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If you’re trying to decide between Match vs Zoosk, you first must decide how serious you are about finding a match.

In a recent study from Match, 81 percent of those surveyed wanted to know more about a potential match’s stance on deeper topics before they could determine their dating potential; 87 percent were more likely to move things forward after talking about more substantial topics; and 61 percent wanted support moving from small talk to deeper conversations on a dating app.

More often than not, online dating sites get lost in the sauce on physical traits. Hours can go by with users passing and complimenting random users based on physical attributes without really knowing who they are. Read tips below for how to make the most of both sites.

Match vs Zoosk

Key Features of Both Websites

Homepage - Match

There’s nothing particularly creative about Match if you compare it to other online dating sites. However, while newbie sites come and go, keep in mind that Match has been around since the ‘90s.

This was before MySpace’s Top 8, Facebook’s college-only login, College Club’s short lifespan, and before we even knew what Twitter or Pinterest was. So instead of comparing Match to other online dating sites, it should be the other way around. See how other sites, including Zoosk (founded in 2007), stack up against one of the early birds.

On Match, you can look at mutual matches and reverse matches. On both sites, you can save and sift through options you’re most likely to want (for surface needs). You can see what happened while you were gone, who has looked at your profile, and who responded.

Homepage - zoosk

And when it’s safe to travel on Match, you can even participate in their vacations. Whether you want to travel with a friend or travel with the person who you’ve hit it off with online, this is an opportunity for you to be able to see what this person is like while you’re on the road.

It is no accident that people state you never know someone until you’ve lived together or traveled together. It’s one thing to talk for a few minutes (or hours) and a whole other to see each other from sun up to sundown.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process sign up page- Photo

There’s not a lot of difference between the two. Match makes sure to verify the user via email beforehand. Both sites are adamant about making sure users are real people.

Unlike other online dating sites with personality quizzes, “I Voted” stickers, and pop quiz questions as you log in, neither of these sites is that. Email addresses, names, and a few questions about family and physical traits will help you easily power through the sites.

Your Photo zoosk

User Base

Realistically, no website is going to advertise its bad dates, so take the success rate with a grain of salt. With that said, Match is pretty proud of itself for pioneering the Internet dating industry, launching in 1995 and now serving millions of singles in 24 countries.

On Zoosk, there are 40 million singles worldwide, and 3 million are sending messages on a daily basis. The latter site is also available in more than 80 countries and translated in 25 languages.

There are no rules saying you must date someone close to you either. If you know you’re moving soon or even trying to date someone outside of your usual comfort zone, go for it. Online dating allows you to expand your dating options past the people you see in your neighborhood (if you want to).

How Secure Is Each Site?

Security - Zoosk

The moderators on both online dating sites want to make sure other users are communicating with real people. Zoosk offers an option for verified phone numbers, photos and Facebook verification.

Match will not allow users to move forward with navigating the website until they’ve confirmed they are real people via email. In addition to blocking and reporting if users don’t follow traditional terms and conditions, Match won’t even allow you to see other users’ photos without payment first.

Does that mean that fake users cannot post someone else’s photographs? No. Does it mean fake users can’t pay to be on the website? No. Does it mean you should make sure to have virtual calls, audio calls and meet in person sooner rather than later if you two hit it off? Absolutely.

Homepage - Match
Homepage - zoosk

Pricing of Each

Man holding a bag

Match won’t be much fun for you without being able to browse the public profiles, receive top picks, create a profile, appear in search results, post photos and send likes.

Paid members are the only ones who can see, send and respond to messages; see who has viewed your profile; see who has liked your profile; remove members from view, and be categorized as a “Super Like.” prices for standard plans are $19.99 per month for a year (total of $239.88), $21.99 per month for six months (total of $131.94), and $33.99 for three months (total of $101.97).

Premium plans (one profile review per year, message read alerts, monthly boosts) are a little higher at $20.99 per month for a year (total of $251.88), $22.99 per month for six months (total of $137.94), and $38.99 for three months (total of $116.97).

Zoosk also offers unlimited messaging, full access to SmartPicks, full profiles of who has viewed your own profile, and/or the ability to chat with your connections. This online dating site’s rates are lower than Match, too.

Cost Zoosk

A one-year membership is $12.49 per month or a flat rate of $149.88. A six-month membership is $12.49 per month or a flat rate of $74.95. A three-month membership is $19.98 per month or a flat rate of $59.95. A one-month membership is $29.95.

Pros and Cons


There aren’t really any downsides to Match or Zoosk. Zoosk is sort of like Match.

Once you pay, you can choose users who are physically attractive to you and browse around to read profiles. The problem with these sites has nothing to do with the actual site.

Their algorithms claim to connect you with like-minded users, and they just may.

But while testing both of the sites, the matches weren’t particularly unique than what the average user could find on his or her own. They’re both pretty simple and easy to use. The con is only for users who want to dig deeper. Just as Match’s blog says (at the beginning of the post), people are looking for more than surface questions and conversations.

Personality quizzes, pop-up questions, compatibility tests, and niche sites may seem like they’re narrowing down your dating options too much.

Who’s to say you want to date someone who acts, looks, and thinks exactly like you? Opposites attract too, right? But the problem with having a more open dating pool is you may run across entirely too many people that you are physically attracted to but do nothing for you when it comes to personality.

Unless you’re looking for a hookup, the immediate connection will appear and quickly dwindle. You’ll need someone who can keep you engaged in conversation. Neither of these sites gives you a boost to let you know where to look, outside of knowing whether you want kids or live in close proximity.

CoupleSo if you’re scratching your head wondering, “What should I do if I still want to join?” then consider asking your own questions. There are no rules that state that you cannot create your own queries or surveys in the profile questions.

When users contact you, ask them to answer. If they feel like it’s too much trouble to do so, you two probably won’t have a lot to talk about anyway.

Whether it’s virtual or digital messages, you’ve got to talk about something. May as well make it a conversation that counts.

Bottom Line

So now that you know the highs, lows and similarities of Match and Zoom, which site do you think you’ll like better? There are no rules that say you cannot join both. Maybe you’ll find more luck with one than the other.

The goal with joining an online dating site is not to develop a degree in digital relationships. The goal is to be able to transition off the site and into real life. Pay for whatever premium you feel comfortable with, and make the most of it.

As with real-life dating, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing someone who immediately makes you do a double-take. You have the right to do that. But, unlike in a nightclub or party, this is your time to really have a non-surface-level conversation.

It’s OK to ask “How are you doing?” and “What did you do today?” But then what? You can have those empty questions with co-workers. You’re paying for these services, so get down to business. Don’t make the online messaging system look like a journalist’s notes, but make sure you’re using your time wisely no matter which sites you choose.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert reviews.

Homepage - Match
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