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How To Talk To a Girl You Like

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If you struggle to make conversation with a girl, there is no reason to be ashamed. This is a problem many guys face. If there were data for this kind of thing, about 100 percent of men would most likely affirm that there was a time when they could not talk to a girl they liked.

This problem of being unable to talk usually has a ripple effect on your life. If you do not know how to speak to a girl you like, then you might as well kiss your chances of getting a girlfriend goodbye.

In this write-up, you will learn the tips and tricks you need to talk to the girl you like. You may think all you need is just courage, but you will soon discover that there is a subtlety to talking to the girl that makes your heart race.

How To Talk To a Girl You Like

How Can I Start a Conversation with a Woman?

Man talking to a WomanOne of the biggest problems that plague men who find it hard to talk to women is not knowing how to start a conversation with her.

Starting a conversation with boys is easy. Why then do you find it hard to create one with a girl? One of the problems is that you overthink it. You have to understand that girls are similar to boys mentally. Some of the emotions that are pertinent to boys apply to them also.

This does not mean you should treat girls like boys when you talk to them. The first step to talking to a girl you like is putting one foot in front of the other to approach her. Take a look at her from afar to see what she is wearing and see if anything you think looks great; this might be a conversation piece. Make sure you do not stare at her awkwardly and for long.

Take a look fast enough that you do not get noticed because if you do, it might become even more challenging to talk to her as she may never grant you the audience. After you have approached her, tell her what you think is great about her dress or compliment her overall appearance by saying something nice about how she looks.

Happy CoupleDoing that is an ice-breaker. She’ll respond by showing appreciation, and then you can go on to the next part of the conversation.

Before you approach her, you must have things that you want to talk to her about, written down already and put to heart. You have to take the place where you meet up with her into her a factor of how much you can say to her in the first meet.

If you have a shared interest and you would like to speak to her over text, you could tell her about your shared interest and ask her for her number and if you could text her.

If you have problems starting conversations with women, do not google cheesy one-liners to use as a conversation starter. You may end up coming off as odd and may blow your chance with her. There are situations where pickup lines are great, but not always.

What to Talk to a Woman About?

Man thinking“But, what do I even talk to her about?” This question gets asked often mostly by people who have problems talking to girls.

This issue stems from viewing women as some alien entities occupying the planet with you.

This conclusion is sensible because these sets of guys usually do not have the same problem conversing with their male friends.

Suppose you’ve been able to start the conversation by commenting on something she is wearing or holding. In that case, it is time to let the conversation flow organically. Here are things you can talk to a girl about:

1. Food/Drinks

Margarita GlassesIf this is a first date situation or you happen to be having food together, you could begin a conversation on the food right there in front of you.

You could ask her if she likes what she got or if she would like to try yours. From there, you can ask her if that’s her favorite dish, and if she replies no, you could ask her what her favorite dish is.

Another answer could have you questioning who made her fall in love with it and so on. You can see already that a conversation has begun.

2. Music

Couple Listening MusicMost people today like various types of music to listen to when they work, to get their day started, etc.

Ask her about music and who her favorite singer is. Tell her yours too, but do not be elaborate about it.

Please do not pull out your phone to show her your playlist, except she requests to see it.

3. Movies

Movies are a great conversation piece. You can ask her about a movie she recently saw and how much she liked it. You could even offer to see one of the latest movies in the cinema right now with her if she would like that.

Tips to Talking to a Girl if You Are Shy

Man looking Himself at the MirrorAs a shy person, you could find it difficult to talk to a girl, which is understandable. You have to accept that there is nothing wrong with you for being too shy to speak to a girl.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, you will find out that it only gets easier. Accepting that you are just shy and you are not the only or first shy guy in the world will help you feel less awkward about practicing how to talk.

Yes, you need to rehearse your lines. A mirror would greatly help you with that.

Bottom Line

Other men who can walk up to women and talk to them are not magical beings from the nether realm. They are human beings just like you.

When you see a man casually approach a woman, and it is all smiles from there, you cannot tell how much practice he has had and how much he has had to work on himself. You only see the result of his efforts and wonder.

That could also be you in a few months. So take the time to work on yourself, and in no time, you would also be the one a shy guy would look at and wonder how you were able to walk up to her and talk to her effortlessly.

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