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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

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The way society is structured socially is that men approach women. In contrast, women decide if they should accept or reject those advances. Some might argue that this way of living is flawed, but until the world begins to act differently, everyone has to play the hand they are dealt.

As a man, not every woman will take a liking to you. Some of your approaches will be met with hisses, side-eyes, and aggressive and hateful remarks in extreme cases. But things could be better. If only there were a way you could tell a woman likes you before approaching her and secure that date.

If you’ve been wondering how to tell if a girl likes you, there are several ways you can tell, and that is what you will discover reading this article. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow and can crush your self-esteem.

Men are usually moved by what they see a lot more than women are. This means you will find yourself in no time approaching another girl no matter how badly your last rejection was.

Reading this article, you will discover several signs you can look out for that can help you tell if a girl likes you so you can get fewer rejections and more dates. Of course, if you can tell she likes you or does not, you will find it easier to approach her.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

10 Tell-Tale Signs

1. She Is Smiling At You

Woman FlirtingIf you are in a public place and notice a woman who catches your eye, the natural impulse is to get up and make an approach.

Now, because you do not know if your approach will be met with an expression that says she is visibly disgusted, the best thing to do is wait until she notices you noticing her and smiles. If she smiles at you, then you can take that as a sign that she likes you.

But this does not usually mean she would want to do anything with you unless you are meeting up with your date. You can take this as a cue to approach her and not expect hostility.

2. Looks At You

Atractive CoupleYou can often tell how much a woman likes you by how frequently she looks at you.

Constant eye contact when there is absolutely no reason to make it is a tell-all about her likeness for you.

Experts say people tend to look at people they like and look away from people they do not like. The important thing is context.

Suppose you are both in a place where you are taking an action that makes you a point of attraction in the room. In that case, she is probably looking at you because everybody else is doing so.

3. She Finds You Funny

Laughing With His BoyfriendIt does not matter how bad you think your jokes are (imperfect as they are lame, not sick, and insensitive). A woman who likes you will always find something funny about them or tolerate them at least. When a woman finds something humorous about her personality, that is a positive indicator that she is interested in you. Most women are not the kind you want to practice some awful ‘dominant’ or ‘tough’ trick you learned in a lousy self-help book on.

Be goofy, make her laugh, and you’ll see how drawn she is to you.

4. Mirroring

MirroringMirroring in a social context is often referred to as one person adopting another’s personality traits. If you notice her trying to speak like you or in the same register as you, throwing a few of your slangs out when she speaks with you, she likes you.

This is great to try with a first date/meetup from a recent match on Caribbean cupid. It shows she is fascinated by you.

She has stayed up thinking about your mannerism and clutched her pillow once or twice at the thoughts.

5. Regular Contact

Woman Using CellphoneThis takes two forms. When someone likes you, they would continuously try to contact you because they would find you attractive.

A moment’s break from you will feel like an eternity. That is one form. The other form is what is known as ‘fast replies.’ It is associated with the modern invention called instant messaging. When a girl replies to you as quickly as you text her, it indicates interest.

It isn’t just about fast replies, though, but detailed answers. If she doesn’t give you one-worded responses, she likes you. International cupid has some great success stories using regular contact.

6. Touch

Women hate it when people they dislike touch them with their bodies. A woman is more protective of her body than a man is. If she holds you, touches your leg, or touches your hair, it means she is comfortable with you.

7. Fidgety

A bit of nervousness and awkwardness around you is a sign she likes you. If she fidgets with an object, her hair, her nails, or other things while she talks with you, you can take that as a positive sign.

8. Body Language

Couple Having a Great TimeA woman’s body language when she is with you can help you tell if she likes you.

A woman who is intrigued by you will have open body language with you.

She would let down her defenses by uncrossing her arms, turning in your direction, etc.

9. She Tends To Be Nervous Around You

If she is nervous around you in the early stages of knowing her, you can take that as a green light. Some shy traits include face touching, blinking frequently, hair playing, etc.

10. She Asks Questions

Women will ask you many questions in a bid to know more about you if they are interested.

How Do You Know If a Girl Is Only Friendly or Likes You?

It is possible to confuse the signs a girl gives you when she wants to be friends and likes you more intimately.

If you are unsure, the best way to know is to take the earlier mentioned signs and tips as a reason to ask if she wants you or is only trying to be friends with you.

Bottom Line

Men are bad at understanding social cues from women, and it can often put them in trouble. The context of the social signals a woman makes is critical and should be taken seriously if you are to find the perfect match.

As a boss, if one of your female staff is nervous around you, you should not assume that as a sign that she wants something romantic with you. Context matters a lot. To be on the safe side, take these positive signs as an invitation to seek consent.

Positive signs from women do not mean acceptance. It usually means they are willing to hear you out on why they should accept you.

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