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Meet people who love to do the same things you do

Look around any online dating site, and you’ll probably see people in their early 20s. They’re fresh out of college or entering the work scene and are trying to find a significant other.

But in an OurTime Review like this one, we want you to reimagine what this audience looks like. Double or triple the age on these online users. They’ve got careers now, along with homes, pets, and maybe a kid or two.

They’ve been married, divorced, widowed or still haven’t found someone they wanted to settle down with. OurTime is a place for these users to go to meet someone mature, someone who knows who (s)he is, and someone who wants to meet others with the same level of confidence and drive. So let’s find out what exactly OurTime has to offer.

OurTime Review

OurTime homepage

Website Overview

From the moment you open the profile page, this is your opportunity to let other users know a little more than the usual about you. Enter your favorite activities. Let users know a few things about you, from religion to politics to body type and eye color.

Don’t skip on “In a nutshell” because this is the immediate quote that comes up when other users are doing a picture browse; they’ll either pass on you or want to know more so make sure the image is as enticing as the “nutshell” quote.

The personality questions can be deal-breakers, too, with everything from your level of patience to punctuality to how much you like reading. Some questions may be no big deal while others are a major dating no-no or turn-on.

Answer honestly and hope your answers mesh with the people you’re interested in. You can also pick your top interests in image form instead of choosing from a long list.

Key Features

Features - Our Time

There are gifts, connections, and a messaging system. Oddly, without paying, you cannot even access the gift area to see what you could possibly pass on to someone.

Depending on the social isolation restrictions and activity on the site, you may or may not see “Events” happening in the area. If you have one, maybe you’ll be the next person to create a new one.

But as a new member, there is no option to create your own event. There are, however, messaging and email options, along with handy tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminding users to be aware of the current health climate.

As news like this gets old, the tips won’t. Reminding people to wash their hands for 20 seconds, give people some space to walk, and properly cleaning and disinfecting certain areas never goes out of style, even if some of your 20-something and 30-something clothes have. (Don’t worry. Clothes come back in style, too.)

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

Members are located in the United States and Canada.

Sign-Up Process

The site is fairly simple to join. Just enter your name, email address and location. However, be aware that there will need to be an authentication code sent to your phone number to prove you’re a real person. If you’re someone who worries about unsolicited marketing calls and/or spam, these two requirements may be deal-breakers.

Although the site doesn’t make it a requirement that you answer all profile questions, you may want to edit that area first to intrigue more users with your “nutshell” response. Remember to answer all the other questions, too, so users can get to know you a little more.

Communication Options

Communicating - Our Time

New users may enjoy the “reply for free” feature. You’ll be solely dependent upon paid members reaching out to you in order to start a conversation, but if your profile is intriguing, maybe that’s all you’ll need.

If you’re not quite sure where you want to start, you can always see who is online and try to live chat with them. Before you do, click on a few profiles in the chatbox to get a basic rundown of this person so you can double-check whether this is someone you even want to talk to.

Meet people who love to do the same things you do

Pricing & Membership Options

Price - Our Time

Subscribe to the site for enhanced searches, match options, instant message chats, send and receive emails, and see who is interested in you. Pay $4.99 per week for six months ($119.76).

Pay $3.99 per week for six months ($95.76) but lose out on message read notifications, profile highlights, and message highlights. (You will, however, still get full mobile access.) Or, pay $8.74 per week for a month ($34.96) for full mobile access.

For a limited time, there’s also a $0.99 per boost option, good for one individual hour. This may get more eyes on the page for you—especially ones you want to see.

Safety & Security

Verify - Our Time

Before you can attempt to send any messages, you will get a warning that states, “To protect myself, I promise never to send money or share financial information with other OurTime.com users. In addition, I pledge to report anyone who asks me for money or my financial information.”

There are also additional online safety tips intending to help you before you could possibly have an “Oops, I should’ve known better moment.” While there are plenty of socially active and Internet savvy users on these platforms, keep in mind that hackers too often try to target seniors.

Do not ever answer any calls or emails asking for private information from online dating sites of any kind. Representatives do not work in this manner. (This is once again a reason to be wary of giving out phone numbers and what information is provided once you do.)

Keep in mind that until you upload a photo, you are invisible to others. The upside to this is it gives you the kind of anonymity you want to see what the site is about. The downside is no one can see you message you if interested.

If you’re someone who gets a bit annoyed by sites with users that have no photos, the invisible option may be a relief. Now you don’t have to deal with them at all. However, by not posting an image, your profile is so secure that you won’t be able to find a date at all. Long story short, post a pic.

Pros & Cons

Mature Couple

If you’re a newbie to the site, you may be especially impressed that you can reply for free to users who send messages to you. Does that mean you shouldn’t bother with paying for a subscription? It depends.

You may end up seeing several users that you want to reach out to, but without payment, you’ll just have to cross your fingers and hope they reach out to you.

If you’re more of a shy person who prefers to like people who like you, then this arrangement is fine. But if you’re someone who “dates with purpose” and wants to make the most of your time, you’re probably better off paying to talk to who you want to talk to, as well as using the “reply for free” feature.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an online dating site that doesn’t depend too heavily on age but does make it clear what demographics the user base is, then OurTime is a good site to start with. You may find yourself really enjoying the site but altogether forgetting this though.

There aren’t a lot of questions that give you that “remember when” or “in my day” vibe. This is either a great thing because you can just focus on the site, or a not-so-great thing because OurTime doesn’t stand out much from any other site.

Minus the people who you pass and/or say “yes” to and their ages, users of other age groups could easily forget that they’re talking to people in “our time” anyway.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more platform reviews and advice.

Meet people who love to do the same things you do

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