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Best Tattoo Dating Sites

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Dating sites consistently ask about topics like the number of kids you have, whether you’re looking for marriage or hookups, hair and eye color, and whether you have tattoos. For a person with one or two tattoos, that question is probably fine.

But if you’re someone who feels like tattoos are part of your identity and represent you, finding the best tattoo dating sites may be an online avenue you want to explore more. Why? Because these are folks who will understand (and not judge) you for head-to-toe tattoos, a sleeve or a few sprinkles of tattoos here and there.

It’s the difference between someone saying they’re “kind of a foodie” and someone saying they’re a restaurateur. You were built for this. After you’ve finished one tattoo, you’re already pondering on the next tattoo you can get to compliment it. So maybe you’ll want to explore these seven tattoo dating sites to see what they have to offer.

Best Tattoo Dating Sites

1. Love and Ink

If you’re a dating profile user of few words, get ready to share them. While some online dating sites will let you skip past the photo (which is the case here) and intros, this one has a 40-word maximum so you better make it good.

Send unlimited emails and flirts, instant messages, activate invisible mode, and access all member photos for $31.97 for three months, $19.97 for one month, or $4 for a five-day trial.

Categorized as the “number one tattoo dating site on the Internet,” do a rapid match to see who visually catches your attention or do a one-time-only “Icebreaker.” The latter involves contacting hundreds of members right now for free. Enter your subject title and message, which will be sent to all new matches as they join.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know what to say, here’s your chance to reach lots of people in one sweep. Expect immediate matches, too. Be aware that deactivating your account may not be immediate. It requires that an email link be sent to you, and you may or may not get it.

2. Naughty Date

If you log onto Naughty Date, the first thing you’re going to see is a blonde woman with a bra and panties on, so this is definitely not the kind of site you want to browse around at work. But why are you checking your online dating site at work anyway (unless you’re lucky enough to work from home)?

Sign-up requires an authentication code to prove you’re a real person first. Keep in mind that although it verifies your account, the moderators aren’t particularly strict when it comes to users without photographs or answering common questions like eye color, hair color, religion, or even if you have tattoos.

You can sift through them for photos only, but beware of corny Flirtcasts like, “I know karate, and I can defend myself from wicked people. Are you scared? I’m sure you’re a good man, though.” In the meantime, the administrator will remind you to upload a photo and search for your preferred matches.

You can send free messages and Flirtcasts while you’re browsing around, and create your own gallery of favorites. While you can choose and opt-out of certain users, the free site will keep reminding you to upload photos. Do that, and you’re ready to go.

3. Tattoo Daters

Get ready to find a creative (and long) username when you sign up with this site (meaning more than seven characters). Answer a few simple questions and get ready to dive in with unlimited emails, flirts, instant messages, activate the invisible mode, and/or access all member photos.

Pay $10.66 per month for three months (or $31.97). Pay $19.97 per month for one month. Or, pay $0.80 per day for a five-day trial (or $4). If this site seems a lot like Love and Ink, you’re not imagining it.

Just as the other online tattoo dating site does, you can also create Icebreaker questions, using “Rapid Match” to see who the site wants to match you up with and/or browse photos of other users. (In your immediate chat questions, an ad will come up to join that site, too.)

Before you can really dive into passing and matching with other users, the site will remind you to add photos once again so get that out of the way early. Be prepared for as many spammers as those who are interested in dating you though. Even with no photo, six messages immediately came in.

You’re welcome to pay to read them, test out both this site and Love and Ink, or try one and see what happens.

4. Tattoo Singles 4 U

You’ve got to love a good tattoo sleeve. Open this site up, and you’ll see a woman with a tattoo sleeve that matches her undergarments. (This is not the most appropriate site to browse at work for that reason, unless your job loves tattoo designing, too.)

Sign-up is pretty simple. Choose between man, woman, trans and/or a couple (if you’re into swinging). But even if they do, the sign-up questions immediately asks about your favorite turn-on, including erotic fiction, voyeurism, threesomes, sex toys, sexual massages, sexual roleplay, BDSM, dogging, cuckfold, fetish or crossdressing.

