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Zoosk vs Elite Singles

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Homepage - Elite Singles

So you’re all set to join the online dating world or looking for more sites to enjoy? Enter Zoosk vs Elite Singles. One site will require you to pay for everything besides taking the personality test. The other one will let you scope people out beforehand to see if you’re interested.

One puts your belief of “personality beats looks” to the test by not allowing you to see anyone’s photographs but your own. The other will let you “Play” around and choose between two people. To see mutual matches, you will have to develop your own profile so you can continue to let users know if they’re your (initial) type or not.

If you don’t know what kind of online dater you are, consider joining multiple sites to see which one fits you best. However, before you put any money down, you may want to see what the site offers for free.

Simply navigating the profile page and building up what you have to say about yourself could be helpful for you to learn what you want in someone else. So are you ready to see what’s next? Read all about the two sites below.

Zoosk vs Elite Singles

Key Features of Both Websites

Homepage - Elite Singles

Instead of trying to read everyone’s profile, Elite Singles will suggest three to seven “highly suitable” matches on a daily basis. The algorithms are based on a mix of relationship preferences, education, location, and/or personality profiles.

You can already figure out how to narrow users down based on specific religions, parental status, gender preferences, and/or race. But the personality questions during the sign-up process are what you wouldn’t usually think to ask (or ask upon initial introduction) that make Elite Singles stand out.

Unlock Zoosk’s Carousel matches with as little as 180 coins for $0.10. You can also boost your profile and/or receive delivery confirmation messages. Free or paid, you can also check out each user’s self-described “Story,” “Perfect Match” and “Ideal Date.” You’ll also be able to see if this user has received “Gifts.”

Homepage - zoosk

Check out their interests in music, movies, TV, books, sports, and/or games, too. In addition to searching and filtering profiles by age, distance, height, religion, relationship, children, education, ethnicity, body type, and/or smoking habits, you can save your searches so you will be able to easily access mutual matches and those who intrigue you.

If you cannot find the features or favorites that are important to you, make a point of putting them in your own profile. However, you present yourself (be it photos or introductions) will let other users know what’s important to you.

Obviously, specific personality questions will help, too, along with the algorithms, but are you really going to want to read every single answer for all users? Put what matters to you most on your page. You may want to jot down a few notes so you don’t forget the deal-breaker personality questions on Elite Singles, too.

Add them to Zoosk, too, even without the quiz. There’s no rule that says you cannot use any other personality quiz to share what you want your future life and love to look like.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

Elite singles personality test

On Elite Singles, the first few questions start off simple by asking for a username, profile photos, and a personal message to other users. But then it gets down to the nitty-gritty, asking if you desire a soulmate, confidant, someone to raise a family with, lover or entertainer. After that, Elite Singles requires you to answer a personality quiz.

Zoosk keeps it simple. Add your name and email address, along with answering basic questions like your height, ethnicity, body type, relationship history, how many children you have, education, religion, and smoking habits.

User Base

More than 90 percent of Elite Singles members are over the age of 30 and hold an above-average education. While singles are primarily between the ages of 38 to 55, Millennials may also be comfortable searching around for Generation Xers. This international dating platform operates with partners in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Zoosk can also put you on a path of international dating. With 35 million members, expect users in more than 80 countries that can be translated into 25 languages.

Ease of Using Each Platform

Elite Singles - Communication

While there are some online dating sites that will let you send photographs and messages away, there’s not much you can do without paying for Elite Singles membership prices. The personality quizzes help you get to know the person behind the name.

Zoosk Communication

On Zoosk, if you like a profile, you can “Like” or “Smile” at it, in addition to sending messages via the inbox system. In addition, to live chat and messaging, you can also keep track of what’s going on by following the announcement feature. See everything you missed while you were logged out.

See who wants to be contacted, who has liked and smiled at you, and who has sent messages for you to respond to.

Homepage - zoosk
Homepage - Elite Singles

Which Site Is Safer to Use?

Safety - Elite Singles

On Elite Singles, all dating profiles are vetted to confirm authenticity, including profile verification, SSL encryption, and fraud detection systems. You can also block or report unwanted users. Vulgar and “offensive” language will also be restricted.

Go Invisible - zoosk

On Zoosk, look at the bottom of the profile to see if users have verified photos, verified phone numbers, and/or Facebook verification. You can also go “Invisible” for 30 coins, but keep in mind that this will make you not visible to potential users you would want to talk to.

Pricing of Each

Cost Elite Singles

Pay $11.95 to $22.95 per month on Elite Singles to communicate with 381K members per month. For a free membership, there’s not much to do because all photos are blurred out. If you’re someone who feels that personalities matter way more than looks, you will be delighted to find out that you can still read the personality perks of these users.

Cost Zoosk

A Zoosk subscription includes unlimited messaging, full access to SmartPicks, full profiles of who has viewed your own profile, and/or chat with your connections. A one-year membership is $12.49 per month ($149.88). A six-month membership is $12.49 per month ($74.95). A three-month membership is $19.98 per month ($59.95).

A one-month membership is $29.95. Buy coins as you desire to be more active with gifts for your favorite users. For both sites, double-check to make sure there are no auto-renewals unless you voluntarily want them to be. Zoosk will immediately auto-charge you unless you stop the purchase beforehand.

Pros and Cons

Couple enjoying sunset

If you’re fed up with online dating sites that use the bare minimum to match you up, Elite Singles could possibly be the way to go. It digs deeper than living close to your ZIP code, racial preference, or number of children.

Elite Singles algorithms, with a paid membership of course, matches your personality quiz answers to find users you will mesh with.

Interestingly, although the site brags about higher education users, one of the main questions about education lets users choose high school graduates. For some people, that’s no big deal. But if you’re someone who is adamant about finding a Ph.D. or master’s level significant other, double-check their answers in that category.

On Zoosk, the Frequently Asked Questions link will be of no use to you. It redirects to an error page, but hopefully, the web managers will update that. But unlike Elite Singles, which all but insists you agree to paid membership, Zoosk has its one-year and monthly membership hidden unless you choose “More Options.”

Of course the site wants you to be sold on the users, but there isn’t a lot of “pay now” overkill. Zoosk is probably more realistic for a first date, avoiding the usual controversial questions on a first date. Meanwhile Elite Singles does the exact opposite, even asking users how they behave on a first date.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for a serious relationship? Then Zoosk or Elite Singles may be the way to go. Depending on your level of online dating, the basics may be all you need to get going. See a cute face, and want him in your place.

For other users, online dating is no time to play around. They want to know everything about your parental preferences, where you live, what your work habits and educational background are like, and even what makes you inspired or enrages you.

If you’re someone who likes to dig deeper (and probably has a habit of “interviewing” people you date), Elite Singles is a good place to start. If you want to dip your feet in easily without too much too fast, start with Zoosk.

As with all online dating sites, they’re usually better and have more access if you pay the membership though. If you’re not interested in paying, there’s really no reason to even bother with Elite Singles unless you really just want to do a personality quiz for fun.

Homepage - zoosk
Homepage - Elite Singles

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