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International Cupid Review

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International Cupid is one of those online dating opportunities that allows you to meet someone outside of your neighborhood. There’s nothing wrong with meeting and dating someone you grew up in your stomping grounds or lives nearby, but sometimes you’re just looking for something new.

In this International Cupid Review, you’ll be able to ponder on how to best use this site. Maybe you’re seeking a long-distance relationship with someone in a country or culture you’ve always been interested in.

Or, maybe you’re just interested in learning more about a particular person or group and want to bypass the usual pen pal relationship. (Remember those? Who doesn’t like a good handwritten letter? Text messages simply aren’t the same.)

Whether you’re a world traveler, someone looking to make a major move or someone who is just looking for something new, let this website be your opportunity to really “travel” in your dating life.

International Cupid Review

International Cupid homepage

As with any online dating site, you could meet someone from anywhere in the world. In niche sites that are geared toward a specific race or location, you pretty much know what you’re getting. You are either of that race or location, or you’re specifically looking for someone who fits the bill.

But with the International Cupid site, the choices are wider. Someone from Nevada would clearly be “international” to someone who lives in Qatar. The user from Peru is not going to be someone the average user would find on U.S.-based websites. So who is most likely to be on the site? A little bit of everyone.

Key Features

As with the other Cupid sites, this one has all the usual features that one would expect on this series: live chatting, inbox messages, profile upgrading, algorithm management, basic matches, like/flirt options, and no-add options. And it wouldn’t be an “international” site if users didn’t have the option to translate messages.

Maybe you’ll specifically want to talk to someone who speaks another language to perfect your own. There’s no pressure though. If you’d rather only date someone who can speak your primary (or only) language, you have that right, too. Living in a different country or continent does not mean that person will automatically not speak your language.

However, because this site is designed to broaden the dating market, you will quickly need to decide which direction you want to go in. Hopefully, you two will upgrade to virtual dates, in-person dates, and travel arrangements.

Sign-Up Process

The best part about the Cupid series of online dating sites is it’s never overly complicated to sign up. All you need to add is your name, email address, gender, and age.

After that, you can immediately start browsing around for people you want to date. However, the site automatically chooses what it believes are your best (and broad) dating specifications. You may need to edit it down.

All online dating sites confirm that adding a photo (or two) significantly ups your chances of being seen and contacted though, so try not to be anonymous for too long. If you like seeing new users, then you already know they’ll like seeing you too.

Communication Options


Without paying for a membership, your communication options are limited. You can communicate with paying members but must pay to read their replies back to you. You can browse pics and profiles, and like who you like.

If the person you like is also interested in you, this will be an option to narrow down your best dating options. However, as with users who immediately like you without reading a word on your page (it happens no matter what side you’re on), it’s highly recommended to pay to converse.

Looks will only get you so far. (For Cupid sites that have active social media pages, you can also convert there and move onto the site.)

Browse International Singles

Pricing & Membership Options

For a year, you can have a platinum membership for $12.50 per month (or $149.99). For three months, pay $23.33 per month (or $69.98). A one-month membership is $34.99. Or, you can try cheaper options with the gold membership.

The annual rate is $10 per month (or $119.98). A three-month membership is $20 per month (or $59.99). And a one-month membership is $29.98. Pay by Paysafe card, Skrill, major credit cards, and/or a bank transfer.

For a standard membership (and no extra cost), browse a “basic” match, send interest to other users, and communicate with paying members. With platinum membership, you can do this, too. But you have way more options to interact with other users, including communicating with members via the site’s messaging system and/or live chat.

Hide your profile, view other users anonymously, rank above other members, double your profile space, have VIP profile highlighting, have advanced matching algorithms and translate messages into your preferred language.

With gold membership, you have most of the platinum perks except for ranking above other members, doubling profile space, VIP profile highlighting, advanced matching algorithms, and message translations.

Safety & Security

As with all the other Cupid sites, free members can send messages to paid members. But paid and unpaid members have the option to block who they don’t want to talk to. And considering standard members do not have the option of knowing who has read their messages anyway, this can be less uncomfortable for all involved.

Pros & Cons

Without a photo and no complete profile, some users may immediately contact you as a match. This will be odd, considering this person will know next to nothing about you. Generally, this is a red flag and lets you know this person probably doesn’t care about anything on your profile.

However, it will also help you sift through who you will and won’t want to date.

This is your time to look through profiles of users who you are interested in as well as ones you aren’t. Why? It helps you figure out exactly what your deal breakers are. Whether they’re a younger child or older child, a pet lover, a smoker, and/or have kids are all important.

But genuine interest outranks everything else. Make sure to actively filter who you do and don’t want to speak with. By making yourself anonymous, you may miss out on a user who has not (or is a free member), but you could also make yourself less likely to be contacted by someone who just scrolled past and ignored all your wants.

Bottom Line

Are you worried about how hard it will be to have a relationship with someone from a different region? If you are, then what are you doing on this site? Admit it. You’re looking for someone new. Don’t be shy. This is the time to broaden your usual dating choices.

Maybe they didn’t always work. And repeating the same habits or actions over and over again waiting for miraculous results probably won’t work. So this is your time to reevaluate what you’re doing to find something (or someone) better.

When you fill out the “What are you looking for in a partner?” area of your profile, put some major thought into it. Write what you really want to say but were never brave enough to do before. Users who read your dating choices will either be flattered that you’re describing them completely or know that you two may not be the best bet.

(Don’t be offended if someone in the latter group contacts you anyway. Just as “Reverse Matches” work, just because they’re not your type may not always mean you’re not theirs. Sometimes opposites attract.)

Either way, as long as you’re being honest with yourself and being honest with those who try to contact you, you’re headed in the right direction. Now just keep following that compass all the way to your next international cupid beau.

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Browse International Singles

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