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Zoosk vs. Hinge

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Dating apps can help make our love lives better. They come with an ease-of-use that is quite underrated and taken for granted. Many people who are averse to using dating platforms fail to consider how much of a leap or boost it can give to their dating life.

Zoosk vs. Hinge compares two dating platforms whose aims and objectives are the same – to match singles, but who go about it differently. You will learn how both platforms help you achieve these goals in terms of the present features on the forum.

Dating should also be taken as a financial commitment. This article will help you know how big of a scoop you would have to take from your pocket to get the most out of these platforms.

Zoosk vs. Hinge

Comparison of History

Homepage - Hinge

Justin McLeod gets the credit for founding Hinge. Hinge was founded after the initial rave about social media networking apps had died. It was now pretty standard for anyone to be one of the several platforms.

While social media networking tools in the platonic context had died, online dating apps started to gain prominence. In 2012, with Hinge, Justin McLeod joined the online dating sites to help its users establish relationships. It wasn’t all rosy for the startup at its inception.

As a fact, Hinge almost ran out of money to stay afloat but was saved by Justin’s networking skills. Hinge is going through a phase of growth, so expect that its current revenue of fewer than ten million dollars a year will rise significantly in the coming years.

When social media networking tools were still the rave, Zoosk was around to witness it. The existence of the platform is a classic example of what the American dream is. It was built by Iranian immigrants, Zadeh and Mehr, in 2007 to build romantic relationships between people who wanted it.

Homepage - zoosk

Zoosk had an initial public offering seven years after its initial launch but closed it up when it did not work out. The company was able to navigate treacherous waters, and it is now one of the biggest dating sites in the world. The annual revenue of Zoosk is $250 million.

Key Features

We Met - Hinge

Online dating platforms need to make money to keep the service up for members to connect. They do this by offering features and splitting access to those features in premium tiers and a free one. This means you get some features for free and others you have to pay for. On Hinge, you can create an account and get the app for free.

Once you have everything set up, you can view complete profiles of other users without paying a dime and send messages to them if you think they are someone you might fancy. If other platform members send you likes, you can see who did on the free version.

The latter feature is what makes Hinge so successful and popular among online dating app users. Most platforms usually hide this feature behind a paywall. There are fee-based services on Hinge. When you pay for Hinge’s dating service, you will get an unlimited supply of likes to send out to other users.

You get some organizing features too, which helps you put everyone who likes you in one place. Are your wants in a partner complex? You can go into detail with the advanced preference feature.

Zoosk Discover Your Type

Zoosk is no different because it generates income for its platform though it does have an in-app currency that Hinge does not have. With a free account, you can register an account, create a profile and view other people’s profiles.

If you find someone you like, you can send them smiles and hears. You can also access a carousel of pictures to see what they look like. Zoosk Premium gives you a way to message a member you’ve decided to take it to the next level with. Zoosk has a behavioral matching feature that you get for subscribing, and you can see who likes you on the premium plan.

Homepage - zoosk
Homepage - Hinge

Sign-Up Process

Your Photo zoosk

Zoosk has one of the most rigorous sign-up processes of any dating site. When signing up, your zip code is checked, and your use of a VPN. These checks protect against fake accounts. In 5 minutes, you should be done.

Hinge requires you to either sign-up with Facebook or your phone number. During the process, you are required to upload six pictures of yourself.

User Base

Zoosk being around for longer has more users than Hinge. They have about 20 million users in the US alone than Hinge, which has 5 million users worldwide. However, Hinge has a more balanced ratio of women to men, while Zoosk is unbalanced in that department.

Ease of Use

App - Hinge

Hinge will feel more modern to use compared to Zoosk. There is some work to be done on Zoosk’s interface to make it genuinely modern. Both platforms are easy to use.

Zoosk Communication

Success Rate

Hinge’s growth rate is due to its high success rate. The platform aims to connect compatible people who will go on to build serious romantic relationships. Hinge in the New York times once got more mentions in the marriage section as the platform connecting them with others.


Cost Zoosk

Zoosk’s Monthly Plans

  • 1 Month: 29.99 USD
  • 3 Months: 59.99 USD
  • 6 Months: 74.99 USD

Zoosk Coins

  • 180 Coins: 19.99 USD
  • 480 Coins: 39.99 USD

Cost - Hinge

Hinge’s Monthly Plans

  • 1 Month: 9.99 USD
  • 3 Months: 20.97 USD
  • 6 Months: 29.94 USD

Pros and Cons

Couple in love

Zoosk Pros

  • It has a simple-to-use interface

Zoosk Cons

  • Its chat feature is hidden behind a paywall

Hinge Pros

  • It has a track record and reputation of building long-lasting relationships
  • Its user interface is modern and sophisticated

Hinge Cons

  • It still has a relatively small user base.

Bottom Line

Suppose you are looking for a serious relationship via these platforms. In that case, you should know that Zoosk has not had complaints of it being a site where people go to find casual sex. It does not have the reputation of being the best when it comes to making serious relationships easy to find.

Hinge, on the other hand, is fast becoming famous for its success with creating serious relationships. If you want to find something long-term, you statistically have a better shot at using Hinge.

Homepage - zoosk
Homepage - Hinge

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