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Dating Tips for INTP people

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one way people use to figure out their type of personality. It is a reflective test that aims to indicate an individual’s psychological preference in how they perceive the world and how that preference influences their decision-making.

INTP people are one of the several personalities on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Each personality trait has some peculiarity to it that makes each experience unique.

Dating an INTP is different from dating someone with a different Myers-Briggs personality like an INTJ. If you would have some success dating those kinds of people, there are tips you should know.

Dating INTP is like opening a fortune cookie – you never know what you might find in one, and that is why you need dating tips for INTP people. They are often unpredictable, spontaneous, and ever-changing in their philosophy of life.

If you have a template for how you date people, an INTP person will have you quickly throwing it into the bin. As unpredictable as they may seem, they are still humans, and humans have predictable qualities.

So, there are simple things you can do that are always guaranteed to touch the heart of an INTP person. In this article, you will find several tips and tricks that will help you navigate the unpredictable waters of dating an INTP person.

Dating Tips For INTP People

Who Is An INTP Person?

Analytic womanINTP is an acronym for ‘introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving.’ It is one of the 16 personality types marked out by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

You will often find that INTP people are quiet and will be unnoticeable in most rooms. They are also often described as analytical – preferring to break down situations into smaller units that they can then logically process.

They love spending time alone, thinking about how things work, and finding solutions to problems. INTPs are very internal in the way they live. In their minds is a world they have built over time and which they prefer to the external world.

Critical Characteristics of INTP People

  • INTPS are quiet people, they are reserved, and you would often find them to be thoughtful. They are introverts who prefer a small circle of like minds as friends.
  • Theoretical concepts fascinate INTPs. They are sometimes described as robotic because they tend to value intellect over emotion. They prefer to make decisions over facts rather than feelings.
  • They are highly logical people, and if you are a Star Trek fan, Spock would be the closest example to an INTP you can find.
  • INTP people are good at thinking outside the box and are flexible in forming their opinions.
  • Structure and Planning keep them limited. They always want a sense of freedom and the knowledge that they can go outside the norm.

Do INTP Fall In Love Easily?

Inlove CouplePeople tend to associate INTPs with robotic personalities because they tend to default to logic over emotions. It is often wondered if they are capable of being romantically involved with other human beings.

However, just because they are very logic-focused human beings does not mean they are incapable of experiencing a sentimental emotion as love.

They view love differently, but they are capable of falling in love. Do they do it easily? They have qualities that need to be understood first.


Confident ManINTPs are passionate beings. At least in the eyes of none-INTPs, the problem is that they are not loud about this passion.

They do not wear it visibly for everyone to see, making people conclude they are incapable of falling in love. They are not cold or uncaring as people try to make them out to be. They are deeply passionate about whoever they fall in love with.

Having a more introverted lifestyle, that passion is felt and basked in internally. INTPs usually feel love as distracting, especially when it is not a priority in their life. See, because they are logical people, they ironically structure their life according to their goals.

An INTP will most likely choose a career over a relationship if they feel having no job would hurt the relationship anyway. But, when they fall in love, they fall hard.


Reading Poesy For HerMost INTPs may have the mind of a scientist, but they are true romantics at heart. You will find a lot of them to be hopeless romantics. Because they live in their heads and can often be lost in dreamy thoughts, you become a part of that world, and they use what they know about you to try to make you happy there. Sometimes they translate this into the real world, culminating in some of the most thoughtful surprises you may ever receive.

What Do INTPs Find Attractive?

Couple working togetherOne should not try to make a this or that table for who any personality trait finds attractive.

Various INTP-identifying people are attracted to different things, so you cannot take this as some physics law.

INTPs are attracted to people who can challenge them to execute their ideas. People who can help them bring their ideas to life.

INTPs are passionate about their ideas and will value anyone who can make them feel alive. They also love people who can hold discussions and who will not get tired of having them too.

There is always a way people look at others when they have long talks about things that are not considered practical problems. INTPs hate that and like people who get why they are passionate about topics like that.

Impressing An INTP

Man Playing VideogameTo impress an INTP, you have to be someone who can keep things fresh and exciting. Prolonged stagnancy will make INTPs leave you. Other than giving them new things to experience, they also appreciate honesty. An INTP would love you to tell them when something is wrong. Bottling up after they’ve hurt you is uncomfortable for them. They prefer to have conversations about incidents.

Lastly, INTPs love their space. Being clingy scares a lot of INTPs, and they will respond by being distant. INTPs value their independence so much to a hurtful point sometimes. You have to let them have their bubble.

Bottom Line

Personality traits are a different and effective way to classify people in order to figure them out. INTPs are unique personality types, and they are very logical in the way they live.

There are things you have to remember when dating anyone with this personality. They are logical beings who are not probably disinterested in the relationship they have with you because they are not vocal about it. They are not extroverted beings.

They prefer to be alone and live in their head. An INTP is mostly always daydreaming, so you can relax and stop being sad because your INTP lover doesn’t hug you as often as the last person you dated.

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