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Tinder vs. Lovoo

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There are misconceptions about online dating apps, which see a lot of people stay away from using them. Many people brand them as hook-up apps with next to no possibility of finding true love.

Tinder especially gets berated with this sentiment. The reason for this sentiment is the gamification of those platforms. People feel it is immoral to relegate human relationships to a swipe right and a swipe left.

Tinder vs. Lovoo

Homepage - Tinder

The big truth is, the traditional way of dating is too time-consuming and laborious. Tinder vs. Lovoo introduces you to two dating platforms you can invest your time to see what modern dating is all about.

Homepage - Lovoo

Comparison of History

Lovoo is the product of a collaborative effort between 8 people who wanted to help people find partners globally. They originally intended to call the app ‘Kiss2go’. However, there was a naming conflict with another brand, so they stuck with ‘Lovoo.’ Lovoo was launched in 2011.

After enjoying much success, the founders decided to sell it to dating media giant, The Meet Group, which also happens to own Tinder. You might be thinking, “aren’t they the same then?” and the answer would be no. The Meet Group is the parent company, but that does not mean they run Lovoo just like they run Tinder.

Love HugLovoo is not as big as Tinder when it comes to net revenue. They make a sum of $30 million yearly, which is quite the money, but it is meager next to what Tinder makes.

Tinder was a startup idea that came to life in 2012. It became famous in the news media for its swipe-based matching system; that feature not only gave Tinder its early popularity but some notoriety later on in its life.

Like Lovoo, it wasn’t named Tinder at; first, they went with the name ‘MatchBox,’ but someone on the team looked at the flaming logo one day and decided ‘Tinder’ more fitting. In 2019, Tinder’s paying customers grew, and the company brought in a revenue of $1.2 billion, which was more than half of what its parent company, which also owns Lovoo, made.

Key Features of Both Websites

Some features are non-negotiable for dating websites. These features help maximize your chances of not only finding someone who will be a perfect match but ensuring you can get to know all about them before setting up a meet.

Tinder has a set of features that they’ve very distinctly separated as free-grade and those you have to pay to use. Like every other dating app out there, you do not have to pay to get the app or register an account. You can upload a profile picture, which is essential if you want to get a match.

Matches - TinderSince Tinder has geolocation features, you can very much find people near you for free. You can swipe left on people you don’t like, but you have to pay a fee to be able to swipe right.

One cool feature that comes with the free-tier, albeit in a minimal supply, is the ‘super like’ feature, which is just a way for you to let another user know you are very into them;’ you only get one per day.

When you pay, you can see members you like, get a match instantly, unlimited likes and right swipes are yours, rewind your swipe, and you will be more visible to women or men on the app.

Lovoo has adopted the same business model as Tinder and most dating apps out there. For no pay, you have access to features such as hosting a live video, watch other people’s streams, do a search, and add people to your favorites list.

Icebreaker - Lovoo

You can send hearts and likes, but the eye-catching feature that looks similar to Tinder’s super-like but works differently is the icebreaker feature. With it, you have access to talk to a user on the platform who has not been matched with you.

Coupled with their paid-features business model, Lovoo sells you ads. Ads can feel invasive, so for a price, they are removed. You also get other features that include an unlimited supply of icebreakers, browse anonymously, undo a swipe, see who secretly admires you as you will be able to see who viewed your profile and who hit the like button on you.

Comparison of the Signup Process

Sign up - Tinder

Tinder has a fast and pretty easy-to-follow signup process. You can either connect your Facebook account and use that to sign up instead of entering your details manually. There is also an option to use your Google account for the signup. Tinder requires you to verify your email address when you signup. In summary, Tinder’s onboarding process is fast.

Sign Up - Lovoo

Lovoo has gone down a similar route to get users on board. You can expect to find an option to signup with Facebook. Their process is fast, but it takes a bit more time than Tinder. In 5 minutes, you should be done.

User Base

Tinder is the bigger of the two regarding the number of users who have registered on both platforms. Lovoo claims they have 23 million users worldwide while Tinder has double that figure with over 50 million members. There are more men than women on both platforms, and the average age indicates a youthful user base.

Homepage - Tinder
Homepage - Lovoo

Success Rate

Communicating - Tinder

A Tinder user once reported that he got four dates from 53 matches. That might seem low, but when you realize he did not have to wait for long and the way people ghost on dating apps, it is a pretty decent return.

App - Lovoo

As for Lovoo, it is known to be a very pro-flirt app. Their low number of daily logins do not do them any favors either.  However, the over 4000 matches made every month means it won’t be a waste of effort.


Price - Lovoo

Lovoo’s Plans

Premium Membership
  • 1 Month: 9.99 USD
  • 3 Months: 24.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 33.99 USD
  • 12 Months: 69.96 USD
Lovoo Credits
  • 300 Credits: 3.49 USD
  • 550 Credits: 5.49 USD
  • 2,500 Credits: 17.00 USD
  • 8,000 Credits: 33.60 USD

Prices - Tinder

Tinder Plans

Tinder Gold under 28
  • 1 Month: 14.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 52.99 USD
  • 12 Months: 82.99 USD
Tinder Gold over 28
  • 1 Month: 29.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 112.99 USD
  • 12 Months: 149.99 USD
Tinder Plus under 28
  • 1 Month: 9.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 34.99 USD
  • 12 Months: 54.99 USD
Tinder Plus over 28
  • 1 Month: 19.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 60.00 USD
  • 12 Months: 80.00 USD

Pros and Cons

Lovoo Pros

  • Easy to Use
  • Free Features

Lovoo Cons

  • They had scandals about fake profiles in the past
  • A high proportion of men to women

Tinder Pros

  • Easy to get a match
  • The gamified system is fun to use

Tinder Cons

  • Its gamified system encourages excessive use
  • The swipe system means more attention is placed on what members look like and not their persona.

Bottom Line

Both apps reviewed here have the bad reputation of being a lot more about casual sex than building romantic ties. Tinder often gets criticized for the way it operates.

A pattern that has emerged in how the platform works is that as a new user using the free version of the app, you get many matches over a short period, and then the stream dries up. Also, people who pay for the premium version will appear to other users more than those who do not pay.

Lovoo has had to face criticism over fake profiles in the past; other than that, the app seems fun to use. The live stream feature is delightful.

Homepage - Tinder
Homepage - Lovoo

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