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Meet Up With Hot Local Singles

You have to respect the honesty of On the homepage, they immediately warn users that, “Persons appearing in photographs may not be actual members. Other data for illustrative purposes only.”

Meanwhile MTV’s “Catfish” is in its eighth season, and that’s even after Nev Schulman’s film of the same name came out. On a site like this, where “naughty” photos are common and the virtual gifts are of an intimate nature, be ready for anything.

Photos are a tricky business, and even in this review, we’ll let you know what warning signs you should look out for before building your profile page.

As with any other online dating site, be careful what you share from the minute you log in. You want to share enough to help a potential partner decide whether he wants to be with you or not, but not so much that “sharing is caring” seems one-sided.

Are you unsure if this is the right site for you? Check out the sign-up process, highs and lows, and pricing below to find out more. Review homepage

As long as your location is on, this site will recognize which city you’re looking to find “passion” in. Don’t be alarmed. Once you get past the first screen, there is an abundance of choices for you to choose from: man, woman, transgender, and even someone who is married, attached, or widowed.

Key Features

Features Passion

You can dive right in to talk to whoever piques your interest. The navigation bar helps you with a count of who has put you in a category of the amount of people who have flirted with you, hotlisted you, top fans, viewed you, and gifts and tips received.

By becoming other members’ top fans, you can receive gifts like vibrators, bondage kits, body candles, massagers, and/or restraint kits. You can also control the number of profiles you want to see on demand, “message read” alerts, highlight your profile for one month, send virtual flowers, have a private chat, purchase bling, and/or contact an unlimited number of members.

However, you do have the option of deciding whether you want to see “some nudity,” “no nudity” or “everything.” If you are an erotica writer though, this may be the place to be. In addition to adding photographs and videos, you can also create your own blog with an upgraded membership.

This could be your chance to find potential readers to practice your next book deal. If they’re into your erotica writing, or whatever you blog about, you’re creating an audience with a clearly expressive and open-minded crowd.

Or, you can just go straight down the list of this site’s Q&A, inquiring about topics like, “What types of sexual activities are OFF LIMITS to you?” and “Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don’t hold back!” You can even take a purity or a personality test to see where you really rank with other users.

Sign-Up Process

Choose your own gender and the gender you’re looking for: man, woman, transsexual (TS), transvestite (TV), or transgender (TG). You could also choose a couple (man/woman) if you’re interested in talking to two people at a time. Include your username, email address, ZIP code, sexual orientation, body type, race, and marital status.

As soon as you answer those questions, you’re in. Interestingly though, the site doesn’t take any steps to make sure you’re really of a legal age to be on the site.

Communication Options

As soon as you log in, you’ll know how many other people are online. At the time of publication, there were 380 live members broadcasting.

Meet Up With Hot Local Singles

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost Passion

A gold membership costs $39.95 for one month, $26.95 for three months ($80.85 billed quarterly), or $19.95 for 12 months ($239.40 for a full year). The gold plan gets you free access to all members.

Safety & Security

Succesfully registered Passion

There’s not a lot of security going on with this website. With no photograph and a vague headline and summary, an automated message came up within less than 10 minutes to confirm the test profile was approved. So don’t expect a lot of security to confirm whether these users are real.

Of course some users may actually take time to properly update their page. But with stock images of couples kissing, undressing and naughty videos, don’t join a site like this if you’re looking for any kind of depth.

You can definitely enjoy the visuals though because the homepage will show you all of the likes that other users have received on naughty videos and photos.

Although the images are blurred out if you’re a free member, simply clicking on the user’s profile and getting the “gold membership” screen will assist you in getting around the blocked image.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to see what’s on this site. When you try to close your account, expect an error message to come up that says, “Sorry, no survey for sid=124.”

Once again, there goes that concern about spam again. The site will immediately start sending advertisements, too, but it appears you cannot log back in to unsubscribe.

Pros & Cons

Couple Looking through the window

If you’re someone who tries as best you can to filter out spam email from billing email, be prepared for the site to auto-block any email with the word “spam” included. The good news about that is you’ll have to verify your email address, so they can make sure you’re a real person. The bad news is now, even on this new site you’re not sure you want to join, they now have a “real” email address to use that may or may not be one you wanted to share.

And judging from the homepage warning of “Naughty Photo” grayed out and random pics like hairy stomachs, this may not be the most passionate way to be welcomed to the site.

With no photograph on the site or any information filled out, the following message was received from an unphotographed user: “Hello how are you? You looking for some mutual pleasure? I like oral both giving and receiving.” So don’t expect anything too deep to come into your inbox on this site.

The wording about pricing also needs to be clarified. It currently says, “Your Gold Plan gets you unlimited access to all members. But, free members can’t contact you. Selecting this will allow free members to see your full profile and message you anytime using the Message Center.”

So it’s still unclear whether free members can contact you or not because both lines are clashing with each other. What is very apparent is members will message you almost immediately without much information on the page.

Again, this can become problematic for users who didn’t want to release their “real” email address in the first place. You may want to create an online dating email address for this reason alone.

Bottom Line

Is this the site that you want to be on? It truly depends on what exactly you’re looking for. If you’re joining online dating sites solely with the intention of a “hookup,” this may be a win-win for you. The problem is so many of the photos and videos are sexual to the point where you really won’t have a clue who you’re talking to.

A “hook-up” doesn’t mean you want to run out the door with the very first passionate image you see. You may actually want to reasonably like the person before you show up to a stranger’s home. If you’re just looking for risque photos, you’re better off joining a pornography site.

So many of those are free, and you won’t have to spend any kind of membership to visit as the mood hits. If the virtual gifts are worth it to you and you just want to earn toys while talking a bit raunchy online, go for it. But this is definitely not the site for the prudish or someone possibly looking for a long-term partner (or even fling).

Think of the deepest conversation you’ve had in a loud nightclub or live concert, and that’s about what this site is like when it comes to conversing. The final decision will solely rest on where your mind and body are at the time.

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Meet Up With Hot Local Singles

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