If you’re looking for long-term relationships, this probably isn’t the place to be. Even the intro encourages you to pull in a new hookup. Minimum payments are $17.24 per month for 12 months; $28.48 for three months; or $35.96 for one month.

With it, you’ll be able to see unrestricted photos and video access, get priority message delivery and unlimited messaging, be a VIP member and appear first in search results and free members can read your messages. If you haven’t gotten what you need in 30 days, the site will offer you another 30 days for free.

5. Tattooed Personals

If you’re not sure whether you want to join this site or TattooDating.com, this one makes it easy to do. Check the box to join them both at the same time.

Interestingly, the site immediately comes up with this message as soon as you join, without putting much more than your name, email address, and username: “Profile Review Pending ~ Thanks for registering here at Tattooed Personals. We review all profiles here at Tattooed Personals to help ensure all our customers have the best experience. You will receive an email when your profile has been approved. Look forward to having you on the site! Tattooed Personals support.”

It’s rather peculiar because there is no immediate verification email. If you refresh the page, you can add more information about body art, tattoos, etc., but it’s still under a strict moderation system.

However, if approved, members can have a free basic membership, which allows them to browse the site, view profiles, send flirts, and modify their profiles. Pay $4.99 for five days ($29.94). Pay one month for $27.99. Pay $13.33 for three months ($39.99). Pay $13.98 for six months ($83.88).

6. Tattoo Friends

Signing up is pretty simple. The site asks for the usual information like names, email addresses, birthdays, race, whether you have kids and a few other simple questions.

However, Tattoo Friends is particular about real photos. They want at least three photos before they’ll let you get past the sign-in process. Skip the colorful, glittery graphics; images of kids; group photos; contact information stamped on it like promotional material; sunglasses; dirty words, and vulgar photos.

Interestingly, even after the warning to add three photos, you can still browse the sight. (Don’t expect to for too long before moderators will close your account for adding fake photos or those that go against their rules.)

Searching isn’t as exact as you may want it to be, but you can see who is online now, who is the best match, and who are the newest members. If you want to be matched up, you can choose “Match Me” and answer one question: “Let’s Meet: Yes/Maybe/No.” Beware that the site is glitchy though.

Choose “yes” or “no” more than a few times, and it will freeze altogether. You can also choose individual users to select Meet Me, Wink, or Add to Favorite for free and send messages for free, too.

7. Tattoo Dating

All online dating sites ask quite a few questions in the profile page. Some let you skip it and fill it in later. Others make you fill out full questionnaires before you can even get to your own live profile or anyone else’s.

Tattoo Dating asks everything from “Food Preferences” to “Exercise Habits” to “Marriage Views.” Share your intentions, your smoking and drinking habits, and everything else. There’s only one question regarding “Body Art” (nail art, tattoos, brandings, henna, piercings).

The site is a bit odd when it comes to questions. For a site that’s supposed to have a focus on tattoos, it would make sense that there are questions like, “Would you date someone who didn’t have tattoos?” or “Would you date someone who has facial tattoos?” or other themed questions.

Instead, it wants to know whether you’d date a single parent, someone from a foreign country, or with a “larger body type.” For an added price, you can remove all advertising, personalize your profile, see members’ last log-in, check message read receipts, see who has liked your photos and who has added you as a favorite.

Prices range from $19.99 per month (12 months), $14.99 per month (6 months), $9.99 per month (3 months) and $4.99 for one month. Overall though, the site seems less about tattoo enthusiasts and more like a regular online dating site, full of users who look like they don’t have photos (or at least from most of their photos).

Bottom Line

If you’ve noticed that logging into these tattoo dating sites results in quite a few error messages, that’s not by accident. TattooLovers.com will reject users altogether during the sign-in process. InkDating.com will let users get as far as usernames before rejecting them.

While online dating sites are often owned by the same company, there’s nothing new about that. However, the downside is if they all have technical difficulties at the same time, you’ll get booted out of them all at once. Their loss, not yours.

These seven above are happy to have you with nonexistent tech issues. But as you can see, for the most part, they’re like any other dating site. You may as well join the regular suspects and just say you have a tattoo to see who else does as opposed to only going to tattoo-only dating sites. You may find yourself having better luck by joining both.

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