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Dating Guide for New Years

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One of the several moments in human history that feels perfect for any romantic activity is the new year. It is such a happy time, filled with enthusiasm and energy matched only probably by valentine’s day.

The New Year is a time for couples to remind themselves about how far they’ve come. It is a time for them to take a step back for an aerial view of their journey for the last three hundred and sixty-five days.

In the case of those who have been single, they have the opportunity of shredding out the previous year and giving themselves another chance to go at it again. If lucky, they get a midnight kiss with the hopes of being wrapped in their lover’s arms by the end of the new year.

But can they make their dreams come true? Yes, they can! One great advantage of the New Year is the energy it brings. People have their minds psychologically prepared to try harder and try again. If appropriately channeled, that energy can help them find that special one early into the year.

Check people’s resolutions, and you will find out that falling in love is almost on everyone’s lit. This dating guide for the new year will serve the purpose of helping you get that special one you crave so that you can have a romance-filled New Year.

Dating Guide For New Years

Ideas for New Years Dates

New Year CelebrationTaking your eharmony date somewhere for New Years’ can be challenging. There aren’t many places open; therefore, your options are going to be quite limited.

Don’t worry; there are other options you could go for your date in the new year.

It would be best to try not to do anything cliche as a date idea during this period.

Things like watching a movie or grabbing some dinner would be great date ideas for your time together deep into the year. For now, something creative would suit the aura of the new year. Here are date ideas:

Museums and Galleries

This one may feel a bit touristy, but it is still an excellent way to spend the dreamy first day of the new year. It is a beautiful and refreshing place to go to on the day. You can lock arms and wander around the gallery or museum, learning new things as you go. It could also be one of the many things you both do on the day.

Favorite Haunt

Favorite HauntThis one is even better as a first date idea. You could split the day halves and take each other to your favorite spots in the city.

Take each other to a place where you both feel at peace and love to come to relax. It is such an intimate thing to do because you will be giving each other access to a place you hold sacred in your hearts.

Go Shopping

Why not make a list of things you both want to buy and go Shopping? You could help each other pick items and talk as you push the trolley of products. You would be taking advantage of several new Year discount offerings on products and fostering your live life. Sounds like a win-win.

What can couples do for new year’s eve?

As a couple, you should be doing something special with your partner on new year’s eve; you only get one of those every year and won’t get another until that long. Here are some unique things you should be doing with your significant other on the day:

Midnight Kiss

Midnight KissThe beauty of the new year’s eve kiss when the clock’s hour hand strikes 12 is that it never gets old. There is a special feeling that the best writers could ramble on about for a thousand pages, and they still wouldn’t capture it perfectly.

It would help if you shared a kiss with your partner at the stroke of midnight. You will be glad you did.


In the comfort of your home, you and yours could dance right after the kiss to a traditional New Year’s Eve song. An example would be “Auld Lang Syne,” but it could be anything from your cultural background.

Cook Together

Cooking TogetherAre you both adventurous eaters? New Year’s Eve is an excellent time to try out a new cuisine in the comfort of your home. It could be something new you’ve never had before or a dish that’s both your favorite that you have in restaurants.

Learning to prepare something new together or preparing something together provides you both a sense of unity.

Time Capsule

This is a good idea if you both have it on your resolution to declutter your home. A time capsule is a collection of meaningful items from different periods of your life backed into a box to be buried and unearthed later.

Instead of tossing away the things that hold sentimental value in your home, you could bury them as a time capsule.

Should Couples Spend New Years Together?

New Year CelebrationsThere is no direct answer to this question.  There are many things to factor in when deciding if you and your partner should be together for New Years’. On the one hand, it seems an utterly romantic thing to do; you and your partner kissing on the stroke of midnight, dancing to auld lang syne, and cooking something delicious right after. However, you have to consider what the other party wants.

The lifecycle of your relationship also plays an important role. If you both have been together for two years or more, they might not want to spend the New Years’ the same way they did the previous year or two.

It is usual for them not to want to spend the new year with you. A little bit of mystery and absence is always good for the flames of romance. Ask your partner what they want to do for the new year. Please do not assume that they want to do what you have in mind.

Bottom Line

The new year is a period made for romance. It is a time when singles who did not have it so good with relationships the previous year can decide to go again on a clean slate.

For those who found love at the dying minutes of the year, it is a lucky time for them because most relationships never make it to the new year’s kiss stage. Also, the new year comes with unique date ideas for them to try out.

Couples who have been together for long may want to check with their partner first if spending the new year with each other is something they would love to try again.

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