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Mature Singles Young at Heart

If you’ve ever heard the saying that men should date women who are half their age plus seven, you’re not alone. Dated back to Max O’Rell in 1901 and the 1951 play “The Moon Is Blue,” it’s been met with mixed reactions.

But in DateMyAge Review, the goal is for singles who are at least 45 to find partners. While cougars and sugar daddies may be the “in” thing for some crowds, the goal on this site is trying to find people that are more relatable.

While there’s nothing wrong with dating someone who is a bit older or a bit younger, there’s a certain level of comfort dating someone your own age who remembers where they were for big events or historical times (at your same age), remembering the same then-”new” musicians and songs, bonding over shared childhood memories or even college experiences, and beyond.

You lose a little bit of that by dating someone with a drastically different age gap. And if you’re in your 40s, 50s and beyond, you’ve reached a different level of maturity and experience that is a relief to see in your peers. So of course you’ll want to “Date My Age.”

DateMyAge Review

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Website Overview

Launched in 1993, DateMyAge covers more than 32 countries. Their global presence is in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. While you can date someone locally, especially if you have little to no interest in a long-distance relationship, this is an opportunity to expand your options.

Whether your reason is to add more diversity or maybe a recent move due to a professional opportunity, your choices are much wider.

Key Features

Start off by creating a profile with a photo and personal details, just as you would with any other online dating site. Browse the membership database to find members who intrigue you.

Once members are interested in each other, they can use the site’s direct message system and live chat to talk a little more. Free members and paid members can connect worldwide, which means paid members may get more attention than someone who just joined the site.

If you’re more of a hesitant online user, you may appreciate multiple patent-pending icebreaker tools like “Let’s Mingle” and “Boost” that encourage members to engage.

Sign-Up Process

A Google log-in with a verification email is the easiest way to join.

Communication Options

Communication - Date My Age

This is your opportunity to chat, send letters, make phone calls, and share photos with users who are interesting to you. However, don’t expect to be able to easily search for people by looking for similar interests.

Although you can choose what’s most intriguing to you, clicking on the interests in hopes of seeing who else feels the same way doesn’t bring up anything but your profile again.

Mature Singles Young at Heart

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost - Date My Age

The payment is by a point system: $19.99 for 150 credits per month, $149.99 for 600 credits per month, and $299.99 for 1,500 credits per month. Pay via PayPal or all major credit cards. With the lowest rate, it will auto-charge the regular rate of $49.99 by month two, once the promotional $19.99 initial charge ends.

You may or may not like their pay-per-action model. Members pay for services like e-letters, chats and video interactions. Because their rules require members to be active, there may be a bit of pressure to log in and interact with other users.

However, depending on how much interaction you require, this site may be costly or cost about the same as any other one. However, unlike sites that allow unlimited messaging and chatting for a monthly rate, you can reasonably set your own balance.

Their fees cover translations, broadcasters, photographers, and verification partners. Although some users are “free” to interact on the site, the cost to enable this communication is not free nor is the customer service.

Safety & Security

Security - Date My Age

Self-identifying themselves as a website that provides a “leading anti-scam system in the industry,” all members are confirmed by staff to prove that they are real people.

If there are concerns about who you’re talking to, their Customer Service team is on hand for all inquiries. Unlike other sites, this one does a few more checks and balances to make sure you’re a legitimate person.

To qualify as a free member, photos, videos and a profile description are requested. Inactive users may not last long, considering the site requires users to follow the Communication Policy For Free Members.

Some of the rules include installing mobile app; allowing push notifications; signing in to website or mobile app at least 5 times per week; spending at least eight hours online per week in total.

Members should also allow web camera and microphone access for video calls with other members. It’s also suggested to check your personal email every day for notifications from

When the moderators review a profile to see if it continues to qualify as free, they read the quality of the profile content, profile description and activity on the website.

Pros & Cons

Mature Couple

Although the site promises to verify real users or not, signing up is noticeably easy. While some sites may require verification before you can see other users’ photos or receive messages, if you log in via Google, you can dive right into everything. If you’ve already signed up with sister sites like Travel Mates, it will remember your choices when it comes to interests, location, and what you’re looking for.

However, you can change the cover image, “About Yourself” and so forth to cater it to this site. However, similar to Travel Mates, the website name almost seems irrelevant. Signing in under an age lower than 45 doesn’t bring up any pop-ups or warnings that you don’t fit the criteria.

So users who are specifically looking for someone 45 and up may quickly feel like they’re wasting as much time here as travelers on Travel Mates, who often find people talking about online dating more than vacations.

The good news is Date My Age is less likely to bring up a flood of generic questions and messages in the inbox, which could either mean the site is having a slow day or not as many enthusiastic users are on one site as they are the other.

Bottom Line

Sometimes website names are tricky. There are users who will join this site in hopes of finding people in their age range of 45 and older, which means you may be able to choose from a much more specific audience.

But because the website doesn’t do anything in particular to verify or stop people under 45 from joining initially, it will feel like any other general dating site. Does that mean you should leave? No, it does mean you may be more pointed in your search.

When other users join a site that’s specific for those of a certain age group, there should be no surprise when they don’t get a response from those also looking for someone of that age group.

Can users lie about their ages? Absolutely. But if you take advantage of the point system to talk to them via video, live chat, or messaging system, it should be fairly easy to narrow down who’s who. Ask about the Temptations instead of the Migos.

Inquire about their favorite Beatles song instead of what Ariana Grande is up to. Mention something from Jimmy Carter’s presidency, and see if you’ve stumped the user on the other end of the message completely.

Once you’ve gotten that out of the way, then it’s time to do what any other online dating user does on a site like this one: Get to know the person to see if you two have any chemistry together. Just because you’re the same age (or in a closer age group) doesn’t mean you two will mesh. Make your virtual date count.

Mature Singles Young at Heart

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