelopes. (Of course if you’re still anything like Charlie Brown, who loves to see personal mail in your mailbox, a handwritten letter will always outrank an email or text.)

But nowadays online long-distance relationships can feel the same as in-person dating. If you’re still skeptical, visit a nearby restaurant or beach. Observe all the “happy” couples who are sitting hip-distance apart but staring at their tablets and smartphones the entire time, talking to people who are not in the area.

With advancements in technology, long-distance daters can find out more about each other than those making eye contact from the same couch.

Long Distance Dating Guide

Starting a long-distance relationship

Long distance Relationship Before you start a long-distance relationship, understand what your Love Language is.

Acts of Service can easily be accomplished with the help of apps like Task Rabbit and Fixer if you can’t physically help out yourself.

Receiving Gifts is another easy one; the online marketplace is at your service to ship just about anything within 24 hours.

Words of Affirmation is a third shoe-in, just compliment away with emojis included. However, Physical Touch and Quality Time may get a little hairy. If your partner’s love language is Quality Time, audio calls and texts will never work for very long.

This is a person who really needs to visually see you and preferably in person. If that can’t happen, get ready for plenty of virtual calls.

Unfortunately, Physical Touch may be a dealbreaker for a long-distance relationship. This is someone who needs all the hugs, kisses and in-person affection to feel wanted and needed. Even the sexiest virtual call probably won’t do the trick, but this partner may be patient—at first.

Be ready to buy plane tickets, bus passes, and/or ride-sharing reservations. You’re going to need to be seen in the flesh from time to time with a Physical Touch lover. Quite frankly, all five will probably prefer it at some point and time.

Would a long-distance relationship work for you?

Long-distance relationshipAs mentioned above, your love language plays a significant into whether this will work for you. While a Physical Touch relationship may seem like a total bust, depending on the circumstances, this could surprisingly be the most patient of the five.

However, both parties must be willing to compromise and do whatever is needed to make the other feel appreciated and respected.

Tips to help make things work

Woman taking a VideocallOne of the worst ways to try to make a long-distance relationship work is to assume that your way of being a significant other is the only way to do so.

For example, if you’re someone who texts all day long and expects responses back within a minute or two, you’re going to find your partner pretty frustrating for answering hours later. Or worse, a day or so later.

For you, digital attention is mandatory. For that person, it’s a toss-up. The same can be said for date night (if one is a homebody and the other is a social butterfly) or a planner (one is spontaneous and wants to wing everything while the other has a checklist itinerary).

If you two are polar opposites (because the “opposites attract” saying didn’t come from nowhere), you’re going to have to get to know what makes your other partner feel uncomfortable or unappreciated, as well as what (s)he will compromise on.

International long-distance dating

Couple in Train StationJust because you’re in two different parts of the world does not mean a long-distance relationship from different countries or continents cannot work.

If there are language barriers, this is as good of a time as any to dust off your language dictionary and get better at communicating.

It’s also the most fun (and free) way to have a language tutor.

But what if that’s not an issue? What if it’s just trying to spend time in a relationship? There are a few things you two will have to figure out ahead of time. Time zones may make it harder to talk, especially if one of you works during hours the other is sleeping, or one of you has familial duties at the same time the other is sitting at home bored and waiting on you.

Making each other a priority (including travel requests) is a big-time need here. If you can afford/budget for travel arrangements, make sure to keep up with them. Last-minute changes and constant reschedules could hurt this relationship significantly.

When the long-distance relationship is going sour

Woman Sending a KissWhether it’s an in-person relationship or a long-distance relationship, making time for one another is a pretty big deal. With an in-person relationship, you two may be able to pop in on one another or live in the same household. But when you’re depending on being in front of the same computer at the same time, or on the phone at the same hour, constantly ditching these plans is a surefire hint that one of you is not committed to making it work.

Of course, having these tough conversations is the first way to go. See if changes or compromises are made. But if even that doesn’t work, then you may want to have a larger conversation with your partner: “Do you want to be in this long-distance relationship anymore or should we part ways?”

Intimacy with long-distance relationships

IntimacyBeing intimate in a long-distance relationship is highly dependent upon your partner. Everybody has their own preferences for arousal. One person could be on cloud nine with phone sex while the other person thinks it’s corny. One partner could be totally into naked pics and sultry videos while the other partner is uncomfortable with any permanent images that could later be used as revenge porn if the two part ways.

Some people are more sexual than others—and that’s if you don’t count the 1 percent who are asexual and don’t experience sexual attraction at all. It is extremely important to have conversations about intimacy fairly early in a long-distance relationship.

Because you two aren’t around each other to have the “perfect moment” of making out or having sex, you’re going to need to know fairly early how to please one another.

How to keep the romance alive

Sexy CoupleSexual intimacy isn’t the only major component of keeping a long-distance relationship going, although it is a big one. Being romantic will matter, too. One person may melt into a puddle at the sight of candy and flowers being delivered to the office.

Another person’s heart may flutter to find out the oil has been changed without ever having to ask.

If you’re thinking “romance” is all about what Valentine’s Day cards say, think again. It really comes down to what your partner views as romantic. Even Merriam Webster is ambivalent about what romance is, defining it as, “an emotional attraction or aura belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure, or activity.”

Just as you should know what arouses your partner, know what makes him or her blush.

Date night ideas

Date night ideasPre-Internet, long-distance couples depended on books of stamps, payphones, eye-catching stationery, and Polaroids or 35-millimeter film to share their favorite moments and create a “date night idea.”  Nowadays, you can log online and create an entire date from your smartphone. Deliver the flowers, the balloons, the food, the wine, and even the musician to play in the background. Of course, a handwritten letter doesn’t hurt anyone.

There’s a reason the 2004 film “The Notebook” did so well. Who wouldn’t be smitten with the guy who wrote his soulmate every day for 365 days?

Bottom Line

So now that you know what a long-distance relationship entails, are you really prepared to be in one? About the only way to know (if you’re willing to give it a shot and don’t insist on being within an arm’s reach of your partner at all times) is to try. Don’t do it if your heart isn’t in it though.

As with online dating, if you’re not even interested in conversing via phone or creating ways to spend time together virtually, this won’t work for you. If you are comfortable creating ways to spend time with one another, enjoy the experience.

In addition to technology making it easier to keep these relationships going and scheduling a “normal” day-to-day life with your partner, plane and bus travel aren’t off the table. Get familiar with checking for discount rates for both of you to travel to see each other. If your job involves business travel to your significant other’s location, it’s a win-win for both.

Just make sure you are prepared for the highs and lows, and even though you aren’t physically around each other to stick it out in person, don’t go to your own bed mad. Even in a long-distance relationship, you two should be able to feel “close” to each other.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back featured image

Getting dumped by someone you care about is one of the most painful ordeals you can pass through. It hurts more, especially if it takes a lot of effort to get you to open up and let people into your life.

If you are always on your own and take solace in yourself most of the time, opening up and then getting ditched just crushes you as a person. Once a person becomes your support system, it is hard to let them go. No dating app can fill the void.

The question of getting your ex back lingers on the mind when going through a breakup. You find yourself continually debating between getting your ex back and just letting them go and trying to get better on your own.

Should you even try to get them back? The answers to all of these questions lie in this article. Getting back an ex is not necessarily bad, especially if you believe the relationship can be salvaged. In this article are various tips and tricks to get your boyfriend to come back on his knees.

You will learn how to make your ex come back to you without necessarily looking desperate.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The Psychological Hurdle

sad womenThe first step to getting your ex back is deciding to get your ex back.

In this situation, you have to be true to yourself because going after someone is ceding power to them, giving them the upper hand in the relationship.

One of the things you must decide in this process is to ask yourself if this person is worth chasing and ceding power to like that.

If there is a history of abuse, you probably do not want to go after them and give them power over you. If you’ve decided they are worth going after, and you need them, else you would crumble.

You have to ensure you eliminate any element of ‘feeling bad about the whole thing’ from your train of thought. You are deciding to do this very grown-up thing of accepting you were inadequate during the relationship, so own it! Owning it will go a long way in helping you put in the required effort.

How can you make your ex-boyfriend want you back?

Atractive Couple

One of the steps to getting your boyfriend back is making careful analyses of the relationship you both just had that ended.

Examining the relationship can help you decide if you even want him back for a start. When you take an in-depth look into your relationship, it becomes easier to find what went wrong and why you were dumped in the first place.

It is necessary to go through this process. Because finding out why your ex left you would help you discover what you need to fix about yourself to become desirable to this person once again.

You do not even have to figure it out yourself, and it is a very mature thing to do when you speak with your partner to find out why they decided you were no longer adequate for them.

As embarrassing as it may sound for you to ask why you were inadequate (maybe you were turning him off), you also have to remember that this person is adequate for you. It is only fair that you are acceptable for them too.

More often than not, people break up with people because they find them psychologically or physically inadequate. Identify if you can make the fix necessary without losing who you are or incurring more emotional trauma before deciding on the subject.

 How can you make your ex miss you?

Man Missing His Ex-GirlfriendSometimes, men just need a break from the relationship.

However, they understand that communicating with a partner is usually taken to mean they want a breakup, so they just end the relationship.

You can make your ex miss and want you back by going on to live your life publicly via social media and happily too.

Remind them subtly of how fun it is to be around you. Put on your best clothes and just lose yourself in fun activities that they loved to do with you. It is more effective when you show you’ve moved on fast. If they try to talk to you, do not push them far away from yourself, and do not give it away that you would like them back.

Doing things like getting with their friends, while it appears to work, only makes them angry. You would be ruining another relationship of theirs, giving them one more reason why they were right to move on from you.

The best thing is to stay original, be just the way you were that got them attracted to you in the first place.

How can I win my man back?

CoupleThe best way to win your man back is to show them what they are missing. Remind them of how much others want you and how terrific it was for them when you were both together. If your body was what fascinated them, flaunt it. Go to beautiful places, take beautiful pictures of yourself, and put it up where they would indeed run into it. You can also throw subtle hints that you want them back by asking your mutual friends if they’ve talked about you since the breakup.

Those friends will go on to relay that information to them, letting them know you still care about their opinion of you. Lastly, swallow your pride. After some weeks of staying away and working on yourself, invite them out for an activity you both enjoy doing. Let them know what you hope would be the outcome of said activity.

