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Latin America Cupid Review

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Meet Beautiful Latin Singles

When people use the term “Hispanic” or “Latino,” they too often mean one group. But in this Latin America Cupid Review and website, we are well aware that this site includes a diverse group of people from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and various other Latin countries.

More than 5 million singles comprise the selection of users looking to find a significant other. Self-titled as the “leading Hispanic dating site,” for more than a decade, this site intends to bring together thousands of men and women internationally.

Backed by Cupid Media, this site allows you to review your matches for free, provides access to advanced messaging features, and is available for immediate download.

Unlike other social media platforms that require a paid membership to find out more about this site, the social media channels on this one allow Latin American users from all over to understand exactly what they’re getting into.

Latin America Cupid Review

Latin America Cupid

Is It More Suited for Males or Females?

Although the site is supposed to be intended to find Latin singles from all over the world, the social media channels largely post photographs of women who appear to be in their 20s. In all fairness, Silver Singles—a site intended for users in their 50s and older—has a questionable set of stock photos of people who are clearly not in their 50s.

So while the initial appearance of the site does a good job of showcasing Latin American users—something that is not always the case with other ethnic sites geared toward those of similar races and ethnicities—the marketing of it does appear to largely focus on luring in men to the site (or women who are interested in other women).

Skipping past bikini-clad, lingerie-clad and eye-luring women on the Pinterest channel, there are a few quotes from couples, though. There are also interested pins meant to inspire users of either gender: “Don’t let the heart that didn’t love you keep you from the one that will.”

how Latin America Cupid Works

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

For users who don’t speak Spanish (no, not every one of Latin American descent is automatically bilingual or trilingual), the social media channels may be a bit frustrating. Either has a translation guide ready for each post or use the Instagram account as a guide to brush up on the language.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-in process is fairly simple. You’ll just need to enter your first and last name, and an email address. Choosing between wanting to look for a man and a woman, you’ll immediately get a list of profiles (images included) to peruse.

Improve matches by editing the age range, the country users should live in, and how far the mileage can be. You can also pick height, weight, body type, hair color, religion, languages are spoken, how they would rank their own appearance, smoking and drinking habits, marital status, and whether they have children.

Additionally, although it’s the Latin America Cupid website, users can choose any race or other races (i.e. white, black, American Indian, Indian, Pacific Islander, etc.). Some users may take issue with options for “Mixed” or “Mulatto” as race options though.

When promoting yourself, think of a good headline, a little bit about yourself, and what you’re looking for in a partner. Look for Mutual Matches or Reverse Matches to see what your options are.

Meet Beautiful Latin Singles

Communication Options

Although there hasn’t been as much social media presence on YouTube or Twitter in the past year, there’s still enough content on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to fully engage. The YouTube videos leave much to be desired, basically just showing off videos of women looking at the screen and obvious instructions about the “benefits of an online photo.”

Although it may seem like overkill to see this “online photo” this many times, there are a zillion examples of people who still haven’t mastered what is a good photo versus a bad photo. With Latin America Cupid, they intend to make sure you show yourself in the best light (literally).

Pricing & Membership Options

Latin America Cupid Prices

For pay, you can remove the ads from popping up during your partner’s browse. For a platinum membership, pay $12.50 per month (for 12 months, or $149.99 for a year), $23.33 per month for three months (or a one-time payment of $69.98), or $34.99 for one month.

Pay by credit card, Paysafe Card, Skrill, or a bank transfer. For a gold membership, you can save a few dollars with $10 per month (for 12 months, or $119.98 for a year), $20 per month for three months (or a one-time payment of $59.99), or $29.98 for a month.

For standard (free) membership, you can do a “basic” match, send interest, and communicate with paying members. With platinum membership, you can do all of that, plus communicate with all members via the messaging system and/or live chat.

You can hide your profile, view anonymously, rank above other members, double your profile space, have VIP profile highlighting, have advanced matching algorithms and translate messages into your preferred language.

For gold membership, you have most platinum options except for ranking above other members, doubling profile space, VIP profile highlighting, advanced matching algorithms, and message translations.

Safety & Security

While some users would consider it a con for free members to be able to see their faces, think about it this way: In every party, club, and/or other social gathering, strangers can see your face there, too. Choose your photos wisely, and take advantage of being able to see them, too. But should you really feel strongly about users not being able to see your face, you can always choose to browse anonymously.

The downside of that is you may miss out on someone special who cannot find you or message you. Additionally, free users can also send messages to paid members. Could this increase your risk of spam? Possibly. But again, it also gives new users the option to be able to find you.

For all you know, this may be the significant other you’ve been waiting for. Make sure to not tell any information that is too personal to protect your own privacy, but be willing to get enough of a conversation to find out whether this is the right match for you. Let your profile do most of the talking for you.

Bottom Line

So is this the site for you? You may want to filter your choices a little. Immediately after joining, with no photo and no profile posted, a user sent an “Interested in Me” message. So be ready for users to reach out without bothering to read a word of your profile page.

In all fairness, this happens with any online dating site. The most quality users are ones who read the message(s) on your page. If they don’t, chances are pretty high that you know this isn’t someone who can/will have a quality conversation with you.

If they actually read your page, that tells you this is someone who cares what you have to say. But considering this site also has options to only choose users who speak your preferred languages, or pay for a translation, be prepared to receive messages from users that may not be in your preferred language.

In today’s tech-savvy world, though, it’s fairly easy to translate and send messages on/off the site without paying. Whether you pay for advanced membership or not, still take advantage of the free social media channels. The Facebook page has an impressive activity level.

Hundreds of likes and at least 20 comments (or more) are on each posting. This means even if you don’t initially see the user you’re looking for on Latin American Cupid, you may be able to connect with them on Facebook. If/when you see a suitable connection, send a private message and hope for the best.

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Meet Beautiful Latin Singles

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