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It’s a really big sea out there, filled with hundreds of thousands, in fact, millions of fish, but which of those fish are single, share similar interests, have potential, and are picking up what you are putting down?

The latest pandemic threw an additional spanner in the works, almost knocking the world over in shock horror. If you weren’t already in search of a certain someone, once that bad boy hit, you may have changed your mind.

With everything closing and then re-opening only to close again, the feeling of boredom and loneliness certainly can creep up. This is where online dating can be a hero amongst heroes.

Tinder vs. Happn

Homepage - Tinder

Tinder and Happn are two incredibly well-known dating apps, known for their ease of use and fast-paced pairing action, so if you hadn’t considered online dating until now, these two would be worth scoping out. This article will discuss each of the platforms in detail for you to narrow down which you think is better Tinder vs Happn.

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Key Features of Both Websites

It’s no secret that one of Tinder’s best features is the swipe. Those who use the platform have the option of swiping right if they like someone on their feed and then the option of swiping left if they aren’t as tickled pink with a profile.


The swiping process is very fast-paced and easy for users to connect with others. If both users swipe right, it’s a match and people can get chatting away.

Tinder plus is the paid edition of the tinder app that permits access to the premium features on offer like unlimited likes, unlimited swiping, rewinding of the last swipe, and one boost a month, which means your profile will be shown to more people.

Happn has a similar function to Tinder in that you swipe on other users’ profiles, however, there is a slight difference. On Happn, if you would like to remove someone from your feed you have to click on a little cross to get rid of them, which decreases the number of slipups and your fat thumbs can’t ruin your dating life.

Tinder Gold is an additional feature for tinder, this includes the perks of Plus and more. The additional subscription gains you access to all the people who have swiped right on your profile. You can then return the favor by jumping straight into messaging them.

Charm-HappnHappn features an alert system, like its predecessor Tinder, that is able to notify users of people they have crossed paths with within a 250m radius, so whether you go to the same coffee shop in the morning or live in the same neighborhood, Happn brings you into contact with people you have been around in real life, which is a real selling point.

The Charm is a feature that Happn contains.

This feature means that the site is free for women to use whereas the men who want to use must pay for charms. Guys get 10 charms in addition to another 5 charms if they refer a friend to the site and the women, well they get unlimited amounts.

Sign-up Process

Sign up - Tinder

Tinder’s sign-up process is very easy. The whole point of Tinder is to be an easy and fast-paced dating app, so its sign-up process needs to support this. Signing up requires you to download the tinder app, create your account, provide your mobile number and email address.

You then have the option of connecting through Facebook to streamline the signing up process, you then set up your profile inclusive of profile pictures, personal information, and a bio that grabs your targeted audience. Once the profile has been set up, you allow tinder to access the required permissions and away you go.

Sign Up - happn

Signing up to Happn is a very similar process to that of Tinder, as Tinder is its predecessor. Happn utilizes Facebook to create your profile and it is just as easy and quick to get to matching as Tinder is. Once you have signed up through Facebook, you’ll have a few of your profile photos from Facebook appear.

You then fill out your job criteria, education and provide a small bio to attract your audience. Finally, you can add the gender you want to connect with and the age range you want to match with, and you are ready to rumble on the dating app.

User Base

Tinder is used by over 50 million people in 190 countries worldwide. It has an algorithm that gives you compatible matches depending on your location. Over 10 million people are active on tinder every day, swiping left and right until their hearts are content, on the quest to meet someone special.

Similarly, Happn has amassed 50 million users since its creation in 2014. Matches are location-based, matching people who you come into close contact with and may have passed by them previously.

Alike Tinder, Happn caters to the younger generation of users in that it is fast-paced, easy to use, doesn’t require too much detail in signing up or in the development of a profile and it is also fun.

Homepage - Tinder
Homepage - happn

Ease of Use

Communicating - Tinder

Tinder makes it very easy for its users to navigate. Once you have signed up you get to the good stuff. You tap on the flame icon in the top corner of your phone screen and can get swiping on the singles that are available to date in your local area.

The swipe up is the “super like” which shows the other person straight away that you are interested, instead of waiting in hope of them potentially matching with you. The basic membership allows 100 swipes per 12 hours so choose wisely, otherwise subscribe to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold to get the maximal access to all the delicious features.

App - happn

Happn is similar to Tinder in ease of use, very straightforward for its users and subscribers. Happn uses a GPS feature to track other members and then it shows you the list of people you have come into a 250 m radius with and how many times it happened.

It provides a map of where you crossed paths and present a photo of the person, paired with their age and their occupation. If you like them you can like their profile, but if not, you can exit by pressing the ‘X’. If you both like one another, you will receive a crush notification and can message one another using the messenger.

Pricing of Each

Prices - Tinder

Tinder provides an option of a free membership where you can still swipe away and chat to potential matches. However, the Tinder Plus subscription is very reasonable, at $9.99 a month, its cheap and you get so much more control over the app which increases your chances of finding a love match.

Now if you want a little more than tinder plus, you have Tinder Gold as an additional option, this includes the perks of Plus and more. If you have already signed up to Tinder Plus and this sounds right up your alley, Tinder gold will cost an additional $5 a month, otherwise, it works out to be $30 a month or $18.83 a month if you take a six-month payment plan.

Pricing - happn

Happn also provides users a free sign-up, however, the slight hitch is that the free subscription has limited access to the features it contains. Subscribing to the premium subscription allows users to gain access to multiple perks on the dating app.

The premium payment, is also relatively priced, starting at $25 a month, but if you sign up for longer periods the price reduces. A six-month plan is $15 a month which further reduces to $10 a month, for a whole year.

With this subscription you get five credits a day, which can be used to send charms, you can respond to people’s availability and you also don’t have to put up with advertisements.

Pros and Cons

Young Couple

Although each dating website would absolutely love to claim they are the best, I’m sure they come in quite close to certain people, but this is not the case.

Both Tinder and Happn are highly regarded dating sites with an array of benefits, but they do not come without their flaws as well. Happn is a highly recommended dating app, especially for those who are constantly moving around.

Its geography location feature aims to make the meeting process feel as natural to meeting someone in real life as possible. It makes those chance encounters, not really chance but close to, feel exciting again. You will have a higher probability of seeing that cutie from down at the gas station, thanks to Happn.

Tinder is just as easy to sign up to as Happn and you get into the fast-paced dating action very quickly, which saves time and energy on the sign-up process. It’s also user friendly and to top it off, you don’t ever get to see the people who have swiped left on you, which keeps your ego intact.

Bottom Line

Tinder and Happn are both well-loved dating apps amassing. They afford users the opportunity to meet people that they may have either bumped into in real life or those that are in a rough geographical radius to them.

With technology playing such a large role in many people’s lives, both of these apps are perfect for those who are constantly moving and are starved for time. Both are convenient, very easy to use and they can both turn your day into a potential happy ever after.

Homepage - Tinder
Homepage - happn

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