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Date Ideas For Married Couples

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There is so much joy in the air now after the COVID pandemic and things are back to normal. Yes! People can now go out and enjoy a good time with friends and family. With that in mind, there are a plethora of date idea options for married couples.

So many places to go, if you know where to look. And the best part of it yet is that you do not need to break the bank to take your partner on a memorable date.

You might be thinking your partner is doing good. It might be so, but the essence of spending quality time away from the kids and family drama is essential.

After 20 years or more, couples often realize that they didn’t spend enough alone time with each other, but they were devoted to raising their kids and making ends meet, and they regret it.

This doesn’t mean that doing the necessary things to take care of the kids kills married couples’ love.

It only means you need to set out time for yourselves because you and your partner will be left in the house at the end of the day, and you sure do not want to be with a stranger that you know.

One of the most important things married couples should not do is let their friendship die off. This is essential for any date to be more memorable than the last one. Communication needs to be ensured; you have to talk about everything and anything to keep the spice alive.

Going on dates will serve as the second side to the love CD playing in your hypothetical Romantic movie background.

Married couples should be able to sacrifice at least once a week for them to do something together without the interference of their kids and other family members.

This, in itself, teaches the children that they need to prioritize their partners when they grow up. Here are nine date ideas for married couples to enjoy during this season

Date Ideas For Married Couples

A Movie Date

couple in a movie dateNow that COVID-19 restrictions are easing off, there is more luxury to go into public places and enjoy what we missed for several months.

One of these places is the Movies. Many couples have not gone on a movie date except with other people. Some married couples have not gone anywhere alone in a long time.

Experience the latest movie that both of you love if you are a movie fan. If you don’t want to go to the cinemas, you can have someone babysit the kids and snuggle with your partner while you watch some of your most iconic movies together.

You can do this twice a month; it helps bring back so many memories that made you fall in love in the first place.


This might sound a bit surprising, but a picnic is a beautiful way to rekindle and ignite love in a marriage. Get the best of wine, food, and snacks.

Talk about the most relevant and even irrelevant subjects together while basking under the sun. This is a great way to focus on each other while enjoying one another’s company.


Do you Know the rush when you were younger and traveling or getting away from all the stress with the person you love? Yes! This is what traveling with your partner should feel like.

Make proper arrangements to take care of the kids, and go for a holiday with only you and your partner. Enjoy the serenity of each other and try out new things. Relish new culture, dance, music, and food.

Do Something Adventurous

old couple in a campingHave you tried scuba diving, bungee jumping, wake surfing, or activities that you will never forget in a hurry?

It would help if you experienced an unbridled thrill from these activities with your partner, especially if you both have never tried it before.

Try doing something new to both of you; it might not be as scary as bungee jumping but an equally fun activity.

There are also parks and recreation centers where married couples can go to enjoy themselves. Go on rides, hold each other’s hands through every scream on the roller coaster.


You can set aside a couple of hours to do an indoor photoshoot with a beautiful theme representing your love. It would be amazing if you have a photographer in the house, that would reduce the cost. But get new photos to hand on the wall.

Spa Day

Social media is filled with young couples plastering face masks on each other and wearing matching robes. That experience would live for life in their minds, as it is a great way to bond with your partner. So, you can organize a spa day at home or the spa shop for you and your partner.

Cook Together

As simple as this sounds, you can imagine how many wives would love their husbands to join them in the kitchen at least once.

Spice things up by having a particular day where you both can cook a new meal together. Try something that has not been done in the house. Follow the recipe online and enjoy some time together in the kitchen.

Play Games

couple playing togetherPlaying games is not necessarily taking the Ps5 controllers and tapping as hard as you can to beat each other in FIFA.

Although that can work, having a relaxing night with wine in one hand and board games on the table can be a great date for married couples.

The essence is to spend time with each other and have fun while at it; therefore, playing different games can be a great bonding experience.

You can also test each other’s karaoke skills. Make it even better by going to the bar and thrilling audiences with your favorite songs for the night.

Go To a Concert

You both can sample each other’s favorite artists and decide to go for their concerts one after the other. You could also go to a comedy club or show together and relax. Entertainment shows are also great date ideas for couples to enjoy.

Bottom Line

Marriage is meant to be a continuation of the excitement and thrill of being friends and dating.

Not having enough time together is one of the main reasons people grow apart and eventually separate.

Whether you are new parents or have grown-up kids, you need to find time for yourself. It is imperative for the relationship.

This is because, in the end, there will still be a friendship that exists between both you and your partner.

It would help if you went on dates like you are getting to see your partner for the first, and never let the excitement drop one bit.

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