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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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Getting dumped by someone you care about is one of the most painful ordeals you can pass through. It hurts more, especially if it takes a lot of effort to get you to open up and let people into your life.

If you are always on your own and take solace in yourself most of the time, opening up and then getting ditched just crushes you as a person. Once a person becomes your support system, it is hard to let them go. No dating app can fill the void.

The question of getting your ex back lingers on the mind when going through a breakup. You find yourself continually debating between getting your ex back and just letting them go and trying to get better on your own.

Should you even try to get them back? The answers to all of these questions lie in this article. Getting back an ex is not necessarily bad, especially if you believe the relationship can be salvaged. In this article are various tips and tricks to get your boyfriend to come back on his knees.

You will learn how to make your ex come back to you without necessarily looking desperate.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The Psychological Hurdle

sad womenThe first step to getting your ex back is deciding to get your ex back.

In this situation, you have to be true to yourself because going after someone is ceding power to them, giving them the upper hand in the relationship.

One of the things you must decide in this process is to ask yourself if this person is worth chasing and ceding power to like that.

If there is a history of abuse, you probably do not want to go after them and give them power over you. If you’ve decided they are worth going after, and you need them, else you would crumble.

You have to ensure you eliminate any element of ‘feeling bad about the whole thing’ from your train of thought. You are deciding to do this very grown-up thing of accepting you were inadequate during the relationship, so own it! Owning it will go a long way in helping you put in the required effort.

How can you make your ex-boyfriend want you back?

Atractive Couple

One of the steps to getting your boyfriend back is making careful analyses of the relationship you both just had that ended.

Examining the relationship can help you decide if you even want him back for a start. When you take an in-depth look into your relationship, it becomes easier to find what went wrong and why you were dumped in the first place.

It is necessary to go through this process. Because finding out why your ex left you would help you discover what you need to fix about yourself to become desirable to this person once again.

You do not even have to figure it out yourself, and it is a very mature thing to do when you speak with your partner to find out why they decided you were no longer adequate for them.

As embarrassing as it may sound for you to ask why you were inadequate (maybe you were turning him off), you also have to remember that this person is adequate for you. It is only fair that you are acceptable for them too.

More often than not, people break up with people because they find them psychologically or physically inadequate. Identify if you can make the fix necessary without losing who you are or incurring more emotional trauma before deciding on the subject.

 How can you make your ex miss you?

Man Missing His Ex-GirlfriendSometimes, men just need a break from the relationship.

However, they understand that communicating with a partner is usually taken to mean they want a breakup, so they just end the relationship.

You can make your ex miss and want you back by going on to live your life publicly via social media and happily too.

Remind them subtly of how fun it is to be around you. Put on your best clothes and just lose yourself in fun activities that they loved to do with you. It is more effective when you show you’ve moved on fast. If they try to talk to you, do not push them far away from yourself, and do not give it away that you would like them back.

Doing things like getting with their friends, while it appears to work, only makes them angry. You would be ruining another relationship of theirs, giving them one more reason why they were right to move on from you.

The best thing is to stay original, be just the way you were that got them attracted to you in the first place.

How can I win my man back?

CoupleThe best way to win your man back is to show them what they are missing. Remind them of how much others want you and how terrific it was for them when you were both together. If your body was what fascinated them, flaunt it. Go to beautiful places, take beautiful pictures of yourself, and put it up where they would indeed run into it. You can also throw subtle hints that you want them back by asking your mutual friends if they’ve talked about you since the breakup.

Those friends will go on to relay that information to them, letting them know you still care about their opinion of you. Lastly, swallow your pride. After some weeks of staying away and working on yourself, invite them out for an activity you both enjoy doing. Let them know what you hope would be the outcome of said activity.

Is it possible for my ex-boyfriend to come back?

Couple Looking Each OtherYes, your ex-boyfriend can come back into your life. There are several cases of that happening. Human beings are fallible. The decision to leave you may have been rushed, especially if they do not leave you for someone else. If your ex-boyfriend leaves you for someone else, then trying to get them back in that situation could prove tricky and challenging. The best option in such a case is to leave them be and move on with your life.

However, suppose they ended the relationship because they could not live with an attitude you just wouldn’t drop or something else you can fix. In that case, your chances of getting your ex-boyfriend back in your life are always high.

Some Quick Tips

1. Do not bad-mouth

You might think it is cute, but nobody who gets bad-mouthed would want you back. You would just be proving whatever point they made about you.


2. Give your partner space

Do not rush back to try to get your ex immediately after the relationship ends. Give them space both digitally and physically.

They may even come to realize they want you after some time and make a comeback without you trying.

3. Assess the changes you need to make

Do not go about trying to change your whole life and core beliefs for one person. They would feel a sense of entitlement and just keep on making demands. Ensure what you are going to be changing about yourself is a problem that most people would not be able to cope with.

Bottom Line

Contrary to what public opinion might be on getting your ex back, especially as a woman, there is nothing wrong with you trying. Most people will do the same in your shoes if they feel the same sense of connection to someone who has become your support system.

You have to ensure, however, that you are not in an abusive relationship dynamic. Please seek advice from friends who have been privy to your connection on its state from their point of view. Seek help from a therapist if you must.

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