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Meet love-addicted mates for cool dates!

If you’re interested in dating locally, this Loveaholics Review will show you how to make the most of this site. But before you do, note that there are 72 sites at the bottom to help you narrow down your search even more with sites like “Dating in Chicago,” “Dating in Phoenix” or “Dating in El Paso.”

So what do you get from any of the sites? It’s the usual options: dating, messaging in real time and plenty of photographs to choose from. Interestingly, for Generation X and Millennials, the Site Assistant automatically in the messaging system and sending emails may take you back to your days of Tom on MySpace.

She’s all set to talk to you and befriend you, even when you’re trying to talk to someone else. While you can block and report any other user who sends you a message, Site Assistant is here to stay like Tom. You better get used to her on your path to find love on Loveaholics. So let’s dive in to find out how to find love here.

Loveaholics Review

loveaholics homepage

Website Overview

This isn’t an overly complicated site that’ll take you through a zillion queries to meet your match. If you’re looking for the kind of online dating site that feels more like social media, you’ll be comfortable there.

The biggest difference between this site and social media platforms is regular social media is full of people who want to talk about a plethora of topics but may have no interest in dating. On this site, you’re sure that they’re definitely trying to find someone to date (maybe or maybe not find “love”) and maybe it’s you.

Key Features

Immediately after you complete the sign-in process, you can start liking straight away. Keep in mind that unless you turn off the “promote” option for your account, you will be getting the kind of attention that you would probably have to pay for on other sites.

Whether you decide to promote yourself or not, you can dive in to search for people based on age, ethnicity, body type, hair and eye color, piercings and tattoos. (Make sure to choose “With Photo” in the filters if that’s a big deal for you.)

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

If you’re not a fan of long-distance dating around the world, you’re in luck with this site. Loveaholics is intended for local dating in the United States. It’s up to you whether you’re willing to date state-to-state.

Sign-Up Process

The first few questions to sign up are pretty simple: ethnicity, body type, hair color and whatever your status is. Oddly, some people have been able to skip even those questions and get right to the heart of it—seeing other users.

Why does this matter? If you’ve ever spent a lengthy amount of time with verification codes, questions, badges and writing bios to try to “show” who you are and hate the whole idea(and end up hating the online dating site), then you may want to breeze through.

But if you’re tired of people creating fake accounts, fake pics and joining just to look around, the ease of signing up here may fluster you a little bit. Be the example. Fill out your profile, so others who contact you may feel obligated to fill out theirs.

Communication Options

Communication Loveaholics

It may seem surprising, but you can message other users on this site without paying loads of money. Should you though? Probably not. If you’re on social media or any other email platform, you can send messages without paying.

So why should online dating sites be any different? If you like someone, just go ahead and like their images and send a message. If they’re inappropriate or you’re just not into the person who contacted you, you have the option to block and/or report, too.

Keep in mind that your message system will have a “Site Assistant” to send automatic responses. That Site Admin is a chat-bot designed to inform you of site news, features and updates.

Meet love-addicted mates for cool dates!

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost Loveaholics

For the most part, the site will let you talk and view other users similar to the way you would on social media. Click “like,” send messages, and more.

However, $0.95 per day (or $26.49) will assist you in full HTTPS encryption, browsing in incognito mode, auto history cleaning, ranking top in messenger, being higher in the search options, getting read receipts, and getting seen by five times more people.

For “extra security,” pay $0.45 per day. If you’re an enthusiastic chatter (i.e. chataholic), pay $0.64 per day.

Safety & Security

Security Loveaholics

If you have a spam-only email address (i.e. an email with “spam” in it), the site will auto-reject it. After you do confirm you have a legitimate (and alternate) email address and re-log in, pay attention to the checkbox during the sign-up period that says, “I want to activate ‘promote my account’ and use my ‘status’ as a promotion message.”

As with any other email list, you can unsubscribe, but just be aware that you’re auto-opted in. If there are more specific questions you need to ask, there is a free helpline. Just keep track of your assigned user ID so Customer Service will know which account to look at.

Turn Safe Mode Off, and you can be contacted by all members. Make your Safe Mode “Basic” and you can communicate and view any member, minus the ones that the moderator has already categorized as suspicious. With an active “Full Safe” mode, you will only be contacted by verified members.

Pros & Cons

Couple Playing

Unlike other sites that may ask you what you want ahead of time, or give you the option to sign up on certain email alert preferences, Loveaholics throws everything at you at once.

Expect immediate emails with a disclaimer that, “You’re getting this email because you agreed to receive notifications from Loveaholics. If you want to unsubscribe, please click the links below.”

The emails may be everything from immediate approval to photo acceptance. After you’ve decided what you do and don’t want to see, you can search away. However, be prepared to see lots of profiles with nothing filled in. This is one of the biggest downsides of easy sign-ups.

Sites that make sure you answer all the physical feature questions, family questions, everyday living habits, and even personality quizzes before you can even get to other users often may seem tedious. But the upside of them is it helps you at least get a vague idea of the person you’re talking to.

With this site letting users dive in without answering anything, you either have to hope that their photos are telling a current day story or just wait until you see them in person. If you click around enough, you’ll probably see far more incomplete profiles than you will complete profiles.

Bottom Line

Is this the site you want to be on? This may be a careful “yes,” mainly because for novices to online dating who don’t want to shell out a bunch of money keep track of who can share gifts, etc., this is a simple site.

Less is more, and if you’re just really trying to see where users stand on looking for a new relationship, there’s no reason not to try Loveaholics to see if it works for you. Sometimes it’s good to start small, just to see if you even have the heart to try online dating.

Let this be your practice site, just to see who is out there that fits your dating description. You may be able to use Loveaholics as a way to prove that you’re sure who you want to date this time around.

Or, maybe it’s a way to confirm what it’s like in 2020. Then there’s the obvious reason: You just flat-out like the simplistic look of the site. There are no wrong answers here. Whatever your reason is for joining Loveaholics, enjoy the ride.

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Meet love-addicted mates for cool dates!

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