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Dating And Down Syndrome

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Entering into the dating pool can be very difficult for anybody. It can even be more complex and tedious for people with down syndrome. This is because It is usually scary for them to meet people and engage in conversations, but it is a risk that is worth taking.

Love is a beautiful thing, and it has been proven to boost happiness. Therefore, everyone should experience love, even people living with down syndrome.

Down syndrome entails a condition of people who have an extra chromosome. Chromosomes, which are small batches of genes in the body, determine the formation of a baby’s body and the functioning throughout pregnancy and after birth.

Typically, the normal chromosome of a baby at birth is 46. However, people with down syndrome were born with one additional chromosome. This extra chromosome affects the development of the baby’s body and brain, resulting in physical and mental challenges.

People with down syndrome often find it difficult to relate with other people, and even worse, they find it difficult to fall in love.

Do you want to know everything about dating and down syndrome? Then keep reading to discover everything you need to know about finding the right partner and starting a relationship as someone living with down syndrome.

Dating Down Syndrome

Can You Date Someone With Down Syndrome

a guy bring some flowers to his girlfriendFormerly, emotional and mental abilities were not considered issues for people with down syndrome because of the inaccurate assumption that its intellectual incapacitation caused permanent childhood.

Thankfully, this perception is gradually changing. People with Down syndrome have emotional feelings and needs.

It is therefore essential to allow them to express their feelings in socially acceptable ways.

With the appropriate education and counsel, people with Down syndrome can go into relationships. They can love and be loved.

Their partners, however, need to understand that people with Down syndrome have the same rate of physical and hormonal development changes that accompany puberty as other people their age.

However, there is usually a lag in social communication, social maturity, abstract thinking, and emotional self-control.

Social factors intensify the emotional development traits of people with Down syndrome. Typically any adolescent who is living with Down syndrome and attends school or has exposure to media will inevitably develop an awareness of sexuality.

It is pretty standard for young adults with Down syndrome to be fascinated by dating, marriage, and even parenthood.

Can Someone With Down Syndrome Have Normal Intelligence?

One of the biggest misconceptions about people living with Down syndrome is that they can’t learn or understand and have a low intelligence level.

The I.Q. Scores of people with Down syndrome are relative to the individuals, with the average cognitive impairment being minimal and rarely severe. This means that normal intelligence is possible in Down syndrome people.

If a person with down syndrome has any disability such as hearing, it is usually attributed to his understanding problem. Also, speech disability can be misinterpreted for reduced levels of cognitive abilities.

Typically, people with disabilities have difficulties with speech’s physical production because of their low muscle tone level. This can cause tongue protrusion and vocabulary that is difficult to understand.

The impediment to speech clarity is not an indication of low intelligence. Instead, it is proof of difficulty in controlling muscles.

How Soon Can You Check Your Baby For Down Syndrome?

Generally, screening to check for Down syndrome is done as part of the routine checks during prenatal care.

Although these tests can only indicate your risks of carrying a baby with Down syndrome, they can help you decide about diagnostic tests that will provide more specific results. The screening tests include the combined test carried out in the first trimester, as well as the integrated screening test.

The Combined First Trimester Examination

test baby for down syndromeThe combined first-trimester examination is done in two steps, and they are:

  • Blood test: The blood test is done to measure the plasma protein levels associated with pregnancy and the pregnancy hormone. If the results reflect abnormal PAPP-A and HGC, the baby might be having a problem.
  • Nuchal translucency test: In doing this test, professionals use an ultrasound to measure a particular area behind the baby’s neck. In the case of abnormalities, there is usually more fluid in the neck tissue of the child.

Now, considering your age and the reports obtained from both the blood test and ultrasound, your doctor can give you an estimation of your chances of birthing a baby that has Down syndrome.

Mixed scanning examination

The mixed scanning examination is carried out during the 1st trimester and the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. A combination of the results will help estimate the risk of your baby having Down syndrome.

  • First-trimester test uses a blood test process for PAPP-A and ultrasound for nuchal translucency measurement.
  • Second trimester: In the second trimester, a professional uses a quad screen to measure your blood level of four substances associated with pregnancy. The substances are HGC, alpha-fetoprotein, inhibin A, and estriol.

If the tests’ results are troubling, you can run more tests to confirm your diagnosis. Some of such tests include:

Chorion villus testing. This test involves taking some placenta cells and using them to examine the genetic composition. This examination is usually done at the initial stage of the pregnancy.

Amniocentesis. A specimen of the fluid around the fetus is extracted from the mother’s uterus to do the amniocentesis test. The selection is used to draw an analysis of the fetus’s chromosomes. Doctors usually run this test in the second phase of pregnancy after passing 15 weeks.

Some Tips For Dating Down Syndrome

Set Your Own Pace

couple with down syndromeWhen you initially begin dating with Down syndrome, it might be challenging to determine how quickly you should move. You might wonder:

How well should you know someone before you ask them out?

When can you go out together?

The answers to these questions all depend on the pace at which you and your partner move.

If you are uncertain about how to go about the concept of dating, you should begin slowly. This will help you maintain a steady pace which is best for beginners.

Make Your Dates Fun

When you pick out activities to do with your date, make them engaging and fun. Your date does not have to take place in a cozy or fancy restaurant. Instead, you can focus on more relaxing activities and allow your conversation to flow freely.

It is best to choose activities that you and your partner will find interesting. For instance, dancing, hiking, or miniature golf could make your date fun.

Go on a Double Date

Double dates are great for easing the pressure of meeting someone you barely know. The other couple can also engage in conversations, making it more lively and engaging for everyone.

Keep Trying

You may be turned down initially when you ask someone out. It can be disheartening to hear a rejection, but that is common with everyone. A “no” should not stop you from dating. With a great attitude, you can convert the rejection to motivation and keep up the search for your soul mate.

Bottom Line

Dating with Down syndrome is not an easy task.

Nonetheless, with the right approach and a positive mindset, you are on the way to meeting the person of your dreams, notwithstanding your condition.

All it takes is to be confident in yourself and the ability to obtain whatever you set your mind to do.

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