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Tantan vs Tinder

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Dating can be a hard slog, especially in modern society. Everyone always has somewhere to be or someone to see. You manage to meet a real cutie at the bar, but before you even ask their name they have to get going. If it wasn’t for online dating people would have just accepted, they were destined to own twenty cats.

There are so many really good dating websites available to us nowadays at the click of a finger, whether you are looking to meet new friends, get back into casual dating after heartbreak or finally settle down and enjoy a long-term relationship, there is something that can cater to your very needs.

Tantan vs. Tinder

Homepage - Tinder

Two of the most popular dating apps going around at the minute are Tinder and Tantan, the problem is which is the best to use? This article will discuss each of the platforms in detail for you to narrow down which you think is better Tinder vs Tantan.

Homepage - Tantan

Key Features of Both Websites

Out of all the features on tinder, the swipe is right up there with significance. The beauty of the swipe is that it puts the power of your dating experience in your hands as it allows you to like or dislike a person’s profile. If you like someone’s profile you swipe right and if you do not like what they have to offer you can swipe left.

Now, if you really like someone and simply must show them how interested you are, you have the additional option of swiping up, referred to as a super like, a feature that informs a person straight away that you are interested and keen for a reciprocated connection, rather than waiting to see if they swipe right on you.

It’s one of the most loved features by users worldwide, giving users three times more of a chance to find someone suitable for them.

Matches - TinderTinder plus is the paid edition of the tinder app that permits access to the premium features on offer like unlimited likes, unlimited swiping, rewinding of the last swipe, and one boost a month, which means your profile will be shown to more people. Additionally, you’ll get five super likes a day, no advertisements, and if that isn’t enough Tinder plus awards you a passport, enabling you to swipe on people from all around the world.

In saying this, paying for the premium feature does not guarantee more right swipes, but it definitely increases your chances and is worth the money. Tantan also has a variety of features available to its users.

Upon registration, users are able to send an unlimited amount of messages at no cost, inclusive of photos. Users are able to edit their profile, play games on the app, and make up to 120 swipes a day, which is ten more than you get with Tinder.

Additionally, users are able to hide last seen, play with their settings, and share moments with others who are using the dating site. To take maximum advantage of the Tantan dating app, users are required to sign up for the VIP membership that is on offer.

This membership permits the users to have access to unlimited swipes, instead of just 120, and furtherly you are granted the Super like. 

Swip - TantanThe Super like shows other users just how keen you are on getting to know them and can increase your probability of getting a love match by 5 times.

The VIP membership also allows you to be granted features such as exclusive badges, the ability to filter your location to a larger or smaller radius and you are also able to highlight your name to increase visibility.

Further, the VIP membership warrants users to rewind swipes if they have changed their mind on a person they have previously swiped right on.

Comparison of the Sign-up Process

Sign Up Tantan

It’s very easy to sign up to Tantan, and what’s more, it’s free to do so. The registration at Tantan gives you the option of signing up via Facebook or through your mobile. Both of these sign-ups are really fast, easy and convenient.

After you have finished registering, Tantan works its magic to show you potential match suggestions based on the information you have provided. You can then scroll through all the photos of other users of the site or conduct searches that are impartial to the recommendations made by Tantan.

Sign up - Tinder

Tinder’s sign-up process, just like Tantan, is very easy. The whole point of Tinder is to be an easy and fast-paced dating app, so its sign-up process needs to support this.

Signing up requires you to download the tinder app, create your account, provide your mobile number and email address, you then have the option of connecting through Facebook to streamline the signing up process, you then set up your profile inclusive of profile pictures, personal information and a bio that grabs your targeted audience.

Once the profile has been set up, you allow tinder to access the required permissions and away you go.

Ease of Use

Communicating - Tinder

Tinder is very easy to use, you would have to be incredibly technologically inept to struggle with navigating the site. All that tinder offers are very straightforward, you sign up, follow the prompts, and then once you have completed this you have widespread access to swiping right, left, and up.

Tantan, like Tinder, is also very basic in its functionality for users. It’s designed demographic is for people who are 18 years and older, incorporating lots of interactive features for its users to expand interaction and increase enthusiasm on the platform, as well as boosting chances to find a potential love match.

Communicating - Tantan

Tantan’s platform is very user-friendly and straight to the point to ensure that dating is fun for all who use it. Featuring bright, large screens and clear, concise text to make sure that users are clear of what they are clicking when using and to avoid any error making in the dating process.

Once a person has signed up they are able to scroll through photos of members for free.

Homepage - Tinder

Pricing of Each

Prices - Tinder

Tinder Plus pricing is very reasonable, requiring users to pay $9.99 a month, but that’s only if you upgrade to a premium subscription, you can still swipe away for free and chat without payment. This being said, if you run out of swipes, you do have to wait an additional 12 hours until you can get back swiping on profiles again.

Tantan, just like tinder, is free for initial membership and the basic features, though if you are wanting to gain access to features such as unlimited likes, unlimited swipes, in addition to the Super Like feature, you will have to subscribe to the VIP membership.

Price - Tantan

The VIP is very reasonably priced for what you are receiving and what’s more, it increases your chance of finding a compatible match by 5 times. A one-month subscription starts at $8.99 per month, the three-month subscription membership totals $16.99 which works out to $5.66 a month.

A one-year subscription is $54.99 in total, which works out to be $4.58 per month. Like many other dating sites, the longer you subscribe the cheaper the price is each month.

Pros and Cons


Like all dating websites, Tinder and Tantan both contain a sizeable number of advantages when using their dating platform, this is supported through the large user bases both have amassed over time. However, each comes with some quirks too. Tinder is super easy to sign up to and you get into the fast-paced dating action very quickly, which saves time and energy on the sign-up process. 

It’s also user-friendly, you don’t receive unnecessary spam emails, and because it is so fast-paced you are able to nab yourself a hot date relatively easily. To top it off, you don’t ever get to see the people who have swiped left on you, which keeps your ego intact.

Tantan is also very easy to sign up to and provides some fast-paced dating experiences for its users. The utilization of the profile verification also means that users are less inclined to come across any spam whilst signing up and using the dating app.

Now, though the price of the paid features is much less than many of its competitors, you can’t even get one super like for free, which puts it at a disadvantage to Tinder because it provides a few on the free membership.

Bottom Line

Tantan is the Tinder equivalent in China, therefore both of the dating apps share a lot in common and are both equally popular and effective in the fast-paced dating world.

Fast-paced dating is ideal for those who like to take control of their dating lives, are constantly on the move, or starved of the time to sit around writing up large portfolio bios to engage their targeted audience.

When it comes down to choosing which one is the best option for you, it really narrows down to your personal preferences and which one you feel is the most alluring because at the end of the day you want to be successful in your quest to find a compatible match and only you know what will work best for you.

Homepage - Tinder

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