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Zoosk vs. OurTime

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The question of whether to pick a niche dating website often arises when people are just starting to decide if they should go on a dating website or not. Niche dating websites are great because they help you focus on the type of people you want to meet.

They are most useful if you already know what you want out of a relationship. If your mind is not made up, you might find it challenging to use.

Zoosk vs. OurTime

Zoosk vs. OurTime looks at the contrasting features of a niche dating platform and one that is non-niche. By the end of this article, you will know what niche OurTime caters to and how Zooks might be or not be better than it.

Comparison of History

Our Time - HomepageOurTime is a niche online dating platform. Niche dating platforms are online dating sites that cater to a unique set of people. They are not general-purpose platforms anyone can get on. Sure, you can get on them, but except you belong to the group of people a specific niche dating platform aims to connect, you will find yourself leaving quicker than you made an account.

OurTime’s niche is older adults. It aims to bring older people together and help them establish romantic relationships because they sometimes find it hard to do so. OurTime may cater to older people, but it isn’t old itself.

It was launched by a company that specializes in niche platforms called People Media in 2011. People Media would later sell OurTime to the parent company of one of the biggest dating sites – Match.com.

Homepage - zoosk

Zoosk is not a niche dating platform. It is a dating platform where all kinds of people can meet to connect. The site was launched four years before it was OurTime’s time to come into existence. Two immigrant students from the Middle East are responsible for Zoosk.

They were passionate about connecting people and left their decorated academic careers to build the platform of their dreams. Zoosk has become one giant profitable dating platform since then. However, the growth has not come without challenges.

The two immigrant CEOs once took the company public. Still, they had to cancel its IPO during a bout of several losses. Today, Zoosk has an estimated revenue of $250M.

Woman Using Dating AppKey Features of Both Websites

The spice of any dating site is the array of features it can offer its members. These features help spice up your dating life.

These features usually come broken down into two categories; the ones you can access for free and the ones you have to pay a premium for.

To get you excited about the premium features, online dating companies are usually coming up with creative ideas that can smoothen your journey on their platform to secure a long or short-term relationship.

OurTime has this sort of structure of feature access also. There is not enough you can do on the free side of things, which feels odd for a site that caters to senior citizens. You are given free access to create an account.

After making an account, the next feature you have access to without paying a dime is your profile settings. You can set it up, but even that is limited because there is a lot more you can do to set up your profile if you pay. Then comes match searching, and that is about all you can do.

However, the premium version allows you to connect with matches using the ConnectMe feature, which helps you make calls to other users without revealing your identity. 

Couple Looking Each OtherProfilePro is another feature you can get for a premium. What it does is let your profile be written by professionals. These pros know what is catchy and what is not. On Zoosk, you get more for free.

You get all of the basic features, such as account registration and profile creation. You can send smiles and hearts to profiles that catch your eye.

You can access members’ carousel of pictures to see more of them, and they can access yours too, and you can view full profiles all for free. Their fee-based services include being able to send messages between you and your match. You also get access to the SmartPicks feature that analyzes your behavior and selects possible profiles it feels you might like.

You can see who likes you, making it easier for you to text just those people instead of randomly searching for matches.

Comparison of the Sign-Up Process

About You - zoosk

Registering on Zoosk will take approximately 3-5 minutes of your time. Some necessary information is required of you, and that is about it. You have several options to speed up the process, either using a Facebook account or a Google account. Once done, you can proceed to set up your profile.

Subscribe Our Time

The onboarding process of OurTime is shorter than Zoosk’s. In 2-3 minutes, you will be done. There isn’t a Google or Facebook option, and because it caters to older adults, you do not have to be tech-savvy to use it.

User Base

Both platforms have decent amounts of daily logins, but when it comes to how many users are on either platform, Zoosk takes this one. Zoosk has a global user base of 40 million people. In contrast, OurTIme, predominantly used in the United States, has less than 10 million users.

Homepage - zoosk
Our Time - Homepage

 Ease of Use

Communicating - Our Time

Both platforms have done an excellent job of being easy to use. OurTime hasn’t gone too fancy with its design. Its user base’s demographic looks to have been taken into consideration during its design.

Zoosk Communication

Zoosk could do better with its user interface because it has a much younger user base than OurTime. Still, it has not done poorly in the way everything is simple and straightforward to use.

Success Rate

Both platforms cannot go head to head here, but they have both been reported by users to offer decent amounts of success.


Cost Zoosk

Zoosk’s Monthly Plans

  • 1 Month: 29.99 USD
  • 3 Months: 59.99 USD
  • 6 Months:74.99 USD

Zoosk Coins

  • 180 Coins: 19.99 USD
  • 480 Coins: 39.99 USD

Price - Our Time

OurTime’s Standard Subscription

  • 1 Month: 34.96 USD
  • 6 Months: 95.76 USD

OurTime’s Value Subscription

  • 6 Months: 119.76 USD

OurTime Tokens

  • 55 Credits: 2.99 USD
  • 110 Credits: 5.99 USD
  • 280 Credits: 9.99 USD

romantic datePros and Cons

Zoosk Pros

  • It has more features than OurTime
  • It is not a niche website

Zoosk Cons

  • The chat feature is hidden beyond a pay-wall.

OurTime Pros

  • A well-thought-out and simple-to-use interface
  • It provides a way to speak with other people without revealing your identity.

OurTime Cons

  • There is next to nothing to do without buying the premium features

Bottom Line

The way OurTime has structured its user interface and the sign-up process is commendable. They have clearly thought about the users before going with the system they currently use.

What is a let-down, however, is how little you can do on the free tier. You are not allowed a proper feel for the platform before being forced to pay for its premium version.

It has been mentioned that Zoosk lets you do more, but does it really? The most important thing anyone needs on a dating platform is communication channels opened between members. Still, Zoosk does not let you do that without paying a fee.

Homepage - zoosk
Our Time - Homepage

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