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Tagged vs. Tinder

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A common question usually posed by people who have finally decided to put aside their unnecessary bias towards online dating platforms is about which platform they should go with.

Understandably, people can feel lost on which should be chosen when there are literally thousands of dating apps out there, all competing to get your attention, telling you nice things about themselves. Tagged vs. Tinder is one of many articles to help you filter out these dating sites so that you can decide on which you should choose.

We go into detail about their features and the history behind both platforms.

Tagged vs. Tinder

History Comparison

Homepage - Tagged

Tagged is one of those dating websites which did not initially start as a dating platform. Tagged was founded in 2004 by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith, who were entrepreneurs looking to build the next Yahoo but for teens.

The idea was to allow interested users to create accounts and view other users’ profiles, sharing tags and virtual gifts.

It was a system that worked for a while and gained them up to a hundred million followers. Tagged has since gone on to reshape itself and reemerge as a dating site, keying into its fundamental functions of giving users the chance to view profiles of each other and make connections.

Homepage - Tinder

Unlike Tagged, Tinder started as software that encouraged romantic affiliations. Software developers working for Hatch Labs and Xtreme Labs came together to bring what is now known as Tinder into life. Originally, Tinder was called MatchBox, but before its launch in 2012, it was renamed Tinder, a name that sounded in line with its icon.

Years after its launch today, Tinder is the king or at least a king in the online dating space. Very few dating platforms can match what it generates in revenue. Compared to Tagged’s mere $32 million, Tinder pulls over a billion dollars in revenue per year.

Key Features

If you’ve never used an online dating app before, and this is the first time you read an article such as this, you should know the online dating world has a pretty unique way of handling access to their features. They separate what features you are allowed to use (which you pay for) and those you get for free.

Pets - Tagged

On Tagged, you are given some pretty decent features for free. It would be best if you had a profile to get matched with anyone, so they let you have that for no fee. You can browse profiles of other members of the platform just as they can do yours.

You can get matches for free and message those messages as well. You can like and comment on other users’ posts that come into your feed, just like Facebook. Tagged has one unique feature that they brought along with them onto the platform since their heydays of being a social network and social gaming platform. It is called Pets.

Matches - TinderOn Tagged, you and other users can play this game. The instructions for playing can be found on the site, and it can be a conversation starter between you and other users.

Tinder follows the same model and gives you some key features for free too.

Tinder has a mobile app version that it lets you download for free.

You have to register before anything else, and you can do this at no charge. You can upload a profile picture to make yourself identifiable to other users. Other people might be using Tinder around you, Tinder lets you match with them without paying a dime, and you get one super like per day to show them how you really feel about them.

Homepage - Tagged
Homepage - Tinder

Sign-Up Process

Sign up - Tinder

Tinder has the smoothest sign-up process of both platforms. Smoothest does not mean fastest because both websites are equally fast. On both platforms, you are required to verify the email you have provided as yours.

Sign up Tagged

Uploading a picture on Tinder before creating a profile is required of you, but you can get by on Tagged without doing so. If you are unsatisfied with your profile information, you can edit them later as a Tagged user.

User Base

Woman Typing in Her ComputerWoman Typing in Her ComputerTagged appears to have more users than Tinder, but there is a catch. Before Tagged got relegated to the second-tier of top social networks, it bought a company that also dealt in social media gaming called hi5. By the time of the acquisition, Tagged had only 100 million users; by the end, they merged hi5’s user base with theirs to have a boastful figure of up to 335 million users.

Tagged is a global brand, and it is available to anyone in the world. Tinder also has a large user base, and a lot of them are US residents. Tinder’s superiority in this section shines forth when you look at the meager 172 thousand daily logins Tagged has compared to more than a million that Tinder can boast of.

Ease of Use

Communicating - Tinder

You will enjoy using Tinder more than Tagged. Tagged seem to have wholly neglected the design of their platform.

Messaging - Tagged

Success Rate

Your chances of getting something meaningful out of an online dating platform look better on Tinder than on Tagged. Its daily influx of users is too low to make a case for it.

Pros and Cons

Happy Couple

Tinder Pros

  • It has a stunning UI design
  • It has more active users

Tinder Cons

  • Tinder has been accused of feeling superficial
  • It has been accused of selling private data of users in the past

Tagged Pros

  • It has a fun game on the platform
  • Quick sign-up process

Tagged Cons

  • Awful visual design
  • Presence of Ads.

Bottom Line

Tinder is by far the more superior dating platform between both. It has a better design, a better matching system, and a sign-up process.

Even with Tinder’s seemingly lousy reputation of being a hookup app, nothing trumps the reputation Tagged has carved out for itself by completely refusing to improve the platform’s UI design. It screams negligence, and it is just tough to make a case for them and argue that customers should pay for their services.

Dating is like an investment; time and effort are put into it, and that is important. The choice lies with you, but it would be best if you invested wisely.

Homepage - Tagged
Homepage - Tinder

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