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Silver Singles Review

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A Fresh Take on +50 Dating

Which season inspires you the most? That’s one of many questions used while signing up for Silver Singles. What does this have to do with age? Nothing. But that’s what makes this site cool.

Instead of other dating sites where you’re scrambling to find someone who doesn’t freak out at the sight of gray hair or a colonoscopy appointment, this is the rule, not the exception on this SilverSingles Review.

Once you’ve gotten age out of the way (because really, isn’t it just a time to celebrate every year of experience), you can move on to the fun stuff: finding someone in your age group who you can daydream about hanging with during the “season that inspires you the most.”

Of course, all the questions aren’t fun and games. Imagine rating yourself on a scale of 1-7 regarding how satisfied you are with your physical appearance. What’s your answer? Regardless of what it is, when you join this site, you want to meet someone who will rate you a “7” no matter what. Without further ado, let’s get going.

Silver Singles Review

Silver singles homepage

Website Overview

From seeking adventure to clutter in your living space, this is your opportunity to let your potential significant other know what you’re like. Eye color, hair color, race, and smoking and drinking habits are important.

But being able to handle the day-to-day is just as significant, so get ready to answer a few startup questions before you can dive right in to start looking for other singles.

Key Features

video Silver Singles

Let’s face it. Even if the personality tests seem tedious when you just want to get on the online dating site and see what’s available, it does help to have their algorithms not match you up with people who are aesthetically pleasing but you’d have nothing in common with. Looks matter, and so does the personality.

By paying for premium memberships, you can really dig your heels into what there is to offer. If you are someone who enjoys personality tests and really being able to ponder on what it is you’re looking for, then this is the kind of site you’ll want to be on. It also helps other users get to know you and vice versa.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

Expect to find people from more than 20 countries and see more than 381,000 new members per month. Although it’s hard to tell whether the couples last, the website boasts of creating 2,000 new couples per month. More than 80 percent have an academic degree, and more than one-third are over 50 years old.

Sign-Up Process

Get ready to answer a lot of questions. Silver Singles even knows it’s a lot of questions because about one-fourth of the way through, it will remind you that “you’ve made it this far” and give you time to breath before you dive right back in to answer more questions.

Expect everything from whether your ideal place to live is a rural town or city, and whether you can handle clutter or have minimal patience. It’s the kind of thing that you should be honest about so you can get matched up with people who are also comfortable with these quirks.

Expect two more breaks. The questions are all over the place, sometimes just choosing characteristics or typing in your own answers and plenty of ranking. One thing you should not do while completing the sign-in process is rushing through it to get to the end.

Your answers will permanently affect the suggested results, so you may as well make sure they are the kind of dating options you want. If you find that you’re getting inaccurate responses, you may want to contact the site to see if you can do the survey again.

Or, clarify your answers in the intro. Is there something you feel is a deal-breaker that wasn’t asked? Share that, too. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know more about yourself.

Choose your own profile to see if you are habitual or inventive, easygoing or disciplined, introverted or extroverted, cautious or compassionate, or emotionally stable or sensitive. You may think you’re going to get certain results and end up with something totally opposite.

Reviewing these responses may tell you where you can improve in your own dating life and which areas you feel like you have bragging rights. Show off your interests and personality to help other users get to know you.

A Fresh Take on +50 Dating

Communication Options

Messages Silver Singles

Before you communicate with other users on the site, can you think of three things you’re grateful for? Get ready to answer that during the sign-up process. You should probably make it a topic of discussion because there won’t be three things that you’ll choose from.

You have to type these in, so these will probably be three things that are significant to you in the here and now. Your answers for this will tell worlds about you, too.

Depending on what you pay for after you answer the questions, be prepared to choose intelligent matchmaking, all-access photo viewing, message read receipts, unlimited communication, and profile viewing.

Pricing & Membership Options

Cost Activity Silver Singles

Depending on the level of communication you want, you can choose $11.95 per month for 12 months, $13.95 for six months or $22.95 for three months. You will also get up to 20 extra wild match cards per day.

Safety & Security

Whether you like it or not, you won’t be able to get far without paying. All of the profiles are blurred. You can see vague answers like characteristics from friends, height, degree, desire for kids, and what you want in a relationship.

But considering you cannot see the person, it’s a bit pointless to bother using the smile or pass feature. Even if looks don’t really matter to you, you can’t see the personality results to really be able to dig into this user. May as well pony up the funds so you can really get to know the users.

Pros & Cons

Silver couple

On every age-related site, there’s always some graphic designer who should’ve thought these photos through. At the end of the personality questionnaire, there’s a young lady with sunglasses on that have a palm tree connected on one side and a flamingo on the other.

If you can withstand the thought of just knocking those stupid sunglasses off her face, you’ll be OK.

And if you are someone who would grab a pair of these sunglasses and put them on, then even better. And if you’re only looking for people of “silver” hair age, be ready for that to not always be the case.

The site only confirms that one-third are over age 50, so if that’s the goal here, you better get ready to sift through a few users who just want to date older women or men. If age is not a big deal to you (which is one of the personality questions), then you probably won’t care. But if it is, get ready to pay to skip past users looking for sugar daddies and cougars.

Bottom Line

From the name of the site, you would expect that there would be more silver-haired members. Is that the case? Yes and no. As with any online dating site, you have the ability to filter in and out whatever it is you want best.

This is a site that requires more depth than others and gives you and other members the opportunity to learn more about each other. Is it the right site for you? If you’re someone who wants to be able to see what’s available on the site first, probably not.

The personality quiz may turn you off before you can get going. But if you’re patient and really ready to commit to online dating, this is a good site to start with.

A Fresh Take on +50 Dating

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