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Second Date Ideas

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Dating is fun when it works out. However, one reason why dating can feel difficult is that people lack ideas on what to do for dates. The way traditional dating goes and continues to go today shows there is always a reacher and a settler.

The reacher and settler terms refer to a situation where one person makes a move on the other person who accepts (settles), and they go on a date. The ‘reacher’ is always the one who feels the pressure to come up with exciting ideas for a date.

The problem, sometimes, is that most dates are cliche and can feel monotonous to the settler. You may quickly be regarded as boring, and you may never get to that precious second date.

Suppose you were able to come up with an exciting date idea for the first date, and they totally loved it and even quickly hinted at a second date before you even explicitly requested you go on one. How do you keep the momentum going? That question is what you will find answers to in this article.

Here, you will find several second-date ideas that can help you keep the spark burning between you and your potential partner. Being creative about these things is difficult, but here is your cheat sheet.

Second Date Ideas

What Should I Do On a Second Date?

No matter how successful the first date is, the second date can be a deal-breaker if you cannot come up with ideas that are almost as interesting as the first one that got you to this stage. You can kiss your chances with this person goodbye.

But the first date went so well? You cannot assume that the first date going well means all is won, and you mean the world to them. Take the entire first date meeting as an interview to see if you are worth the second date.

If you do make it to the second date, here are some date ideas that will improve your chances and keep you as highly-rated in their minds as the first time you went on a date.

1. Bowling

BowlingBowling is a perfect second date idea because it takes a step away from the romantic tone of most first date ideas.

That step is good because you generally want an environment where you can relax and feel more comfortable with your date. Bowling is a slow-paced game, and as such, things will not get very competitive and heated as often or as quickly as any other game.

Bowling being a very slow game encourages you to take time between frames to munch on food and have a chat. Slow-paced games give you many moments for you to stop, have a conversation that could stretch for an hour, and when things get boring, you can go back to the game you were playing.

2. Rooftop Bar

Rooftop BarA rooftop bar is a stunning place to take your date. It is visually stunning. The height at which it sits gives you a panoramic view that people find incredibly romantic, and there is a lot of booze to go around.

Rooftop bars are expensive because of the experience’s exclusivity, so there might be a chance your date may not have been before, allowing you to impress them.

If all goes well, you could both be leaning on one of the guard-rails that is a common sight at a rooftop bar and sharing a kiss.

3. Hike

HikeIf your date loves the outdoors and dirt tracks (not necessarily), you should take them for a hike. You both get to exercise, compete over short distances during different moments of the ride, and there will be many places to have conversations about how you both feel your date is going. It must be said, though, that you should ensure you feel safe with this person before hiking with them if the track is going to be secluded.

Cooking Dinner4. Cook Dinner

For an intimate date experience, invite them over and have dinner with them but make it unique by cooking it together.

Eating out together is great, but it is nowhere as intimate as the experience of choosing a dish together and cooking it.

5. Drive-In Movie

Drive-In MovieSuppose you cannot think of something else to do other than the cliche cinema option. In that case, a drive-in movie experience should be the cinematic variation you choose. It is an olden-day movie experience that has thankfully survived because it’s just utterly cool. 

You never have to get out of the car. You do not have to worry about other people being intrusive; you both can just relax and enjoy the movie with some privacy to yourself.

6. Workout Class

If you are both gym rats, taking a class on exercise together is an excellent idea. Since it’s both your comfort zones, you will feel free with each other, and that may be what breaks the ice between you both.

7. Volunteering

VolunteerFor those passionate about different causes and doing good in the world, volunteering together is such a passionate, intimate thing to do that you both can be sure you will feel the butterflies seeing the other person do good deeds.

There are several volunteer activities both parties can engage in. You both can volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate books to a local book fair, and more.

How Soon Is Too Soon For a Second Date?

The first date went successfully. That is a joyful thing. You should dance to a catchy song because you did that; your idea for the first date was well executed, and they couldn’t hide how impressed they were.

Humans are guilty of rushing into decisions when they are excited. It would be best if you were patient before setting up the second date. It would also help if you didn’t try to set up a second date until two weeks after your first.

KissCan You Kiss On The Second Date?

It is understandable to desire some form of intimacy on the second date because it helps calm your nerves that your date is interested in you, and that the whole thing has not been a waste of your time.

There is nothing wrong with a kiss on the second date, but it depends on your date and if they are willing to share one with you.

Look out for the signs that they might be willing to all through the date and if you are still not sure, ask them if they would love to share a kiss. There is nothing wrong with expressing what you want, and it does not make things awkward; the world has gone past that.

What To Talk About On The Second Date?

On the second date, you should delve into much more serious topics when you get the chance to talk. You can ask about their passions to learn if you would be cool with them because you would have to compete with their passion.

Their hopes and dreams are topics you can touch on because that would give you a sense of what your future with this person might look like.

Bottom Line

Landing the second date is a sign that you have made progress. However, it would help if you were not over the moon yet because there is still a lot of work to solidify your relationship with your date.

The second date is not a sign that you have them yet. You should just throw that notion out the window. For your second date with them, you have to let your creative juices flow so that you can wow them once again.

The second date is still not the one where you go super romantic still; try to create an atmosphere where you both can be comfortable with each other and find it easy to have a conversation.

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