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Fantastic First Date Ideas for You 

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First of all, congratulations on getting to the first date stage. Many have tried but could not reach this point, so bask in the success of your efforts. The next obvious step is to take things past this stage into that cute stage where you both have sweet nicknames for each other.

Everything depends on how well you execute this stage, and to do just that, you need great first-date ideas. You have to make an absolute belter of a first impression on your eharmony match.

Else you might not be getting that text at the end of the day that goes, “I loved tonight, let’s do it again.” This article steps in to help you with all of that because everyone knows the first date is as good as the idea.

You could be a wonderful person, but if the date idea sucks, it most certainly will overshadow your brilliance, ruin the night, and that could spell the end of your start with him or her.

This article contains a lot of useful information on what first date ideas should embody and some first date ideas you might want to explore. It also includes the things you should avoid doing on the first date.

Read on to discover all you need to know.

First Date Ideas

What Is a Good Idea for a First Date?

The importance of first dates has already been stated. You can also tell from previous experiences how everything usually rests on the first date.

If you’ve had no prior experience with dating, it will help if you paid rapt attention to this section as you will learn what makes a good idea for a first date. How do you know your idea for a first date is excellent? Answers are listed below:

You can be yourself

Happy ManYou know your first date idea is great if you both can be yourself on the date. If you are the one coming up with the idea, it depends on what you are going for.

Some people try to show off their wealth on the first date. However, making reservations in a costly place to take someone of a different social class may have them behaving very differently.

A good idea for a first date will have you both being able to be your honest selves. You will feel no unnecessary social pressure to act differently from how you would act if this were your 10th date.

Fun and Sentimental

Fun WomanAn excellent first idea will have you both smiling the entire time. It should be fun but meaningful.

They should be able to go home, and when they think of the experience, their memory of the night should make them smile and be warming and affectionate. It should be able to stand out from the others they’ve had.

Some Good First Date Ideas

Here are some first date ideas you might find exciting:

A Picnic

PicnicA picnic is such an intimate yet non-intrusive date idea. It is perfect if you both love nature because you can both sit outside under the sky admiring nature and each other.

You can make things exciting if you are a great cook and offer to make something delicious. You would be giving them a taste of the good food they would be getting if they took this further.

Before you decide to have a picnic, you should check the weather on the day you choose. You don’t want to have everything set up and have to pack it all up 20 minutes into the date because of rain.

If the prediction says it will rain, you could decide on another date idea or reschedule. In terms of cost, a picnic is as expensive as you want it to be. You can go all out, or you could be moderate; it all depends on you.

A Spa Date

Spa DateIf you and your date are both into wellness and relaxation, you could plan a spa date. It seems an unlikely one, but they might appreciate your spontaneity.

Most spa centers have several packages created so couples can have a swell time. They are usually of different price points with activities that help you both relax close to each other.

You can have intimate conversations in relaxed states, which is when we think better as humans.


A planetarium that allows visitors to stargaze freely should be on your list of first-date ideas. You could check if the planetarium would let you have a picnic setting, so you could have a picnic and stargaze simultaneously.

What Should You Not Do on The First Date?

Do Not Be Complicated

Couple Being ComplicatedDo not overcomplicate things when you are deciding on what to do for a first date.

You do not know this person, so there are bound to be shocks and many uncertainties. Do not go about arranging the perfect romantic dinner.

It will make you look desperate and, to some people, creepy.

People who find it amusing might feel some pressure to do as much as you have done when it is their turn to plan a date. They may not have the financial capacity or the creative juice to pull it off.

Don’t Be Disconnected

Man Distracted with His PhoneIf you are not attracted to a person, do not go on a date with them.

Do not accept their request for a date. If you agree to go on a date with them, do not appear distracted on the date.

Do not be disconnected from them when they are trying to have a conversation with you.

Where Should You Not Go On The First Date?

Some of the places you should avoid on the first date are:

Movie Theatre

You would appear old-fashioned and lazy if you decide to take them to a movie theatre. First dates at the cinema are done, and it is the best way to tell them that they do not excite you.


A club is not a great place to go for a first date. It is usually loud, and you might run into creepy people. You would never be able to hear each other over loud music.

Bottom Line

You want to nail your first date, and that is normal. If you skimmed this article, you should take the time to reread it because there are many useful first-date ideas that you can choose from.

There are some boxes that, if checked, could help you make an excellent first impression on your date. There are unusual date ideas in this article that will help you appear creative, something they will appreciate.

There are things you should not do on the first date. There are some listed in this article, but one more is going there nervous. If you are so jittery on the first date, you could create a ‘pushover’ tag for yourself.

If a relationship does come out of that first date, they may take advantage of that tag later in the future. Remember to have fun and listen more than you talk.

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