Is it possible for my ex-boyfriend to come back?

Couple Looking Each OtherYes, your ex-boyfriend can come back into your life. There are several cases of that happening. Human beings are fallible. The decision to leave you may have been rushed, especially if they do not leave you for someone else. If your ex-boyfriend leaves you for someone else, then trying to get them back in that situation could prove tricky and challenging. The best option in such a case is to leave them be and move on with your life.

However, suppose they ended the relationship because they could not live with an attitude you just wouldn’t drop or something else you can fix. In that case, your chances of getting your ex-boyfriend back in your life are always high.

Some Quick Tips

1. Do not bad-mouth

You might think it is cute, but nobody who gets bad-mouthed would want you back. You would just be proving whatever point they made about you.


2. Give your partner space

Do not rush back to try to get your ex immediately after the relationship ends. Give them space both digitally and physically.

They may even come to realize they want you after some time and make a comeback without you trying.

3. Assess the changes you need to make

Do not go about trying to change your whole life and core beliefs for one person. They would feel a sense of entitlement and just keep on making demands. Ensure what you are going to be changing about yourself is a problem that most people would not be able to cope with.

Bottom Line

Contrary to what public opinion might be on getting your ex back, especially as a woman, there is nothing wrong with you trying. Most people will do the same in your shoes if they feel the same sense of connection to someone who has become your support system.

You have to ensure, however, that you are not in an abusive relationship dynamic. Please seek advice from friends who have been privy to your connection on its state from their point of view. Seek help from a therapist if you must.

How To Get a Girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend featured image

The single life can be all fun for a while, but there will come a time when the need for a romantic relationship will weigh heavy on a man’s mind.

The situation of being alone and having no one with whom to bear your soul becomes unbearable, and the desire to get on with the search for a partner intensifies.

The most important thing before getting on with your search for a girlfriend is accepting you need one. Acceptance helps you fully commit to investing your time and effort into searching for a girlfriend because you will need those two qualities.

Once you have accepted in your mind that you need a girlfriend, then the content of this article will appeal to you. This article covers everything you need to know about getting a girlfriend, and its ultimate aim is to help you do just that.

The article will help teach you how to get a girlfriend, along with the steps you must follow to ensure that your efforts do not go to waste. It would be best if you considered several factors before beginning your search. You will be getting several tips to help you in that direction.

Read on attentively because you are about to go from being single to being coupled-up.

How to Get A Girlfriend

Here are tips to help you get a girlfriend.

1. Stop trying to find a girlfriend

Couple embracing each other on couchThat sentence must have shocked you, right?

Why would you be advised to stop trying to get a girlfriend when the entire article is about getting a girlfriend?

Well, getting a girlfriend is the aim, but the point of this advice is not to make every contact you have with women about getting a girlfriend.

During your search for a partner, you will meet many women, and they can’t all be relationship candidates for you. Going into every conversation with a fixed mindset that you want to come out of it with a date can quickly earn you the label of being a creepy person.

Women are good at sensing desperation, and desperation isn’t a healthy vibe you want to give off. So, relax with your search and try not to make your entire life from the moment you decide to find someone all about finding someone.

2. Make Genuine Connections

Couple in the beachThis is a tricky one, and if you do not take extra care, you might find yourself in so many friend zones that a Guinness World record might be set.

Aiming to make genuine connections ensures you do not look desperate to women who can make that conclusion when 1 hour into a conversation, you are already trying to seek out a date.

Out of connections can come beautiful organic romantic relationships. Ensure you give out all the signals that you are not looking to be just friends at the early bonding stage.

The goal is to get to know them first using instant messaging services for communication before going out on dates. This is a fair filtering process that helps you identify red flags before jumping into a relationship. One thing that is worse than no-relationship is a toxic relationship.

3. Identify and Change

Man MeditatingSuppose you are looking for a girlfriend years or weeks after taking a break from your last relationship. In that case, you need to go through the process of identifying and changing.

Identifying in this context refers to a process of self-reflection, an inward look at yourself, analyzing your previous relationship, and remembering why it failed.

Suppose you still find yourself persistently putting off blaming yourself for its failure. In that case, you are not ready to be with anyone else because it takes two to tango. Identify your toxic behavior or find a therapist to help you point them out.

When you’ve identified them, ask yourself if you are ready to make an effort to change and be better going forward. Being able to do things differently shows growth, and women find grown men attractive.

4. Be Noticeable

Handsome ManYour current style of dressing may impede your dating chances. How you dress communicates how much you have grown as a man and how responsible you are.

It shows responsibility because it lets a woman know that you can make an effort when it is needed. Put some effort into looking good, and it just might be what gets you the one.

5. First impressions

Looking at Each OtherThis article is geared towards those who want a serious relationship, and your first impression is essential. Do not go about catcalling a woman on the street or approaching her at unseemly hours on the road, as it would only make you look creepy. Find a situation that would not get her guards up and approach her politely. One thing to watch out for when approaching a woman is how to read her mood and let that guide how you approach.

If she seems to be having a frustrating day, you could move in with a helpful comment, and that could endear you to her.

Where is the best place to get a girlfriend?

Man Looking at CellphoneThe best place to get a girlfriend today is via dating sites. It isn’t the 50s anymore, and approaching women in random places is a frowned-upon tactic. This isn’t to say you still cannot approach someone in a public space, but you have to make more effort to read the room before doing that. Dating sites are better because there is a silent agreement by the users of such platforms – that they are there to be approached.

When someone knows you want to approach them, they are usually less defensive and welcoming. Dating sites ensure all you need to do is focus on impressing her instead of bothering her mood and how impacting it will be for your chances.

If she is online, it has to mean it is because she is interested in being approached. On dating sites, you get access to several women at the comfort of your home, and that is a powerful tool that, if used well, you could find yourself coupled-up in no time.

Bottom Line

Getting a girlfriend is easy for some and difficult for most. The importance of growth was mentioned in this article, and it could affect your commitment to getting a girlfriend. How? Being a grownup means knowing you would need to put in more effort than the average guy and being able to put in that effort instead of drowning in self-pity.

You also have to be careful with dating platforms. Find one that doesn’t have a reputation of being a hookup site because you can quickly get absorbed into that culture and lose sight of your goal.

Lastly, be ready to persist even when you fail and experience ridiculing moments. Move on fast, and do not ignore the red flags in a potential partner out of desperation.

7 Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

7 Pick-Up Lines That Will Work On Him featured image 

Women aren’t often forward about walking up to a guy to speak to them in a romantic context. The fear of being rejected outweighs their desire to talk to a charming guy. However, men appear not to be fazed by this because they damn the consequences and go all in.

The myth that women just aren’t built that way is simply that – a myth. Men find it more comfortable because they arm themselves with a plethora of tools. One of their secrets is that they know the pick-up lines to use.

Pick-up lines are a useful tool to have in your locker box. They are great ice-breakers that help you start conversations with guys, which can get you to the point where you can convince the guy to go on a date with you.

The dating landscape and the way men and women relate and build relationships are changing. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you always sit back and wait to be approached by a guy you like. You will find several pick-up lines here to help you get going.

Some will be flirty, and others will not. In no time, you will be able to come up with pick-up lines of yours.

Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

What to say to pick up a guy?

What to say to pick up a guyThe things you say to pick up a guy are essential because it will usually be the first thing you say to them, and you will want to make a great first impression.

The impression of yourself you give will always be a factor in how the conversation goes.

Your choice of pick-up line also depends on where you are looking for the conversation to head.

If you think your aim for speaking to a guy is sexual, you might want to go for a more flirty pick-up line that is guaranteed to set the tone and let them know what you want from them upfront.

There are pick-up lines to help you if what you want with a guy is something less superficial. It might be surprising that a few words like that could give away your intentions.

It can, and that is why you have to be careful about your choice of pick-up lines. Some are a hybrid of sexy and romantic, others put you out there, and some are just cute. Take a look at some of the best pick-up lines below.

Pick-Up Lines

1.“Do I know you from somewhere?”

Girl talking with a guyThis is a great conversation starter for two reasons. The first being that it does the primary function of getting the guy’s attention, and secondly, it gets him thinking.

Getting his attention is the reason why you would need a pick-up line in the first place.

The bonus of him starting to feel is what makes this line even more powerful.

In trying to recall if he knows you, he would have to take a more in-depth look at your face noticing how beautiful you are or something you are wearing. If an item of dressing you have on catches his eye, you will have even more to talk about.

If he can’t seem to recollect knowing you, you can always tell him you were only trying to prank him. Many guys would laugh it off, and you could ask for their number right after.

2. “Hi, How is your day going? “

As simple as this sounds, it works. It shows thoughtfulness and care.

Your care would immediately move any guy you use this sort of line on in their day. It is a great conversation starter because it can cause you both to talk extensively.

They might want to tell you exactly how their day is going and, in turn, ask about yours.

If you are unwilling to have a lengthy conversation, it would be best not to use this line. Asking someone how their day went and paying no attention to them when they talk about their day will make them feel bad and cause them to give you a negative label.

3. “Dinner before dessert?”

This line makes you come off as bold and assured of your chances. It is a line that communicates how sure you are that this person you are using the line on will be willing to go on a first date with you. It is great because it goes straight to the point.

4. “ I’d go home with you if you could name all members of a [band]”

Happy CoupleFor a music lover, this is a good one. First, it checks if that person is also a music fan such as you. Secondly, it has a sort of game feature to it, in that the one being asked can figure out how much you want them through the complexity of the question. It is an excellent pick-up line because you can make the question a bit complex to figure out how much of a music lover this person is and if you would have something in common and talk about.

You can also make it a simple one to send a signal that you are really into this person.

 5. “You owe me a trip to an art gallery, and I have come to collect.”

Asian Couple HugGoing up to a guy and using this pick-up line is a beautiful idea.

This line gets them to notice you, and it tells them a bit about you and your self-esteem. One other thing it does is that it suggests a possible date idea for him to take you on.

You get the boy and earn a trip to the art gallery.

6. “I love this shirt! Did your girlfriend buy it for you?”

This line usually forms a smile on a guy’s face, especially if they are single. You can use this line to know if he has a girlfriend or not.

7. “Your body is about 65 percent water, and I am thirsty.”

