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Hi there & welcome to Perfect Dating Match! We are Tatiana and Brad and we met online way back in 2014. Back then there were some good dating apps and sites, but there were not nearly as many as there are today.

Given that we are married today we are massive online dating advocates and we are grateful we met this way! But not everything was smiles and love at the start. 

The app where we met worked solely by matching people based purely on how they look. You will essentially match with another person if you both like the physical appearance of each other. This isn’t bad but we personally were growing tired of meeting attractive people, but with totally different interests, views about life, goals, and expectations.

It was only after trying for the longest time that we found each other, and to be honest that was the last chance I (Tatiana) was giving that app.

That is why we decided to create Perfect DM. We wished there was a site dedicated to creating super in-depth reviews and listings of all the types of online dating services. Because maybe this way we and many other people could’ve found their soulmates in less time with much less pain.

If you want to contact us just send us an email to:

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A hopeless romantic, Olivia shares first hand the trials and tribulations of finding love. Now, happily married for 2 years she admits finding her perfect match was a lot harder than anticipated. With her first hand experience across many online dating platforms, Olivia shares the best of the best and the worst of the worst!



How much time do you have? Because 15-year journalist Shamontiel has plenty to say about her one-year beat as a relationship/dating writer, a storytelling socialite and scoping out the online dating scene in her personal life.

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brooke author PDM



If there’s a new romantic comedy out you can guarantee to see Brooke at the first screening. A lover of all things love Brooke has tried her hand at multiple online dating platforms and has plenty of first-hand advice to share! She’s a fantastic contributor to Perfect DM and is passionate about helping others find love.

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