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Asia Friend Finder Review

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Meet & Date Asian Singles

Contrary to the name, Asia Friend Finder is not all about just finding platonic friends. In this Asia Friend Finder Review, you’ll find out what makes this free online dating site an ideal place to meet other Asian significant others.

Before you join, and as long as your location settings aren’t private online, you can immediately see how many members are online, who lives near or in your city, previews of some new members and even how many photos are posted online this week.

Usually online dating sites make you jump through multiple hoops, personality tests, questions, drop-down menus and more to see what the site offers. Asian Friendly Finder is trying to intrigue you from the minute you click. Find out more highs and lows of this online dating platform.

Asia Friend Finder Review

Asian friend finder homepage

Website Overview

Self-identified as “the largest online Internet Asian dating and social networking site,” this niche site is a place for you to meet other Asian men and women. Does this mean it’s Asian-only dating? Yes and no.

For users who are genuinely looking for an Asian man or woman to date, this is a place to help you find them without having to dig around. But if you’re someone who is interested in dating someone Asian (and vice versa), this is also another reason to join a site like this one.

Key Features

Features AsiaFriendFinder

As with other online dating sites that have live chat, blogging, and forum platforms, Asia Friend Finder offers free advice focused on dating and social networking under its Magazine section.

In the Magazine, there are articles published by its own members and/or Asian singles to help other singles who need dating tips, success stories and advice. Then go ahead and choose who you think is “Hot or Not” so the site’s algorithms can better match you with other users who it thinks will be “hot” for you, too.

Once you set up your own account, you can also organize your preferences as needed. See members near you, VIP members, check out your friends’ albums and top fans, and send and receive gifts.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

Meet members worldwide who live in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and all across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, too. With a member base of more than 7.5 million, this is also a place where Asian people can also find non-Asian people who are interested in an interracial relationship and/or multi-racial relationships.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process is fairly quick. You’ll just need to create an (available) username, add your email address and ZIP code. As soon as you confirm the email verification link, you’re in and ready to browse around.

Communication Options

Blog AsiaFriendFinder

There are plenty of options to communicate with other users. You’re welcome to just check out the articles to see where you’ve gone right and wrong, and maybe switch up your online dating techniques. You can check out the blogs and forums, too. Or, dive right into live chats and messages to talk to the users of your choosing.

Messaging AsiaFriendFinder

Meet & Date Asian Singles

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost AsiaFriendFinder

Although you can join for free, there are some perks of paying for your membership, including live chats, blogging, joining groups with similar passions and hobbies, free online dating advice, reading and/or writing dating success stories, and connecting with singles from all walks of life (including various ages, races, and religions).

While both the silver and gold packages allow you to view and contact members, access video intros, read blogs and magazine features, and use 24/7 phone support, the gold membership has a wee bit extra.

Gold trumps silver for showing up at the top-ranking spot in searches, along with access to extra large photos, and access to ICQ, AIM, YIM, and MSN IDs of members in your network.

For one year, pay $5.74 per month (silver) or $8.24 per month (gold)—or a total of $68.88 or $98.88. For three months, pay $9.63 per month (silver) or $16.29 per month (gold)—or a total of $28.88 or $48.88. For one month, pay $14.88 or $18.88.

If you want to bring more attention to your profile, you can do this for a few cents more. To enhance your profile and show up in more searches, pay $8.32 per month for 12 months (or $99.90); pay $11.97 per month for three months (or $35.90); or pay $19.90 for one month. Highlight listings (in yellow) cost $8.30 per month for three months ($24.90) or $9.90 for one month.

Safety & Security

Report Member Abuse AsiaFriendFinder

If you’ve noticed the five featured images on the homepage, that either makes you ecstatic to know you’ll have an extra dose of attention. Or, it can make you hesitate to put a photo up online. But don’t worry too much, considering free members cannot initiate contact with you or view your profile.

The users who have their images viewable on the homepage and at this higher ranking paid for this option, so they are well aware it’s happening. Does that mean you’re excluded from weird messages from paid members? Not at all. But it does mean you have less risk of someone who joined and is not serious about trying to find an “Asian Friend.”

Pros & Cons

Asian Couple Hug

For singles, it may be initially off-putting that “Married” and/or “Attached” are options for the initial sign-on dating status. On one hand, you can appreciate honesty. On another, you are welcome to immediately block those who are wasting your time on an online dating site when you’re looking for fellow singles. (While several sites will put up a warning and ask married/attached people not to join, this isn’t one of those online dating platforms.)

If you’re interested in the “Hot or Not” list, be aware that the site does not do the best job of filtering photos with no photos.

The very first one that came up was a gray silhouette, and there is no option to only choose profiles with photos attached. (The site also doesn’t particularly emphasize adding photos to your own profile, or show you the usual warning about profiles being more popular with images attached.)

From the first 40 images in the match area, all but one were Caucasian, so be prepared to see quite a few non-Asians in this “Hot or Not” list and matches, too. Depending on your views of interracial dating, this may feel like any other online dating site—not Asians looking for Asians.

But this also means Asian users can skip the guessing game about whether other users are interested in dating Asian men and women. The site also promotes gifts to send and receive but does not properly promote how to use or receive either.

If you’re interested in purchasing these items, you won’t really know what they are until you pay for membership. But it appears that you can send these gifts via the messaging system.

Bottom Line

The Asia Friend Finder online dating platform isn’t particularly unique in comparison to other dating sites, outside of the niche group that it’s promoted to. So is that a bad thing? No, not at all. It just means don’t expect any major mind-blowing perks of this site versus any other one.

You may want to test out a month or two to see if you like it, and then dive in for the long haul once you see if the members are worth talking to. Highlight your profile and make sure to emphasize on your own profile who you’re looking for.

By creating a complete profile, you may find yourself with better results and a better value (whether a silver or gold membership) on the site.

Visit the Asia Friend Finder Homepage for more expert platform reviews and advice. 

Meet & Date Asian Singles

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