This line shows your knowledge of the human body and how much you want the human body you are looking at. Who wouldn’t fall for a line like that?

When to use these lines/tips?

If you are a shy one, give yourself a chance by using these lines when men are alone or not in a crowded place.

If there is no way to speak to him in an area that isn’t crowded, take a deep breath and just do it. At the same time, your mind is debating whether to make a move, cut-in in the middle of your thoughts and just take that one step forward.

Bottom Line

Sitting around waiting for men to come for you is so 1940. Men are a little less daring than in the past, and he could also be shy to talk to you. Make a move on him because you never know who will be the one for you.

One way you can make things easy for yourself is to use pick-up lines. Pick-up lines are great ice-breakers and conversation starters.

They are better than the traditional way of trying to get to know someone because they usually embody subtle meanings that are better than going straight to the point. Think of them as going directly to the point without going to the point.

Whichever line you choose to go in with will show your intent. Are you looking for a possible one-night affair with him or something more elaborate? Pick-up lines will help you communicate that in the subtlest of ways. You can also decide not to be quiet about it. 

Pick-up lines can be one-liners or three-liners, and whichever you pick depends on you. Your pick-up lines can be occupation-specific. If you meet a guy in a bank, you can hit him with a banking line that is almost always guaranteed to make them melt.

Fantastic First Date Ideas for You 

Fantastic First Date Ideas for You Featured Image

First of all, congratulations on getting to the first date stage. Many have tried but could not reach this point, so bask in the success of your efforts. The next obvious step is to take things past this stage into that cute stage where you both have sweet nicknames for each other.

Everything depends on how well you execute this stage, and to do just that, you need great first-date ideas. You have to make an absolute belter of a first impression on your eharmony match.

Else you might not be getting that text at the end of the day that goes, “I loved tonight, let’s do it again.” This article steps in to help you with all of that because everyone knows the first date is as good as the idea.

You could be a wonderful person, but if the date idea sucks, it most certainly will overshadow your brilliance, ruin the night, and that could spell the end of your start with him or her.

This article contains a lot of useful information on what first date ideas should embody and some first date ideas you might want to explore. It also includes the things you should avoid doing on the first date.

Read on to discover all you need to know.

First Date Ideas

What Is a Good Idea for a First Date?

The importance of first dates has already been stated. You can also tell from previous experiences how everything usually rests on the first date.

If you’ve had no prior experience with dating, it will help if you paid rapt attention to this section as you will learn what makes a good idea for a first date. How do you know your idea for a first date is excellent? Answers are listed below:

You can be yourself

Happy ManYou know your first date idea is great if you both can be yourself on the date. If you are the one coming up with the idea, it depends on what you are going for.

Some people try to show off their wealth on the first date. However, making reservations in a costly place to take someone of a different social class may have them behaving very differently.

A good idea for a first date will have you both being able to be your honest selves. You will feel no unnecessary social pressure to act differently from how you would act if this were your 10th date.

Fun and Sentimental

Fun WomanAn excellent first idea will have you both smiling the entire time. It should be fun but meaningful.

They should be able to go home, and when they think of the experience, their memory of the night should make them smile and be warming and affectionate. It should be able to stand out from the others they’ve had.

Some Good First Date Ideas

Here are some first date ideas you might find exciting:

A Picnic

PicnicA picnic is such an intimate yet non-intrusive date idea. It is perfect if you both love nature because you can both sit outside under the sky admiring nature and each other.

You can make things exciting if you are a great cook and offer to make something delicious. You would be giving them a taste of the good food they would be getting if they took this further.

Before you decide to have a picnic, you should check the weather on the day you choose. You don’t want to have everything set up and have to pack it all up 20 minutes into the date because of rain.

If the prediction says it will rain, you could decide on another date idea or reschedule. In terms of cost, a picnic is as expensive as you want it to be. You can go all out, or you could be moderate; it all depends on you.

A Spa Date

Spa DateIf you and your date are both into wellness and relaxation, you could plan a spa date. It seems an unlikely one, but they might appreciate your spontaneity.

Most spa centers have several packages created so couples can have a swell time. They are usually of different price points with activities that help you both relax close to each other.

You can have intimate conversations in relaxed states, which is when we think better as humans.


A planetarium that allows visitors to stargaze freely should be on your list of first-date ideas. You could check if the planetarium would let you have a picnic setting, so you could have a picnic and stargaze simultaneously.

What Should You Not Do on The First Date?

Do Not Be Complicated

Couple Being ComplicatedDo not overcomplicate things when you are deciding on what to do for a first date.

You do not know this person, so there are bound to be shocks and many uncertainties. Do not go about arranging the perfect romantic dinner.

It will make you look desperate and, to some people, creepy.

People who find it amusing might feel some pressure to do as much as you have done when it is their turn to plan a date. They may not have the financial capacity or the creative juice to pull it off.

Don’t Be Disconnected

Man Distracted with His PhoneIf you are not attracted to a person, do not go on a date with them.

Do not accept their request for a date. If you agree to go on a date with them, do not appear distracted on the date.

Do not be disconnected from them when they are trying to have a conversation with you.

Where Should You Not Go On The First Date?

Some of the places you should avoid on the first date are:

Movie Theatre

You would appear old-fashioned and lazy if you decide to take them to a movie theatre. First dates at the cinema are done, and it is the best way to tell them that they do not excite you.


A club is not a great place to go for a first date. It is usually loud, and you might run into creepy people. You would never be able to hear each other over loud music.

Bottom Line

You want to nail your first date, and that is normal. If you skimmed this article, you should take the time to reread it because there are many useful first-date ideas that you can choose from.

There are some boxes that, if checked, could help you make an excellent first impression on your date. There are unusual date ideas in this article that will help you appear creative, something they will appreciate.

There are things you should not do on the first date. There are some listed in this article, but one more is going there nervous. If you are so jittery on the first date, you could create a ‘pushover’ tag for yourself.

If a relationship does come out of that first date, they may take advantage of that tag later in the future. Remember to have fun and listen more than you talk.

Dating Guide for New Years

Dating Guide for New Years Featured Image

One of the several moments in human history that feels perfect for any romantic activity is the new year. It is such a happy time, filled with enthusiasm and energy matched only probably by valentine’s day.

The New Year is a time for couples to remind themselves about how far they’ve come. It is a time for them to take a step back for an aerial view of their journey for the last three hundred and sixty-five days.

In the case of those who have been single, they have the opportunity of shredding out the previous year and giving themselves another chance to go at it again. If lucky, they get a midnight kiss with the hopes of being wrapped in their lover’s arms by the end of the new year.

But can they make their dreams come true? Yes, they can! One great advantage of the New Year is the energy it brings. People have their minds psychologically prepared to try harder and try again. If appropriately channeled, that energy can help them find that special one early into the year.

Check people’s resolutions, and you will find out that falling in love is almost on everyone’s lit. This dating guide for the new year will serve the purpose of helping you get that special one you crave so that you can have a romance-filled New Year.

Dating Guide For New Years

Ideas for New Years Dates

New Year CelebrationTaking your eharmony date somewhere for New Years’ can be challenging. There aren’t many places open; therefore, your options are going to be quite limited.

Don’t worry; there are other options you could go for your date in the new year.

It would be best to try not to do anything cliche as a date idea during this period.

Things like watching a movie or grabbing some dinner would be great date ideas for your time together deep into the year. For now, something creative would suit the aura of the new year. Here are date ideas:

Museums and Galleries

This one may feel a bit touristy, but it is still an excellent way to spend the dreamy first day of the new year. It is a beautiful and refreshing place to go to on the day. You can lock arms and wander around the gallery or museum, learning new things as you go. It could also be one of the many things you both do on the day.

Favorite Haunt

Favorite HauntThis one is even better as a first date idea. You could split the day halves and take each other to your favorite spots in the city.

Take each other to a place where you both feel at peace and love to come to relax. It is such an intimate thing to do because you will be giving each other access to a place you hold sacred in your hearts.

Go Shopping

Why not make a list of things you both want to buy and go Shopping? You could help each other pick items and talk as you push the trolley of products. You would be taking advantage of several new Year discount offerings on products and fostering your live life. Sounds like a win-win.

What can couples do for new year’s eve?

As a couple, you should be doing something special with your partner on new year’s eve; you only get one of those every year and won’t get another until that long. Here are some unique things you should be doing with your significant other on the day:

Midnight Kiss

Midnight KissThe beauty of the new year’s eve kiss when the clock’s hour hand strikes 12 is that it never gets old. There is a special feeling that the best writers could ramble on about for a thousand pages, and they still wouldn’t capture it perfectly.

It would help if you shared a kiss with your partner at the stroke of midnight. You will be glad you did.


In the comfort of your home, you and yours could dance right after the kiss to a traditional New Year’s Eve song. An example would be “Auld Lang Syne,” but it could be anything from your cultural background.

Cook Together

Cooking TogetherAre you both adventurous eaters? New Year’s Eve is an excellent time to try out a new cuisine in the comfort of your home. It could be something new you’ve never had before or a dish that’s both your favorite that you have in restaurants.

Learning to prepare something new together or preparing something together provides you both a sense of unity.

Time Capsule

This is a good idea if you both have it on your resolution to declutter your home. A time capsule is a collection of meaningful items from different periods of your life backed into a box to be buried and unearthed later.

Instead of tossing away the things that hold sentimental value in your home, you could bury them as a time capsule.

Should Couples Spend New Years Together?

New Year CelebrationsThere is no direct answer to this question.  There are many things to factor in when deciding if you and your partner should be together for New Years’. On the one hand, it seems an utterly romantic thing to do; you and your partner kissing on the stroke of midnight, dancing to auld lang syne, and cooking something delicious right after. However, you have to consider what the other party wants.

The lifecycle of your relationship also plays an important role. If you both have been together for two years or more, they might not want to spend the New Years’ the same way they did the previous year or two.

It is usual for them not to want to spend the new year with you. A little bit of mystery and absence is always good for the flames of romance. Ask your partner what they want to do for the new year. Please do not assume that they want to do what you have in mind.

Bottom Line

The new year is a period made for romance. It is a time when singles who did not have it so good with relationships the previous year can decide to go again on a clean slate.

For those who found love at the dying minutes of the year, it is a lucky time for them because most relationships never make it to the new year’s kiss stage. Also, the new year comes with unique date ideas for them to try out.

