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Spiritual Singles Review

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Facilitating Conscious Connections

When you’re asked if you’re religious, do you answer with statements like, “I’m spiritual”? Then you’ll probably enjoy Spiritual Singles.

If you’re someone who enjoys personal/spiritual growth, meditation, yoga, sustainable living, organic and non-GMO food, organic gardening, and alternative news, this will probably be your home away from home.

Even if this Spiritual Singles Review doesn’t lead you to Mr. or Mrs. Right, you’ll probably find a cool set of people to talk about permaculture, world peace, and healing Mother Earth.

Spiritual Singles Review

Spiritual singles homepage

Website Overview

Self-proclaimed as the “oldest, largest, exclusively ‘spiritual/conscious’ and ‘green/eco-friendly’” online dating site, Spiritual Singles has been around for 20 years and counting. When you join this site, you have automatic access to all members from all of their Conscious Dating Network (CDN) sites.

Key Features

The site promises that it focuses on the “member experience” via feedback and suggestions. And as can be predicted on a site like Spiritual Singles, the goal is to “foster the energy” so users can easily connect.

And that member experience includes free advice for your dating life, including blogs like “Do Long Distance Relationships Work When You Meet Online?” “Dating for Singles during the COVID-19. What to do?” and “2021 Astrological Predictions.”

The sign-in process may pull you in just to be able to answer questions that are unfamiliar to you. You may know your astrology sign, but do you know your Chinese zodiac sign or your rising sign, or your moon sign? Can you talk about your Ayurvedic body type off the top of your head?

This site goes beyond the usual questions about smoking and/or drinking habits and helps get your self-identity down to the nitty-gritty. Even if you leave tomorrow, you’ll have found out some new information about yourself.

Where Are the Majority of Members Based?

From the United States of America to England to Australia to Afghanistan, you can look people up from all over.

Sign-Up Process

There are some tricky things going on with the sign-up process, primarily that if you choose your real first name as your username, it will reject your first name.

Eventually, the site should do this the other way around (or offer the option for the first name and username to be the same), but you can press preview to fix this. The site also asks for your cell phone number but does not make it mandatory. (However, it also doesn’t explain the relevance of asking for your number.

Usually, online dating sites do this to send authorization codes, but this site does not do it for security reasons.) This is clearly not your average online dating site. You’ll know this from seeing relationship choices like polyamory, celibacy in dating or marriage, as well as travel companions, pen-pals, casual intimacy, friends, and even “just curious.”

Whatever you choose, expect a lengthy process to share details about yourself as well as what you’re looking for in other users.

Communication Options

There are all kinds of ways to communicate on this site, and you don’t even have to pay for all of them. If someone contacts you, you can send messages via instant messenger or the messaging system, as long as the subscriber reaches out to you first.

You can also see photos, save searches and organize who you want to talk to by the time you do (optionally) pay.

Facilitating Conscious Connections

Pricing & Membership Options

Spiritual Singles Cost

There are quite a few things you can do on Spiritual Singles. Create your own profile with two photos and a video; browse around; see other members online; save favorites; share interests; send pre-written “hello” messages; read and reply to messages sent to you.

Instant message with subscribing members who instant message you first; receive messages from the algorithm system based on your preferences, and see compatible members based on “Match Questions” you’ve answered.

Unlike other online dating sites, they’re not automatically allowing you to pay for membership before you complete the pre-approval stage. In fact, you are not even allowed to pay the $12-$23 per month membership ($72 for six months) before they can figure out whether your information is true or not.

After paying, you can send personally written messages (up to 50 per day), attach a photo to your message, initiate instant messages, and upload up to 20 additional photos and two videos.

Safety & Security

Spiritual Couple Meditating

Questions regarding your living situation can always be a bit uncomfortable. For those who worry about disclosing that they live alone, you may want to “prefer not to say.”

On the other hand, if you were on the other hand and dreading the idea of someone still living with parents or roommates, understand why this question matters—especially for middle-aged to older adults.

If this makes you no difference and you have a “more the merrier” or loner vibe, feel free to answer. But keep in mind that you cannot be fully active until the moderation process is complete. Your chat status will be unavailable, private mode enabled and profile display hidden until your info is OK’d.

In the meantime, if you see users that just aren’t your cup of tea or make you uncomfortable, you can create a blocked list as needed. The site will also allow you to use the left-hand navigation bar to set up search preferences and save them. If you want to deactivate your account, your profile will appear to be deleted.

However, if you log back on and have a change of heart, your profile will automatically be active again. If you don’t log in within a year, it will be deleted and you will need to re-join. You can also choose to delete your account if you want to ditch the site entirely.

Pros & Cons

Spiritual Couple

It’s a lot of pressure with other online dating sites, especially for spiritual online daters who know that religion may be a deal-breaker for some.

This is a place for you to feel comfortable regardless of religion—or no religion at all.

This site isn’t just about astrology, yoga, and massages.

There are also some handy tips on how to nail digital dates with everything from sharing a glass of wine and meditating together or virtually cooking the same meal (or ones that complement each other) and eating it together.

You could even dance it out on your date and get some cardio, too. These blogs are a perfect place to be inspired, even if you don’t pay for full membership.

Be careful when you’re browsing through profiles though because the relationship status does include an “open relationship” or “married.” This is controversial because many online dating sites put up warnings asking married couples to refrain from joining while others are cool with it.

Your decision to engage is up to you, especially considering the sign-up process allows you the opportunity to enjoy a broad set of relationships (ex. polyamory). There doesn’t appear to be a lot of judgment on the site overall.

Even if you’re interested in married people, there’s the possibility that they’re in a celibate marriage. You’ll need to communicate with some users past the obvious profile selections to know what they’re really looking for. Don’t judge their “spirits” beforehand.

Bottom Line

You will need to check the site out for yourself to figure out who is most drawn to you (and vice versa because no two users will have the same experience) to be able to tell whether this is the right site for you.

But because of all of the fun things to find out about yourself and free quizzes and search opportunities, you may find yourself getting so lost in checking out the site that you forget to pay.

It’s rare that an online dating site is as fun to navigate without talking to anyone as it is with other people (although OkCupid is another good one), but Spiritual Singles is one of those that fits under this umbrella.

Visit the Perfect DM homepage for more expert platform reviews & advice.

Facilitating Conscious Connections

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