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Fourth Date Ideas

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Some people take the third date as the ultimate date – Like, it is the last date they need to go on to make the relationship official officially. They put a lot of energy into planning this third date because they regard it as the final date they’ll have to plan.

However, this is not often the reality of the dating world. The best dating experts consider the fourth date as the actual date number crucial to your journey to starting a relationship. It is seriously underrated, but it should not.

The first, second, and third dates will put you and your partner at a certain level of comfort with each other. Now that you are comfortable speaking to yourselves, the fourth date is where you tackle the serious issues you’ve noted that could affect your relationship’s future. It is the inch before the finish line.

Because the fourth date can affect your relationship’s future, you need a list of creative fourth date ideas on what to do and where to go. That is where this article comes in to help. You will find date ideas that are suitable for the fourth meeting between you and your partner here.

There are also tips on how you should act on the fourth date, which will ensure the day turns outright.

Fourth Date Ideas

What Should I Do On The Fourth Date?

Because the fourth date is widely regarded as the last step in the series of dates, normally, you want to get everything right. The first step to getting everything right is coming up with a date idea that helps you both get in the mood you feel will be best for the date.

Here are different date ideas for you to try:

1. Gaming

GamingIf you and your partner both love games, you can make a date out of it. You can ask them about their favorite video game when they were little, and you can tell them yours.

You can introduce new rules into the game to make things extra spicy. For example, suppose you have both agreed to play super-Mario or Pac man. Whoever has a gaming console can invite the other over for a game.

In terms of adding new rules to the game, some people have various ways of playing super Mario. You’ll often see people play strip-super Mario, where you both take turns playing the game, and when one person loses, they take off a piece of clothing they have on.

This game aims to build up some sexual tension. What variation of the game you want to play depends on your aim for playing the game. If you want to get deep secrets out of each other, each time someone loses, they may have to say something about themselves that no one else knows.

Both of you could even take it a step further and make it so that they have to take a shot if anyone decides not to speak. You can be as creative with it as you want to be.

2. Picnic

PicnicThe great thing about a picnic is you can have one at different stages of the dating cycle. You can have it on the first date, second date, and third date. You can also have it on the fourth date, and one could even argue that it is more effective on the fourth date. Suppose you’ve gotten to the fourth date stage with them. In that case, there has to be a level of comfort that would make a picnic the best place to have serious discussions about what you think of yourselves and the future of the relationship.

A picnic on the fourth date does not have to be elaborate or expensive either. You can get your favorite meals, eat and have conversations on different topics.

3. Stargazing

StargazingAn inexpensive date idea is going on a stargazing expedition of sorts. Stargazing is such a romantic activity. It is a dreamy thing to do, and it is a catalyst for affectionate emotion.

While stargazing, you will find it easier to talk about the deep things you will not otherwise have been able to speak about at a restaurant or even at a picnic. Stargazing affords you some privacy and something about the night inspires calm.

4. Babysit

BabysitBabysitting is an activity that many people do not consider can be a good date idea, but oddly it is. It can be an excellent date idea, especially if you both have agreed you want to go into a long-term relationship. If you are both on board with the idea, babysitting will bring out a different side of you and your date. You can measure how well you can work together by ensuring the baby is calm throughout the babysitting session successfully.

What Is The Fourth Date Rule?

There are no special rules when you go on the fourth date. You have to understand that people are individual creations, and each person thinks differently from the other. Everyone you meet will have different orientations about the world and relationships, so you should tailor your advances to match that.

However, there are some general rules that you can follow to have a successful fourth date. The date should not be less than an hour long and should not be more than 3 hours. The date idea should not be something you have done on the previous dates.

What Does a 4th Date Mean?

CoupleA 4th date says a lot about your affection for each other. If they agree on a fourth date, it should be pretty clear that they like you and you also enjoy their company.

You can start making plans to live your life with this person because you are in a relationship. At the end of the fourth date, you should know the labels now apply. You are their boyfriend or girlfriend.

You can no longer talk to any other person on the topic of romance because that would officially be cheating.

How Many Dates Before You Are Dating?

Happy CoupleAs pointed out earlier, if you both have been on four dates, then it is official that you are in a relationship. There should be no delusion about that fact. Three dates are enough to decide whether you like them or not.

If you still aren’t sure about those three dates, then you should not be setting up a fourth date because a fourth is the official first date of you both as a couple.

If the delay is on their part and by the end of the fourth date, it still feels like you are getting nowhere with them, it may be time to put the question directly to them.

What should the question be about? It should be about if they like you and want to be in a relationship with you. If they reply saying they are undecided, ask them the areas they find difficult to connect with you on. If their replies are things about yourself, you think you can fix, allay their fears and tell them there would be a change.

You should not be going on a 5th date if you still cannot say your date is completely interested in you after the fourth date.

Bottom Line

Are you finding it difficult to come up with an idea for the fourth date? Everyone struggles with this aspect. It is hard to be creative after three dates. You can do several things on the fourth date, and some of them have been listed in the article.

The fourth date should feel more serious. They should already feel like your partner by the time you go on a fourth date and when it ends too. No matter how slow you are taking things, a fourth date is not one to get to know basic things about each other.

That should have been done on the first and second dates. If you feel any hesitation on their part after the fourth date, you should not be going on a fifth date.

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