Couples who have been together for long may want to check with their partner first if spending the new year with each other is something they would love to try again.

Halloween Date Ideas

Halloween Date Ideas Featured Image

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, and it has an innocent, joyous aura around it. There is snow everywhere in some parts of the world, and the scenery is bright and colorful.

If there were an annual celebration that was the opposite of Christmas and its ever so brilliant scenery, it would be Halloween. If you prefer witches and vampires, Halloween is the perfect time for you.

Halloween presents you with a perfect time to up your dating game because there are always many fun activities to try out. You can go to several parties and make new acquaintances that can become romantic in the future.

Halloween is for the fun-loving and adventurous person. As someone who is already in a relationship, it is time for you to find out how fun your partner is. Because some people are close-minded about Halloween, so it is time to find out who you are really dating and how easily scared they are.

This Halloween, you can avoid the cliche things most people do, which includes putting on a costume and partying all night, for other Halloween date ideas. Don’t worry if you can’t think of something now.

There are many ideas baked into this article that you and your eharmony partner can try. If you are single and looking for date ideas, you are reading the right article.

Halloween Date Ideas

New/First Date Ideas For Halloween

Have you landed someone new and would like to take them out during this Halloween? Here are some Halloween-friendly date ideas.

1. Amusement Park or Carnivals

Halloween parkBecause Halloween is such a global event and is massive in the United States, you will find several amusement parks redesigned to cater to it.

Your regular fun, relaxing parks will be transformed into a spooky place where there will be many people screaming into the night. There are also carnivals organized for this purpose.

You will find many Halloween shows that you and your date can cling to each other from fear after watching. Providing emotional support on a scary night is oddly something that could take your relationship to the next level.

So, explore as much as amusement parks and carnivals you can fit into your schedule for the night.

2. Make Halloween Treats

Halloween treatsMaking things with someone you are romantically invested in has always been encouraged because of how quickly it can help you realize if things can work between you both.

Being able to make critical decisions that would impact what you are making without conflict is essential. You will know how well each person can respect the other’s decision via activities like this.

For a Halloween date idea, why don’t you both make treats? If you’ve never made treats before, that is even better. The learning experience is a plus.

3. Go On a Ghost Tour

Ghost tourDuring Halloween, like ghosts, ghost tours begin to pop up around you, and they are great Halloween date locations.

A ghost tour is an event put together prominently during Halloween and allows participants to explore a particular location’s haunted history.

It ranges from family-friendly ghost tours to terrifying paranormal tours.

It would be best if you checked with what capacity of scare your date can handle. A paranormal ghost tour, for example, is not an activity you plan as a surprise for anyone without checking with them first.

4. Zombie Walk

Zombie WalkDo you both like the hit TV series ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you both have plans to go as Zombies this year?

Then you should make it a date and join a zombie walk this Halloween.

Participants usually congregate at urban centers and move around city space in an orderly fashion, just as zombies would.

What Can Couples Do On Halloween

Here are some things you can do with your partner during Halloween:

1. Pumpkin Carving

Why don’t you turn on the heat and challenge each other to a pumpkin carving contest? It is the perfect activity to do if you are both introverts or you are just not feeling like going out during Halloween for the year.

2. Late-Night Grocery Purchase

Grocery PurchaseYou would love this activity as a couple if you have some scary movies picked out for the night. Go for a grocery run, usually things you can munch during the movie, late at night. Drive to a store in a different neighborhood if you want things to get spooky. If you can’t drive, take a 10-15 minutes walk to get the items you need. When you are back, put on your movie, and see how alive you feel at the end of the day.

3. Costume Shopping

If you’ve got a Halloween party to attend, which often requires you to come in a costume, you can go costume shopping with your lover. You would enjoy the experience and might even make out once or twice in the costume shop.

4. The Cemetery

CementeryWalking in the cemetery in the day is scary so imagine what the feeling would be like at night during Halloween.

Challenge your partner to do it with you. Get a flashlight, a water bottle (you can fill it with whatever drink you like), hold each other’s hands, and take a walk on what is literally the land of the dead.

5. Local Haunts With Other Couples

Being in the presence of other couples during Halloween is fun. It is even better if you know the other couples. Hit up some of your couple friends, and find a local haunt you can all go to together.

Bottom Line

Halloween is a period where you can find love, go on dates, and strengthen your bond with a partner. For single people looking to meet other people, you might want to stick to the cliche costume parties. Those parties can prove useful in your search for a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

If you started dating before Halloween, you have the chance to make new memories together by going on spooky haunts, zombie walks, and many more. Just make sure you know your partner’s limits.

For couples that have been around for a while, try to do it differently this year. Find something on the list that you’ve never done before. Have a fun time scaring each other to death.

Third Date Ideas – Guaranteed For Success

Third Date Ideas Featured Image

To set yourself up for success during a date, there are several things you are supposed to do — look good and smell nice by cleaning up, don’t keep your date waiting, hold an engaging conversation with your date, etc.

If things work out well on the first date, there is always a clear sign that things went well. Your sign could be a goodnight’s kiss, it could even be as wild as a first-date hookup, or they could request to go on another date with you.

However, when things progress past the first date, and you still feel a reluctance on your side whether you want this person or not, you should not beat yourself up about it. On the second date, this uncertainty should clear up, and you should be able to confidently say whether you are interested in this person or not.

However, you shouldn’t put yourself under pressure to get all the answers you need on the second date because if what you feel for each other is strong, there is always the third date.

A third date is an important one. It would help if you had a lot of third-date ideas to be able to nail it. By the end of the third date, you should have most of your doubts cleared, and this article is here to help you navigate the third date successfully.

Third Date Ideas – For Success

What’s a Good Idea For a Third Date?

To make the third date go as smoothly as possible, you have to create an atmosphere that works for both of you. Suppose you’ve tried out fun ideas for the previous first and second dates with your match on eharmony. In that case, you could do something a bit more serious and intimate for the third date, or you could just stick to fun.

You just have to ensure that wherever you go, there should be a private space for you both to have a conversation. Here are some third date ideas for you to try:

1. Home Cooked Dinner

Home Cooked DinnerDo you consider yourself as good as Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen when you really try? For the third date, skip out on all the fancy restaurants in the city and blow up your date’s mind by making either their favorite meal at home or something you think they would love if they tried it. You could add some spice to things by having them over and watching you cook them a meal with a wine glass in hand while some classic tune plays in the background.

This moment is great for conversations. You can talk about serious things while waiting for a part of the meal to cook or any other time. If you both do not know how to cook, that should not be a barrier.

You both can look through a cookbook and pick out something easy to try. You would be learning something together which has a great feeling to it, and you can both make fun of each other if the food turns out terrible.

2. Movies

Movies TogetherYou may have heard several people talk about how going to the movies for a date is so cliche and shows a lack of effort. While this is true, you should know it only applies to the first and second dates – it feels cliche and lazy on your part. For the third date, you can both go to the movies. At that point, you’ve been creative enough with the first and second date, and you get a pass for movie night as the third date.

You get a pass because, as regular couples, you will both go to the movies a lot, and you might as well start vetting each other’s taste in movies on the third date. Also, movie theatres do not put you under a lot of pressure, and you can cozy up to each other safely and away from strange gazes.

3. Take a Class Together

Couple YogaIf you feel you both have talked enough on the first and second dates, taking a class might be the way you want to go for the third date and learn some more about one another and not just from their cupid profile. A class helps you both spend time together without being in each other’s faces. There are other people there, and a class is ongoing, so you do not need to speak to each other. Nobody has to impress the other or make jokes.

Taking a class together is one way you can create memories you will cherish, whether it works out in the end or it does not. You can also help each other pick up on things quickly when one person is finding it difficult.

The classes you can take together include:

  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Yoga
  • Skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Salsa

What Is The Third Date Rule?

The third date rule means both parties should wait until the third date before sleeping with one another because it associates sex with the third date.

But on Mexican cupid many confess they didn’t wait at all.

It also puts it out that there should be sexual intercourse or some form of sexual interaction on the third date.

If you are both comfortable with one another enough to do it, you are supposed to take that as a sign that the relationship is going well.

People follow the third date rule for various reasons. Some do it to set boundaries because some people have sex on the first date and dash, reducing the connection you thought you had to just a fling. Traditionally, it is targeted at women to show that they are not easy.

Is a Third Date Serious?

Generally, a third date is considered serious. You have seen each other twice. If you both decide it is worth it to see again, then you both enjoy each other’s company, and you have to begin to tell yourselves that ‘Woah, I think I might like this person.’

You and your date can only answer this question. Both of your attitudes to each other on the third date determine if it is serious or if you would need more dates to conclude. Sometimes, one party takes the third date seriously, and it is not that big of a deal to the other party.

You have to look out for the signs they give off to tell if they are taking this as seriously as you are. If you are the person who is not taking it seriously, reflect on why you are not taking the third date seriously.

If you feel it is not your fault and it is theirs, speak to them about it and let them know if they need to do something differently.

Are Three Dates a Good Sign?

Couple in loveIt all depends on the energy you are getting from them.  Humans will always let you know what they think of you through their actions, but sometimes your affection blinds you to these signs. Going on three dates could mean they enjoy your company or third date is just an excuse to see you again. They may not be inviting you over probably because they are not comfortable spending hours with you in a private space.

It could mean they are still trying to make up their mind if they like you and a third date. Are you getting another chance to hit home this time?

So, at the end of the day, you have to be watchful for the signs they give out and decide if your time is being wasted or if they are encouraging enough to go on another date with them. Is it a good sign? The energy will tell.

Bottom Line

No matter how well you think you have done on the first date and the second date in terms of picking an activity and choosing a place to go to, the third date is just as serious, and you should not become complacent.

It can all go south on the third date because your date might still be undecided about being with you and the interview stage is not over. Other times, a third date can be taken as a good sign because it can also spell that they enjoy your company.

Suppose you have any doubts about going into a relationship with them. In that case, the third date is an excellent time to clear out any doubts by asking the questions you need to be answered by them.

Zoosk vs. OurTime

Zoosk vs. OurTime Featured Image
Homepage - zoosk
Our Time - Homepage

The question of whether to pick a niche dating website often arises when people are just starting to decide if they should go on a dating website or not. Niche dating websites are great because they help you focus on the type of people you want to meet.

