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Mexican Cupid Review

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Meet Mexican Singles

“Finish the sentence! I wouldn’t have a date with you if…” That’s one of many dating prompts on the Facebook page for Mexican Cupid. And this question has 17 comments on it so far. Do you have something to offer to the discussion? Then you should join Mexican Cupid.

Ponder on what are dating deal-breakers for you with the other 1.5 million members looking for the ideal partner. So what’s your answer? The FB page answered, “You spend it talking about yourself.” But in this Mexican Cupid review, that is indeed what you need to do.

We want to show you why talking about yourself isn’t always a deal-breaker. It just comes down to finding the right things to say about yourself to find the best Mexican partner for your wants and needs. Even if you’re also on Latin American Cupid and Latin Cupid websites, what’s stopping you from seeing who’s here, too?

Mexican Cupid Review

Website Overview

If you’ve been on Latin American Cupid’s website, it’s pretty much the same layout. This may be yet another reason to choose wisely before deciding to pay for membership. If you’d like to join both sites to see which one has more of your preferred dating options, that makes the most sense.

Unlike other websites that ask zillions of questions and require a photograph in order to get to the profiles, this one is much more user friendly and has easier navigation.

Is It More Suited for Males or Females?

Unlike Latin American Cupid’s social media channel, the Instagram page for Mexican Cupid has a better-balanced representation for male and female users. (The former site primarily chose sultry photographs of women.) This site shows pics of both genders and couples. (The Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter accounts don’t have much activity though.)

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

Users are all over the place: Montreal (Canada); Puerto Vallarta (Mexico); Houston, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; San Jose, California; and even places like Taipei (China), Nice (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France), and Kluang (Malaysia).

No matter what the website says, don’t assume all members are only located in Mexico. Of course, if your goal is to find Mexican Americans and/or Mexican natives, there are plenty of those options, too.

Sign-Up Process

Sign-up options are pretty simple. All you need to enter is your first and last name, plus your email address. (Keep in mind that an email address with “spam” in it will automatically be rejected as an “incorrect” email address.) But it won’t stop you from viewing photos of real-life users and sifting through profiles by gender, age, country, city, state, and mileage.

Communication Options

You have multiple communication options, including instant messenger, the website messaging system, and profile likes.

Meet Mexican Singles

Pricing & Membership Options

If you’d like to browse anonymously, you will have to pay to do so. Gold membership is $10 per month for 12 months (or $119.98 flat rate), $20 per month for three months (or $59.99 flat rate) or $29.98 for one month.

Platinum membership is $12.50 per month for 12 months (or $149.99 flat rate), $23.33 per month for three months (or $69.98 flat rate) or $34.99 for one month.

Pay by credit card, by PaySafe, by bank transfer, and/or Skrill. You can complete basic matching, send interest or talk to paying members. With platinum membership, you have these options, plus you can communicate with all members (paid and free) via the messaging system and/or live chat.

You can hide your profile, view users anonymously, rank your profile above other members, double your profile space, get VIP profile highlights, receive advanced matching algorithms and translate messages into your preferred language.

For gold membership, you have most of the platinum options except for ranking above other members, doubling profile space, VIP profile highlighting, advanced matching algorithms and message translations.

Safety & Security

If you are a paying member, it may become a bit annoying to have free members constantly sending you messages. However, if your goal for paying is to be able to open yourself up to potential dating partners, look on the bright side with this one. Free users could be “new” users, not just spammers. While some online dating sites will only allow members to send messages between paid members, not all sites do this.

OkCupid even has an option to send introduction messages to help users give each other a shot. You can always block users who you’re not interested in, or pass on them. In the meantime, feel free to click the globe to join other Cupid sites such as Military Cupid, International Cupid and (as previously mentioned) Latin American Cupid.

Keep in mind that this website does not validate the identity of members or the information that they submit on their profiles. They will take steps to eliminate any suspicious members, but it won’t go as far as promising that it’s “100% sure that all members will be honest and truthful in their dealings with other members.”

First Date Tips

According to the website, each year, hundreds of people on this website “meet their spouse and live a happy, loving life together.” However, it’s not immediately clear how the site guesstimates these “hundreds of people,” so take that marital bliss with a grain of salt.

If you’ve watched even one episode of “Catfish,” you already know how easy it is for people to be fooled by users that aren’t always honest about photographs, careers, personality, or more.

In addition to looking for typos and over-complimenting oneself, also pay attention to whether the profile matches the inbox conversation. If the person seems too good to be true, there’s a “Block User” option you can choose from the messaging system.

Pay attention to the profile heading, the bio about the person, and what they’re looking for. The website allows you to add multiple photographs. Pay attention to whether all the images look like they’re on the same day and/or from different years or months.

Being able to see users throughout an extended time makes their profiles a little more believable. (Of course, it’s not like users cannot snag photographs from other social media channels or stock images.

It is equally significant that at some point in the near future, you have a virtual date or in-person date to make sure you’re actually talking to the person you think you are.)

Botton Line

Is Mexican Cupid the right site for you? Only you can answer this question. But there’s one thing you’ll know for sure. If you’ve already decided on joining this site and the other users did, too, you know at least one thing you’re looking for: Mexican (or Mexican American) love.

But what happens if you’re not Mexican (or Mexican American) and someone on the site is looking for a Mexican Cupid? Not to worry. Your profile (and theirs) gives you the option to choose your dating preferences. As long as you two are in alignment (or open to a diverse group), you can avoid a potentially awkward situation.

After you get past this point, what’s next? If you’re not sure what exactly to say, or a little on the shy side, try choosing “Show Interest” or organizing profiles by adding to favorites. Dive right in, and start some conversations.

Are you too shy or not clear on what to say first? If you see a topic on Facebook or Instagram that sounds like a good conversation starter, add it to your profile or send the same message to potential Mexican Cupid matches.

This is your time to play the field; ask a few users the same question. Then let the conversation flow in your preferred language. If things work out the way you two want them to, you’ll be bypassing those starter questions and talking for hours online and beyond.

Visit the Perfect Dating Match homepage for more dating platform reviews and ratings!

Meet Mexican Singles

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