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12 First Date Tips for Men That’ll Win Her Over!

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It has been a long way coming, but you are finally here! You’ve landed your first date with that woman you’ve not been able to get your mind off for a long time now, and you are delighted at this development. The next thing to do is plan your first date!

It is reasonable to be nervous about this stage because you want to get it right and make a good impression on them. The first date is so important because it could ruin or strengthen your bond with your date.

Blow her mind on the first date, and it could seal, sign, and deliver the second date. Ruin the first date, and that could be that for your chances of taking things further. Men find it difficult to be creative about these things.

That is why the need for this article arose. This article contains first-date tips for men. These tips will help you blow her mind on the first date. It includes every detail you need, from how well you should dress to the different things you can both do on the first date.

The location of your first date matters, and you will have some help in that direction too.

First Date Tips For Men

What Should a Guy Do On The First Date?

First Date

So you’ve had a match on a dating app and ready to meet.

The first thing a guy should not do on the first date is to be overly nervous. Being nervous on your first date will smear disappointment all over your efforts.

The other thing a guy should not do on the first date is to be too confident that he comes off as arrogant.

Confidence is great but too much, and you come off as being full of yourself; it could end your date abruptly or mar the chances of having another. Now, what should a guy do on the first date?

1. Smile a lot

You should smile very often on your first date. It helps relax your nerves, which you need not stutter when you try to talk to her. Smiling will also help her feel relaxed with you. Being able to relax on the date will generally improve the ambiance of the date.

2. Prepare

Man Getting Ready

Preparing for your date involves you picking out clothing, a venue, etc. Most people ignore what to do in preparation for the first date is to prepare what to say, not just standing in front of the mirror saying random things eloquently, but writing down talking points. Preparing what to say goes even more comfortable if you have been privileged to have several conversations with her.

You could write out talking points off of the conversations you have had.

3. Put your cell phone away

Do not let yourself in any way be distracted by your smartphone during the first date. Turn off your mobile data connection, your reminders, or alarms during the first date. It is your first date, and she wants to feel valued, and being carried away by your smartphone will not make her feel valuable during the meet.

12 tips to a successful date

Man Working Out1. Get in a Workout

Before you go on your date, you must get some exercise. It could be a walk in the park or a light jog.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which give the body a positive feeling. It would help if you had all the positivity you can get before your date.

2. Fire Up Your Playlist

If you are a music lover, there is most likely a playlist you love to listen to to get you fired up every day. Listen to your playlist before the date; it will get you in a good mood.

3. Make a List

Either on paper or in your mind, make a list of the neat things about yourself. You cannot go to your date feeling defeated and sad.

4. Appearance Matters

You are going on a date to impress her. She should see you and have no choice but to say, “you look great.” If you cannot make an effort, you should pick up the phone to cancel your plans.

5. An appearance checklist

Appearance checklist

Still, on appearance, you should make a checklist of things that should be checked. Ensure you groom your beards. Your break should smell like daisies plucked out of the garden of Eden.

Use deodorant to smell as good as a freshly baked cake, but not too much that you would appear on the morning news having killed everyone at the venue with your deodorant.

Ensure your shoes do not start to stink halfway into the date.

6. Listen More, Talk Less.

No matter, how passionate you are about the topic, do not shout her down or talk over her. Show her you are as civil as they come. Maybe someday after you’ve both sent the third kid to highschool, you could talk over her but on the first date? Not today.

7. Think Before You Talk

Do not rush into replies. Be laid back and think before you reply to her on any topic. If you will not, she could as well be having a date with rottweiler.

8. Be Yourself

Happy Man

You have heard this so many times, so here it is again – Be real. A first date is not the place or the time to fake it to make it. You may get away with it, but then you have to keep up with the lie, which would make the relationship tire you out quickly. Even if she does discover you were putting up a facade and still decides to forgive you, she will always have some doubts at the back of her mind about you afterward.

9. Blast From The Past

If you have had dates in the past, this new date is the perfect opportunity to take a walk down memory lane to relieve everything you did wrong or should have done better. Make notes, and improve on them during this new date.

9. List Out Questions

Great Conversation

A first date is a chance to get to meet the person with whom you could potentially spend the rest of your life. Make a list of questions you would love to ask her. Bear in mind that the questions you ask her will tell her what you think of her and what you want. If it is all explicit questions, you may come off as wanting to be in the sack with her by the end of the night, and if that is not what she wants from you, the date could end earlier than you planned.

10. Pick Her Up

If you try to pick her up to the date’s venue, she would love that, and you would immediately be held in high esteem.

11. Open Doors

Show her that chivalry is not dead. Please open the door for her to step in and step out. The point is to make her feel special on the day; few things scream ‘special’ than that.

12. Is It okay To Kiss On The First Date?

Yes, it is. It depends on how magical the night has been for both of you.

However, do not try to steal a kiss.

Ask her politely if you could. Do not let a ‘No.’ make you feel defeated. She may just be taking things slower than you are.

Bottom Line

The first date is pivotal in the creation of romantic relationships. It is a chance for you to make an excellent first impression about who you are and what you are like. Please take it as an interview as to why this person should be with you for the foreseeable future.

She will be looking to get a glimpse into your life and personality. Hence, you have to ensure she sees nothing but positives.  The things to do on the first date are listed out in this article. These are things that will help you both enjoy each other’s company.

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