They are most useful if you already know what you want out of a relationship. If your mind is not made up, you might find it challenging to use.

Zoosk vs. OurTime

Zoosk vs. OurTime looks at the contrasting features of a niche dating platform and one that is non-niche. By the end of this article, you will know what niche OurTime caters to and how Zooks might be or not be better than it.

Comparison of History

Our Time - HomepageOurTime is a niche online dating platform. Niche dating platforms are online dating sites that cater to a unique set of people. They are not general-purpose platforms anyone can get on. Sure, you can get on them, but except you belong to the group of people a specific niche dating platform aims to connect, you will find yourself leaving quicker than you made an account.

OurTime’s niche is older adults. It aims to bring older people together and help them establish romantic relationships because they sometimes find it hard to do so. OurTime may cater to older people, but it isn’t old itself.

It was launched by a company that specializes in niche platforms called People Media in 2011. People Media would later sell OurTime to the parent company of one of the biggest dating sites –

Homepage - zoosk

Zoosk is not a niche dating platform. It is a dating platform where all kinds of people can meet to connect. The site was launched four years before it was OurTime’s time to come into existence. Two immigrant students from the Middle East are responsible for Zoosk.

They were passionate about connecting people and left their decorated academic careers to build the platform of their dreams. Zoosk has become one giant profitable dating platform since then. However, the growth has not come without challenges.

The two immigrant CEOs once took the company public. Still, they had to cancel its IPO during a bout of several losses. Today, Zoosk has an estimated revenue of $250M.

Woman Using Dating AppKey Features of Both Websites

The spice of any dating site is the array of features it can offer its members. These features help spice up your dating life.

These features usually come broken down into two categories; the ones you can access for free and the ones you have to pay a premium for.

To get you excited about the premium features, online dating companies are usually coming up with creative ideas that can smoothen your journey on their platform to secure a long or short-term relationship.

OurTime has this sort of structure of feature access also. There is not enough you can do on the free side of things, which feels odd for a site that caters to senior citizens. You are given free access to create an account.

After making an account, the next feature you have access to without paying a dime is your profile settings. You can set it up, but even that is limited because there is a lot more you can do to set up your profile if you pay. Then comes match searching, and that is about all you can do.

However, the premium version allows you to connect with matches using the ConnectMe feature, which helps you make calls to other users without revealing your identity. 

Couple Looking Each OtherProfilePro is another feature you can get for a premium. What it does is let your profile be written by professionals. These pros know what is catchy and what is not. On Zoosk, you get more for free.

You get all of the basic features, such as account registration and profile creation. You can send smiles and hearts to profiles that catch your eye.

You can access members’ carousel of pictures to see more of them, and they can access yours too, and you can view full profiles all for free. Their fee-based services include being able to send messages between you and your match. You also get access to the SmartPicks feature that analyzes your behavior and selects possible profiles it feels you might like.

You can see who likes you, making it easier for you to text just those people instead of randomly searching for matches.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

About You - zoosk

Registering on Zoosk will take approximately 3-5 minutes of your time. Some necessary information is required of you, and that is about it. You have several options to speed up the process, either using a Facebook account or a Google account. Once done, you can proceed to set up your profile.

Subscribe Our Time

The onboarding process of OurTime is shorter than Zoosk’s. In 2-3 minutes, you will be done. There isn’t a Google or Facebook option, and because it caters to older adults, you do not have to be tech-savvy to use it.

User Base

Both platforms have decent amounts of daily logins, but when it comes to how many users are on either platform, Zoosk takes this one. Zoosk has a global user base of 40 million people. In contrast, OurTIme, predominantly used in the United States, has less than 10 million users.

Homepage - zoosk
Our Time - Homepage

 Ease of Use

Communicating - Our Time

Both platforms have done an excellent job of being easy to use. OurTime hasn’t gone too fancy with its design. Its user base’s demographic looks to have been taken into consideration during its design.

Zoosk Communication

Zoosk could do better with its user interface because it has a much younger user base than OurTime. Still, it has not done poorly in the way everything is simple and straightforward to use.

Success Rate

Both platforms cannot go head to head here, but they have both been reported by users to offer decent amounts of success.


Cost Zoosk

Zoosk’s Monthly Plans

  • 1 Month: 29.99 USD
  • 3 Months: 59.99 USD
  • 6 Months:74.99 USD

Zoosk Coins

  • 180 Coins: 19.99 USD
  • 480 Coins: 39.99 USD

Price - Our Time

OurTime’s Standard Subscription

  • 1 Month: 34.96 USD
  • 6 Months: 95.76 USD

OurTime’s Value Subscription

  • 6 Months: 119.76 USD

OurTime Tokens

  • 55 Credits: 2.99 USD
  • 110 Credits: 5.99 USD
  • 280 Credits: 9.99 USD

romantic datePros and Cons

Zoosk Pros

  • It has more features than OurTime
  • It is not a niche website

Zoosk Cons

  • The chat feature is hidden beyond a pay-wall.

OurTime Pros

  • A well-thought-out and simple-to-use interface
  • It provides a way to speak with other people without revealing your identity.

OurTime Cons

  • There is next to nothing to do without buying the premium features

Bottom Line

The way OurTime has structured its user interface and the sign-up process is commendable. They have clearly thought about the users before going with the system they currently use.

What is a let-down, however, is how little you can do on the free tier. You are not allowed a proper feel for the platform before being forced to pay for its premium version.

It has been mentioned that Zoosk lets you do more, but does it really? The most important thing anyone needs on a dating platform is communication channels opened between members. Still, Zoosk does not let you do that without paying a fee.

Homepage - zoosk
Our Time - Homepage

Tinder vs. Hot or Not 

Tinder vs. Hot or Not - Featured image
Homepage - Tinder
Homepage Chatdate

In this day and age, the online dating scene is growing at a rate that it is no longer logical to turn a blind eye to its use. If you are searching for the love of your life, you really should consider getting onto one of these platforms out there. The benefits are numerous.

It makes your life easier because you can search for a potential marital partner (if you are looking for one) all in the comfort of your home.

Tinder vs. Hot or Not

Homepage - Tinder

In this article, Tinder vs. Hot or Not, presented to you are two popular platforms with a track record of success that may or may not be worth your time by the time you are done with the article. But it wouldn’t hurt to try. Read on; this might be the article that helps you find a partner.

Homepage Chatdate  

Comparison of History

Hot or Not’s history is perhaps not one a lot of people will be comfortable with today. Times have changed, and people know better now. The story goes like this; two friends were arguing over a woman’s attractiveness once, and when they could not decide who was right, they built this website so that other people could decide who was hot and who was not.

Homepage Hot or Not

The whole concept was that users would put up their picture and other people would choose if they were hot or not. It is similar to how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, it was called FaceMash at the time, but it worked the way Hot or Not used to work.

Hot or Not was launched in the year 2000; a few years later, they added a matchmaking component to the website so users rating other users could connect.  In 2008, Hot or Not was sold for an unconfirmed fee of $20 million to another dating platform called Ashley Madison.

Tinder Image

Tinder’s start in the dating industry is entirely different from Hot or Not’s. It was one of those ideas that sounds cool, gets built, and in a stroke of fortune blows up to be the next big thing in Silicon Valley. Twelve years after Hot or Not came into existence, Tinder was launched.

Tinder is worth way more than Hot or Not is worth. Tinder pulled in over a billion dollars in 2019.

Key Features of Both Websites

On Hot or Not, you can either pay for a premium account or stick with the free one. The premium account gives you access to more features than you get on the free. Hot or Not is one of those dating apps where the premium account does feel like you are getting something extra; without it, you can get by on the free version.

Features Chatdate

The free account lets you browse through profiles, chat with users, get matches, view other users’ photos, and upload unlimited images of yourself.

When it morphed into a dating site, Hot or Not did not eliminate the voting system that made it a success. You can undo your no votes with a paid account if you feel you need to take a second look.

They purport you will get the first spot in search results, but that’s a little hard to believe since many people will pay for a premium account. Chats can get boring even with the hundreds of emoji icons available, so you will get the ability to spice up your chats with stickers for a fee.

Digital gifts are also available to put a smile on a match’s face, and if you are feeling sneaky, you can view other people’s profiles without their knowledge.

Who Likes Me Tinder Gold

Tinder lets you have some free and other features you have to pay for in a similar structure to Hot or Not’s. App download and account creation are free on Tinder. You have unlimited left swipes, but right swipes are capped daily.

You can find members who also use the app near you, upload a picture so they can see what you look like, and if there is a user you like, a super-like is available per day for you to show your affection.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

Sign Up Chatdate

Hot or Not gives you the option of signing up with Facebook, MSN, VKontakte, and many others. Signing up with Facebook means you don’t have to upload a picture because Hot or Not will set up your profile with some photos from your account.

If you prefer signing up from scratch, you have that option too. Not much information is requested of you at sign-up. The sign-up process on Tinder gives you the option to sign up with an account you already have on Facebook, for example, or start afresh.

Sign up - Tinder

If you sign up from scratch, you will have to verify your email address. You cannot complete the sign-up process without uploading one picture at the least.

User Base

Hot or Not’s early success paid off when they decided to add a dating component to their website. Their user base dwarfs that of Tinder. Tinder might be the richer of the two, but the number of users Hot or Not has in the United States dwarfs what Tinder has all over the world.

Hot or Not has 384 million users around the globe, while Tinder has over 50 million globally.

Homepage - Tinder
Homepage Chatdate

Ease of Use

App Chatdate

When you visit Hot or Not, you might have to check the address bar to ensure you are not on Badoo as its interface is similar to Badoo’s. This is not necessarily a bad thing because Badoo does have an excellent interface. The layout is well organized, and it is easy to spot any function you need.

Communicating - Tinder

When it comes to the dating sites with the best user interface, Tinder is king. The modern design is warm and welcoming. You won’t need pointers to start swiping right and finding matches.

Success Rate

Between both platforms, Tinder has a higher success rate. You are likelier to get matched and get a date on Tinder than on Hot or Not.


