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10 Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

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Gifts are the way to a woman’s heart, and there is no better time to gift them (because that is when they expect it the most) than on their birthday. Many people take their birthday seriously and are usually forgiving of friends and family that forget about it.

What could cause such a stir that may have her unresponsive to your texts or calls for days, however, is when you forget your partner’s birth date or remember and have no gift to give her.

Women feel unwanted when the men in their life do not appreciate them enough to get them something on their birthday. Therefore, you should ensure you never forget the date and remember to get her something.

Most men have problems with gifts because they do not know how to select a gift that says “Happy Birthday, I love you.” Something thoughtful yet romantic. Of course, that will require some personal knowledge of what she is like and what she likes.

Thankfully, you will find a significant number of gift items that you can choose from and make her smile in this article.

10 Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

What Is The Most Romantic Gift For a Girlfriend?

The most romantic gift for a girlfriend is subject to who your girlfriend is and what she’s like, so there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are, however, sentiments that your gift can carry that would make the heart of most women melt and be filled with the highest point of happiness.

Here are some qualities your gift should possess:

1. Thoughtful

Your girlfriend would love to know that you know the little details of her life. The details other people are not privy to but you, her partner. She would love to know that you see her completely, and you do not forget those little details that make her who she is.

One way you can show her how much about her you hold in your memory is through gift-giving. Your gift to her during her birthday should be thoughtful because it makes its romantic quality even more pronounced.

2. Expensive

Her birthday gift should be costly. This does not mean you have to go out of your way to spend an arm and a leg, but she would love to know it cost you something to get it. Sometimes, it does not even have to be fiscally expensive.

It may have cost you time, energy, effort, etc. If it costs a lot to get it for her, she will appreciate it even more.

Ten gift ideas

1. Necklace

NecklaceNecklaces are gift items women have loved from time immemorial.

A beautiful necklace might seem cliche to you as a man, but it never seems to get old with women.

Of course, you cannot get her a necklace every time it is her birthday, but it is still one of those gifts she wouldn’t mind receiving twice or more because each will be unique.

It is an excellent gift item because she can wear it around and let everyone who makes it a conversation piece know that ‘her man bought it.’ You can even make it more romantic by giving it a custom touch. You could add her initials to the necklace to make it even more special.

2. Bracelets

BraceletsBracelets are also one of those welcome gifts by women for their birthdays. It is less so popular with them as necklaces, but it is popular enough to get a pass.

However, if you want to make this gift special, you can buy her one with something unique about it. For example, you can buy her a bracelet made from the finest of leather. It could be made of gold or have diamonds on them.

After all, a girl’s best friend are diamonds. You could also give her one with a custom nameplate with her initials, or there could be a message of your love for her on it.

3. Photo Album

Photo albumAt first, this might look pretty ordinary, but it could be a hit or a miss depending on how you go about it.

A photo album might look like an ordinary gift. Still, it can be worked to hold enough sentiment to be super romantic.

You could print out pictures of her that she has digital copies of on her phone.

You could buy one of those really fancy romantic albums, stick the pictures in and hand it to her on her birthday. This usually makes for a good ‘accompanying gift,’ meaning gifts that go along with something else.

4. GoPro or Professional Camera

GoProIf she is a big fan of cameras or has made her intentions to cross into the world of photography known to you, give her a camera as a birthday gift. It falls under the category of the little details that make them the happiest. You would score massive points for this because you would have remembered her birthday, gotten her something for her birthday, and showed genuine interest in her life.

5. Super Soft Blanket

This is a gift for her that will be beneficial for you also. A super plush throw blanket is one of the best gifts you can get her. Not only will she be able to snuggle in it, but she will also do so, remembering the most important person in her life, you.

6. Haute Handbags

Haute HandbagsDo you know what is better than a super-sweet romantic card on her birthday? A piece of fashion – an Haute handbag.

She will be impressed by a gift like that, especially if she is a fashionista. It is a bag she can carry around and one that will attract attention for its quality and high-fashion class.

You will be getting a lot of super-sweet romantic compliments after that one.

7. Concert Tickets

Concert TicketsConcert tickets are undefeated as birthday gifts. Do you know if her favorite artist is coming to town or a city near you? Getting her tickets will blow her mind.

It will be a birthday to remember even years after or into the relationship. She will forever remember the one time she was able to see Adele, for example, play live, and it was all because of you.

It is even better if you get two tickets. She gets to go with you.

8. Surprise Visit

This is one is best for couples who live far apart or met on Zoosk. Try to make it seem like there is no way you can make it to her; tell her you’ve sent her a gift that would be delivered to her. When she opens the door for the delivery man, let it be you.

9. Something She Has Always Wanted

Note down one of the things she never stops talking about. Get it for her birthday and see how she showers you with affection.

10. Popular Makeup Kit

Makeup KitYou know one of those celebrity-owned makeup lines you keep seeing on your social media feed? Get her one for her birthday.

They are usually better than the generic ones.

Get one of her friends to tell you what she has and what she might go nuts for if you gave her for her birthday, then make her swear an oath of secrecy.

Bottom Line

Try your possible best not to forget your girlfriend’s birthday; many relationships have ended over it. When you do remember, also remember to give her something on her birthday because it is the same as forgetting it.

Do not compare how you would take her forgetting your birthday to how it feels for her. Many girls spend a lot of time thinking about moments like that, and she will feel even worse if you forgot her birthday and still try to argue why it is not a big deal.

Make sure your gift is thoughtful, romantic, and has some worth to it.

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