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In modern society we have finally built bridges and gotten over the stigma surrounding online dating; however, we are still not quite as convinced that you can meet someone online and form a truly unique connection past something casual.

Rumors about dating websites spread quicker than wildfire, we hear nightmare stories about one couple having a disastrous casual fling and you immediately jump to the assumption that all dating apps and websites are destined to provide the same experience for you, and you don’t particularly feel like accepting that fate.

Tinder vs. Eharmony

Homepage - Tinder

Not now, not ever. If any dating app can revitalize your belief that there is hope left in the dating world and there is a special someone who wants the same things as you do eHarmony and Tinder are two dating sites to look into.

But what’s better Tinder vs eHarmony? This article will guide you through a comparison of both platforms to ensure you find the right fit for your needs and wants.

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Key Features of Both Websites

Tinder features a 100% free, easy sign-up process, you simply download the app, fill out the required personal information and you can immediately get swiping, this is brilliant for those who are starved of time as the process is quick and simple.

Additionally, it benefits those who are on a budget but are still on their quest for a special someone. Out of all the features on tinder, the swipe is right up there with significance. If you like someone’s profile you swipe right and if you do not like what they have to offer you can swipe left.

Now, if you really like someone you have the additional option of swiping up, referred to as a super like, a feature that informs a person straight away that you are interested and keen for a reciprocated connection. It’s one of the most loved features by users worldwide, giving users three times more of a chance to find someone suitable for them.

Tinder plus is the paid edition of the tinder app that permits access to the premium features on offer like unlimited likes, unlimited swiping, rewinding of the last swipe, and one boost a month, which means your profile will be shown to more people.

Eharmony features essay-like questions that each user must answer before commencing on to the compatibility questionnaire. Now, before you roll your eyes, it’s important to note that both of these features are imperative in the matchmaking process.

The answers that each user provides will determine the compatibility with other matches and you want them to be the most accurate representation of your personality possible.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

Sign up - Tinder

Tinder’s sign-up process is a walk in the park, you could pretty much do it with your eyes closed. It requires you to download the tinder app, create your account, provide your mobile number and email address, you then have the option of connecting through Facebook to streamline the signing up process.

You then set up your profile inclusive of profile pictures, personal information, and a bio that grabs other user’s attention. Once the profile has been set up, you allow tinder to access the required permissions and away you go.

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The sign-up process for Eharmony is very thorough, so thorough you can almost taste that the site is setting you up to find a potential life partner, it does have a reputation, for forming long-term relationships, to uphold. This is evident from the very get-go.

The sign-up starts with the standard input of information, your name, age, email and location, religious affiliation, number of children you have, in addition to answering how you heard about eHarmony.

Unlike a lot of other dating websites, where you can sign up and be on your merry way to finding a match, eHarmony proceeds to ask members to answer essay-like questions. For this reason, it’s recommended to set aside a fair amount of time, to ensure the answers are as accurate as you can make them.

User Base

Happy Couple

Tinder trumps Eharmony by far in regard to its user base. Clocking up more than 50 million active users worldwide, 3.8 million of which are paid subscribers to tinder plus, in comparison to the 750,000 paid subscribers and 10 million active users at eHarmony. Tinder is currently active in over 190 countries so there is no shortage of people to match up with, especially if you have tinder plus and access the passport feature.

Out of these countries, tinder manages to boast a staggering 2 billion swipes per day, resulting in 1 million dates a week.

eHarmony, though five times smaller than tinder in its user base, provides a quality experience, much different from tinder, this is conclusive to the fact that you have to pay to subscribe to the site and endure a lengthy sign-up, it’s more of an investment of time, money and energy in the search for love.

Most of the members that sign up to eHarmony sit between the ages of 25 and 44 age range. Given this age range, most users are over the casual fling and are in the age bracket of wanting to settle down with a partner who is marriage-minded.

Ease of Using Each Platform


From the very get-go, Eharmony makes it relatively easy for users to find their grounding on their dating site. It is free to register at first, though for a 30-day trial period, which can be done by registering on the eHarmony website.

Alternatively, there is also the option of downloading the app on google play or the app store. The hardest part in utilizing eHarmony is the registration that you have to endure. Other than that, everything is quite straightforward for users who sign up to the platform.

Tinder is very easy to use, you would have to be incredibly technologically inept to struggle with navigating the site. All that tinder offers are very straightforward, you sign up, follow the prompts, and then once you have completed this you have widespread access to swiping right, left, and up.

Communicating - Tinder

Success Rate

Eharmony confirms that 71% of the women and 69% of men who sign up to the website manage to find their spouse within a year. eHarmony even goes so far as categorizing them into sections inclusive of singles with kids, long-distance, international romance, and eHarmony babies among a list of others.

Tinder’s love story confirmations are trickier to search for than eHarmony because the dating site doesn’t broadcast matches publicly, instead of sifting through reviews on Google is the only way to find your answers.

Homepage - Tinder
Homepage - eharmony


Prices - eharmony

To really get what you require from eHarmony, you have to subscribe to the website. It features three memberships Premium Lite, Premium Plus, and Premium Extra. Premium Lite costs $59.90 per month over six months.

The Premium Plus option equates to $35.90 per month over a year and the Premium Extra costs $25.90 per month over two years. All subscriptions offer the same features, the only difference is the time-locked into your subscription and the discount you receive by remaining on eHarmony for a longer time

Prices - Tinder

Tinder Plus pricing is much cheaper than eHarmony, requiring users to pay $9.99 a month. That being said, the longer the user subscribes lowers the monthly price.

For instance, a six-month commitment lowers the price to $6.33 and then to $4.17 for a one-year subscription. This is an absolute bang for your buck if you are on a tight budget, but want access to the perks of a dating app.

Couple FlirtingPros and Cons

All singles that are inclined to use a dating platform, to find their significant other, want to do so with maximum ease.

Though tinder and Eharmony are both enticing dating platforms, they aren’t perfect, both having a multitude of benefits but also some quirks.

The pro side of signing up to the tinder platform is that the registration and the sign-up process is 100% free, it’s quicker than a sneeze and its fast-paced dating approach means you can gain access to matches quicker than on other sites.

Additionally, you won’t ever know if someone swipes left on you because it remains completely anonymous. Eharmony provides users with a very thorough profile-building process. This encourages only the most invested of users, as the process is thorough and requires users to be very honest and vulnerable with their answers.

When you sign up to eHarmony you really do get bang for your buck because, though you have to invest a few dollars in signing up to the dating website, once you have signed up and paid you aren’t asked to pay for any pesky mini transactions.

Bottom Line

Eharmony and Tinder are cut from very different cloths in the online dating world. Eharmony places emphasis on longevity, as it requires time and investment to sign up, whereas Tinder is fast, easy, and affordable.

Though both have a selection of advantages to utilizing the platform as well as some disadvantages, both platforms exist in the hope to help to find users someone special, it comes down to what the users require on their quest for love at the end of the day.

Homepage - Tinder
Homepage - eharmony

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