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Long Distance Date Ideas

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Couples in a long-distance relationship can find it very hard maintaining a solid connection after some time.

Since they are far apart, there is a limit to the activities they can engage in. Considering how important it is to keep the spark alive, you have to figure out exciting long-distance date ideas that you both can engage in together.

The key to a successful long-distance relationship can be traced to three major components: structure, having mutual aims, and having clear expectations. These will serve as a basis in determining what both parties can engage in to strengthen their relationship.

Long-distance partners need to engage in exciting ventures to spice up the relationship. Here is a list of long-distance activities you can engage in with your significant other while you are miles apart.

Long Distance Date Ideas

Audio Call

Audio call is the first on this list to emphasize how important it is for long-distance partners to communicate constantly. While calling each other may not be the most spontaneous thing to do on a date, it is one of the most vital aspects that partners cannot ignore.

For couples who live far away, making calls on Facetime or Whatsapp will make them feel closer to each other, and the good thing about this is that they can make audio calls while doing other things such as shopping, doing chores at home, taking a walk, etc.

Video Call

girl in a videocall smilingVideo call and audio call are pretty similar, except, of course, video calls convey more emotions and expressions than voice calls.

Since you will need more privacy to make video calls, you have to plan for it.

It is, however, gratifying to see your loved one and take in all their cute and hilarious facial expressions. Some apps that support video calls are.

  • Facetime video
  • Whatsapp video
  • Zoom
  • Skype

The best way to make video calls is to create a plan and schedule for the calls, especially for partners who live in different time zones—planning the calls will ensure constant communication even amid busy tasks and activities.

Learn a Language Together

Learning a language together is an exciting activity that long-distance partners can involve in. Fortunately, there are free apps that support learning other foreign languages.

While learning, you can add your partner as your friend and compete friendly. You can also master your proficiency on each other when you talk over the phone. Learning a new language together is not only fun, but it is also great in helping you build yourself.

Watch a TV Show Together

There are chances that if you and your partner were present together physically, you’d enjoy movies or TV shows while curled up together on the sofa. Well, you can still replicate this in your long-distance relationship.

Watching TV shows together is one of the most practical suggestions considering that you both can agree on a show and watch it concurrently. You can call each other at intervals during the show to discuss your opinion of the show.

Workout Together

Both partners in a long-distance relationship can engage in physical activities together. There are several ways you could work out together.

To begin, you can look up workout videos on YouTube to guide you on how to start. You can sign-up for free-trial training that experts offer and begin the workout journey together. If you are both please, you can create your routines and exercise together on Facetime.

You can also practice Yoga or other helpful exercises to stay fit and relieve pains and aches in the body.

As an alternative to exercising simultaneously, you can register for workout plans that have a longer duration.

For example, you can begin an 8-week program that requires you to do a specific number of workouts each day. You can exercise at your convenience but feel the togetherness while getting fit with your partner.

Play Online Games Together

girl in a video call and in a game onlineThere are tons of interactive online games you both will enjoy.

You don’t necessarily have to play them at once.

You can have the game running in the background, so in your free time, you can play your turn, and your partner will receive a notification while doing something else.

It is a great way to keep in touch with each other throughout the day.

Discuss Your Future Dreams

For partners who are separated by distance, it is essential to be sure that you both are on the same page as regards your dreams for the future.

Your ambitions and goals may not exactly turn out as envisioned; however, talking about them will go a long way in strengthening the bond you both share.

You don’t have to draw up a formal plan in the bid to discuss your goals. Instead, discuss freely and have clear descriptions of what you want your future to look like.

At this point, partners can evaluate their relationship to ensure that their goals are in line with each other, and you can also review some of your goals to complement your partners’.

Register For a Masterclass

Partners in a long-distance relationship will find it helpful to take a masterclass together. A Masterclass can be focused on any subject, depending on the parties involved.

A straightforward way to go about the Masterclass is to take turns picking the classes and attending them in your leisure time.

Afterward, you can both discuss what you learn each week and review your lessons. You can also engage in thought-provoking conversations, ask and answer questions that will help improve you.

Cook Your Favorite Childhood Dishes.

Before proceeding with the cooking, you can send your partner the recipe for your favorite childhood meals.

Ensure to give a  few days gap to get all the required ingredients for the dishes. When you both are ready, you can set up your device in your kitchen so you can discuss it as you go.

Enjoy your time cooking together and talk about your growing up; discuss things that remind you of positive moments while growing up and things you enjoyed doing. Dates that involve activities like this will promote connection and help your partner understand your childhood.

Make Plans For A Future Trip

woman are buying tickets for tripEven if you don’t plan on going on a trip soon, you can create the perfect vacation plan with your partner.

You both can discuss great vacation spots and decide where you would love to visit as well as places you would love to see.

You can even include hotels, museums, restaurants, and other fun places you would love to visit while there.

You and your partner can always discuss your trip together and make changes as you wish.

Grow A Garden

Notwithstanding if you have a little space on your windowsill or if you have ample outdoor space, something is fascinating about growing your plants. You both can decide on what herbs, fruits, and vegetables you want, buy their seeds, and plant them.

You can take pictures of the weekly progress and share them. As your plants grow, you can incorporate them into tasty meals while you both enjoy them together.

Bottom Line

Overall, it requires a lot to maintain a solid long-distance relationship. However, by picking up some of these date ideas, your bond with your partner will be strengthened.

There is no limit to the exciting activities that long-distance partners can engage in. It just requires knowing what you both love to do and fitting your date ideas towards what gives you joy.

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