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Christian Mingle vs eharmony

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Homepage - ChristianMingle
Homepage - eharmony

On any dating site, you have the opportunity to tell people what you’re about. With eharmony, it’s easy to tell that you’re looking for relationships, friendship, and maybe marriage. The same goes for Christian Mingle.

Regarding Christian Mingle vs eharmony, the only difference between the two (minus a personality test) is on the latter site, neither of you has to have a conversation about religions. What are the odds that someone who is non-Christian (or at least not interested in Christianity) would pursue you on a site called Christian Mingle? Probably slim.

On eharmony, it could go either way. If religion is a top priority to you, it’s pretty obvious which site you may want to navigate to. But keep in mind that, like eharmony, users can pick other religions, too.

Intros are important on any site, whether it’s these two or another, so potential dating partners know exactly what is off the limit, negotiable, and desirable to get the best experience.

Christian Mingle vs eharmony

Website Overview

Homepage - ChristianMingle

When you join any online dating site, the first thing you need to know is what you’re looking for? Maybe you join Christian Mingle because you want to date a Christian (wo)man. OK, done.

Now what? So you want to join eharmony to see what the compatibility results will be. You find users who match you. Now what? Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, your interaction, and level of activity will highly determine how well you can do on the site.

You cannot control finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, but you can determine how easy it will be for your favorites to reach you. If you’re paying for the site, and both sites pretty much require you to in order to do anything useful, you may as well get your money’s worth.

eharmony homepage

Key Features

If you’re looking for bells and whistles on Christian Mingle, you’re not going to get them. But keep in mind that some of the most long-lasting dating sites out today are ones that don’t go over the top with personality tests, quizzes, games, gifts, and more.

Whereas on eharmony, there is a compatibility quiz to help their algorithms match you up with “better” people. If you like to do your own matching and don’t want email alerts of who eharmony is trying to hook you up with, you may like sites that don’t do that (or unsubscribe).

Sign-Up Process

eharmony quiz screen

Before you can log into eharmony’s website, prepare to take a 20-minute Compatibility Quiz, along with adding your basic contact information. It will give you the chance to really think about what you’re looking for when dating other users and within yourself.

The site also asks distinct questions like choosing shapes that are more attractive between squares and circles, vacation preferences, and whether you’d find it more important for your significant other’s family to like you or vice versa (for your own family to like him/her).

There’s also a personal user ID and password for additional support should you need to contact Customer Service.

Sign Up Christian Mingle

The sign-up process for Christian Mingle is not particularly different from other online dating sites, except for a mandatory photo upload (375 x 375). Don’t bother with stock photos or any pics that are not clear because the moderators will immediately send you an email rejecting your photos.

This should be a relief to other users though because that means chances are much higher that users will have real photos.

Communication Options

Communicating - Christian Mingle

With paid membership, Christian Mingle users can gain the ability to send and receive messages from other paid subscribers (or Messages+ for both free members and paid members); receive read receipts; hide your online status if you want to browse privately; and view profile and matches publicly or anonymously.

With users’ permission, you can view other users’ photos.


On eharmony, view unlimited photos and messaging. Talk to users who have checked out your profile (you can see them), too.

Pricing & Membership Options

Prices - eharmony

eharmony charges $22.95 for the first six months (regularly $45.90 but currently has a 50 percent discount), $14.95 for the first 12 months (regularly $29.90), and $10.45 for 24 months (regularly $20.90).

With a paid membership, you can check out unlimited photos, send unlimited messages, see who has viewed you, set up a distance search, and create a detailed personality profile.

Cost Christian Mingle

The startup costs are slightly more for Christian Mingle. Choose $24.99 per month for six months, $34.99 per month for three months, or $49.99 for one month. The difference between the two is, even without paying, you can still see photographs and general profiles of Christian Mingle users.

You can also browse through potential matches and see who the site matches you with. So for that reason, the initial user may find themselves saving more money because he or she will get to know what kind of users are on the site. On eharmony, all you can do is pay and hope for the best.

Homepage - ChristianMingle
Homepage - eharmony

Safety & Security

Important Notice Christian Mingle

If you use a group photo, eharmony will require that any other people in the photo are covered. But no matter how great the photo is, you won’t be able to see anyone else’s (“smiling” or not) without a paid membership.

Christian Mingle has more initial warnings in effect. Before you browse, check out the “Important Notice.” The warning tells users to never send money, ask others for money or share financial information with anyone.

Additionally, users are asked by the online dating site to pledge to report anyone who asks for money or financial information. Background checks are not completed by either site though. You can, however, report users anonymously or block them if you don’t want to be bothered.

Safety - eharmony

Be extra careful with celebrity sites. While there are definitely celebrities who use online dating sites because they simply don’t have time to do regular dating, be careful. Actor Christian Keyes pointed out on his own Instagram account that he is not on the site, although there are accounts with his face on it.

Meanwhile actress Sharon Stone managed to get banned from Bumble because people thought her accounts were fake, and Essence Atkins ended up marrying a man she met on Match.

Still though, generally speaking, should your Christian Mingle or eharmony match seem like a hit with a celebrity (or anyone really), and you find out their social media channels, you may want to slide in their direct messages to make sure these are legitimately the same people.


Pros & Cons

Couple embracing each other on couch

You would think that Christian Mingle would be full of Bible verses, maybe some religious art here and there, and more requests for explanations on beliefs. Instead, the site is oddly plain.

You answer the same questions about smoking and drinking habits, physical appearance, number of kids, whether you’re looking for marriage or friends, and so forth.

The social media channels for Christian Mingle are far more interesting, with plenty of quotes to enjoy and several discussions. If you’re looking for one-on-one communication, the online dating site is the way to go. But if you want to flesh out the singles on Instagram and Facebook, that’s not a bad idea either.

eharmony’s “32 Dimensions Model” may be a major perk for some or too much pressure for others, who are more interested in one-on-one conversation versus a personality disorder.

With more than 2 million people on the site and self-identifying as the “number one trusted dating site” among U.S. singles (in one study), the compatibility tests should be fairly accurate. Are they? Yes and no. There were as many hits and misses from a short test.

But just like any real-life blind date or person you meet at a club or party, everyone you physically like may not be someone you mentally like. As with both sites though, once you get past answering the initial sign-up questions, you’re largely going to end up doing the same thing as other sites.

You’ll browse photos, send a few intros, pass on a few who aren’t your type, and just hope for the best.

Bottom Line

So which is better between Christian Mingle vs eharmony? Neither site is all that fun to be on—unless you absolutely find someone who you are compatible physically and mentally. Quite frankly, no dating is fun if all you end up doing is meeting people you have nothing in common with.

But what makes online dating better than quite a few in-person encounters is you start off with a cheat sheet to figure out whether this is someone you even want to talk to. (Stay away from generic accounts that tell you to “ask me anything” as opposed to clarifying who they are.)

If you find yourself enjoying a select few, make sure to keep the conversation going so that you all can meet in person. Unfortunately, it is possible to have chemistry online and none in person. If you’re able to do both, you have a winner on your hands.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert dating platform reviews and comparisons.

Homepage - ChristianMingle
Homepage - eharmony

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