Hot or Not’s Plans

  • 1 Week: 3.99 USD
  • 1 Month: 12.99 USD
  • 3 Months: 31.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 47.99 USD


  • 100 Credits: 1.99 USD
  • 500 Credits: 9.99 USD
  • 1,250 Credits: 19.99 USD
  • 2,750 Credits: 39.99 USD

Tinder’s Plans

Tinder Gold under 28
  • 1 Month: 14.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 52.99 USD
  • 12 Months: 82.99 USD
Tinder Gold over 28
  • 1 Month: 29.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 112.99 USD
  • 12 Months: 149.99 USD
Tinder Plus under 28
  • 1 Month: 9.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 34.99 USD
  • 12 Months: 54.99 USD
Tinder Plus over 28
  • 1 Month: 19.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 60.00 USD
  • 12 Months: 80.00 USD

Pros and Cons

Hot or Not Pros

  • Quick sign-up process
  • Multiple options for sign-up

Hot or Not Cons

  • It looks like a copy of Badoo
  • Low success rate

Tinder Pros

  • Modern and easy-to-understand interface
  • Fast and detailed sign-up process

Tinder Cons

  • One super-like on the free-tier
  • Has a reputation of being too superficial

Bottom Line

Most Hot or Not users come there to rate pictures and then go off. It is not a great place to meet new people and building romantic relationships. There are still a few things the dating site has to get right.

It might look like you are being steered towards picking Tinder, but that is not the case. Although it excels in the dating part of things than Hot or Not, it is not without its problems. A popular negative sentiment associated with the platform is how it is populated with women and men after casual sex rather than relationship.

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Adult Friend Finder vs. Ashley Madison

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Not everyone wants a romantic relationship. Sometimes in life, you are at a point where you do not want to talk to that one person every night or have to care about how their day went or their safety. Sometimes, all you want is just a hookup.

As much as it seems like falling in love is the right way to go, there are periods in a person’s life where they care more about sex than the emotional affection or connection. They want to meet with someone who fits their requirements sexually, be with them, and move on with their life.

It could be a recurring thing with that individual, but as long as the other party knows it is just sex, they are good with it. Most dating sites you run into want to find you the love of your life, whom you will hopefully get married to. Few are focused on finding you the sexual gratification you crave.

If you’ve been searching for places online to help with that, you are reading the right article. This article doesn’t just reveal two of the finest to you; it puts them against each other in a one vs. one situation. Get your reading glasses if you need for this battle of Adult friend finder vs. Ashley Madison.

Adult Friend Finder vs. Ashley Madison

Comparison of History

Launched in two countries situated next to each other, both platforms’ services may look similar at first glance. Still, they differ by some margin—adult friend finder, formerly known merely as a friend finder, was created by an American in America.

The platform did not start as an explicit hub for adults. It began as a way to connect people for friendship, much like how Facebook works. There was a shift in the sites operating principles when the platform’s founder discovered that its members were exchanging many explicit pictures.

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It was then he decided to make the site what it is today. Adult friend finder was sold in 2007 for $500 million and is alleged to have over $150 million annually. Ashley Madison has a different history to Adult friend finder.

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Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating platform, and its target customers are married people or people in relationships looking to have an affair. The company has been around for a while now; it was launched 18 years ago, and in 2015, it was reported to have annual revenue of approximately $100 million.

Key Features of Both Websites

Limited Free Membership - AdultFriendFinder

Adult friend finder scores very high in the communications department. The website has various options through which users can make contact, including live streams, traditional social messaging features, magazines, chatrooms, and groups such as the ones on chat apps like WhatsApp.

Users of Adult friend finder can create blogs where they can share content with other platform users. The profile section lets users detail their sexual preferences, so other members can see what they are into at a glance.

NudeCamChat AdultFriendFinder

As a user, you can put a picture or a video if you prefer. You can only view full profiles, however, if you upgrade to the premium version. There is an educational feature on Adult friend finder called Sex Academy. Sex Academy is a portion of the website where users can learn about sex. It provides tips for activities like oral and anal sex.

Ashley Madison also offers basic messaging features but with a twist. The website is patriarchal in the way it operates. Women can message anyone for free on the platform, but the men have to pay for credits to chat.

There is a feature named TravellingMan, which is useful for people who are always on the move. For a fee, you can get access to women who use the platform in the area you will be going to and set up a meet with them before you arrive.

Discret Connection Ashley Madison

To use a platform like Ashley Madison, you may want some discretion. The website gives users of the platform the privilege to put up a discreet photo that you can blur or cover with masks and censors to protect your identity. When you’ve built trust with another user, you can give them access to view the picture.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

Sign Up - Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison’s sign-up process is quick and easy. You only need to supply basic information to be allowed onboard. You do have to specify a relationship status, but other than that, there isn’t much else that is required of you.

Sign Up Step 2 - AdultFriendFinder

Adult friend finder has a quick and easy registration process also. To ensure you are not a bot, you are required to verify that the email address you have supplied is genuinely yours. Information about your sexual orientation is required, and you have to pick a user name. In 5 minutes, you should be done setting up your profile.

User Base

As of February 2019, Ashley Madison had a total user base of 60 million people. Seventeen million of the 60 are residents of the United States. The site reported a daily login of about 20 thousand people. The platform has more men than women.

There is no official word on just how many people use Adult friend finder, but in 2016, the platform was the victim of a hack that estimated just how many people were on the platform. The hack exposed 412 million accounts revealing that quite a lot of people are into hookup culture.

The 64 million users in the United States alone dwarfs the total number of users on Ashley Madison.

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Ease of Using Each Platform

App Ashley Madison

Both platforms are easy on the eyes. They have great designs, and you won’t have any trouble getting the hang of them. Adult friend finder does feel harder to use among both, though. The various features can feel overwhelming at first.

Profile AdultFriendFinder

Success Rate

Adult friend finder wins this category. Both are backed by success stories, but the pool of people on Adult friend finder means it will be easier to find people into the same kinks.

Pricing of Each

Price - AdultFriendFinder

Adult friend finder has several monthly-subscription based plans:

  • 1 Month 39.95 USD
  • 3 Months 80.85 USD
  • 12 months 239.40 USD

Price - Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison doesn’t use a subscription-based plan. It offers a credit system:

  • 100 credits 59.00 USD
  • 500 credits 169.00 USD
  • 1000 credits 289.00 USD

Pros and Cons

Sensual Couple

Adult Friend Finder Pros

  • Quick and easy sign-up
  • Different ways of contacting other methods.

Adult Friend Finder Cons

  • It has been breached before by malicious actors, so there is a lingering security concern
  • There is a learning curve to using the website

Ashley Madison Pros

  • It caters to a unique set of people like no other site does.
  • Great user interface

Ashley Madison Cons

  • Discretion is essential on such a platform, so it doesn’t help that it has been hacked before
  • Buying credits every time can get tiring.

Bottom Line

The downsides to using these platforms, especially Ashley Madison is the hacks they have faced. Ashley Madison is singled out because of the unique service, making it the target of hacks by overzealous conservative groups.

The first hack in 2015 was conducted by people who felt the site was immoral and shouldn’t exist. If you want to use either platform, you have to be very conscious about your identity. Use a VPN service if you have to and if you no longer need to use the website, deactivate your account. Do not use your work email address for any of these platforms.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert information & dating advice.

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Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement

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Romantic love is great, but sometimes that is not what we want. We are sometimes in a place in our lives where all we want is a partner we can be intimate with.

Finding a partner who understands the intricacies of such a relationship is key to establishing one. It used to be challenging to find people on the same wavelength as you when it came to casual sex, but not anymore in the internet age.

Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement

Homepage Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement is an article that puts two of the best platforms for casual sex and hookups in a battle against each other. The goal is to help you learn about their services to make an informed choice and get your sex life back to being fun.

Homepage SeekingArrangement

Comparison of History

Darren J. Morgenstern founded Ashley Madison. He saw the need for a service that could help people willing to go against the norm to live a certain kind of life and do it unjudged. The slogan of the company compels you to live your life and have an affair.

The business was launched in 2002 and has had to weather attempts to shut it down by people who thought no good of it. In 2014, the company generated revenue to the tune of $100M, proving infidelity is a thriving activity in society.

Romantic KissThe company is looking to go public, which would raise its valuation to a billion dollars, making it more efficient in helping you find willing partners to have an affair with.

Seeking Arrangement works differently to Ashley Madison and has also been around a while. MIT graduate Brandon Wade founded it. It focuses more on sugar daddies/mommies who want sugar babies.

The platform helps sugar babies find sugar mummies and daddies who would like the sexual company of a younger person in exchange for financial favors or a genuine relationship. Annually, Seeking Arrangement has never been recorded as pulling in figures like Ashley Madison’s.

However, the company is not doing poorly with the $31.1 million reported revenue and an estimated number of 89 employees.

Key Features of Both Websites

Discret Connection Ashley Madison

A skim over both platforms quickly tells you that Ashley Madison would be the best to use if you do not plan to for out money for the hookup sites. On Ashley Madison, without paying, you can create an account to begin exploring the platform.

Exploring in the sense that you are allowed to also view and like profiles, mark some users as your favorites, access the advanced search filters, send a wink when you’ve found a member you like, and access their ‘Discreet Photo Feature.’

A paid account takes your interaction game up by a level. You can do more than send winks. You will be able to send virtual gifts, send messages you come up with (not the site-generated ones), initiate chats, and use the Travel Man feature. The Travel Man feature is useful for you if you are always on the road.

Features - SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement has one over Ashley Madison in how you can use their chat services without having to pay. Other than that, the other things you can do on a free account are match searching and creating a profile.

The fee-based service offers you more privacy options on the app, meaning you can go incognito and hide the date you joined. Other cool things you get are notifications when your message is read and the functionality that stops you from receiving messages from users you do not like.

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Comparison of the Sign-Up ProcessSign Up SeekingArrangement

As expected of a hookup site, you do not need to fill in every detail about yourself before being allowed onboard. You can sign up with your Facebook account.

If you are a college sugar baby, you may want to ditch the Facebook account and sign-up with your college email because it automatically gives you access to a premium account for free. You can specify if you are a sugar mommy/daddy or a sugar baby at sign-up. In 5-10 minutes, you should be all it takes.

Limited Free Membership - AdultFriendFinder

Ashley Madison has a faster process that should take you less than 5 minutes to finish. There is also the Facebook option. You, however, do not have any bonus attached to the type of email you use. Not much information is required from you because of the nature of the website.

