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How To Date a Single Dad

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Dating a single dad is not the same as dating a man who does not have kids or has never been married.

Single dads know what it is like being in relationships and even having kids from the union. The tweak about single dads is that they are back to figuring things out once again, which might not be an easy ride.

It is necessary to know what you are going into before you begin a single dad relationship. Not only will it help you prepare for the experience, but you will also learn how to handle his kids and tantrums.

Your presence in his children’s lives will change the course of events, especially when they are younger and when they are still seeking their father’s attention.

Considering that single parents cannot make decisions without putting their kids first, it might be impossible for you as a partner to understand some of his concerns and issues with his kids.

This article focuses on everything you need to know about dating a single dad. Keep reading to discover tips and tricks to make your relationship with a single dad worth it.

How Do Single Dads Start Dating?

single dad with his babyIt usually takes a lot for single dads to begin dating again, mainly because they may have had traumatic relationships in the past.

When single dads decide to step into the dating circle again, they have considered their options and think they are ready to settle down once more.

Notwithstanding the cause of separation in their previous relationship, single dads only venture into dating again when they are sure their relationship will not be detrimental to their kids.

Being a kids’ father requires that every decision and move you make will positively impact the kids, including his dating partners.

For single dads to start dating, they can easily visit dating sites that are single dad-friendly and include it in their profile.

This will help everyone who sees it know that he is a single dad and is up for something serious. Another great way single dads can get their groove back is by being themselves.

While a single dad is responsible for caring for kids, he still needs to be himself. Single dads must allow their personality to shine through and let their potential dates see them for who they are and not just as a daddy to kids.

How Can You Tell That A Single Dad Is Serious About You?

When a single dad likes you, the signs are typical of every male. They want to be around you constantly, they enjoy spending time with you, and generally everything people who are attracted to each other do. However, here are some tips to help you know if a single dad finds you attractive:

He enjoys your company

couple enjoying each otherThis is one sure-fire way to tell that a single dad is serious about you.

Even with his tight schedule of watching his kids and his professional activities, he still tries to make out time to spend with you.

When a single dad leaves all his responsibilities to be with you, it is very different from when a single man does that because he has a lot on his plate.

Single dads are usually very focused on their kids, and they will frown at any attempt to distract them.

However, if on their own they create time to be in your company, it shows that the single dad is serious about you.

He Expresses His Feelings

When a single dad tells you how he feels about you, you should not take it for granted because it must have cost him a lot to muster the courage to tell you how he feels. Considering that he has had to do this in the past, and things hit rock bottom, you can rest assured that he sincerely means anything he tells you.

Single dads rarely speak up concerning their feelings about people they are attracted to, not only because they are macho men but also because they want to make any relationship they enter into worth it.

As someone interested in a single dad, you can tell that the feeling is mutual when expressing his feelings to you.

His kids are comfortable with you

woman talking to the kidAll parents are very protective of their kids, single parents especially.

Therefore, there is always a barrier between a stranger and their children.

When a single dad allows his kids to hang out with you or spend time with you, it shows that he trusts you, and that means he is serious about you.

Not everyone has access to their partner’s kids, especially at the initial stage, but if the kids love the partner and enjoy his/her company, that proves that the kids approve of the relationship.

Why Dating A Single Dad is Good

Here are some reasons why dating a single dad is advantageous:

They love Genuinely

Having kids has an immense impact on how a parent loves. Kids open up the hearts of their parents to love genuinely and unconditionally.

The bond that parents and kids share cannot be undermined. So, when you date a single dad, he helps you understand what love is and how to express love without holding back.

They are Committed

Considering that he is saddled with taking care of his little ones, it shows how committed he can be to matters of his interest.

Single dads are capable of being committed to you because already, they understand the growth process and will not cringe at the mention of responsibility and dedication.

They are Providers

Single dads are great at providing for their kids’ needs, and when they enter into a relationship with someone they like, they will give as well. They are instinctively wired to cater to the needs of those around them, which is another good reason for dating a single dad.

Tips For Attracting And  Dating A Single Dad

To attract and date a single dad, some tips will help you establish and sustain a great relationship. Here are some of the information you need:

Support Him

If there is one thing a single dad will want from his relationship, it is support from his partner. Being considerate and understanding when plans change or when something comes up to interfere in your quality time with him.

No single dad is looking for someone impatient to add to his bulk of work because what he needs is someone patient and supportive who will understand when things don’t go as planned.

Don’t Try To Become The New Mom

woman spending time with girlsAs long as kids are in the picture, it is essential to tread with caution.

This requires a lot of patience and restraint to avoid doing or saying something insensitive.

Instead of rushing to take their mom’s position, it is better to take things slowly and just be yourself around the kids.

You can engage in activities they love and allow them to decide on the pace at which they want to move with you.

When you show how desperate you are to become their new mom, the kids will be repelled by the gesture and might become withdrawn.

Give Him Space

Single dads may prefer to be a lot more careful about dating again because they’ve been there once. Therefore, as one who finds a single dad attractive, it is imperative to give him space.

Don’t always expect him to have your full attention considering that he has kids and other responsibilities to pursue.

Bottom Line

Dating a single dad may not be the easiest thing to do. However, you will obtain the best of what the relationship offers with the correct information and tips.

It is essential to make sure you’re not putting undue pressure on the single dad because what he needs the most is your support in raising the kids and patience, which he will value more than anything.

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