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If you are looking to get back into the dating pool after a while or looking to increase your chances of finding the right person, it would be best if you stopped shying away from dating apps. The sheer number of people, especially unique visitors on those platforms, is the evidence you need to make it an option in your effort to find a partner.

People often complain of not knowing which of the platforms to join. The confusion is understandable; approximately 1500 dating apps are looking to get you and others like you onto their platform. In this article, two of those dating apps are compared with one another. It is going to be a battle between eharmony vs. OkCupid.

Read on to find out which holds the most prospect for your love life.

eharmony vs OkCupid – Detailed Comparison

Comparison of History

Homepage - eharmony

If longevity is a yardstick you take seriously, eHarmony is a platform you want to check out. You know how Myspace is always spoken about as the beginning of social media existence? Well, eHarmony’s journey dates back even further than theirs.

It was founded in the year 2000, which’s 3 years before Myspace came to life. It is owned by a German company and is based out in Silicon Valley. In 2012, the company’s reported revenue was around $275 million annually.

Homepage - OkCupid

The founders of OkCupid started by building personality evaluating apps to match people with similar personalities. The three Harvard students used the knowledge they gained from matching people together from the information they supplied to begin working on OkCupid in 2001.

But, it took 3 years for them to make OkCupid available to the public. The company has since been acquired by the operators of, a previous fierce competitor of OkCupid. The company has a yearly reported revenue of $115M and has about 130 people under its employ, just to give you an idea of its size and capabilities.

Key Features of Both Websites

Communicating - eharmony

Both platforms are feature-rich, but there are differences in the services they offer. OkCupid, on the one hand, doesn’t put the task of finding a lover in the hands of the user entirely. The little searching functionality lets you find users whose username you know, but it is still more than what eharmony offers.

Eharmony only lets you do basic things such as filter users by those online and those offline. Your previous search history is saved and accessible the next time.

OkCupid has a message feature that now works differently from when the app first came out. Before, you could message any user on the platform at will, but after the feature was abused by lots of users, the folks at OkCupid changed how their messaging system works.

You can still message anyone, but they will only see that message if they’ve liked your profile. Making the messaging feature work this way curbed its abuse, but people who genuinely want to connect now find it harder to do so.

OkCupid has a feature called ‘Double Take.’ It is a swipe-gesture-based matching system where you can swipe to the right if you like a user or left if you do not. There is also a ‘See who you like’ and vice-versa tab that allows you to do precisely what the title says.

Okcupid mobile app

It makes sense that these exist because it makes it easier to find who you can message and will be able to see your messages. Another feature on OkCupid is the boost feature that lets you appear more frequently on other member’s Double Take. The feature also highlights your profile to help you stand out.

Going on eharmony means you have to be prepared to pay to get any use out of the app. The most any free tier user can do is send winks to other members. If you want to message other people, you have to pay for the premium version.

On the premium version of eharmony, you will get access to features that allow you to send a user a smile. The ‘What If?’ feature gives you access to 30 matches outside your compatibility zone. Finally, the Video Date is suitable for people who prefer meeting a person via video call before commencing physical interactions.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

eharmony quiz screen example 3

Both platforms are personality-focused in their matching efforts. Matching you correctly is why their sign-up processes are a bit tedious. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete their sign-up process. You can simply sign-up via Facebook on both, but you will be required to take their unique personality tests to improve your matching chances.

okcupid Sign Up - Basics

User Base

OkCupid has a user base of 50 million people all over the world. They have 10 million in the United States, and their users’ age range is between 25-34. OkCupid is LGBT-friendly and is very inclusive. They have various gender options beyond the ‘male’ and ‘female’ that most websites allow you to pick from.

eharmony has a vast user base, too, boasting 66 million people in 200 countries. They aren’t open to all countries; some countries are banned from using the platform. Their platform has a percentage of 47% female and 53% male and an age range of 25-34.

You will find a lot of academically successful users on this dating platform. eharmony also provides matching options for gay people.

Homepage - eharmony
Homepage - OkCupid

Ease of Using each platform

Features app - OkCupid

Both platforms are modern in their approach to their platform’s design. They are very clean and neat to use. OkCupid’s design makes it very easy to navigate through the site’s functionalities. There is a top menu where you can find a link to most things you will do.

The Double Take feature has this significant usability component that lets you take a glimpse at who is next on the queue before you swipe.

eharmony mobile app

eharmony’s design is modern, but it doesn’t go all out to have the latest design trends. It is neat and sports a minimalist approach in the way they’ve organized the site’s components.

Which Dating Site has the Highest Success Rate

eharmony wins this round. In fact, so good is their success rate that it is seen as the ‘marriage site.’ They have a high rate of success finding people long-term life partners. OkCupid is successful, too, but they are dwarfed by the amount of success eharmony enjoys.

Pricing of Each

Prices - eharmony

eharmony has a 3-tier subscription-based plan. They are listed below

  • Light Plan: 6 Months at $59.90
  • Plus Plan: 12 Months at $35.90
  • Extra Plan: 24 Months at $25.90

Prices - OkCupid

OkCupid also has a 2-tier subscription-based plan, but these plans are further re-categorized on a per-month basis. There is a credit system that you can use to activate the boost feature, and the pricing for both are listed below.

A-List Basic Subscription

  • 1-Month at $7.95
  • 3-Months at $19.05
  • 6-Months at $23.70

A-List Premium Subscription

  • 1-Month at $24.90
  • 3-Months at $68.70
  • 6-Months at $119.70

Boost Credit System

  • 1 credit at $1.99
  • 5 credits at $9.45
  • 10 credits at $16.90

Couple Drinking a Coffeeharmony Pros & Cons


  • Clean interface and a minimalist design
  • High success rate


  • Users can’t really do anything without upgrading to the premium version
  • Not enough search functionality

OkCupid Pros & Cons


  • LGTBT and multi-gender inclusive
  • Beautiful interface


  • So many subscription plans make things quickly confusing.
  • The sign-up process is a bit tedious

Bottom Line

Both platforms are great to use, but they have significant differences. If you are a left-winger, OkCupid is the place you probably want to go to find a match. It is better to choose that platform as a liberal because, from the onset, the company has reiterated their support for the LGBT community, meaning they built the platform with the community in mind.

eharmony is suitable if you are a right-winger. It is not that the website isn’t ideal for gay people, but it began as a right-wing company and is still more right-wing than left today. In fact, the company had to almost be bullied into providing support for matching gay people together.

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Homepage - eharmony
Homepage - OkCupid

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