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Love Looks No Boundaries

Leave it up to recent online dating studies, and Asian women are the cherry on top of every single dating site. Men of almost every race prefer Asian women. (Ironically Asian men were reportedly least likely to, according to a Quartz study.)

But if you’re reading this Asian Date Review, then clearly you are someone who is interested in dating either of the two. But depending on the online dating site, trying to find a particular niche audience can prove to be tedious on mainstream sites. So it makes sense to give sites like these a shot to meet someone you may not see enough on others.

Whether you’re an Asian man defying the stereotype that Asian men don’t like Asian women, or you’re someone of another race who wants to participate in interracial dating, there could be a lady on the site just waiting for you to contact her.

Asian Date Review

Asian date homepage

Website Overview

From first glance at the site, it may be confusing to see that the entire homepage is full of Asian women. While “Asian date” would lead one to believe it’s for both men and women, it is not. The goal is for anyone who wants to date Asian women to be able to find them.

Key Features

Could there be more bells and whistles? Yes. The site just allows users to sign in and then immediately send messages and live chat requests to other users.

You can see when users are online and only talk to them, but it doesn’t appear to give the users the opportunity to filter for you. You’re just clicking “next” to see the following group of women. At some point, the site will feel more like Instagram (i.e. scrolling for cool images as opposed to conversation).

There are indeed options to talk to these users outside of a few messages. With live chats, CamShare, virtual gifts, and potential calls, this is your opportunity to get to know the person behind the “perfect” photographs.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

There’s no room for miscommunications here. If you have a “type,” this is the site to be on to experience various groups of Asian women from places like Thailand and China. The only problem is the search feature doesn’t give users an option to sort through Asian countries.

There is a banner for dating Chinese women, but you’ll have to click “next” to get to other groups.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process is fairly quick: username, email address (and verification link) and location. Once you’re logged in, you can fill out the rest of the profile information such as height, language(s), smoking and drinking habits, profession, your reason for joining the site (ex. “find a lady who is good with children” or “exploring Asian ladies”).

Make sure to fill in your profile in full. According to the site, “It is important to state your age in the applicable field so that ladies can find an appropriate match. Using this method is the fastest route to finding a woman who corresponds with your specific requirements.” You can also see their birthdays, videos and photos, and interests.

Communication Options

AsianDate - Messaging

Even before you try to reach out for messaging or letters, you can learn quite a bit about the user for free. For filled-in profiles, you’ll learn everything from favorite music and movies to first kissing memory and favorite sports.

Love Looks No Boundaries

Pricing & Membership Options

AsianDate - Cost

Overall the site is free to browse. You can even send gifts to users (by their online dating profile ID). Just click the gift box near their profiles to send it on. Activity is paid by purchase: one credit per minute for a live chat, six credits per minute for CamShare, and 10 credits for a letter.

Pay $0.15 per credit for 20 credits with 10 free chats and unlimited love notes ($2.99). Pay $0.60 per credit for 160 credits with 10 free chats and unlimited loves ($96). Pay $0.40 per credit for 1,000 credits ($399).

Safety & Security

If this site seems too good to be true, that’s because it could be. From a casual browse, all of the images linked to these Asian women look like they’ve just been uploading from professional photographers. The backgrounds are perfect, and so are the posts, the lighting, the outfits, and even the hair.

The site almost looks like the equivalent of searching for “Asian women” in free online photography sites. The profiles will say “confirmed profile” in case you want to feel more secure calling, emailing, or sending visual gifts.

Oddly, users don’t have the option to block other users on the site. So either the site is fairly confident that all users will never be inappropriate, or there is work on the backend to make sure all of the “users” are on their best behavior at all times.

Pros & Cons

Asian Couple

Are you ready to “talk” to the users on this site, and send them gifts and chat regularly? You may want to be extra wary in the beginning and choose to “see” them instead.  This means taking advantage of the CamShare option almost immediately.

Send the specified amount to talk for 20 minutes, as opposed to chatting in the messaging system all day long.

Could this suggestion be especially annoying for users who don’t really know what they’re getting and are paying before they’re really sure of who will be on the other end? Yes. But unless the user talking to them is also in an Asian country and can meet up with the other, this site can very easily feel like a dating hotline or pen pals for U.S. residents.

This would explain why the very first question on the site is how to identify whether users are real or not. The answer sums up to this: “AsianDate maintains an experienced verification team that works hard to provide confirmed and updated information on each member.”

The site also claims to regularly verify their identities in order to avoid outdated information or any possible fraud. There does seem to be some privacy concerns, considering the “verification team checks each member’s correspondence and immediately addresses any question of incorrect use of the mailing system.”

This level of verification may explain why there is no blocking system in place. Moderators are already keeping tabs on users beforehand—photos included. 

While it’s not completely impossible for women to just care about the quality of their photographs, the problem with this site is every single woman on here seems to have photos so perfect they could be in a picture frame. Does that mean you’re never talking to the person in the photos? Possibly.

If your photos aren’t this seamless, that could make you not want to bother uploading your own. It also seems questionable that your amateur photograph will make the cut anyway.

Bottom Line

Is this a good site to be on if you’re interested in women of Asian descent? Honestly, it feels a wee bit like a hustle to get money for conversing with Asian women. But let’s play Devil’s Advocate here.

Say you are interested in Asian women but trying to figure out what exactly you like about her, even if it’s off the site. This is your chance to try out your best lines to see what the person on the other end of the computer or phone says, and then maybe try it with someone who lives a wee bit closer to you.

Should you expect to find long-term love on a site like this? It certainly doesn’t appear to be likely. This site seems like it has more users who are either a “Catfish” or at such a distance (virtually and physically) that you may be better off looking at this site more for a “friend” than planning your next date.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more platform reviews and advice.

Love Looks No Boundaries

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