User Base

Ashley Madison has more users than Seeking Arrangement. Seeking Arrangement has a user base of 10 million people globally, with 5 million from that figure based in the United States.

Even though Ashley Madison has 60 million users in 53 countries, Seeking Arrangement trumps in the daily login statistics. It has 150000 active logins every week to Ashley Madison’s 10000.  Ashley Madison is available in several languages more than Seeking Arrangement.

Ease of Use

App Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison’s interface is simple and easy to understand. It has a menu bar that you can quickly look to when you need to find a feature for use. What is terrible about the Ashley Madison website is how they’ve placed the menu bar on top and high enough to ruin the browsing experience.

App SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement has done well to marry the older users’ needs with that of the website’s younger users. They’ve come up with an interface that is not too modern yet doesn’t look old. However, a negative is in the URL of the website; it differs from the platform’s name and may make it difficult to find.

Success Rate

Both have high success rates. An Ashley Madison insider claims the site helps facilitate a million affairs a month, which is an impressive figure. In the demographic that it caters to, Seeking Arrangement helps connect several sugar babies to a better life.


Price Subscription - SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement has two categories of subscription plans. One for wealthy sugar mummies/daddies and another for attractive sugar mummies/daddies.

Premium Subscription (Successful Member)

  • 1 Month: 89.95 USD

Premium Subscription (Successful Members)

  • 3 Months: 239.85 USD

Diamond Membership (Successful Member)

  • 1 Month: 249.95 USD

Premium (Attractive Member) Subscription

  • 1 Month: 19.95 USD
  • 3 Months: 44.85 USD

Price Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison does not have a membership plan, but a credits-based system


  • 100 Credits: 59.00 USD


  • 500 Credits: 169.00 USD


  • 1,000 Credits: 289.00 USD

Pros and Cons

Sensual Couple

Ashley Madison Pros

  • The credit-based system means you only pay for what you use when you use the app.
  • Faster sign-up process to Seeking Arrangement.

Ashley Madison Cons

  • The placement of the quick-menu is off-putting.
  • It has suffered data breaches and is a target for people who view it as amoral

Seeking Arrangement Pros

  • Allows you to chat with other users for free
  • It has a better user interface than Ashley Madison’s

Seeking Arrangement Cons

  • A subscription-based system means you have to use the website if you don’t want your money to go to waste
  • It has a longer sign-up process.

Bottom Line

Ashley Madison has existed since 2002. It has been committed to helping people have extramarital affairs, and its number of users, and the time it has been around for, shows how successful its methods are. If you are looking for a secret affair, you should consider making it your choice.

For Seeking Arrangement, they aim to bring together older people and younger people who have a thing for each other. They help members who want to exchange money for affection do just that, and for people who are just drawn to attractive older adults, there is that option too. It is left to you to decide which of these platforms has what you need.

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Secret Benefits vs. Seeking Arrangement

Secret Benefits vs. Seeking Arrangement_ Featured Image
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One of the cool things about the online dating world is the variety in its wants. There are dating platforms that are marriage-oriented and others that promise to find you long-term commitments.

There are also others that provide you with the tools you need for non-romantic sexual relationships or any kind of relationship that seems out of the norm.

Seeking Arrangement vs. Secret Benefits

Homepage SeekingArrangement

In this comparison article, we will introduce you to both of these platforms and how they can help you. If you ever wonder if you could find an online community of people who couldn’t be bothered by love and the ‘butterfly in the belly’ moments, you will want to read this one, word for word.

Homepage - Secret Benefits

Comparison of History

There isn’t much known about the history of Secret Benefits other than the site’s claim about its functionality. Seeking Arrangement, on the other hand, does have some known history. Seeking Arrangement was launched in 2006 to help people who, you guessed it correctly, were seeking arrangements – the sexual kind.

couple watching tvIt is one of the oldest dating platforms in the world of online dating. Both Secret Benefits and Seeking Arrangement provide services to facilitate relationships between older and younger people. Seeking Arrangement allows Sugar Daddies and Mamas to register on their platform to help them connect with Sugar babies. Secret benefits only allow Sugar Daddies who are looking for Sugar babies to connect with.

Seeking Arrangement is one of the few dating platforms that has never been sold. Its CEO Brandon Wade has been the one overseeing the business right since his days at MIT.

Key Features

Both websites have features that are unique to each. These dating platforms always follow a pattern of restricting some features and giving you some for free.

Features - SeekingArrangementOn Seeking Arrangement, you can create an account for free. After your account is set up, the next and obvious thing to do is create a profile so that other members can view you and see if you are someone they want to have an arrangement with.

After your profile has been set up, you can now start looking for matches; this is another thing that you can do for free. One feature that puts Seeking Arrangement above Secret Benefits is the chat services they have available for free.

NudeCamChat AdultFriendFinder

Once you pay for the premium services available on Seeking Arrangement, you get extra features to use. You have more options for privacy.

You will know if someone you sent messages to read them or not, you can filter what comes into your inbox, ads are gone, and you get advanced search filters to help you find what you are looking for much more accurately.

Secret Benefits does not have as many features as Seeking Arrangement, both on the free-tier and the paid version. With the free-tier, you get to do basic things like creating an account to browse through the list of other members on the platform and view their profiles.

What are you looking for - Secret Benefits

You will be able to use the search function, which is about all the features available to you. Being able to send messages to anyone you like requires you to pay, viewing hidden photos and private albums are some of the other features you will get if you won a premium account.

There are not many gamified and catchy features on both platforms, but Seeking Arrangement has more for you to do.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

What Do You Look Like - SeekingArrangementSeeking Arrangement has a more detailed process for the sign-up. You are asked some questions that can help Sugar Daddies and Mommies and Sugar babies decide if you want each other at first glance or not.

As a Sugar baby, you are asked how much you want to be spent on yourself, and as a Sugar Daddy/Mama, you are asked about your budget for a Sugar Baby. Sugar babies are rewarded with a premium account if they sign up with their college email addresses.

Else they can just sign up using Facebook but will have to pay to use the premium features. It should take 5-10 minutes to complete the registration process.

Sign Up - Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits, on the other hand, has a fast process. You are not asked any personal questions past what is necessary, such as your name, ethnicity, and body type.

There is, however, a verification process that you are encouraged to take but not compelled to take. If you are not verified, there will be no green badge tacked onto your profile. To get verified, a picture or video of you holding a nameplate will suffice.

User Base

The user base of both platforms is one of the two distinct things about them. On Secret Benefits, there is a vast disparity in men’s ratio to women; about 80% Men to 20% Women. Seeking Arrangement is known to have a closer percentage of men and women – nearly half.

Homepage - Secret Benefits
Homepage SeekingArrangement

Ease of Use

App SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement has a minimalist and straightforward interface. Its developers have done their best to ensure it suits both adults and young people using their platform. Secret Benefits has a more modern and trendy interface. It is pleasing to look at, and you will, in no time, understand what each button does.

Profile Secret Benefits

Success Rate

Seeking Arrangement has more visits per month and day than Secret Benefits. Also, once during a political rally, those at Seeking Arrangement reported a surge in its usage. This means a lot of people have found success using the site.


Price Subscription - SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement’s Plans

Premium Subscription (Successful Member)
  • 1 Month: 89.95 USD
Premium Subscription (Successful Members)
  • 3 Months: 239.85 USD
Diamond Membership (Successful Member)
  • 1 Month: 249.95 USD
Premium (Attractive Member) Subscription
  • 1 Month: 19.95 USD
  • 3 Months: 44.85 USD

Price Secret Benefits

Secret Benefit’s Plans

  • 100 Credits: 59.00 USD
  • 500 Credits: 169.00 USD
  • 1,000 Credits: 289.00 USD

Pros and Cons


Seeking Arrangement Pros

  • There are benefits for registering with your college address as a sugar baby
  • It caters to both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mummies

Seeking Arrangement Cons

  • It has a more complicated subscription model.

Secret Benefits Pros

  • Simple subscription model
  • Fast sign-up process

Secret Benefits Cons

  • You cannot send messages without owning a premium account

Bottom Line

The first odd thing you will notice about Secret Benefits is the dynamic of relationship it caters to. It only allows Sugar Daddies to register as the older figure of any relationship. Seeking Arrangement is better in this light because it is inclusive. It recognizes that women can also desire to establish romantic or mainly-sexual relationships with young partners.

Overall, Seeking Arrangement seems like the platform that already has its mode of operation figured out. It has more features, and some perks encourage young people to get onto the platform. Seeking Arrangement’s more equal user base regarding men’s ratio to women makes another good case for it.

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Homepage SeekingArrangement

Tantan vs Tinder

Tantan vs Tinder Featured image
Homepage - Tinder

Dating can be a hard slog, especially in modern society. Everyone always has somewhere to be or someone to see. You manage to meet a real cutie at the bar, but before you even ask their name they have to get going. If it wasn’t for online dating people would have just accepted, they were destined to own twenty cats.

There are so many really good dating websites available to us nowadays at the click of a finger, whether you are looking to meet new friends, get back into casual dating after heartbreak or finally settle down and enjoy a long-term relationship, there is something that can cater to your very needs.

Tantan vs. Tinder

Homepage - Tinder

Two of the most popular dating apps going around at the minute are Tinder and Tantan, the problem is which is the best to use? This article will discuss each of the platforms in detail for you to narrow down which you think is better Tinder vs Tantan.

Homepage - Tantan

Key Features of Both Websites

Out of all the features on tinder, the swipe is right up there with significance. The beauty of the swipe is that it puts the power of your dating experience in your hands as it allows you to like or dislike a person’s profile. If you like someone’s profile you swipe right and if you do not like what they have to offer you can swipe left.

Now, if you really like someone and simply must show them how interested you are, you have the additional option of swiping up, referred to as a super like, a feature that informs a person straight away that you are interested and keen for a reciprocated connection, rather than waiting to see if they swipe right on you.

It’s one of the most loved features by users worldwide, giving users three times more of a chance to find someone suitable for them.

Matches - TinderTinder plus is the paid edition of the tinder app that permits access to the premium features on offer like unlimited likes, unlimited swiping, rewinding of the last swipe, and one boost a month, which means your profile will be shown to more people. Additionally, you’ll get five super likes a day, no advertisements, and if that isn’t enough Tinder plus awards you a passport, enabling you to swipe on people from all around the world.

