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7 Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

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Women aren’t often forward about walking up to a guy to speak to them in a romantic context. The fear of being rejected outweighs their desire to talk to a charming guy. However, men appear not to be fazed by this because they damn the consequences and go all in.

The myth that women just aren’t built that way is simply that – a myth. Men find it more comfortable because they arm themselves with a plethora of tools. One of their secrets is that they know the pick-up lines to use.

Pick-up lines are a useful tool to have in your locker box. They are great ice-breakers that help you start conversations with guys, which can get you to the point where you can convince the guy to go on a date with you.

The dating landscape and the way men and women relate and build relationships are changing. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you always sit back and wait to be approached by a guy you like. You will find several pick-up lines here to help you get going.

Some will be flirty, and others will not. In no time, you will be able to come up with pick-up lines of yours.

Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

What to say to pick up a guy?

What to say to pick up a guyThe things you say to pick up a guy are essential because it will usually be the first thing you say to them, and you will want to make a great first impression.

The impression of yourself you give will always be a factor in how the conversation goes.

Your choice of pick-up line also depends on where you are looking for the conversation to head.

If you think your aim for speaking to a guy is sexual, you might want to go for a more flirty pick-up line that is guaranteed to set the tone and let them know what you want from them upfront.

There are pick-up lines to help you if what you want with a guy is something less superficial. It might be surprising that a few words like that could give away your intentions.

It can, and that is why you have to be careful about your choice of pick-up lines. Some are a hybrid of sexy and romantic, others put you out there, and some are just cute. Take a look at some of the best pick-up lines below.

Pick-Up Lines

1.“Do I know you from somewhere?”

Girl talking with a guyThis is a great conversation starter for two reasons. The first being that it does the primary function of getting the guy’s attention, and secondly, it gets him thinking.

Getting his attention is the reason why you would need a pick-up line in the first place.

The bonus of him starting to feel is what makes this line even more powerful.

In trying to recall if he knows you, he would have to take a more in-depth look at your face noticing how beautiful you are or something you are wearing. If an item of dressing you have on catches his eye, you will have even more to talk about.

If he can’t seem to recollect knowing you, you can always tell him you were only trying to prank him. Many guys would laugh it off, and you could ask for their number right after.

2. “Hi, How is your day going? “

As simple as this sounds, it works. It shows thoughtfulness and care.

Your care would immediately move any guy you use this sort of line on in their day. It is a great conversation starter because it can cause you both to talk extensively.

They might want to tell you exactly how their day is going and, in turn, ask about yours.

If you are unwilling to have a lengthy conversation, it would be best not to use this line. Asking someone how their day went and paying no attention to them when they talk about their day will make them feel bad and cause them to give you a negative label.

3. “Dinner before dessert?”

This line makes you come off as bold and assured of your chances. It is a line that communicates how sure you are that this person you are using the line on will be willing to go on a first date with you. It is great because it goes straight to the point.

4. “ I’d go home with you if you could name all members of a [band]”

Happy CoupleFor a music lover, this is a good one. First, it checks if that person is also a music fan such as you. Secondly, it has a sort of game feature to it, in that the one being asked can figure out how much you want them through the complexity of the question. It is an excellent pick-up line because you can make the question a bit complex to figure out how much of a music lover this person is and if you would have something in common and talk about.

You can also make it a simple one to send a signal that you are really into this person.

 5. “You owe me a trip to an art gallery, and I have come to collect.”

Asian Couple HugGoing up to a guy and using this pick-up line is a beautiful idea.

This line gets them to notice you, and it tells them a bit about you and your self-esteem. One other thing it does is that it suggests a possible date idea for him to take you on.

You get the boy and earn a trip to the art gallery.

6. “I love this shirt! Did your girlfriend buy it for you?”

This line usually forms a smile on a guy’s face, especially if they are single. You can use this line to know if he has a girlfriend or not.

7. “Your body is about 65 percent water, and I am thirsty.”

This line shows your knowledge of the human body and how much you want the human body you are looking at. Who wouldn’t fall for a line like that?

When to use these lines/tips?

If you are a shy one, give yourself a chance by using these lines when men are alone or not in a crowded place.

If there is no way to speak to him in an area that isn’t crowded, take a deep breath and just do it. At the same time, your mind is debating whether to make a move, cut-in in the middle of your thoughts and just take that one step forward.

Bottom Line

Sitting around waiting for men to come for you is so 1940. Men are a little less daring than in the past, and he could also be shy to talk to you. Make a move on him because you never know who will be the one for you.

One way you can make things easy for yourself is to use pick-up lines. Pick-up lines are great ice-breakers and conversation starters.

They are better than the traditional way of trying to get to know someone because they usually embody subtle meanings that are better than going straight to the point. Think of them as going directly to the point without going to the point.

Whichever line you choose to go in with will show your intent. Are you looking for a possible one-night affair with him or something more elaborate? Pick-up lines will help you communicate that in the subtlest of ways. You can also decide not to be quiet about it. 

Pick-up lines can be one-liners or three-liners, and whichever you pick depends on you. Your pick-up lines can be occupation-specific. If you meet a guy in a bank, you can hit him with a banking line that is almost always guaranteed to make them melt.

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