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Senior Match Review

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Senior Dating 50+

Online dating is not just for Millennials, Generation Y, or Generation Z. Baby Boomers are getting into the mix, too. The internet clearly doesn’t have an age limit, and it’s your time.

Whether you’re reading this Senior Match Review because you’re a widow, finally ready to settle down (and enjoyed the heck out of your single days) or a divorcee, that’s your business. In this review, we’re just here to give you tips on how to make signing up for Senior Match work for your dating needs.

Are you looking to get married (again)? Do you just want someone to grow old(er) with? Have you finally decided it’s time to jump back into the dating scene after your last relationship? Or, maybe your (grand)kid had the bright idea to connect you and another senior. Don’t worry. This could be fun.

Check out what you’re in store for below.

Senior Match

senior match homepage

Website Overview

As odd as it may seem, the first thing that’s impressive about this site is that it actually has seniors on the site. Check out other senior dating sites, and you may see one senior person with someone who is clearly not a senior (and suspiciously seems to be targeting senior citizens).

If your goal is to date someone who is in your age bracket, Senior Match may be the way to go. The site doesn’t even allow users who are under the age of 45.

Key Features

Senior Match - Communicating

You’ll have a tough time narrowing users down on this site without payment. While you can peruse the site to see what’s out there, know that sorting through favorites, seeing who winked at you, sending a photo request, private album request/access, answering questions, and seeing who has viewed you are all perks of payment.

Use “Spark” if you want to help the site get an idea of who you find attractive (Like/Skip). Interestingly, whether you’re a novice writer or a professional, users also have the option to start their own blogs. When doing so, make sure to avoid offensive, profane, vulgar, abusive, or porn messages.

Commercial solicitations, including web URLs, are banned. Contact information (email, home phone/address, etc.) should not be added. And avoid HTML codes or contents directly copied from other sites.

The goal is to share more about yourself (per Service Agreement) instead of pushing your own products. Once you submit a blog, it has to be reviewed first before it is published. Are you unsure where you want the first date to be? Let other users help you out.

Click on “First Date Ideas” in the “Community” section of the navigation bar. When you find first dates that sound like fun, you can always flirt with the user there. Respond right underneath the status or use the thumbs-up option to share your support of this dating idea.

Keep in mind you can do this even if this isn’t someone you’re romantically interested in. Sometimes people just love hearing and/or reading the feedback.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

The site self-proclaims to have more than 1.3 senior singles who are over the age of 50. It has more than 6K daily active members; 1.6 million monthly conversations; and 36.6K success stories.

Sign-Up Process

Sign up via Facebook or your email address. Be prepared to create a username and first name, which can be the same as long as they’re both available. You must be single, never married, divorced, widowed, or separated. (Why “single” and “never married” are both in the same category is anybody’s guess. Just pick one.)

The site will insist that you not skip over a photo in various stages throughout logging in, but it doesn’t seem to be mandatory. However, in order to be a verified user, you will either have to upload a headshot or upload your license.

Communication Options

Senior Match - Wink

While there are a few ways to communicate with other users without paying the membership fees, such as leaving blog comments or writing blogs, for the most part, you’ll have to pay. Sending messages to someone and liking their photographs require payment. Deep dives in searches to learn more about a person who requires payment.

Senior Match - Messaging

Senior Dating 50+

Pricing & Membership Options

Senior Match - Cost

As soon as you log in, expect there to be pricing plans popping up: $19.98 per month for three months ($59.95) with one month “free,” $1 per day ($29.95) for one month with 10 days “free,” or $15.99 per month for six months ($95.95) with two months “free.” The discount lasts for approximately 50 minutes.

After that, prices shoot up to $79.93 for three months, $39.93 for one month or $127.93 for six months.

Safety & Security

Senior Couple

Without payment, searching by location, new members, and reverse matches are locked. Although you can choose a round-about number for age and state, narrowing other fields down in the search option is disabled.

Those fields include a photo, height, relationship status, looking for preferences, ethnicity, body type, religion, education, smoking, drinking, and/or children.

However, you can send visible profiles a free wink and/or add to favorites. Even if you want to see who you have a “Spark” with, it won’t allow you to “Like” a photograph from other users without adding your own photo or paying for a membership, which makes sense.

Who wants a bunch of photo-less people liking their headshots anyway? If you’re worried about uploading your license on this online dating site, look at it this way. If you change your phone number on Amazon’s online marketplace, they’ll ask for an ID like this too.

While it may make some users nervous to do so, as long as all directions are followed and this request doesn’t come from a suspicious website or account, you should be OK. They’re basically checking to make sure you won’t be the next episode of “Catfish”—the senior addition.

Pros & Cons

Senior couple

As mentioned above, any blogs that are written on this site must be pre-approved first. This is a relief for users who get tired of people trying to sell them things via social media or those dreaded marketing calls at home.

The last thing you want to do is deal with an overly aggressive marketing representative trying to push his own products in the blog area.

Enjoy seeing seniors of all ages share what it’s been like in the dating scene on and off the Internet. You can also turn comments on and off. Clearly, someone who takes the time to read your blog and comment is interested in hearing what you have to say.

For a writer, someone reading his or her content is the ultimate compliment. You may find yourself wanting to meet commenters more than those who don’t.

Not only can you tell a little bit more about yourself physically, but you can also tell what you want in a match from the physical features all the way to distance preferences and political views. Considering these queries are not mandatory at the sign-up screen, be prepared for other users to not have these spots filled in.

It’s up to you to bring these questions out of them once you two start talking virtually and/or in person.

Bottom Line

So what do you think of the site from what you read? Does it fit your writing aspirations and dating browsing needs? Hopefully so. Unlike some sites that determine users based on personality quizzes, physical features, and a few common hobbies, Senior Match gives you the chance to share more about yourself how you want to.

Could you do so on the profile page with the “About Me,” “About My Match/Friend” and “My Questions to Match/Friend”? Absolutely. But the blog gives you an extra layer of information to disclose and may open you up to a wider group of people.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more platform reviews!

Senior Dating 50+

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