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Get Professionally Matched!

So you’ve been on dozens of terrible dates and had way more poor relationships than you’re willing to admit, right? Or, maybe you’re divorced or widowed, and finally ready to get back out there.

If you were looking for this Professional Match Review to show you how actual dating experts handle the professional matchmaking for you, don’t bother. The site immediately redirects you to other dating sites. So does this mean you cannot get anything out of it? Not at all. It does, however, mean you’re on your own—sorta.

First Met (formerly AYI) will ask dating questions to help push the conversation along between you two. And eDate, the second redirect site, looks a bit like Facebook but for people looking to date.

While neither of these sites may be the professional matchmaking site you were expecting, they may be a decent way to start a conversation with someone you’re physically interested in.

Professional Match Review

Professional Match homepage

Website Overview

Self-categorized as the “#1 site for relationship minded singles,” Professional Match is overselling itself and confusing. You’ll think you’re signing up for a professional matchmaker, which will quickly direct you to First Met (formerly AYI).

So what is First Met? It’s not a particularly creative site. You log in and see a bunch of people to choose from. Once you find someone you like and choose an icebreaker question, it’s then sent to men the site thinks you’ll like in hopes of them responding.

Then there’s the second site it inexplicably redirects to, eDate, which starts off by telling you, “What you’re looking for matters.”

Key Features

When you join Professional Match, what initially is supposed to happen is you’ll get to a screen that allows you to choose between Online Dating or Personal Matchmaking. What actually happens is something else entirely, so be prepared to be redirected to an odd amount of other dating websites.

On First Met, after uploading a photograph, you’ll see the usual “yes/skip” option to choose users from looks alone. Interestingly, the website asks you to choose certain questions to ask other users so it can do a better job of matchmaking.

Why is this odd? The website only knows your name, email address, and birthdate. So how could it possibly know what you’re into or choose accurate prospects?

If you’re willing to play along, here’s an example of a question that can be sent out: 1) When you go out on your own, where do you go? 2) What is your dream vacation? 3) Who is your favorite famous woman of all time? (The goal here is to find men that you’re physically interested in and to ask them these questions.

This could potentially be a way to start a conversation or become repetitive fast if your prospects keep getting asked the same question over and over again instead of just answering it on their own profile.)

On eDate, which looks a little like Facebook in the design, you can see who likes you, who has viewed you, search for other users and see daily matches. Share what you’re looking for, your favorite and least-favorite things, photos, your sense of humor type, travel dreams and more.

Sign-Up Process

If you choose First Met, you will not be able to use an email address with “spam” in it so beware. eDate, on the other hand, will let you in with a “spam” email address.

Communication Options

edate Homepage

If you want to know who is on the site and where the best prospects are, you may appreciate eDate for doing so. The problem is it starts sending you emails in the middle of you signing up, long before you even know whether you want to be on the site or not. First Met will also send you emails after activation, even if the moderators choose to auto-reject your photo.

Get Professionally Matched!

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost First Met

Although First Met blocked new users almost immediately without photos, eDate allowed access to scope out the site.

For a three-day trial ($1.95 total), users can send, read and reply to all messages; receive “Message Read” notifications; see mutual likes; see who liked you; see who viewed you; get ranked at the top of search results; block unwanted users, and remove ads.

The three-day trial membership will automatically convert to a monthly package of $39.95 at the end of the trial and will renew every 30 days until canceled. Monthly and multi-month packages are normally billed upfront in one easy installment but maybe billed in two or more installments.

Once you can get yourself unblocked from First Met, the pricing is $12.50 per month for six months ($74.97); $16.66 per month for three months ($49.99); or $24.99 for one month. Both sites take credit cards. First Met also takes PayPal.

With a paid account, you can unlock your matches and messages, see who viewed your profile, and (potentially) “get three times more messages.”

Safety & Security

First Met Upload Photo

On First Met, you’re not visible to dating prospects until you upload a photograph. Don’t try to get tricky with the site because if you use an image that’s not your real face, it will immediately block you and post the following message, “Our goal is to always keep our users safe. This account showed suspicious behavior or broke our community guidelines.

If you believe this is an error, please contact us.” Interestingly, even when posting a second photo of an actual person, it still auto-blocked. So it’s not clear whether there’s something wrong with the site or does it just not believe you are who you say you are.

On eDate, you can block users as you see fit and it’s not as quick to block users. But oddly, just like Facebook, the site doesn’t really take “no” for an answer if you no longer want to participate. Instead of deleting your account, it deactivates it and gives you one year to renew—even if you clearly don’t want to.

Copy This Pose eDate

Pros & Cons

CoupleThis site may seem like an absolute mess when you first join. You think you’re going to Professional Match, but then it will redirect to First Met (formerly AYI). Restart the website altogether to make sure you haven’t accidentally clicked somewhere else, and it changes to this message, “Welcome back to eDate ~ A lot has changed since you were last here, including all the new profiles ~ Click here and log in to see!”

If you’re thinking this is going to overload your email inbox with spam, it is. Either Professional Match shut down to use professional matchmakers on the other sites or it’s temporarily down.

Either way it goes, the initial homepage for Perfect Match leaves much to be desired to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into. eDate does what entirely too many online websites don’t do enough. It doesn’t just ask if you have kids or if they live with you. It asks whether the kids are grown up or not.

For some singles, especially those in their late 30s and beyond, it certainly matters to find out whether your potential prospect has a child who is 18 and potentially off to college versus a 2-year-old who is running around bouncing balls off the wall.

It’s an altogether different dating experience and significantly influences how available this parent may be. For that alone, eDate is onto something that more online dating sites should replicate.

However, eDate will automatically start sending emails to new users about the “New Preferred Match,” so get ready for spam—and it starts sending these emails before you can fully get through the sign-in process, as soon as you enter your email address.

Bottom Line

So now that you know that you’re not getting a professional matchmaker the way you thought you would, should you join? The only person who can answer this is you.

If your hopes were to have more concentrated algorithms, focused personality tests and for an actual human being to help you on the dating scene, clearly these two sites (or three if you count the problematic redirects from Professional Match) are not going to do that.

The good news is that one of the two sites may cost less for an initial trial. As long as you really dive into eDate and see what it’s like in those first three days, you would’ve spent less money on this site than a few other popular online dating sites. But once those three days are up, you’ll be paying a considerably higher price.

Visit the Perfect DM Homepage for more dating platform reviews.

Get Professionally Matched!

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