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Dating Tips For INTJ People

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test contains a spectrum of personalities. Each makes it easier to understand people and how to relate with them. It is also useful for establishing and building relationships.

This is because it gives an in-depth understanding of people and what makes them tick. This personality indicator marks out 16 different personalities. Each of those personalities has qualities that are particular to them.

Learning about each can help you quickly identify who in your life might be what. What is the advantage of being able to classify people this way? If you know why a person acts a certain way, would it not be easier to deal with them?

Humans often react towards other people in a certain way without giving much thought to it. Other people who may not have liked the way someone acted towards them end up using that information to paint such an individual either a bad person or a good one.

The personality known as the INTJ is the focus of this article. They are a special type of people who are often misunderstood. You will need dating tips for INTJ people if you will have any success building a romantic relationship with one.

Dating Tips For INTJ People

Who Is An INTJ Person?

Introverted WomanWhat does this acronym even mean? INTJ is short for ‘Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.” Recognizing is pretty easy because, as quiet as introverts are, this group of people’s awkwardness makes them stand out, albeit negatively. INTJs prefer to work alone. If you’ve ever been involved in a project that requires teamwork and someone on the team is vocal about how they like working alone, they are most likely INTJ.

They are usually robot-like in the way that they relate to other people. They are highly logical and avoid making decisions based on how they feel about a subject. They are often perturbed by how other people can be so emotional about things.

An INTJ person finds it difficult to live in the moment and prefers to look at the bigger picture before making decisions. It can often be a weak point for them because they like to rely on abstract information rather than fact-in-hand to make decisions.

Introverted ManThe INTJs are the control freaks in your life. They hate leaving anything to chance and like to have all of the boxes ticked. They get dramatic when someone on the team, for example, isn’t playing their role correctly. They want their world to feel ordered, so they are always making plans in their head on how to have it that way. They are good at leadership roles even though they often suck at managing people.

They are often chosen for managerial positions because they find it easy to create systems that work. They can stand over situations like an eagle, spot what is wrong aerially, and design a fix for it.

What Are INTJs Attracted To?

How do you attract someone who prefers staying away from people? Are they even capable of being in romantic relationships? Here are things INTJs are attracted to:

1. Honesty

Honest Guy Talking With a FriendINTJs expect and appreciate you being straight-forward with them.

They want someone who can be honest with them and tell them how it really is, no matter how brutal it may sound. Remember, they are logical beings.

As much as an INTJ person focuses on abstract data to make decisions, they still understand you need the facts sometimes.

2. Intelligence

Man ReadingKnowledge is essential in the world of an INTJ person. They love to know about different things. When they are still naive at a young age, some usually foolishly think they can learn it all, and that is one of the problems they face during those formative years. You can even use that as a sort of test for maturity for them. If they still think they can know about a percent of everything present in the Milkyway galaxy, they are not yet grown.

They are attracted to intelligent people. They want someone who can challenge their knowledge and know when they are wrong. They love systems, and a system where each partner challenges the other to be better is very attractive to them.

This does not mean that they want someone similar to them; they want quite the opposite. But you can be a non-INTJ and still be intelligent. Wanting intelligence does not mean they want someone who is the smartest in every room.

They would like their partner to be intelligent in one area of life they don’t have much experience. It could be street-smarts, emotional intelligence, etc.

3. Passionate

Woman PaintingINTJs are attracted to people who are passionate about some of the hot topics in the world.

It could be wanting equal rights for men and women or something else.

They like open-minded people. They like passionate people but not people who live and breathe their passion.

Who Are INTJs Most Compatible With?

These are the other personality types they are compatible with:

  • ENTJ
  • ESTJ

Tips For INTJs

If you are an INTJ, here are some dating tips for you:

1. Talk

Unlike when a police officer arrests you, your silence as an INTJ person in a relationship will be used against you. People will make conclusions from your silence on dates. For example, they may conclude you are not interested in them when you probably like them a lot.

2. It’s The Little Things

As an INTJ, you know how much you love the bigger picture. That does not make relationships work. You have to take note of the little details. People feel valued when their partner remembers the little details because they are the easiest to forget.

3. Ditch Structure

Relationships are the wrong place to practice structure. Of course, there will be things in your relationship that your partner will be happy to have your genius touch on them. However, that cannot be what your relationship is all about. Having a plan for every single thing is not romantic, and it is boring.

Bottom Line

The only way you can survive in a relationship or even starting one as an INTJ is to understand yourself. You have to know what makes you tick so you can have a first-person view of how someone else might be affected by your actions.

You have to understand that being pragmatic could seem like your biggest strength, but it can also be your biggest weakness. Relationships are sentimental and emotional, and you must let yourself go sometimes.

The best person for you is either someone exactly like you or someone different, in that they appear to be opposite in behavior but not so much; someone who is tolerant and injects some emotion in your world.

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