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Marriage Minded People Meet Review

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Meet Marriage Minded Singles Near You

If you don’t have time to play games and you are looking for something serious, this Marriage Minded People Meet Review is where you need to be. These users are (ideally) not someone who is looking for friends or hookups or think dating is overrated.

Chances are you won’t have to worry about whether this person is willing to commit. Everyone you meet may not be the love of your life, but the best part of a site like this is you’ll know it immediately.

Considering you both are looking to walk down the aisle and for someone to wake up and go to bed with, you won’t have time to waste on “it’s complicated” Facebook statuses.

Either you two are going somewhere or you’re moving on to the next one. Are you interested in joining a site like this? Find out the pros and cons, and whether this is the ideal online dating site for you.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review

marriage minded homepage

Website Overview

For a marriage minded site, this online dating platform keeps things pretty simple. You will have to do a lot more work to figure out who is the right person for you.

The sign-up process only asks a few basic questions, and the browsing options aren’t particularly specific. This means you get to see what the site has to offer before you commit to subscribing to it.

Key Features

If you’ve been on other dating sites, you’ve answered these questions before. They’re the usuals: education, income, smoking preferences, height, hair, where you grew up, religion, occupation, political affiliation, children, ethnicity, body type, eyes and pets.

Curiously, the site asks what you’re looking for—even though you’re on a website called Marriage Minded People. While this may seem curiously unnecessary, users who choose Travel Partner, Casual Relationship, Friendship or Penpal instead of Marriage or Serious Relationship will let you know to pass them right by.

Personality questions (and tests) that may usually make the average online dating user shrug her shoulders become a much bigger deal for those who want an addition to their left hands.

Get creative when answering the profile questions: Do you enjoy cooking? (Don’t beat yourself up over it. Not everybody who is married is a master chef.) How patient do you consider yourself? (Considering how important building a relationship with another person is, this is a pretty significant question.)

Are you romantic? (For those with Love Languages that are Physical Touch and Quality Time, this is probably a game-changer.) How punctual are you typically? (This is one of those questions that may be a pet peeve for people who are sticklers for punctuality.

Make sure you’re not late to your streaming dates.) Questions about live theater, reading, and/or movies are just nice to chat about, but some will have more weight than others. Don’t skip over these in your profile.

Where Are Members Located?

If you’re looking for worldwide users, this probably won’t be the site for you. It’s set up for users in the United States and Canada. But with that said, that’s 50 states for one place and 10 provinces for the other. Browse around.

Sign-Up Process

This site is not overly complicated to use. There are the usual questions about names, email addresses, birthdays, profile photos, ZIP codes and an intro paragraph. You can skip the profile photo option if you’re not ready to join, but of course, there are warnings about how much you’ll lose out on by not adding a photo first.

Communication Options

Before you talk to someone in the messaging system (with a subscription), you should check out what exactly this user has to say in “The One I am Looking for” and “I’d Just Like to Add.” Why? If that area is blank, chances are they’re either not the greatest of writers or they don’t know what they want.

And if you’re set on finding someone to love instead of like and someone to marry, you should probably focus on those who already know what they want and what they’d like to add.

Meet Marriage Minded Singles Near You

Pricing & Membership Options

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Price

By subscribing, you can read and reply to messages, see members who have flirted or favorited you, and chat with members online. Membership rates are $6.49 per month (for six months, or $38.94), $8.99 per month (for three months, or $26.97), or $13.99 for a month. Pay by mail-in order or major credit cards.

Safety & Security

Although you can choose who you like, you can’t do much more without paying for a subscription so don’t worry too much about spam messages. Of course sketchy users and “Catfish” users have money, too, so be careful about what you share (be it photos or messages in the inbox and chat) online.

Pros & Cons


Doing a profile search on the site may initially seem confusing. Matches come up before you can edit who you want to see. Check out the top line (in small font) to tweak ages, ZIP code, have photos/either, height, looking for, status, ethnicity, smoking, build, children, religion, and zodiac sign. Oddly though, the sign-up process does not require users to answer all these questions ahead of time, so profile users will have to edit their own profiles to get that far.

For some users, a flood of questions in the very beginning is annoying; they just want to delve into the site. For other users, especially those who are marriage-minded people, some of these may make or break whether you’re interested or not.

Who cares if you’re a Scorpio? Probably not many. But the person who smokes like a chimney or doesn’t want children could be deal-breakers. Oddly, there is a Janet character (a woman) who keeps popping up on People Media sites.

She seems to always come up for “Women Seeking Men” and the greenish-eyed, blonde lady even shows up as a “Who Do You Like?” option for users trying to decide who to flirt with. Either the moderators are doing a pretty bad job of filtering users or the user behind Janet wants to make sure you can read.

The race says she’s Asian (but she’s of European descent, judging from the photograph), 5’10, has brown eyes, degreed, Christian, and a Taurus. She appears to have joined multiple sites and pops up immediately, which means you may want to pay attention to the profile wording as much as the photos.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been on one People Meet site, you already know the layout of the rest. It’s nothing particularly unique, and the questions are about the same on one as the other. It is economical to join, and you may get some good conversations out of this.

But because the site still asks users if they’re interested in friendships and casual relationships, the site may be “marriage-minded” in name only. You could probably find “marriage-minded” users on other sites that are more focused on looking for long-term goals.

Then again, if you’re marriage-minded and came to this site, then chances could be high that someone else has the same attitude as you. Will you have to put in a little more work to figure out whether this is the site full of users you’re looking for? There’s a pretty good chance you will.

But is it possible that you could find someone you like online? Yes, definitely. The same people who sit in front of a computer go outside eventually, so the odds of you going on a blind date, club, or party and lucking up on someone can happen here, too.

But at least on a website like this one, you are more likely to know where their head is and can scope them out ahead of time, knowing the answers to some non-first-date questions ahead of time.

Meet Marriage Minded Singles Near You

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