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Of the world’s major religions, Britannica confirms that Christianity is the largest, with more than 2 billion followers.

At approximately 2,000 years old, the largest groups are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, and the Protestant churches. And chances are pretty high that if you’re interested in Christian Mingle Review, then you are serious about the Bible.

While some sites shy away from talking too much about religion, Christian Mingle doesn’t tiptoe around the topic. Users on this site are proud Christians (unless they choose another religion, so make sure to verify that ahead of time) who ideally are comfortable speaking about religion.

And according to Pew Research, some profile options are very important to read when browsing other users’ profiles. One of them, especially for women, is religious beliefs. In fact, 32 percent of women find religious choices very important versus 18 percent of men.

Although there are plenty of other choices that are a big deal and don’t always align with both men and women, keep this in mind when signing up for this site. Read below for other pros and cons.

Christian Mingle Review

Christian mingle homepage

Website Overview

“Learn to forgive yourself. God is not counting your failures.” If this is the kind of quote that warms your heart, you should definitely make sure you join Christian Mingle and their social media channels too, including the one where this quote came from.

Some topics are religious-based and others are just tips for dating, like how to keep your long-distance relationship successful during COVID-19 restrictions. If you want to get an idea of what the users are like before you pay, try the freeways first.

If you’re excited about the kinds of conversations going on, chances are higher that you’ll find more like-minded and interesting people on the online dating website where you two can make your conversations private. (Of course, you could always befriend and follow these same users, too.)

Key Features

Match Christian Mingle

This site is pretty easy to use. Search by match percentage, distance, who is online, and/or choose which users are more desirable in the Lookbook. You can also find out your daily matches. If you don’t match up with anyone one day, consider re-evaluating the preferences or applying to the next day’s set.

So where do you want your first date to be? You can answer this question and take the guessing game out of a potential nightmare first date. Choose between Christian Mingle’s suggested options: coffee or tea, drinks, a meal, a walk, or a hike.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also choose “to be surprised” and go for whatever works best for your dating needs. Of course, you can always add the usual questions that other online dating sites ask about, regarding the number of pets, smoking habits and drinking habits, and personal interests.

Activity Christian Mingle

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

You can find options for a diverse group of Christian users on this site, who could speak everything from Arabic and Czech to English and Russian.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process is about the same as most other online dating sites, except this one does not allow you to skip past the initial photo upload. You need to upload one pic (375 x 375). Skip the suggestive, copyrighted and/or offensive photographs that may get a green light on other sites.

Additional questions include whether you have or want kids (or whether other people’s kids are welcome). Clearly “hookups” aren’t the most popular option (or at least admittedly), but users who aren’t sure how serious they want to be can choose friendships over marriage or marriage and kids to start out.

Keep in mind that filling out the profile fully may get more eyes on the page, hence the reason Christian Mingle keeps a calculation (in percentages) of how complete the site is. Make sure your initial bio points out whatever is most important to you, too, so the site doesn’t get drowned out by common questions and answers on everyone’s profile.

Find the one your soul loves

Communication Options

Blog Christian Mingle

If you pay to use the site, you can message other paid users and check out read receipts to see who has read your messages.

However, before you communicate, you may want to check out Christian Mingle’s blog “Online Dating Message Didn’t Get A Response? 5 Reasons For The Radio Silence” to prepare yourself for both immediate responders and those who don’t respond at all.

While the reasons for not responding are fairly obvious, number five may be the toughest one to deal with when it comes to online dating. Once you can handle that last reality, you’ll be just fine communicating on here. While this site is ideally supposed to be filled with users who are less judgmental (and superficial), you cannot police everyone on the site.

You may also not be into everyone on the site yourself. Understand where both are coming from.

Facebook Christian Mingle

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost Christian Mingle

Pick between three plans: $24.99 per month for six months, $34.99 per month for three months or $49.99 for one month.

With paid membership, you can send and receive messages from other paid subscribers (or Messages+ for free members and paid members); receive read receipts; hide your online status; and browse by profile and matches publicly or anonymously. You can also get access to all of a users’ photos.

Safety & Security

Important Notice Christian Mingle

Before you browse, check out the “Important Notice” ahead of time. The warning includes never sending money, asking others for money, or sharing financial information with anyone. Additionally, users will pledge to report anyone who asks for money or financial information.

Background checks are not completed for users on this site. If you report a user for this reason or any other inappropriate actions, know that the report will be anonymous. If the moderators agree with your reporting reason, this user may be warned and/or immediately removed.

However, you can always block the user regardless of what the decision is.

Pros & Cons

Couple Holding Each Other

The search options aren’t always accurate. For example, when choosing men between the ages of 38-45, dating match options came up for men who were looking for women up to age 35. So the matching algorithms don’t filter out the age of the searching user (i.e. 38-year-old woman) to make sure that searches are mutual. You may have to do a bit of extra sifting through matches to confirm whether you are this person’s ideal match.

Keep in mind that there seems to be a pattern of male users who aren’t always looking for women within their own age group, so this could happen more often than not.

While this age-sifting issue could easily be attributed to users who are more likely to want children with women of child-bearing age—sans examples like Halle Berry and Janet Jackson, who discredited that assumption—it’s not always the case. Some users don’t even want children and still, lean more toward younger women (35 and younger).

Bottom Line

Christian Mingle itself isn’t anything to brag about. It’s just a simple Browse, Messages, Matches, Activity and Help, and not much else. If less is more works for you, then this is the site for you. Unlike other sites with gifts and surveys and personality tests, this has none of the above.

Interestingly though, the social media channels are bright and inviting, full of quotes, and plenty of wedding photographs. So it’s highly recommended to test out the active social media channels first. Is it possible that you’ll choose to use those instead of the site?

You could, but you may spend more time trying to figure out what other users are looking for. With the online dating site, you don’t have to play this guessing game. There are no rules to say you cannot do both. Enjoy your Christian experience.

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Find the one your soul loves

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