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How To Get Out of The Friend-Zone

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The friend-zone is where all the victims of unrequited love go. It is a place you will find yourself if you like a guy, but he does not have the same romantic feelings.

Since you are both lovely people, and he enjoys your company (not just in that way), he suggests that you both remain friends, and you sheepishly agree.

If you think you are the only one who has gone through this pain of not being able to be with the man you love and only having to stay friends with him, you’d be wrong. Many women have found themselves having to stay friends with men they would rather have something romantic with.

Now that you know what zone you are in with him, the big question comes; can you get out? The answer to that question lies in this article. The various ways you can combat this problem will be laid bare.

You will learn how to carry yourself, the pickup lines to use, and many more to break down the friend-zone wall and free yourself into a world full of romance with the one you love.

How To Get Out of The Friend Zone

What Is The Friend Zone?

friend zoneThe friend-zone is a trap. It is a symbolic place you find yourself without realizing when you got there. A fictional story might suffice to paint a clearer picture that would help you understand the friend zone. Imagine you met a guy who you liked immediately. Let’s say his name is Todd. Now, seeing Todd the first time stirred up the butterflies in you. You knew from the first moment that you liked him.

Bear in mind that this is not always the case. You may like him at first sight, and other times the feelings may grow over time.

The point is that there is a point during your acquaintance with Todd that lets you realize you like him and would love to be with him in a more-than-friend capacity. Summoning up some courage, you go ahead to meet Todd, and you finally tell him that you cannot hold it back anymore and that you like him and want him.

A typical reaction to your confession of love if the feeling is mutual is for Todd also to tell you they like you and want to be with you too. But that is not how you get into the friend zone, no.

You officially get the keys to the friend-zone when Todd says those words, ‘ I like you, but as a friend.’ It could be that or a variation. Sometimes, you do not even have to hear him say or have to ask. There will be signs that will show he is not into you.

At that point, you get put in the friend-zone because you like Todd and are unwilling to sever connections with him. You continue to go out of your way to make him happy, but all you get is the appreciation friends get when they help each other.

The friend-zone is a trap that society makes you think only happens to men, but that is untrue. However uncommon it seems, women also get trapped in the zone, and it can be even difficult for them to get out.

How Do You Tell if You’ve Been Friend-Zoned?

A Basic Pet Name

Man WhisperingMen love calling the girls they like by pet names. You’ll know you have been friend-zoned when you have a pet name for him, and he has none for you.

It is an even more telling sign if he does have a pet name for you. Still, it shows an effort at trying to quash any suggestion of a possible relationship springing up between you both.

You Never Get Some Alone Time

If the time he spends with you is always with his friends at the cinema or other group hangouts, he is probably not into you.

If you show him you are willing to go on outings with him, but he keeps making these ‘group plans’ with you and some of his other friends, he probably isn’t into you, and you should hold down your horses.

Other Women

Man Talking to His FriendYou are nothing but his buddy when he frequently asks for your opinion on other women and talks about women he finds hot with you.

This is a difficult sign to read because most people can naively read it as him trying to make you jealous.

Meanwhile, the whole time, he is just talking about his romantic prospects with ‘a friend.’

Can I Ever Get Out of The Friend-Zone?

The straightforward answer is yes! You can get out of that ugly situation and turn the table around on him. You can use the friend-zone to your advantage to win him over to your side.

How Do You Turn a Friend Into a Boyfriend?

Romantic Reconnaissance

Woman PretendingYou can play your own game against him by using the friend-zone to your advantage. You can use the time spent in the friend-zone to gather some information on him and build your self-esteem while you are at it.

Find out his likes and dislikes, more than any other woman in his life. Knowing this is important for some of the other steps available to use.

However, you have to be careful to ensure you do not dig yourself further into the friend zone.


Be a little mysterious for him. Ensure you are not continually in his private space. Be rare with your time. Reduce how much you speak by phone too. Men love mystery as much as women do. Let him get curious about you and eager to find out more.

Quit Being a Friend

This does not require you to be mean to him, but if you want him back and serious about you, you have to stop acting merely as a friend to him. Change the way you are around him. Do not be welcoming of nicknames like ‘buddy,’ ‘dude,’ etc. Hint on you wanting to be more than that.

Bottom Line

Mentally, the friend-zone is not a place you want to be. It leaves you having doubts over yourself and your attractiveness to men. Getting out of the friend-zone gives a massive psychological release that reminds you of your prowess as a woman again.

Once it is evident that you like a guy and feels like he isn’t into you, do your best to step away from him to avoid getting further sucked into the friend zone. Look out for the warning signs, which will let you know he is not into you and would rather be friends with you.

Spotting the signs early can improve your chances of getting out of the friend-zone. You can get a friend to fall in love with you and make him your boyfriend, so do not settle for less.

If your desire in him is more romantic than sexual, do not make compromises to have him by accepting ‘situation-ships,’ such as being friends with benefits with him. You will get hurt because you may find yourself naively hoping he would catch the love bug for you along the way. That may not happen.

Finally, the best way not to be friend-zoned is to watch out and avoid making errors that can cause him not to take you seriously from the start.

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