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Meet Beautiful Asian Singles

Check out any post on interracial marriage or dating, and there’s a pretty high chance that you’re going to find Asian couples in the mix. According to IMDDiversity.com, “When the first Filipino and Chinese workers came to the U.S. in the 1700 and 1800s, they were almost exclusively men.”

Clearly there was no Asian Dating Review to choose from, so if they wanted to find love, they would marry U.S. women who were often not Asian.

If you’ve seen the 2018 film “Loving,” then you already know anti-miscegenation laws made it far more difficult for Asian people to date and/or marry non-Asian people in the United States. In fact, by 1860, only about 5 percent of the Chinese population in America was female, according to AsiaSociety.org.

So in a nation where a group of people went from not being able to find each other to open up their dating mind to other groups to then have a more diverse mindset on dating overall, it makes sense that interracial relationships would become common.

So don’t be surprised if you notice as many non-Asians as you do Asians on Asian Dating sites.

Asian Dating Review

Asian dating homepage

Website Overview

As with pretty much every Cupid Media site, this one is a “less is more” site. Before you pay, you can see what kind of options you have.

Browse full profiles, photos, and preferences. Although this is a demographic that tends to be open when it comes to dating a diverse group of people, as with other sites, you may want to take a quick peruse to see what’s off the table.

For example, one user-specified a “proper lady” and all boxes were checked beside one specific minority group. Pay as much attention to how users choose to introduce themselves as you do what they’re into. The same goes for you. Both parties have a right to a type, and that’s what you’re here for.

Key Features

Messaging Asian Dating

For a standard membership (and no extra cost), browse a “basic” match, send interest to other users, and communicate with other paying members. (See below for pricing details.) Platinum membership also offers these options. Additionally, a platinum membership provides the opportunity to interact with other users via the site’s messaging system and/or live chat.

You can also hide your profile and view other users anonymously, rank above other members, double your profile space, have VIP profile highlighting, have advanced matching algorithms and translate messages into your preferred language.

With a gold membership, you have most of the platinum perks, but you cannot rank above other members, doubled profile space, make your way to VIP profile highlighting, and be included in advanced matching algorithms and message translations.


Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

With more than 4.5 million members, expect users from the United States, Europe, the Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan and Vietnam. From a casual browse of the site, you can roll the dice and see a little bit of everybody.

From first glance, an Australian man from New Zealand posed next to a Mexican man from Boca del Rio who was next to an African-American guy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So this may be a great way to find someone who is just interested in dating someone from a demographic that they haven’t before.

Obviously, Asian users will be the ideal choice, considering the site.

Sign-Up Process

This is not a site that takes much to join. With a simple email address, name, and gender preference, you’re in. You don’t even need an authentication code or a verification link. Make a good first impression with your headline, explaining a little bit about yourself and describing what you’re looking for in a partner.

Communication Options

Interestingly, as a new member, you can communicate with paying members. This may become a pain for them if basic membership users are spamming them. However, keep in mind that paid users have more filtering options so this won’t last long. If you decide to pay, you can also get a better handle on who is contacting you.

However, you cannot communicate with other non-paying members. You can also see who has looked at your profile, who has favorited you, sort your own likes and favorites, remind yourself of profiles you’ve viewed, and see who is on your blocked list.

Meet Beautiful Asian Singles

Pricing & Membership Options

Price Asian Dating

For a 12-month membership, you can choose the platinum membership for $12.50 per month (or $149.99). For three months, pay $23.33 per month (or $69.98). A one-month membership is $35.99.

The gold membership is cheaper though. The annual rate is $10 per month (or $119.98). A three-month membership is $20 per month (or $59.99). And a one-month membership is $30.98. Pay by Paysafe card, Skrill, major credit cards and/or a bank transfer.

Safety & Security

Asian Couple

Depending on the state, some will forewarn you that background checks are not completed beforehand. There’s also a warning to let users know what to keep in mind before reaching out to other users for first dates: “When meeting for the first time, always meet in a populated, public place in an area that you’re familiar with.” The site also encourages you to let a friend or relative know your “movements” (as in your location and how the date is going).

Know ahead of time that users can see when you look at their profile, whether you message them or not, so if you don’t want them to know, you may want to pay to browse anonymously.

But keep in mind that by browsing anonymously and hiding your profile, you’re also doing yourself a disservice because other potential dating mates won’t be able to find you either.  If you’re paying for the service, may as well see all the dating options.

Pros & Cons

Asian Couple Walking

If you’re looking for personality tests, questionnaires, gifts, awards, stamps, and other bells and whistles, none of the Cupid Media sites do this. But if you think about the online dating sites that have fought the good fight and lasted throughout the years (without renaming, rebranding, redirecting), only a handful are well-known and crowd favorites for their extras.

Of course, you can always add your own personality test questions, survey questions and share your favorite images (not to cover main profile photos though) if you feel like it makes you stand out more.

You can search for matches, but you won’t be able to see Mutual Matches or Reverse Matches without payment. Don’t let that stop you from seeing what your options are before you pay or sending messages if someone tickles your fancy.

Bottom Line

So what’s the verdict on this site? If you’re expecting some amazing experience from the online dating site, it won’t be any different than any other Cupid Media site outside of having more Asian options. (And for all you know, there could be plenty of Asian users on other sites who want to date non-Asians. Revisit the intro.)

So should you join? Only you can answer that. But this is a good site to prove that “Asian” dating isn’t just Chinese, Japanese, and/or Filipino. If you’ve seen Netflix’s “The Patriot Act” episode “Don’t Ignore the Asian Vote in 2020,” can you name more than three ethnicities or nationalities? No? This is your time to explore who else is out there.

Be careful about just joining a site to meet a “type” of person instead of the actual person. The goal here, regardless of whether you join this site or any other nationality-specific Cupid Media site, is to find out more about the actual person.

Message them. Have real-time conversations. See if you want to safely meet up outside of a computer screen (and avoid a complicated episode of “Catfish”). And then go from there.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert dating platform reviews.

Meet Beautiful Asian Singles

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