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According to Statista, in 2019, there were just under 2.1 million people of Arabian ancestry living in the United States. Michigan has the second-highest Arab American population (at 221,631).

And if you’re reading this Arabian Date Review, then maybe you’re one of those Michiganders who points to your hand to show where you live in the state. Or, maybe you’re from another part of the world. Either way, here’s your chance to befriend, date, and/or marry someone of Arabian descent.

Find out more about the online dating site below.

Arabian Date Review

Arabian date homepage

Website Overview

There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles on Arabian Date Review. While some niche sites make it known who they’re targeting, you can almost forget what site you’re on with this one.

There aren’t a lot of personality questions or specific cultural questions on your profile to highlight your background (or theirs). For some, this could be less fun. For others, it will be no big deal. Signing into the site is pretty simple, but expect there to be a delay for the profiles, images, and wording to show up.

Whether it’s a glitch or a way to confirm whether the user is real is still unclear, but once you’re in, you can happily browse around. Unlike other sites that make you pay to see everything on the site, this isn’t one of those.

Other users may welcome you almost immediately with auto-response instant messages. Get ready to chat and find out who has the best conversation to match those handsome (or pretty) faces.

Key Features

Arabian Date App

Are you feeling serious, want a penpal, romantic, flirty, and/or naughty? Check it off as soon as you log into the site. Peruse other users’ profiles for their interests, what they’re looking for and a few basic “about me” selections (i.e. location, education, kids, smoking and drinking habits, height, body type, hair and eye color, relationship status).

If you are intrigued by the users’ public photos, you may be equally interested in seeing what private photos don’t come up. You’ll have to use credits to see them though. It doesn’t have to be Christmas to pass out presents. “Delight your match” with a present that will be delivered to their online “doorstep.”

You’ll know when it’s in progress and when it’s successfully sent, so get ready for the “thank yous” and hopefully your first date with the recipient. And unlike other online dating sites that usually filter by age, kids (don’t or do want them), location, and physical features (i.e. hair color, eye color, height), this one goes a little deeper by letting you sort by interests, too.

Why does this matter? If you want good dates, you’ll probably want to find someone who has similar interests to you. Or, at least someone who wants to do cool things that you’ve always wanted to do.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

Expect to meet people from a little bit of everywhere: Rome, Guadalajara, Barcelona, Milan, New York and Vienna were just a few immediate male contacts after logging in.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process is fairly simple. Choose your gender, your preferred gender to date, your age preference (in multiples of five), and “take a chance.” (You can also log in via your Google account.) Choose your favorite interests, upload photos and you’re in.

Communication Options

Arabian Date - Messaging

Choose whichever communication mode fits you best—chat, send letters, and share photos and videos. Don’t expect to have to wait very long for conversations to come up. Within the first few minutes of signing up, two users sent paragraphs’ worth of messages introducing themselves—and that was without the photo.

Does that mean most users are fake? Not necessarily. It could, however, mean you should expect a bit of spam initially so be wary of turning on email alerts for every new message. If you’re not sure who you want to communicate with, you may want to use the Search feature to get some ideas.

In addition to gender and age, you can choose Interests to find out who likes what you like and wants to go on the kinds of dates you do. This is also an opportunity to start a conversation around similar interests.

Serious about Love

Pricing & Membership Options

Arabian Date - Cost

Pay $19.99 for 150 credits per month, $149.99 for 600 credits per month or $299.99 for 1,500 credits per month. Pay with a major credit card, via PayPal or Paysafe Card. Take advantage of promotion codes to save a few bucks if you can. You may want to search around or see who else is using the site to help them out with credits, too.

Safety & Security

Arabian Date - Email Confirmation

If you’re worried about fake users, all members are personally confirmed by the staff to prove they’re real. If you like a user, you can feel free to chat and type on. And if you’re really intrigued by the user, you can request to see private photos.

Keep in mind though that if the photos are private and not something they want to share with the public, you may be opening yourself up to photographs that you’re not sure you want to see. You can, however, block users who message you if you’re not interested in talking to them.

Pros & Cons

Arabian Couple

If you log into the site for the first time and everything is one big white screen with blank photos, the moderators are either making sure you’re who you say you are or there’s a glitch on the site. Refresh a couple of times, and then the photos will eventually appear.

One of the biggest perks of this niche site is it’s not flooded with people who do not fit the niche.

For online dating users who really are invested in dating someone who is Arabian, it is immediately obvious that there are quite a few to choose from. That doesn’t mean those who are non-Arabian are banned from the site.

But niche sites sometimes have a way of attracting users who want to date some of a culture/race/religion as opposed to attracting more of those who fit the description. This isn’t one of those sites. Once the photos appear, be prepared to get a bunch of messages from users that look like they’ve been copied and pasted for all users.

Even with a profile missing a photograph, one of the first messages received was, “Have I seen you in my dreams?” While you can pretty much bet this person is not a creative talker, that doesn’t mean the rest aren’t.

Try to get enthusiastic users outside of auto-reply answers. To no one’s surprise, the men who are doing this are noticeably handsome, and the photos look like stock images. But just as every messaging user isn’t a fraud, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be really handsome men on the site.

It does, however, seem a bit suspicious when men this handsome automatically respond to accounts with no photos. So be careful with the details that you share.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve found your niche and can chat away and browse the pics, here’s your chance to check that off the list and dig deeper.

While this site definitely brings up lots of auto-replies and some questionably good-looking people (possibly stock images or just well-edited real user pics), try to take advantage of the video-on option. Make sure the new guy or lady of your dreams really is the person you’re talking to via messaging system.

You don’t have to do it immediately. Have a chat. See what this person is like first and don’t get swept up in their looks. But at some point, these two should match up. And if they do, here’s hoping you two have that same spark once you log off and meet in person.

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Serious about Love

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