In saying this, paying for the premium feature does not guarantee more right swipes, but it definitely increases your chances and is worth the money. Tantan also has a variety of features available to its users.

Upon registration, users are able to send an unlimited amount of messages at no cost, inclusive of photos. Users are able to edit their profile, play games on the app, and make up to 120 swipes a day, which is ten more than you get with Tinder.

Additionally, users are able to hide last seen, play with their settings, and share moments with others who are using the dating site. To take maximum advantage of the Tantan dating app, users are required to sign up for the VIP membership that is on offer.

This membership permits the users to have access to unlimited swipes, instead of just 120, and furtherly you are granted the Super like. 

Swip - TantanThe Super like shows other users just how keen you are on getting to know them and can increase your probability of getting a love match by 5 times.

The VIP membership also allows you to be granted features such as exclusive badges, the ability to filter your location to a larger or smaller radius and you are also able to highlight your name to increase visibility.

Further, the VIP membership warrants users to rewind swipes if they have changed their mind on a person they have previously swiped right on.

Comparison of the Sign-up Process

Sign Up Tantan

It’s very easy to sign up to Tantan, and what’s more, it’s free to do so. The registration at Tantan gives you the option of signing up via Facebook or through your mobile. Both of these sign-ups are really fast, easy and convenient.

After you have finished registering, Tantan works its magic to show you potential match suggestions based on the information you have provided. You can then scroll through all the photos of other users of the site or conduct searches that are impartial to the recommendations made by Tantan.

Sign up - Tinder

Tinder’s sign-up process, just like Tantan, is very easy. The whole point of Tinder is to be an easy and fast-paced dating app, so its sign-up process needs to support this.

Signing up requires you to download the tinder app, create your account, provide your mobile number and email address, you then have the option of connecting through Facebook to streamline the signing up process, you then set up your profile inclusive of profile pictures, personal information and a bio that grabs your targeted audience.

Once the profile has been set up, you allow tinder to access the required permissions and away you go.

Ease of Use

Communicating - Tinder

Tinder is very easy to use, you would have to be incredibly technologically inept to struggle with navigating the site. All that tinder offers are very straightforward, you sign up, follow the prompts, and then once you have completed this you have widespread access to swiping right, left, and up.

Tantan, like Tinder, is also very basic in its functionality for users. It’s designed demographic is for people who are 18 years and older, incorporating lots of interactive features for its users to expand interaction and increase enthusiasm on the platform, as well as boosting chances to find a potential love match.

Communicating - Tantan

Tantan’s platform is very user-friendly and straight to the point to ensure that dating is fun for all who use it. Featuring bright, large screens and clear, concise text to make sure that users are clear of what they are clicking when using and to avoid any error making in the dating process.

Once a person has signed up they are able to scroll through photos of members for free.

Homepage - Tinder

Pricing of Each

Prices - Tinder

Tinder Plus pricing is very reasonable, requiring users to pay $9.99 a month, but that’s only if you upgrade to a premium subscription, you can still swipe away for free and chat without payment. This being said, if you run out of swipes, you do have to wait an additional 12 hours until you can get back swiping on profiles again.

Tantan, just like tinder, is free for initial membership and the basic features, though if you are wanting to gain access to features such as unlimited likes, unlimited swipes, in addition to the Super Like feature, you will have to subscribe to the VIP membership.

Price - Tantan

The VIP is very reasonably priced for what you are receiving and what’s more, it increases your chance of finding a compatible match by 5 times. A one-month subscription starts at $8.99 per month, the three-month subscription membership totals $16.99 which works out to $5.66 a month.

A one-year subscription is $54.99 in total, which works out to be $4.58 per month. Like many other dating sites, the longer you subscribe the cheaper the price is each month.

Pros and Cons


Like all dating websites, Tinder and Tantan both contain a sizeable number of advantages when using their dating platform, this is supported through the large user bases both have amassed over time. However, each comes with some quirks too. Tinder is super easy to sign up to and you get into the fast-paced dating action very quickly, which saves time and energy on the sign-up process. 

It’s also user-friendly, you don’t receive unnecessary spam emails, and because it is so fast-paced you are able to nab yourself a hot date relatively easily. To top it off, you don’t ever get to see the people who have swiped left on you, which keeps your ego intact.

Tantan is also very easy to sign up to and provides some fast-paced dating experiences for its users. The utilization of the profile verification also means that users are less inclined to come across any spam whilst signing up and using the dating app.

Now, though the price of the paid features is much less than many of its competitors, you can’t even get one super like for free, which puts it at a disadvantage to Tinder because it provides a few on the free membership.

Bottom Line

Tantan is the Tinder equivalent in China, therefore both of the dating apps share a lot in common and are both equally popular and effective in the fast-paced dating world.

Fast-paced dating is ideal for those who like to take control of their dating lives, are constantly on the move, or starved of the time to sit around writing up large portfolio bios to engage their targeted audience.

When it comes down to choosing which one is the best option for you, it really narrows down to your personal preferences and which one you feel is the most alluring because at the end of the day you want to be successful in your quest to find a compatible match and only you know what will work best for you.

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Ashley Madison vs. Tinder

Ashley Madison vs. Tinder PDM Featured image
Homepage Ashley Madison
Homepage - Tinder

Sometimes, a little fling is what is needed, a bit of an adventure born out of the wildest of imagination. Sure, falling in love is great and all, but it is a tedious process.

There is so much to do between meeting someone who likes you back just as much as you admire, like, and want them.  In between the ‘getting to know them,’ things could go awry, and you’d be back to square one. Sometimes all the body wants is the sex and not the baggage that comes with it.

Ashley Madison vs. Tinder compares two of the most popular dating platforms that other people use when they need to make connections that lie deep into the sexual spectrum.

Ashley Madison vs. Tinder

Comparison of History

There is a sharp contrast in the historical beginnings of Ashley Madison and Tinder. The distinction lies in the purpose both were built for and what they turned out to be years after launching.

In 2002, years before anyone even thought of making Tinder, Ashley Madison was launched as a Canadian dating service for the married. Yes! You read that right, for the married.

The founder of Ashley Madison saw a community of marital affair lovers needing a platform to connect just as every other person had. Darren J, the founder, launched the site with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Homepage Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison has since been providing networking services to an online community of those who have refused to let marriage hold them back from being their true self. It has suffered attacks, but that hasn’t stopped its user base or revenue from growing.

In 2015, Ashley Madison was able to generate revenue of $109 million. Tinder’s story is slightly different from Ashley Madison’s, and its target demographic is different too. Tinder began as a startup idea genuinely meant to connect strangers looking for romantic relationships.

It was built out by Hatch Labs and Xtreme Labs and bankrolled by IAC, the company which owns it and several other dating sites. Tinder was fun to use and finding a match felt very much like being in a video game, which was vital to its success.

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Tinder grew and took the form of what you could describe as a ‘hookup app.’ For some, this isn’t good, but if you were looking for something casual, Tinder offered you much prospect.

Everyone is welcome, cheating spouses, single people, anyone can use Tinder. Tinder’s revenue dwarfs what Ashley Madison earns. It rakes in over a billion dollars every year.

Key Features

Both websites have different features that can help make your aim of finding a partner comfortable. There are features that they let you have for free, and the more mouth-watering and cool features all exist under a paid tier.

Features Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison runs a credit-based system, which means you are not charged per a monthly subscription for access to exclusive features; instead, you buy credits to use any feature you like.

The free services on Ashley Madison, which are vital to getting a match, can create an account, like and view other member’s profiles, send winks to members you like, and use the advanced search filters.

Matches - Tinder

Tinder charges you every month to use its exclusive features. Other than that, you can do some basic things on the site for free.

You can download the app version for free, and you can register an account for free.

You are allowed to upload pictures of yourself to make an impression on other users who may search for you.

Members who also use the app near you will pop up for free, and you get one super like every day to tell that one person you really like them.

Homepage Ashley Madison
Homepage - Tinder

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

Sign up - Tinder

Tinder’s sign-up process is pretty easy and straightforward. You can create an account using your browser. You can sign up using Facebook or your existing Google account. You can also sign-up by creating a new account with your email address or phone number.

You have to verify any email you provide. If you sign-up with either Facebook or Google, you will still be required to receive a verification code on your mobile phone to complete your registration.

Sign Up - Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison also has a quick and easy sign-up process since getting users onboard pretty quickly is a characteristic of clandestine sites such as this. Not much information is required because of the nature of the app. You have to specify your relationship status before joining the platform.

User Base

In 2019, Ashley Madison recorded a user base of about 60 million users, with 17 million of those coming from the United States alone. It has a large membership pool and an active middle-aged community. Most of its user base log into the app from countries like the USA, Canada, UK, and Brazil.

Tinder has a similar number of users globally but has more people logging into the app daily than Ashley Madison. Both platforms provide their platforms in several languages to people who do not speak English.

Ease of Use

Communicating - Tinder

Tinder is very straightforward and easy to use, and you need no extra tips to use the application, especially if you already know about its swiped-based system beforehand. The design is excellent, and if you do get lost, there are instructions at the bottom of the page to guide you.

App Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison looks elegant and straightforward also. You can navigate the site very quickly. Ashley Madison could do away with the navigation bar’s current placement if they want their website to stand out truly.

Success Rate

Both sites are great at what they do. An Ashley Madison executive once boasted of the site helping to create over a million affairs every month. Tinder’s number of active daily users suggest people find it helpful and useful too.

Pros and Cons

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Tinder Pros

  • Available to a broader demographic
  • Available to the global world

Tinder Cons

  • You have to filter out those who want to hookup or not by a trial and error process

Ashley Madison Pros

  • Its target niche enjoy features geared to optimize that kind of relationship
  • Its credit-based system ensures you are only paying for what you use.

Ashley Madison Cons

  • It is not available in every country of the world

Bottom Line

You should know that Ashley Madison has had run-ins with the moral police before. Moral police here refer to ordinary citizens who consider themselves some sort of upholders for society’s morals. Ashley Madison was hacked, and its record of users was made public. This was a long time ago, and the platform has not had any issues since then.

For Tinder, they have been found guilty of violating their users’ privacy rights by selling their data to third-party platforms. If you can overlook all of this to join either platform, you are in for what could hopefully be a world of delight.

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